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Here, you can find information on how to set up a pc-run Business or Faction, along with links to the relevant pages.


Unlike Businesses, player-created and player-run guilds do not develop through the amount of money poured into them Instead, it depends on the level of combined renown of all members. While it is possible for a faction to start with a single PC ‘carrying’ NPCs in terms of its reputation, it is impossible to make significant developments without other PCs; the longer the involvement, the more beneficial it will be. Not only this, but factions with more PCs will be better rewarded - the more PCs, the more combined renown they will have together and the faster the faction will develop. This said, there are also specific things that a faction can do in order to increase its renown in one-off bulk payments, including taking part in city-wide events, having a faction headquarters and much more.


A business is a pc-owned means of making money. This is often a shop, but may also be a mercenary company or a travelling business. There are monetary bonuses for owning and running a business and for characters who either shop or work at one.

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