Saoire's Dream

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Welcome to Saoire's Dream.

Welcome, weary traveler to our beautiful city. Here, in Saoire's Dream we will strive to ensure that you get to know the world of Idalos. This city is the most magical wonder on Idalos, nestled on the back of a large blue turtle and making our way all over the world. In line with the teachings of our patron Immortal, everyone is welcome here. But be clear - there are rules and consequences for breaking them.

Here is the index of the contents of our wiki. We hope that you have a wonderful time here, and that many adventures await you.

Section Contents
New Player Guide A guide for new players in our city and surrounds. This includes information for new players starting in Saoire's Dream and also for established players who are visiting
Calendars & Past Events What's happening in Saoire's Dream this cycle? A list of city events here!
Locations All locations will be stored here.
Detailed Lore History, Geography, Climate, Holidays and more! Everything you need to know about Saoire's Dream is here!
Resources Guide Saoire's Dream is home to unique flora, fauna, materials, medicines and much more! All resources are kept here


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