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A category to keep information for our lovely, wonderful, very appreciated peer reviewers.

Tags, Labels, Mature Content

There is a very clear rule ( see Terms of Use ) that all players must be following:

  • Content on the site must be labelled appropriately. We accept members from the age of 13. This is not something we can, or do, take lightly.
    • Threads with PG13 appropriate content do not need a label / tag on the thread, or a warning in the thread review request.
    • Threads with content over PG13 but under 18 rated must have a "Mature" tag on the thread - and the review request must state what this is for.
    • Please also note that threads which deal with topics which might be of a sensitive nature (death, illness, addiction) etc may not warrant a "Mature" tag - but they must have a warning on the review request.
    • Threads with adult 18+ content must be posted in the Adult Forum
  • Players: All players must adhere to this. Failure to do so will earn a warning under our ToU, your review request will be removed and you will be required to amend the thread appropriately and resubmit the review.
  • Reviewers: If you come across a thread where the player has not done this - please report it to a staff member immediately and either announce in the site Peer Review Discord Channel or ask the staff member to if you're not on Discord. Please do not review it.
  • The Bottom Line: If in doubt - label and warn.

Rules for Thread Submission

  • Standing Trials TOU: You should, at minimum, be posting 250 words per post.
  • Threads: There is no minimum word count, however we feel that 1500 is a worthwhile number to strive for. That said, we will not be hard enforcing word count. Individuals found abusing this system in order to powerplay will be dealt with accordingly, as individuals.
  • Solos: You may choose 6 Skill Knowledge from your thread. For every post made after the first page, you gain an additional skill knowledge for a maximum of 15 total skill knowledge. Auto 10 points upon completion no matter what.
  • Collaboration Threads: You may choose 8 Skill Knowledge from your thread after you've made a total of 3 posts. Less than three posts will allow you to claim only the 6 knowledge of a solo (please note, this does not apply to abandoned threads). For every post made after that, you gain an additional skill knowledge. Auto 15 points upon completion no matter what.
  • Abandoned Collaboration Threads: Sometimes a collaboration doesn't work out. If one of your partners is absent for a length of time or loses inspiration, or the thread itself becomes non-canon you can submit a thread as abandoned. When an abandoned thread is graded, all participants are entitled to full knowledge and XP awards. If your thread does not meet the criteria for a collaboration's full rewards (outlined above) while you will still be given xp credit of a collaboration, you may only claim knowledge awards as if it were solo thread.
  • Moderated Threads: Final rewards are up to the moderator's discretion.

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