Where to get help

We're really proud of the world we have built here on Standing Trials and we're happy to help should any player need it. We are aware that sometimes, knowing where to go for help is half the battle - so here's a starting point for you!

Where What They Can Help With
Your Local Prophet If you've got a question about starter cities, jobs, customs or anything specific to where you are going to be writing - your best port of call is usually the Prophet in charge of your chosen city. You can find their name on the top of the city forum, or click "meet the team" at the bottom of the forum (most up to date!) or have a look at the list on the home page!
Discord Chat Our Discord Chat offers a number of ways to get help. You can access it on the Home Page and in there you have the "main" chat, where general questions will usually be answered by our players and staff. There's also a dedicated Help Desk Channel in there, for specific questions.
The PSF The Prophet Support Forum is our "Help Desk" and in there you can seek approval for NPCs, Mark Stories etc. However, make sure that you read the guidelines for players as not everything belongs in here.
Q & A Forum Specific and detailed questions about magic, marks, Immortals etc belong in the relevant Q & A thread in the Q & A forum. That's here.