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Standing Trials Wiki

The Wiki on Standing Trials is the repository for all information. It contains our lore, rules, player notes and much more. It is vital that you, as a player, become familiar with it. This guide will take you through the process of navigating the wiki, showing you the many features.
It is definitely worth while utilising your bookmarks for this wiki and, since we are an ever-evolving site - it's also always worth keeping an eye on the current news on-site.

The wiki index / contents page is here

If you spot any errors, such as spelling or grammar mistakes, please report them in the Bugs & Suggestions subforum. Clicking on that link will navigate you away from the wiki.

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Accessing The Wiki

In order to access the wiki on site, you need to go to the "Quick Links" menu in the top menu bar. Click that, then click "Lore Book". This will give you a list of places in the wiki to go. Please see the image on the left for how that looks (in the Dark Theme).

Please note - these will open in a new window, so you won't lose the page of the site you're on.

Any of those Lore Book links will take you to the Wiki, they just define which part of it you arrive at.

Navigating The Menu

Once you're on the Wiki, the left-hand tool bar is your main navigation tool. It's got a number of aspects / features.

Main Sections

You can see that there are main section headings in this menu. Those look like this.

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Each one of those is a Wiki Section. The sections we have currently are:

Wiki Guide 03.PNG


When you log on, or change page, these Wiki Sections are open and show each Wiki Topic. Each one of these is a link in it's own right and will highlight when you mouseover.

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Clicking on that link will take you to the "Resources" main page.


However, you might notice that there's a little blue triangle on the left, there. Since it's solid blue, it indicates that "Resources" has more content in a drop-down menu. Click on that blue triangle and it will show you the content.

Wiki Guide 06.PNG

And, those have more content still. You can keep clicking

Wiki Guide 07.PNG

Eventually, you'll come across a Wiki Topic that doesn't have any more content. The triangle for this looks different. Like in "Western Diseases" below.

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The thing to remember is - every Topic is a link to a page. All the information on the Wiki is reachable via that left-hand menu. It's also something which auto-updates, so as staff add and remove pages, the left hand menu is always accurate and up to date.

Navigating The Page

There are a number of elements to pages. Here are some basic descriptions.

The Table of Contents

Wiki Guide 09.PNG
  • The Table of Contents (TOC) gives you an overview of the headings / subheadings in any wiki page.

  • This is only generated where there are three or more headings, so not all pages will have them.

  • The names of the sections are links so, if you click on them, they'll take you to the section of the page in question.

Links to Other Pages

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* Where there are links to other pages, they appear in a different colour.

  • The image on the left shows a table (which you'll encounter on a number of pages) with links in it.

  • The link "What About Religion" is highlighted, because the cursor is over it.

  • When you mouseover a link, it will open up a small box underneath, telling you the page it links to. That can be useful if you're not sure whether you want to go there, or not!

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Click on the link and it takes you there. It opens in the same tab / window, so you'll navigate off the page you're currently on.

Links to WWW

If the page you are on has a link to a web page, it is a different colour.

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However, you follow it the same way, and it looks the same on mouseover. Please note, though, that when you click it, the page opens in the window you're in - so you'll navigate away from where you are.

Pages & Subcategories

As discussed, the left-hand menu shows where topic have sub-topics and so on as part of them. These are, in Wiki-speak, either sub-pages or sub=categories. Any page which has sub-pages or sub-categories as part of it shows at the very bottom. The word "Subcategories" appears and is highlighted on mouse-over.

Wiki Guide 13.PNG

If the page you are on only has sub-pages (this is a largely technical detail) then it will show the following:

Wiki Guide 14.PNG

When you click on that, it "opens" up like a drop-down menu and shows you all the subcategories / sub-pages in your current page. Each one of those is a link - that looks like this:

Wiki Guide 15.PNG

Collapse/Expand Features

Sometimes,a section has a lot of information, so we put it in expand/collapse spoilers in order to make navigation easier. There are a few of these features and each one looks different.

In Tables

As seen in the Nobility Pack, sometimes tables can be used really effectively in this way.

Wiki Guide 16.PNG

When "expand" is clicked on, it looks like this:

Wiki Guide 17.PNG

Stand Alone

Sometimes, information is put in a spoiler within the text of a page. When closed, it looks like this:

Wiki Guide 18.PNG

Click on "expand" and it opens up. Like this!

Wiki Guide 19.PNG

In A Heading

Sometimes a heading itself is a collapsible menu. When that is the case, you will be informed underneath the heading. That will look like this:

Wiki Guide 20.PNG

When you click on the heading, it looks like this:

Wiki Guide 21.PNG

And these can be "stacked" - so sometimes there are collapsible headings within collapsible headings. We'll always tell you!!

Wiki Guide 22.PNG

Searching The Wiki

This is done by going to the search bar at the top of the left hand menu.

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Just type what you want to search for in there, and press enter. The magnifying glass is not clickable. You must press enter to begin the search.

Wiki Guide 24.PNG

And, sometimes - you'll find that it returns no results at all.... which is odd!

Wiki Guide 25.PNG

If it does that? Don't worry - just press "Everything" as the results you show - and if the page exists at all - it'll be there!

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