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Here at Standing Trials we have a lot of lore and information! Therefore, we have put together this Contents Page to help you navigate our Wiki.

The Essentials

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The Main Categories

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Section Contents
An Introduction to ST A guide for players, new and old. Here we have our Terms of Use, a guide to Forum RPGs and our "how to" guide on using the Wiki.
Quick Links This is a list of all the information which we believe players will need on a day-to-day basis when using the wiki. So, it's magic, marks, races, skills, etc.
New Player Information This takes you - step by step - through the process of character creation, and has a number of useful links and categories.
Progressing Your PC Once you start playing, you'll want to know how to progress your character. Here's the section that tells you!
Repositories Places to store things! All repositories of people, rules and resources are kept here
The City Wikis These are the wikis for our cities. If you're playing in a city - you'll want to check out the wiki as it contains city-specific lore etc.

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