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Kasoria of Etzos

Show No Pity in A City Full of Sin
Name: Kasoria

Aliases: The Raggedy Man ("An Duine Luideach", in Ith'ession), Vorund's Hound, Vri's Shadow, The Headsman of the Woods, The Shark of Yaralon Bay, Mister Thagoras, Karim

Age: 49

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 9th Day of Ymiden, 673

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Common Tongue (Fluent), Ith'ession (Broken)

Partners: None


Kasoria isn't much to look at from a distance. Not even five-and-a-half feet tall and sparsely built, his usual garb of tunic, breeches, and hooded cloak seems to hang off him like a scarecrow's rags. The untamed mane of hair sprouting from his scalp and face only adds to the picture of a man most definitely worthy of the title "raggedy". This is, of course, entirely intentional. Up close - close enough to see the black eyes set into a lean, reptilian face - one can see the sparseness only applies to fat. Kasoria's form is wiry yet the muscles dense as steel cables. Closer still, and one might see hints of the topographical map of scars that much of his body has become. The Raggedy Man has been in the mortality business for going on thirty arcs; surviving that long in the life leaves a man with plenty of nasty souvenirs.

Kasoria's look has changed radically, since leaving the employ of Bangun Vorund and the Etzori underworld in general. His Abrogation mutations have transformed him physically, more into the Raggedy Man of urban myth than ever before, even as his heart and mind leaves the business of assassination behind forever. Since 723, further mutations from Transmutation and Sovereign have been added to him, forever marking him as an obvious and powerful mage. His clothes have become neater and cleaner, now he no longer needs to play the vagrant, but he habitually wears leather gloves in public to hide a particularly grotesque mutation. He also favors either a cloak or long duster, to better hide his mutations, weapons, and hands.
Abrogation Mutations
Witchmark: Kasoria has a star-shaped scar on each of his palms, appearing in the aftermath of his Initiation. When he begins to summon his ether, the stars begin to glow

Competent Mutation - Warning Waves: The air around Kasoria seems to thicken and become more turbulent the closer a person gets to him. Within three feet, and it can feel like wind picking up; closer than a foot, and it feels like there's churning water trying to separate the outsider from Kasoria. This is due to waves of faint Abrogation ether rippling off him, as his Spark senses a possible threat to its host.
Note: this applies to those who are actively trying to approach him; those in a crowd or busy street passing by without noticing him are unaffected.

Expert Mutation - Black Stones: Kasoria's eyes are now jet black, from tear ducts to the pupils. Not a hint of white or color remains in them, though his vision hasn't changed at all. They look like polished obsidian balls and those meeting his gaze can see nothing but themselves, though the reflection is formed of shadow and shades of darkness. At some point, Kasoria's Spark decided that it was safer for the two of them to be feared and thus avoided; this mutation is but the first evidence of that.

Master Mutations - Chained: Kasoria's bare arms from shoulder to palms appear as if heavy chains are wrapped around them. Somewhere between bruising and brands, the thick, winding marks started appearing after he began to use the Shackle ability in mage-combat. His affinity for this and his Spark's recognition of that means that his arms now permanently bear evidence of their use, and when his magic is activated, they turn black and pulsate.

Cloak'd Eternal: More extreme is the constant layer of shadow that lays upon Kasoria, most obviously around his head. What looks like black smoke - replicative layers of Abrogation ether - constantly shifts and drifts around his body, forming the rough outline of the ragged cloak that he wore for so many arcs. His Spark has embraced the persona of the Raggedy Man even after Kasoria laid it to rest. Now it always appears like he's hooded and cloaked, until one draws closer and sees the mutation for what it is. The more agitated Kasoria becomes, the thicker the layers get, his Spark's way of readying itself for combat.
Note: the torch-motif medallion Kasoria wears negates the visible effects of this mutation.
Transmutation Mutations
Witchmark: Kasoria has a roughly circular pattern across his breastbone, that is constantly changing, transforming, and resettling for a handful of trills. The pattern - which looks more like a tattoo than a brand - dis multicolored yet does not give off any light. Like his Abrogation Witchmarks, the perpetually-transmuting pattern glows when he uses Transmutation.

Competent Mutation - Eye Spies: Always questing for new materials and substances, Kasoria's Spark has manifested as a pair of eyes on the back of his hands. They are usually closed and sunken into his flesh, almost resembling ugly scars. Until they are directly and deliberately stared at for more than a bit: then they snap open, and follow one's gaze around the room.

