Point Bank


Please apply here for your points.

Hello and welcome to Standing Trials Point Bank. Some of you might be wondering what our point bank is and why we're establishing it on top of everything else you have to do. Simply put, Standing Trials attempts to find ways to inspire players to get involved in story progression, character development, and the overall maintenance, activity, and promotion of the site. We also like to reward players for being a part of our family here and helping us grow to become bigger and better. Other than medals, this is another way to award you players, and staff members, for your hard work.

Please understand that participating in this is NOT mandatory!

How to earn Points

The Point Bank awards you based off of what you do IC and OOC. There are some regulations players must follow to ensure fair point awarding:

  • Players are to post proof of their point bank claims to the collection thread only. Try and post once a month if you can - it helps.
  • Links to supporting evidence should be included for every submission.
  • You must identify a single pc account where you will centrally record your Point Bank points. You may spend them on any of your pc accounts, but this must be identified clearly (eg: Echo Scroll: Character Name: Cost : New Total). You may not collect PB points for another player.
  • In your first point bank claim (or the first one following this edit) you must inform us which pcs you wish to share the generic "pool" of your Point Bank points. You will then be PM'd a link which you must put in the "Point Bank Thread" field of your User CP for EACH PC who are going to be sharing your PB pool.
  • You must keep your PB ledger accurate and link all approved PB claims
  • You may purchase items from the Point Shop at any time throughout the year. Purchases must be noted on your Point Bank Ledger. NPC purchases must be submitted to the Prophet Support Forum for approval.
  • Players may give Point Shop items as gifts to other characters, as long as those characters are not their own. The characters must know each other, and the exchange must occur in-thread and make IC sense (ie. it must seem reasonable to the reviewer that the other character is receiving this gift).
  • Players may collect points as far back as August 2016, but no further than that.

Point Rewards Table

Tasks For Points Awarded Points
Earned a Medal +5
Favoured Blessing Awarded IRP +5
Adored Blessing Awarded IRP +10
Exalted Blessing Awarded IRP +15
Made a Champion for an Immortal +20
Hated Curse Awarded IRP +5
Despised Curse Awarded IRP +10
Condemned Curse Awarded IRP +15
Be Spirit-Bonded by an Induk (forged, Warden, etc) IRP +15
Receive a Dragon's Effigy IRP +25
Create Approved Small Dev piece for ST (eg: Flora, Fauna, Material, Drug, NPC, Illness etc) +10
Create Approved Medium Dev piece for ST (eg: City Locations, City Factions etc) +15
Create Approved Large Dev* piece for ST (eg: Skill write-up, New Race (single-write up), Global Factions, etc) +20
Create Approved Huge Dev* piece for ST (eg: New Magic, New Race (multiple write-up),etc) +30
Undertake Small Wiki Work for ST (eg: Create 1 Character Wiki, Deal with 3 Wiki Edits ) +5
Undertake Medium Wiki Work for ST (eg: Wiki-Work requiring multiple edits / category creation ) +10
Undertake Lore Analysis of a Large Dev* piece for ST +15
Undertake Lore Analysis of a Huge Dev* piece for ST (includes primers, guides, deep lore) +30
On-Call Tech Support (Being the tech support person who fixes outages, develops code, and is just generally all around awesome). Not applicable to dates prior to May 2022 +250 per month of ongoing tech support
Tech Support and tech development releases Not applicable to releases prior to May 2022 +100 per full release of a feature
Beta Testing a new release (this might be a new technical release or might be testing a new system. +50 per full release of a system/feature/update
Reach Expert in a Skill +5
Reach Master in a Skill +10
Reach Grandmaster in a Skill +15
Have an approved additional Capstone after the 1st +5
Reach Tier 2 in a Skill +20
Each new level of Tier 2 in a Skill +20
Finish Collaborative Thread with 2 other PCs (not including your PC) +5
Finish Collaborative Thread with 3 other PCs (not including your PC) +10
Finish Collaborative Thread with 4 other PCs (not including your PC) +15
Finish Collaborative Thread with 5+ PCs (not including your PC) +20
Member Referral (must sign up and RP with approved CS) +10
Participate in, and Complete, a City Event (Seasonal Events run by mods) +10
Participate in, and Complete, a Global Event (Advertised as such on sign up) +20
Approve A Character Sheet +10
Review A Thread +10 (base) +5 per 1500 words after the first 1500, only for Reviews on Oct 22 '18 or later
GST a thread
(Guest Storyteller)
Join a Faction +10
Employ A PC (per season) +5
Work At PC-Run Business (per season) +5
Be initiated into a Domain Magic IRP +5
Initiate another PC into Domain Magic IRP +10
Reveal in a Domain Magic IRP +20
Meet a Mortalborn / Immortal IRP +5
Meet a Dragon IRP +20


