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Welcome to Standing Trials!

We are a fantasy RP community based in the world of Idalos. It's an exciting place, filled with all sorts of wondrous things - Immortal beings confer their blessings and curses on the mortals who walk our land and sail or swim our seas; those mortals are allies, enemies or pawns of the Immortals, depending on your point of view. There is magic on Idalos, mages who command the elements, bend reality or make deals with the darkest spirits. From the icy tundras to the lush jungles, the mortals who inhabit Idalos face an uncertain future - one where every day a new trial awaits. Among those people arise the unusual, the exceptional - the mortals who will shape the future of Idalos by their actions. Great stories will be told of those individuals and wonders will be accomplished by them.

They are our players. You.

On behalf of all staff, past and present, we are delighted that you're taking the time to browse our RPG Forum and peruse our wiki. We're an active site with a lot of information so it's very much our hope that this wiki will help you with finding your way around the site, getting to grips with our rules and most importantly - enjoying writing here! In this wiki, you'll find the following categories which we hope are useful.

Name Information
Introduction Welcome to Standing Trials!! If you're a veteran or new to RPGs or to forum based RPGs? Read here!
Quick Links Know what you're looking for? Some quick-navigation tools here!
New Player Information From creating your character to our Rule Book. All new players will find lots of information here.
Progressing Your PC Want to know how to progress your PC on ST? Look here!
Information Repositories IC and OOC information is stored here!
City Wikis City specific wikis

And, with thanks to one of our players, Kesindir, for this poem about ST!

Into the great blue yander we roam
Calling this land, Idalos, our home
From assassins to mercs
You can read our works

Mages to farmers
To knights clad in armor
We shy not away from topics
Except palm trees and the tropics

Not for lack of trying, no
But currently Idalos is covered in snow
Some come and sit by the fire, chill
Cause boy do we have some tales to spill

From humblest beginnings to Nobility
Our writers have linguistic agility
But fret not for a degree isn't needed
To enjoy our stories, intrigue I've seeded

So come and sit and give a quick listen
Upon your ears we will christen
Like fresh snow our stories glisten
Like a really good scare, this is a frisson