Kasoria has found that he has some vague sense of sight emanating from them when he is robbed of his natural vision, such as being blindfolded or stuck in a place with no natural light. Once his natural vision is useless, the mutation will activate. However, his Spark sees more in terms of qualities and objects than dimensions and distance. This effect extends for around ten feet out from him, and vanishes once his natural vision is restored. While Kasoria is aware of what his surroundings are composed of, the lack of dimensional context somewhat inhibits his ability to fight, since the mutation interferes with his ability to detect threats and opponents through his remaining senses.

When the mutation itself is covered up (by gloves, for example), it won't work at all. Once the covering is removed, the eyes will open instantly and Kasoria will have to compel his Spark/mutation to close them, rather like how he'd have to shush an excitable animal after a period in isolation.

Expert Mutation - Transmuto Ergo Sum: Unlike his reserved, paranoid Abrogation Spark, the etheric spirt of Transmutation within Kasoria is unafraid to let new sensations permeate it. That has come with a cost, for the magical process is now two-way. Whenever Kasoria uses his Trasmutation with a specific material in mind - whether it be wood and stone or steel and diamond - his skin will take on the appearance and general quality of that transmuted substance. This effect will last for a break, then slowly fade away to nothing within another break. With Meditation and additional coaxing of his Spark, Kasoria can consciously remove the effect within around fifteen bits (if uninterrupted and magically capable without Overstepping).

While vexing and inconvenient, there are some benefits to this. For example, transmuting stone will result in Kasoria's skin being tougher than mere organic material (although something like wood makes him, of course, more susceptible to fire). Such a willingness for his Spark to take on the properties of that which is transmutes, also means that he can use his magic much faster than normal.

This physical change extends only to his skin, however. Below that thin layer of flesh, Kasoria is unchanged by this mutation. It also only activates when he is using a Transmutation ability that utilizes a substance or material. Spells such as Ether Missile, Absorption, or Brilliance, for example, are unaffected by it, since they are purely etheric constructs.

Master Mutation - Wrap The World Around You: Much of Kasoria's use of Transmutation has been to alter his environment as suits his needs. Whether it be spikes from the ground, turning it to quicksand, corroding walls or locked doors, or strengthening weapons and barriers he utilizes, Kasoria shapes the world around him with his magic. Seeking perhaps to preempt its host, or just acting off its own hungry initiative, Kasoria's Spark unconsciously connects whatever is around him, for a rough five-foot radius. Exactly like he would if he were to cast Identify, his Spark whispers to him what it finds, its flaws and qualities, nature and history.

When he has direct contact with an object, though, the true nature of this mutation becomes much clearer. Touching or holding onto something for more than ten bits will result in his Spark start to begin Basing the substance, immersing it in ether and breaking it down at a fundamental level. Again, Kasoria can command the mutation to cease and "leave it alone", but it won't be long before it starts the process again. What he cannot stop, however, if the constant use of Identify, where his Spark relays all qualities and flaws of the materials around him. Much like "To Seek, To Strive", however, this mutation vanishes she he sleeps or is unconscious, and for the same reason. The mutations also slumbers while Kasoria is suffering from Overstepping of any kind, since it does not "want" to further compound damage it him and therefore itself by constantly using ether to Identify everything around it. The moment his inner well is restored, though, it awakens again.

When he uses his Transmutation abilities at a level more than Expert, this mutation manifests further in a swirling cyclone of crackling, flaring ether around Kasoria, as if the radius of effect has been ignited. Anything that comes within it that is capable of being Transmuted somehow, becomes immediately infused with his ether. Unlike the Revealed Ether Cyclone, however, this effect is not fatal to the ether of other mages caught by its winds, although it massively disrupts magic cast within it (apart from Kasoria's own, of course).
Sovereign Mutations
Witchmark: Kasoria has a faint emerald aura about him, flecked with gold. Barely visible in low light, it's practically invisible in direct sunlight. When he uses Sovereign, however, it flares into life almost like pulsing flame.

Competent Mutation - Sparky: Lightning sometimes crackles from Kasoria's fingers when he is awake, visibly traveling down his arm before arcing between his fingertips or onto whatever is close, especially metal. There's a fifty-fifty chance of Kasoria actively electrocuting someone when he shakes their hand, though the shock is more annoying than painful. If he wears gloves, the effect is negated.