  • City Dev must go through City Dev forums / approval process. While Skills are available for Development, most Large and Huge Dev are usually only available to staff. Please, consider joining if you would like to undertake dev such as these.
  • Approved Dev is for City/ Site Dev only. Personal-use NPCs or house locations etc are not eligible.
  • Lore Analysis is only undertaken by staff. Please, consider joining if you would like to do this.

Old System (Depreciated)

Tasks For Points Awarded Points
Top Site Votes
(Tallied once a month)
See Below
^ At 150 votes +2
^ At 200 votes +3
^ At 250 votes +4
^ At 300 votes +5
^ At 350 votes +6
^ For every 50 votes thereafter +1
RPG Fix Votes
(Tallied once a month)
See Below
^ At 150 votes +2
^ At 200 votes +3
^ At 250 votes +4
^ At 300 votes +5
^ For every 50 votes thereafter +1
^ Win GoTM @ RPG Fix +30
Earned a Medal +5
Blessing Award IRP +5
Create Approved ST Flora +2
Create Approved ST Fauna +2
Create Approved Mount +2
Create Approved Material +2
Create Approved Drug +1
Create Approved Alcohol +1
Create Approved Illness +2
Create Approved Monster +2
Create Approved Antagonist +2
Create Approved Language +3
Create Approved 10+ Price List Items +1
Reach 75+ in a Skill +5
Reach 250 points in a Skill +10
Curse Award IRP +3
Finish Collaborative Thread with 2+ PCs (not including your PC) +5
Member Referral (must sign up and RP with approved CS) +10
Event Participation and Completion +2
Approve A Character Sheet +5
Review A Thread +10 (base) +5 per 1500 words after the first 1500, only for Reviews on Oct 22 '18 or later
Meet An Immortal or Mortal Born +2
(IC or OOC)
Participating In On Air Live Chat +2
Create Approved ST Song or Poem +3
Create Approved ST Folklore +3
ST Related Art
ST Related Art
(Drawings, Sketches, Paintings)
GST a thread
(Guest Storyteller)
+50 This award is Effective for threads finished after 12/04/2020
Employ A PC +3
Work At PC-Run Business +2
Create An Approved Location +5
Create An Approved NPC +2
Create An Approved ST Holiday +3
Create An Approved ST Game +3
Complete An “Open” Thread +2
Create An ST Banner or Button +2
Create a Boxcode For Another Member or Staff +2
Submit a Thoughtful Player Review on the Player Feedback Forum +5
Post A Vlog +5
Complete A Skill Write Up +20
Be initiated into a Domain Magic IRP +5
Initiate another PC into Domain Magic IRP +10

Point Shop

New items will continue to be added to the shop. Please stay tuned! If you would like to make a suggestion, please do so here.

