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PCs Changing The World

“Each and every one, you've changed the world for time immemorial” – Ralaith, Immortal of Time


This is the index page for all of our PC Impact Threads. When a PC does something which has an impact on the world - small or large - we record it here. That might be anything from Inventions, Discoveries, Moderated Events or PC Storylines. When a PC achieves something, we want to celebrate it!

Where are they?

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The Categories of Impact Thread you'll see if you click on Subcategories are:

Category Information
Global Impact Threads An A - Z of all Impact Threads / Stories which have had an impact globally.
City Impact Threads A list of all threads / stories which have impacted at a city level.

When a PC has taken part in a Global or City Impact Thread, they will get a "Notable Thread" page. All PCs with Notable Threads are listed in the repository of Personal Impact Threads

Some threads are in more than one category, or you may be looking for something more specific. These are the categories available:

Category Information
Immortal Impact Threads A list of threads / stories which have had a significant impact to the Immortals stories.
Magic Impact Threads A list of threads / stories which have changed, or shaped, the Magic of Idalos
Death Threads A list of threads / stories where a PC has died.
Invention Threads A list of stories leading to PCs inventing something!
Discovery Threads A list of stories leading to PCs discovering something!
Tier 2 Threads A list of story arcs for Tier 2 progression

I'm Not There!

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