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Standing Trials is a fantasy forum-based RPG with a number of different types of thread and forms of moderation. These are identified below.

Types of Thread

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There are a number of different types of thread you can write here on Standing Trials. Please see the list below for the thread types and rules regarding each one

Rules For All Threads

  • On Standing Trials we do not have a strict word count per thread, but ask that you aim for a minimum of roughly 1,500 as your contribution to the thread.

  • Each post must be at least 250 words according to our Player Terms of Use

  • Remember that we welcome people as young as 13 on our site. Whilst it is acceptable to swear etc, if you post goes over PG13 rules, tag it as Mature. If it is 18 rated or over, put it in the Adult Forum.

  • In any thread you may not claim all knowledge for the same skill. Therefore, if you have six knowledges for a solo, only 5 of them may be in one skill.

Self Moderation

The vast majority of threads here are what we call "self-moderation". This means that you write the thread (either solo or collaboratively) and then submit the thread for review. It gets reviewed by a peer reviewer, you get your rewards and that's that. Of course, there are rules surrounding these and so you should refer to the Guide to Self-Moderation for more details.

Collaborative Writing

One of the things that many of our players enjoy on Standing Trials is the chance to write with others. While you can self-moderate either solo threads or collaborative ones, we have put together a A Guide to Collaborative Writing which goes into more detail on the limits of this.

Solo, Collab and Modded & GST Threads

Thread Type Description & Rules
Solo A thread you write on your own (ie: you are the only writer). These threads will get you 10 XP points and you may claim up to 6 Knowledge,unless the solo goes over a page, in which case you may claim an additional knowledge for each post from the first one on page two.
Collaborative A collaborative thread is one with two or more players. There is no upper limit on how many players can take part in a collaborative threads. These threads will get you 15 XP points and you may claim up to 8 Knowledge for three posts. For every post after your third you may claim one additional knowledge
GST A GST is a Guest Story Teller. A GST thread is one run by a GST and they take the role of Moderator. All types of Moderated thread may be run by a GST. More info on the GST process is in the Guide to Guest Story Telling
Moderated A moderated thread is one which is run by a Prophet. There are many types of Moderated thread, please see below. These threads will get you up to 20 XP points, at the Prophet's discretion and you will get Knowledges assigned to you by the Prophet in question, although they might ask you to claim them, also.

Any solo or collaborative thread can be one of the following kinds of thread

Types: Memory, Placeholder & Job

Thread Type Description & Rules
Memory A memory thread is one which is written in a season before you started writing your PC. The latest memory thread that you can do is in the season before their first IC post. You may not use memory threads for seasons you missed / were not posting. Memory threads may be solo or collaborative but the rules apply to all members of the thread. There are skill play rules for memory threads that you ought to be aware of.
Placeholder A thread you put down with no more information than the thread name and rough date needed. This is done before Cycle change so that you can still write in the current season, even after Cycle change. These may be collaborative or solo but be aware that all members of the thread must post before Cycle change or they will not be allowed to take part in the thread. Also note that each PC account is allowed no more than five placeholder threads per Cycle. See Placeholders for more information.
Wealth Thread A wealth thread is required for your pc to get Wealth Points. Once you have worked out your Wealth then you can write one Wealth Thread per season. A Wealth Thread may be collaborative or solo.

Modded Threads: Events, Modded, Modbombs & Interventions

Thread Type Description & Rules
Events An event thread is one where the mod has people 'sign up' for a thread and may run a seasonal event or a special focus. Be sure to check the individual rules of the event itself
Modded A thread run by a Prophet either for an individual or a number of PCs. This might be for all sorts of reasons - some NPCs are Prophet-only, for example, or it might be that the story demands it.
Modbombs A modbomb is a thread where a Prophet "drops in" unexpectedly. Most cities ask if you are open to modbombs in their roster.
Intervention Modbombs An intervention modbomb is a thread where a Prophet "drops in" unexpectedly but does so in order to respond to particular aspects of a pc's posts / behaviour in thread. Standing Trials is a fantasy world, but it is not one filled with deaf orcs in 20 x 20 rooms. Actions have consequences - and if your pc is committing murder in the street, for example, don't be surprised if a Prophet pops in and arrests you.

Open, Closed, PM to Join

Thread Type Description & Rules
Open An open thread is exactly that - open for anyone to join! So long as the thread is in the current season, you are welcome to join a thread marked "open"
Closed A closed thread is one where no one else is welcome in the thread.
PM to Join A thread labelled with this is one that is potentially accepting new members, but anyone wishing to join should send a Private Message (PM) to all current thread participants to check.

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