Item Cost Notes
Gold Exchange Complex 50 PB Points = 1 Wealth Point
NPC Point Exchange Complex 5 Points = 1 Skill Point For NPC [1/1 Skill Ratio] Must be Applied for in the PSF
Sigh 75
This blackbird is a master of silence. Even at its large size of four meter wingspan, the features are perfect proportion to minimize friction in the wind and allow the bird to prey at both night and day. Though very difficult to hear and often to see, the bird has successfully been domesticated and ridden. Often it is used for the purposes of entering enemy fortresses and encampments to perform assassinations, sabotage and other forms of tactical espionage.
Ceh've 250
Massive seahorse used for traveling over great bodies of water. Special saddles are crafted to prevent falling off due to water resistance.
Prismanther 100
This feline is gifted with a thick coat of tiny, clear, tubular tendrils rather than fur. They catch the light and color of the surrounding flora, rendering the creature nearly invisible if it stays motionless. A good wind will betray its presence if someone is looking for it, as there will be an odd patch of fluttering color that can't otherwise be accounted for.
Särkïn 300
Aquatic Drake mount used to travel great distances underwater. Special saddles are crafted to prevent drowning by the gill-less.
King Crocodile 200
These crocodiles mostly dwell in swamp areas. They can grow to 29 feet (9 metres) long. It has thick armor plates over its body, a very large head with rows of large teeth. They are capable of explosive speed in the water and almost as fast on land. Their sharp teeth are suited at seizing and gripping, dragging victims into water to drown. Death rolling is used to tear the prey into pieces small enough to be swallowed whole. Their bite has more force than even the thunder ocelot and can crush a therion skull between its jaws.
Thunder Ocelot 95
This large ocelot has the ability to leap upon prey faster than the eye can register. A loud cracking thunder resounds from the movement, followed by a cloud of air, all caused by the breaking of the sound barrier. This final movement spanning only a few meters, takes so much effort from the ocelot, that the creature can barely hobble let alone climb a tree afterward. The bite of this ocelot, due to the speed of its attack, is precisely aimed to the skull of the victim. It is so powerful that its teeth can penetrate the skull and deliver a fatal wound to the brain.
Grey Therion 120
These enormous herbivores live at the blackwater swamps and grow up to 3 metres tall at the shoulder and five metres in length and can weigh up to 6000kg. Two thick horns rise above the nose and two smaller horns below the jaw are used for protection from predators. Their skin is made up of thick armor like skin for further protection.
Destiar 100
This elusive horse has been seen throughout the Unibor. It is said that the horse appears to recent heroes and cowards alike after a great test of their will. Those who have crumpled under adversity and mount this horse will sink into it and the cloak will wrap about and suffocate the rider to death. But those that are indeed worthy, whom have fought hard, are served loyally by this horse 'til death. The destiar is known for its glowing white, wispy mane and tail; and its ethereal 'cloak', shrouding its bodies and covering its eyes. The blindfold does not seem to inhibit the horse's vision but is said to aid the horse's impartiality when judging. The shroud acts like wings that flutters about when it runs and also reduce its weight, allowing it to gallop at great speeds.
Scython 150
Prowling about the Unabor on Western and Eastern Idalos, the Scython is a large cat creature and is often called the King of Unibor. It grows up to 500kg (1102lbs) and is likened to the size of a horse. Its coloring ranges from buff to yellowish, reddish or dark brown. Its teeth consist of two large canine and the rest of its teeth are serrated. They are used to tear away large chunks of its prey in order to bleed them to death. They hunt in packs, preying mainly on unicorn rhinos. An unusual characteristic of these great predators is that they often horde trophies of their prey in their tree hollow lairs, be it from the horns of the unicorn rhino to the armor and weapons of brave warriors.
Storm Shrike 150
These enormous bright blue birds are masters of manipulating air currents to cause storms. They typically operate in the seas north of Ivorian. Their aim is to use the storms to round up schools of fish who are influenced by weather patterns and feed on them. This bird is a bane to those who travel by sea.
Quadriga Horse 100
These horses are found all over the island around Ivorian in their domesticated form. Prior to domestication, these horses once lived in herds of at least seven where they develop a link of minds. Now domesticated, these horses are ideal for use in chariots - their linked minds making them move in near perfect unison.
Grey Velox 150
