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Real life involves counting every coin but Standing Trials is a fantasy RPG and the point of forum roleplay is to have fun, to write and to get away from real life for a while. That said - we want Standing Trials to provide a realistic environment where there are the very rich, the very poor and everything in between.

So, we have our Wealth System. This system allows you to have an identified Wealth Tier whereby you are earning enough money to live to a particular standard.

Information in this system

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Wealth Tiers Your Wealth Tier is the broad explanation of your lifestyle. It is identified in your Starting Package.
Wealth Points Each Tier has a range of points. What are they? What do they mean? How do you earn or lose them? Look here!
Wealth Skill This is the Skill you will be using to maintain and improve Wealth at each Tier
Wealth Thread The seasonal thread required to make sure you maintain - and improve - your lifestyle.
Grandfathered Wealth Did you used to work in gold nel? Look here for conversion!
Wealth & NPCs The rules for NPCs per Wealth Tier, including slaves.
The Shoppe Where you can buy things!!!!
Seasonal Salary Bonuses What bonuses might apply?

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