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This page is an overview of how to progress - and record - renown with your pc.

Gaining Renown Points

When you submit a review request, you have the option to ask for Renown. If you feel that the thread contents deserves renown, then you should flag that up for the Peer Reviewer. They will read and review the thread and will either award you renown or not.

Recording Renown

Renown awarded to you is done via an automatic process. It will appear in the review itself how much renown you've gained.

  • Your renown will appear underneath your avatar in all posts. This is the total renown you have.
  • To see your renown ledger - go to your UCP - then to "Character" - and Renown is the first section!
  • If you wish to keep your own renown ledger, this should go into your CS, but that is not a requirement.

Renown Rewards

  • When you hit the threshold for a renown reward, you will get a notification next time you log on to the site.
  • If you go to your UCP > Character > Rewards you will see any outstanding Renown Rewards which you can claim.
  • You then claim then in the UCP. This is automated and will generate a list of all renown rewards. If you are claiming - for example - +3 XP or +1 WP, the system will automatically add this for you. If you need to PSF your request, the reward dialogue box will ask you to input the URL for that PSF ticket.
  • You do not need to use the automated system if you don't want to. But if you don't then every renown reward must be PSFd and the list must be kept in your CS.

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