Located in the mountains of the island and the western coast, this large wolf-like animal, is both very agile and can reach very quick speeds. It has a grey-blue coat with a white mane under its head, peppered with black and sable patches. It had one blue and one brown eye. It hunts in packs of no more than two. It is known also for its intelligence and keen senses. They are one of the few predators who can hunt bronze boar.
Obsidian Panther 200
The main carnivore prowling the foot of the Heart of the World, the large obsidian panthers have a shimmering black coat and yellow eyes. The end of the tail of the male panther can exude a fire-like aura used intentionally to attract female mates or unintentionally when leaping for the kill. Prowling up to high altitudes to search for prey and being exposed constantly to toxic gases and ash, the panther has developed a highly efficient body system and uses little oxygen. At lower altitudes with oxygen rich environments, it is a tireless and quick predator.
Thorned Horse 120
They are well suited for desert travel allowing them to survive weeks without food or water. Their body is made up of a layer of rubbery skin which contains an insulated layer of fatty deposits. The skin has small thorns throughout that limit evaporation from the horse's body - allowing them to retain fluids from escaping. Their eyes, nose and internal organs are adapted to be protected from dust and to reduce water loss. Finally and most uniquely, their tail can fan out to form a canopy above, protecting it and the rider from the searing suns above. Specially made saddles are fitted to these horses so as to ensure the thorns are not suppressed and damaged. The thorned horse is used for transportation and as a battle horse during times of war.
Volareon 500
Volareon appear to be a type of gryphon, half flying fox and half jaguar. Their bat half forms their front from their head to just behind their wings and shoulders, also stretching along the stomach to end near the hips. Their jaguar half includes the front legs and the back half, complete with tail.
Mergala Equestor 200
The Mergala Equestors are mounts capable on both land and sea, and are fittingly called "Merquestrians" by most. They are prized for their mobility and dualistic capabilities as both land and sea mounts, and are famously known for their strangely jovial personalities.
Bruxen 300
The Bruxen - often called Brux - are a race of cervidae (deer) that inhabit primarily the forestry surrounding Ne'haer and its suburban towns.
Hyx 500
The hyx is a rare, large (ten foot long body length), fox-like animal, reclusive, extremely intelligent and sly. It has been decimated by the introduction of the Immortal's Spawn and few remain. They often hunt for stave gazelle. They inspire many to write poetry of these sad animals, for it is said that the hyx knows of the slow death of their species. The hyx, is difficult to outsmart and therefore hard to kill. Their intelligence is admired by many races and they are known to develop a complex and rich pact with their owners, often offering themselves as a mount.
Stone Horse 300
A small stone statue of a horse. When activated, it becomes a life sized mount, perfectly suited to whoever activated it. The mount is tireless and completely obedient, requiring no sustenance. When it is time to sleep, the horse returns, once again, to a statue. May only be activated twice per trial. [Credit: Faith]
òkun 300
Nicknamed ‘the sniffer drake’ the òkun is a small pet drake no bigger than a cat with a wingspan three times the length of its body. The òkun is famed for tracking down rare ore, anything from iron to Geminite. Òkun love to collect shiny things and will usually construct their dens out of trinkets they find around the owner’s house (necklaces, earrings, daggers, etc). It is said that an òkun can never be tricked and is able to tell the difference between real metal and something that is fake (gold plated items for example).
Tangura 75
A sub-feline animal that has the body of a cat with four fluffy tails and several elongated whiskers that run nearly all the way to its back end. Their whiskers are able to electrocute their prey, intruders into their territory, and fend off predators. Their eyes are shimmering bright blue.
Auri 200
A breed of experimental cats that have escaped Rhakros. This breed has extra long whiskers, twintails, and horns that extend from their foreheads. They are extremely hard to breed, are purely carnivores, and can grow as big as a large dog. What is so unusual about Auris is the fact that they live extremely long, thus evolving into a creature with intellect enough for communication in up to two languages.
Fairy 200
A small fairy companion no taller than six inches with a white glow that makes him or her difficult to see in detail. Can not be seen by other people unless in Emea. Communicates only via telepathy (with your character only) unless in Emea. Has wings like a dragonfly, transparent in grey, black, or white.
Fairy 300
