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Hello and welcome to the Knowledge Base, where you'll find all of the information relating to the Standing Trials role play. We are a new community just establishing our roots in the roleplaying world and we ask that if reading through this perks your interest at all, register and come enjoy the adventures with us! Since we are so new, we'll be editing and adding information to these pages frequently. A good amount of this section will be developed through role play and players as we like to include everyone in the development of Standing Trials. So please, come join us today!

Standing Trials is set in a world where Immortals use humans as weapons in a war against each other. Most of the Immortals are powerful, destructive, and ruin much of the land and cities when battling. Thankfully, fights are few and far between as a good amount of time, resources, and money are put into making them happen. Thus, the only quick way for Immortals to kill one another is through human spies and assassinations. Rumors spread fast in Idalos, especially after the successful assassination of an Immortal. Standing Trials is focused on the situations a character experiences living through this war between Deities. Ultimately, this roleplay is about the life or death trials characters face on a day to day basis, whether it is fighting in combat, fighting hunger, or sickness, whether it is fighting for safety or to simply keep the peace. Everyday is a trial in this world... So, will you survive them?

Standing Trials Vision

On behalf of the staff, I'd like to welcome any new players reading this currently to the site of Standing Trials. I'm excited that we've caught your interest enough to make an account and roleplay with us here, while we continue to grow in numbers and information. Though we've had many exciting new faces come into our world, I feel that we should take a moment to reflect on the adversities that we've faced and overcome. Now some of you might be wondering what the heck I'm smoking. I assure you, I'm clean, hahah.

What I mean to say is what I've been saying to pretty much every one of you that's come to the site for reason of your own, but for some those reasons are well beyond their control and negative to their overall growth as a writer. Instead of addressing these things, I want to let you all know the reason why Standing Trials was created so that not only can you leave the past behind you, but so that you become a closer part of the team circle we have going here.

Standing Trials was originally created with a goal in mind to provide people who loved roleplay a getaway from drama, from life, from the obvious stresses that comes with being. We didn't want to treat this as a job, or intense work we needed to focus on day in and day out. We wanted to create a place where our members could help expand the world far beyond anything we could hope to imagine. Because it takes more than one mind to build a world and to expect one person to do something like that is inconceivable.

We've had our share of ups and downs. We've had drama, and fights, and burn outs where we've been away for weeks at a time. It was hard work turning something quiet and small into what you see now— though it is still small, it's hardly quiet. A number of people worked to build this place. The staff that you see now and the staff that you don't see. More than that, a number of you have already started making your mark on our world and making it your creation too.

We love this!

We want to represent a community where it's fine to create your own ideas without feeling like they're useless, under-worked, or stupid. The staff wants you to feel like your writing matters, because it does. Where you take your character, how you shape them, the journey they travel across the hills and oceans of Idalos is something we can't wait to see! However, we strive for each player to take from this environment and this welcoming community and pass that along.

This site is a new beginning for everyone, not just the “New To Roleplay” players, but the veterans as well. Trust us to provide a fun game and a relaxed, fair environment for you just as we hope you will spread our name in a respectful manner that reflects the hard work the staff and its players have put in to making this site what you see today!

~ Jade