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Welcome to the "New Player Information" guide on our Wiki. The point of this section is to give you all the information you need as a new player. If there's anything which you feel is missing from this section, or you have any feedback - we're always happy to hear it!

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Creating Your PC It's why we're here, right? To create that character! The "Creating Your PC" category has all the information you're going to need to get you through creating the character. Once you've done that, you can submit your Character Sheet (CS) for approval and you're good to start writing!
Jargon Busting An Out-of-Character guide to the jargon we have which is specific to Standing Trials.
Moderation Whether you're a veteran RPer or new to the whole experience, you'll want to know what moderation "looks like" on Standing Trials. Here is where to look!
Coding Used Here you can find information on the style of coding we use here on Standing Trials and how to use it, with examples.
IC Threads In this category you'll find information about types of threads you can write, how to apply for your first review and lots more! Please note that all the links in here are also found in the rule book - but that contains a lot more, so we've put these together as the ones you might want to look at immediately.
The Rule Book Our rules for IC and OOC behaviour are here, making sure that ST continues to be a positive and productive place to be!


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