A small fairy companion no taller than six inches without the white glow most fairies have. Can be seen by other people but only communicate via telepathy (with your character only) unless in Emea. Has wings like a dragonfly, transparent and come in a multitude of colours.
NPC with 410 skill points, with no less than 10 and no more than 60 skill points in any one skill. Must be approved via the PSF. 400
A single male or female NPC as described. Please submit NPC to Prophet Support Forum for approval.
NPC with 310 skill points, with no less than 10 and no more than 60 skill points in any one skill. Must be approved via the PSF. 300
A single male or female NPC as described Please submit NPC to Prophet Support Forum for approval.
NPC with 210 skill points, with no less than 10 and no more than 60 skill points in any one skill. Must be approved via the PSF.. 200
A single male or female NPC as described. Please submit NPC to Prophet Support Forum for approval.
Slave with 210 skill points, with no less than 10 and no more than 60 skill points in any one skill. Must be approved via the PSF. 200
A single male or female NPC with no cost upkeep for the life of the NPC. Please submit NPC to Prophet Support Forum for approval.
A Bard’s Dream 100
This item, normally a musical instrument, is possessed by the spirit of a bard, who plays it at their leisure. The bard's spirit is an automatic Expert in Singing and Musical Instrument. This means you do not have to put points into those skills for this NPC. Please submit NPC to Prophet Support Forum for approval.
Marionette 120
This statue comes to life when touched, functioning much as a normal servant would. It is only as big as a normal human and can carry out any basic function it is taught the word for. It cannot speak, run, fight, or kill and if struck with a blow will fall to the ground and shatter into pieces. Please submit NPC to Prophet Support Forum for approval.
Signature Item (Primary) 500 This item is a prerequisite for purchasing a Secondary and Tertiary signature item. With a base item valued at no more than Tier 7, the PC is gifted a unique item with a minor enchantment on it. This enchantment should be roughly the equivalent of an ability from a Favoured Immortal Mark and must be approved via the PSF.
Signature Item (Secondary) 1000 This item is a prerequisite for the Tertiary Signature Item. With a base item valued at no more than Tier 8, the PC is gifted a unique item with a moderate enchantment on it. This should be roughly the equivalent of an ability from an Adored Immortal Mark and must be approved via the PSF.
Signature Item (Tertiary) 2000 This item can't be purchased without having also purchased a primary and secondary item to go with it. Once a tertiary item has been purchased, you must buy another primary and secondary item before going over to buy a tertiary item. With a base item valued at no more than Tier 9, the PC is gifted a unique item with a major enchantment on it. This should be roughly the equivalent of an ability from an Exalted Immortal Mark and must be approved via the PSF.
Echo Scroll 100
A pair of scrolls that can be shared between two people (PC or NPC) where one person writes on their scroll and the other person can see the message in real time on their own scroll. As soon as the scroll is close the message disappears (useful for spy type characters).
Invisible Ink Pen 50
Invisible ink can be used to write on normal paper or scrolls. Invisible ink can only be read when the paper is dipped in water and left to dry overnight.
Scrye Mirror 130
As long as the character holding this mirror has an item or lock of hair belonging to the target, they can see that place or person for up to a minute, but cannot hear anything. This mirror can be used up to five times a season.
Truth Serum 30
A one time use serum that can get anyone (PC or NPC) to tell the truth for a whole break (hour).
Domain Bag 200
A magic bag that can store anything narrow enough to put inside it, from swords to a lake’s worth of water. The bag remains almost weightless no matter what if held inside, with items believed to be stored in the owner’s personal domain in Emea until they are needed again.
Portal Shoes 150
There’s no place like home and these shoes are bound to get you there in the blink of an eye. Enchanted footwear that allow you to travel home once per season if travelling from city to city, or twice per season if traveling within your city.
Truth North Gem 80
Gem glows when you hold it in the direction of true north (navigator's dream).
Night Glow Gem 160
A blue gem that looks like a shard of glass. When you hold it up to your eyes at night (or in a pitch black room) you can see as if it were daytime.
Heart’s Desire Gem 220
A gemstone that is told to point you in the direction of your heart’s desire. It glows brighter when in the right direction and warmer the closer you get.
Transformation Gem 300
A rainbow colored gemstone that is able to turn the bearer into a human for as long as the user holds it.
Mastercrafted Mount Armor Pack 150
