Forum RPG?


This section is there for those for whom forum RPGs are new or unknown. In here we'll go through the basics of what an RPG is, how forum RPGs work and then, some specifics on Standing Trials, our fantasy RPG forum.

What's an RPG?

RP is role play or role playing and an RPG is a role playing game. That's it at its most simple. But what is it to role play? It's to play in the role of someone else - here on Standing Trials and on most forum RPGs and RPGs generally, the role you play is called your character.

The character you play in an RPG is kind of like the characters in books - your character is known as a "player character" or PC - you are the player, playing a character. Our PCs, here on Standing Trials, are the heroes (or antiheroes, villains etc) of the story. Here on Standing Trials we post "in character" - meaning that we describe the character and their actions, sometimes their thoughts or feelings, and their speech.

Forum RPG?

A forum RPG is a role playing game played over a forum. It's also been referred to as "play by post" and it means that you play your PC on a forum over the medium of text. Here on Standing Trials, as in most Forum RPGs, that means writing "Threads" - a single topic or story. One thread might tell the story of an epic battle, of a political mastermind making a clever move or of a potter making a vase or a baker making a cake. It is a self contained story which is one small part of the PCs life.

You play your PC by posting in threads. Here on Standing Trials we have a number of types of thread you can use - most forum RPGs do.

How Do I Start?

If you want to start your PC, then just make an account on the site and then, follow the step by step guide on what to do!

Remember. Each forum RPG will have different settings. Ours is a fantasy forum RPG and there is a lot of lore and history to Idalos. Each step in creating your character is laid out for you and will help you make all those decisions. Enjoy - have fun - and we look forward to seeing what impact your PC makes on the world of Idalos!