Non Player Characters (NPC) are used to enhance a story, a bit like supporting actors, they never get the spotlight, but help make the main character, or in this case our playable characters (PC), shine. NPC are used by prophets and players for a number of reasons, including character development, plot twists, and enriching the reading and writing experience. NPCs are used to fill a wide variety of roles, from a character's child or spouse, to an arch-enemy, employee, or shopkeeper. With Standing Trials, players can choose from the use of many different NPC types, each of which have their own costs and regulations.

  1. Business NPC
  2. City NPCs
  3. Faction NPCs
  4. Flavour NPCs
  5. Magic Mentors
  6. Memory NPCs
  7. Personal NPCs
  8. Wealth & NPCs
  9. Family Wealth


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