A complete pack of armor for any mount; covers the legs, back, neck, and face. Includes saddle and reins.
Aging Elixir 100
An elixir that ages the one who drinks it by three Arcs. The shift of age on the body will change over the course of a week.
Rain Stones 100
A set of four stones that, when placed within a square foot of each other, form a small rain cloud that waters plants to just the right amount of hydration. If you lose one of the stones, this item will not work.
Book of Riddles 60
A book that writes back to you. Legend says that lost souls are placed within these books and can only communicate when written to, on the pages.
Chrien's Talisman 100
A necklace that is said to bring bountiful luck once an arc.
Ring of Reversal 300
A ring that can bring your character back from the dead. One ring per character. This ring may only be purchased one time and shatters when used to revive.
Ships' Biscuit 5
A small, tasteless biscuit which, once eaten, provides the amount of sustenance needed for 3 trials. A boon to travelers because of the size and lack of preparation. These are especially useful on long sea voyages. Each biscuit has one use only, must be eaten, and doesn't work on yludih. [Credit: Faith]
Ring of Paradim 750
The Ring of Paradim is a slick and unassuming small band of steel that always fits whoever wears it. The ring dissolves all witchmarks, brands, and mutations (everything short of a Revelation) on someone tainted by magic. However, the ring also seals the spark and cuts off the mage's ability to use all magic. When the ring is taken off, the connection to the spark is muddled, but is fully restored within three trials. From the first to third trial, all magic cast will be sloppy, unstable, and deeply weakened 'til the effects wear off. A mage is better off not casting at all during the three trials. The removal of the ring also immediately reveals the witchmarks, brands, and mutations. This ring cannot be used with Schism, or on Stonehearts and Revealed mages. The use of the ring will end any ongoing active magical effects a mage has. [Credit: Sayren]
Duplicity Outfit 200
This item can be an outfit of however many pieces, the number and type of which must be decided upon purchase . It can change appearance twice per trial, but can never deviate from its original design (ie. a duplicity dress can only shift into other types/colours of dresses). The wearer only has to picture what they wish to be wearing in order to activate the item. When the item changes appearance, it can look like anything from rags to a ballgown and can be any colour(s) the wearer imagines. It will never be warmer or cooler and will not add any other advantages. If purchased as two or more pieces of an outfit, all pieces must be worn simultaneously to work. Damage to the fabric renders the item useless. [Credit: Faith]
Fallen Star Staff 75
A fist-sized rock attached to the end of a wooden staff. It looks regular and unsuspecting until darkness comes. The rock glows with the light of a campfire, driving back the shadows of night and illuminating the traveler's path. [Credit: Sayren]
Running Boots 150
A pair of boots that allows the user to run twice as fast, but also tires them out just as quickly. x2 speed + x2 tiredness. Useful for covering short distances quickly. [Credit:Sayren]
Defender 100
A short sword that cannot take a life. When swung, the blade will direct itself around vital spots like it has a will of its own, guiding the wielders hand. Used purely for self-defense and for the defense of others. One can have confidence while defending that their strike will not kill, even if they are trying to. [Credit: Sayren]
Life Giving Ring 300
A silver band with a simple sapphire inlay. Truly a selfless healer's ring. This ring absorbs the lifeforce of its wearer one trial at a time for each trial that it's worn, which effectively ages the wearer at twice their normal speed. The life energy is saved within the sapphire stone and can be used by the wearer when the situation calls for it. The ring's true power lies in its life-giving properties. The wearer can tap into the stored life in order to give it to another living being. When imparted, the life force is channeled into wounds, fractures, breaks, etc. and ages the injury one trial at a time until (a) it is completely healed, (b) the sapphire stone runs out of energy to give, or (c) the wearer of the rings wills the flow to stop. This ring works on physical injury and sickness, but cannot aid illness of the mind. This ring cannot impart extra trials of life to another being. If it is used on a person who is completely cured or not injured to begin with, they will only feel a bit more energy than usual. Can only be used on living beings. Immortals, Mortal Borns, and the undead cannot use the ring. [Credit: Sayren]
Cavani’s Cloak 20
This cloak shimmers a soft color in complete darkness that echoes that of the wearer’s aura. While this item does little to protect against weapons, its strange ability of heating an individual up or cooling them down (depending on the season) makes it an interesting keepsake.
