Idalos Travel Times


World Map

Travel times for traveling by mount, boat, and flight are shown in the maps below. For travel by foot, multiply the number of days by two. The difference between small vs large boats is explained in the assumptions at the bottom of this page. For longer voyages, add up the travel days between the intermediate cities.

Idalos World (Mount & Boat) (1).png Idalos World (Flight) (1).png

Western Continent

Detailed map of the Western Continent with travel times for mount and boat.

Idalos Western (Mount & Boat) (1).png

Travel Times by City:
Melrath (table and regional map)
Uthaldria (table)
Argos (table)
Sirothelle (table)
Valaris (table)
Hiladrith (table)
Etzos (table and regional map)
Ne'haer (table and regional map)
Rhakros (table)
Strosdyn (table)

Eastern Continent

Detailed map of the Eastern Continent with travel times for mount and boat.

Idalos Eastern (Mount & Boat) (1).png

Travel Times by City (pending):
Andaris (regional map only)
Viden (regional map only)
Scalvoris (regional map only)
Rharne (regional map only)
Yaralon (regional map only)

Southern Continent

Detailed map of the Southern Continent and islands with travel times for mount and boat.

Idalos-Southern (Mount & Boat).png

Travel Times by City (pending):
Desnind (regional map only)

Travel Assumptions

World Size and Shape

In general, Idalos is smaller compared to Earth. On the Trade Routes map, each square is a 20 mile x 20 mile square. This was the distance used for determining the travel times.

Some terrain anomalies are as a result of Immortal interference or major fractures (such as the frozen temperatures surrounding Treidhart, and the mild or even jungle terrain in Scalvoris).

Although the world is round, this is new knowledge, and there are magical barriers at the eastern/western and northern/southern edges which make crossing it impossible without a modded thread. As such, travel times by sea assume that these crossings are not made.

Travel Speeds

By foot: 15 miles/day (multiply mount travel days by 2)
By mount: 30 miles/day
By boat (small): 40 miles/day
By boat (medium-large): 65 miles/day
By flight: 60 miles/day
Mer swimming: 15 miles/day (multiply medium-large boat travel days by 4)
Mer on sea mount: 30 miles/day (multiply medium-large boat travel days by 2)

Other Assumptions

Small boats can be manned by a single PC, but need to hug the coast or travel along rivers. When traveling to an island, small boats can only be out of sight from land for 1-2 days. Medium to large boats need a much larger crew and can cross open water. Medium to large boats can still travel along main rivers, but they go at the speed of small boats due to reduced winds and navigating the frequent meanders of the river. The main rivers are ones that can be seen on the Idalos world map, and range from 1-2 miles wide.

Flying beings can do a 60 mile 'sprint' to reach an island by traveling 30 miles/hour for two hours. Anything beyond 60 miles is out of reach for a flying being. They need to be at least expert level flying and expert level endurance to accomplish this. Certain mountain ranges cannot be flown over, so flying beings need to use mountain passes in these cases. In general, if flying times aren't listed, one can divide the 'mount' travel time by two.

Most travel times by land are assumed to have a road or cleared path. Jungle, forest, and swamps will require additional time to travel through if dense vegetation needs to be cleared or navigated around.


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