Perfection In A Bottle 60
Edasha in a bottle. Some claim this vial of pink liquid is made with tears of beauty from the Immortal herself. Whatever option you choose, it lasts for a full season and is such a radiant brilliance, others find natural attraction to that selected feature. You may choose from one of the options available: Perfect Skin, Perfect Teeth, Perfect Hair, Perfect Physical Build, Perfect Voice.
Elemental Hands 250
A glove/gauntlet made from intricately placed golden metal plates or golden metal wiring. Both are adorned with gemstones placed within the centers that have been blessed with power. This power is of a specific element: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water. Though Elemental Hands controls elements, they may only control one specific element and may only perform one ability of that element. This is a one-time purchase. (Ability must be submitted to the Prophet Support Forum for approval upon purchase of item, it must coincide with selected element, and must not be overpowered.)
Metal Morph 100
The size of a marble, this metal is able to morph into anything you wish. It cannot materialize new metal, therefore you may only create items that are small sized or tinier. If you attempt to make a dagger, it will look like a letter opener, and so on… The metal stays morphed until the wielder wishes it shape changed. The shape can only be changed by the person who purchased the metalmorph.
Elemental Illusions 30
This is a design element that may be applied to any armor/outfit/weapon to give it one of the following appearances: Frost Coverage, Molten Rock Coverage, Heat Wave Coverage, Water Ripples Coverage, Lightning Ripple Coverage, Flower-Vine-Moss Coverage, Light Glow Coverage, Shadow Coverage. Coverage means that the element is covering the surface of the armor/weapon. These effects are permanent, and may not stack, meaning you may only use one element per of armor.
Bag of the Dead 100
Need to hide a corpse? Chop it up and shove it in this bag. Whatever dead thing goes inside will disappear into the void without a trace (must be organic matter). Otherwise, the bag looks typical in every way. Living things will not fit within the bag, but their limbs might! Things that disappear within the Bag of the Dead cannot be reclaimed. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. The bag may be used a maximum of four times per season.
Engraving Quill 10
A character may scribe onto any surface with this quill.
Cloak of Hiding 200
Any weapons or valuables tucked within this cloak will not be found by anyone attempting to search for it, as long as they are small enough to hid within a cloak and light enough to carry. The only one who may find the items is the character who hid them. The cloak will not hide a person.
Kindred Bracelets 30
When two people are wearing one of these bracelets each they are always aware of when the other is in life-threatening danger.
Master's Ring 30
This ring causes a faint tingling sensation whenever one of the wearer's employees, servants or hirelings is planning to betray them in some way.
Coin Purse 30
Any amount of coin may be placed into this small pouch. The coin can be retrieved at any time by announcing into the pouch how much is required. This will even cause larger coins to be converted into change for specific amounts.
Echo Boxes 300
A pair of boxes. When an item is put in one and the box sealed, whatever is placed there will appear in the other box exactly 1 trial later. Distance is not an issue for these as they utilise the same effect as their counterparts, the echo scroll. Sending an item takes a full trial, and living creatures may not be sent through the box. If the "sending" box is opened during this time, the process needs to begin again. The box size is a 1 foot cube. [Credit: Faith]
Youthening Elixir 100
A special rejuvenating elixir that can reverse the aging process! Once imbibed, the drinker may reverse the aging process by up to 3 arcs.
Physical Mutation 250
The player may design single mutation that manifests physically. This cannot confer any extra abilities, but is only for show. (such as bunny ears, a fluffy tail, etc.). Mutation must be psf'd, and should be included in a story where it's gained.
Mental Mutation 200
The player may design a single mutation that affects their mind/emotional state. This does not confer any extra abilities or skills, but may be used as a way of justifying a major change in your character's mental state. Mutation must be psf'd and should be included in a story where it's gained.
Vial of Ether Rain 100
These airtight vials of perfectly clear liquid will wash away any scars onto which they are pored. Once falling from the sky in great abundance, the ether rain is preserved using methods that are not well known and once used (in its entirety, on a single scar), the power of the water is lost and may not be used again. Credit: Winston

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