Expert Mutation - Lightning Runnin' Through My Veins: As Kasoria's Sovereign Spark is growing in power, it has melded quite unusually with another one of his mutations. Perhaps if it were alone that would not be the case, but between it, Transmutation, and Abrogation, it's getting a little crowded inside the Raggedy Man. Kasoria noticed quite swiftly that one of his most prevalent Transmutation mutations has changed since he attained expertise in Sovereign. Beforehand, it was best described as this:
Master Mutation - To Seek, To Strive: Kasoria's burgeoning, curious Transmutation Spark has become strong enough that it essentially ignores his demands to retreat into dormancy. This has manifested into quite a notable mutation: a constantly moving, fist-sized mass of ether and wanderlust. Much like the strange, glowing algae on distant seas, this Mutation pulses and shines wherever it goes. Veins appear swollen with blue-white light, flesh appears like paper with a colored flame behind it. The effect causes him no discomfort, but it can be distracting, and Kasoria has no control over where it roams while he is not actively using Transmutation. That can mean the strange effect can wander over the soles of his feet, his hands, his back, or even across his face!
However, as of Ashan 723, the nature of the mutation has changed, and he suspected it was been corrupted (or, more benignly, attained a sort of mindless friendship) with his burgeoning Sovereign. Unlike Abrogation, which has ever been sullen and paranoid towards his other magical abilities, Transmutation has no such inhibitions. Driven ever to learn and change, it has embraced the flighty, wander-lusting Sovereign and a new shared mutation has been formed.

Rather than a wandering patch of ether, energy now visibly pulses down Kasoria's veins in time to the beating of his heart. Any veins visible to the naked eye are effected by this mutation. The effect starts (naturally) from the center of his chest, rippling out across his entire body. The color has also changed, from the blue-white of his Transmutation to the pale green of his Sovereign. While not as bright and glaring as before, the mutation is if anything more obvious: all it takes is a few trills of observation to see the energy pulsing and flowing through Kasoria, waiting to be unleashed. Not even sleep quiets the mutation, for it is now as much a part of him as his own heartbeat. When he actively uses either of his melded Sparks (at Expert-level or above), his veins light up like lightning under his skin, and do not go back to their usual pulsing for a break after he's finished using them.
Scars, Tattoos, Wounds
  • Two-inch scar on right bicep *
  • Deep gash on left arm * * *
  • Ragged, healed scar on left thigh * *
  • Straight, badly healed scar on right thigh * *
  • Shallow blade scars on right forearm * *
  • Scars and indents from numerous healed cuts and slashes across arms and legs * * * *
  • Three ten-inch parallel scars across back (Ithecal claw marks) *
  • Puncture wound on upper left back, just below the shoulder (crossbow bolt) *
  • Twenty distinct puncture scars across left shoulder down to the left pectoral (Ithecal bite marks) *
  • Distinct puncture wounds on right shoulder and right leg (crossbow bolts) *
  • Badly-healed scarring across stomach, from initial wound, cauterizing, and sewing (crossbow bolt) *
  • Wide, diagonal scar from pectoral to stomach (dagger) *
  • Six-inch slash to stomach (dagger) *
  • Deformed "cauliflower" right ear *
  • Wide gash on torso, under ribs, right side *
  • Broken nose *
  • Horizontal slash across chest *
  • Straight slash across middle of back (karambit) *
  • Numerous tattoos, mostly ganger insignia and Etzos-themed imagery, across back, chest, and both arms. Few additions have been made over the last decade or so, meaning most of the artwork is faded and starting to blur as the flesh ages
Transmutation Corruption - Patch Job: Lasting scars that Kasoria gains will now not be constituted of tissue and flesh, but a hard, grey substance that resembles dead wood (although it is not literally wood, only possessing some qualities of such). After a near-disastrous Transmutation cast that saved his life, Kasoria's Spark has seeped into some of the healing properties of his body. Specifically, healing of wounds. Now, instead of red or black biological matter, there is a "plug" or thin line of stiff, unyielding wood-like substance instead. The growths (for that is technically what they are), do not pain him at all, nor are they inefficient when it comes to serving as healed matter. But flesh and blood, they are not. Depending on the size of the healed wound, they can present some hindrance to flexibility. The very first such wound, for example - a thumbnail-sized wound on his bicep - does not inconvenience him. But a larger, wider, thicker scar at, say, a joint or tendon, while only superficial as a scar usually is, would inconvenience him far more.

Once there was a boy, angry and unsatisfied, who wanted to be feared. Who was tired of being bullied by larger, stronger boys. He channeled this anger into violence, and as these things usually go, soon he was picking fights in all the wrong places. A lawman found him, quite by chance. Saw potential in the snotty, skinny kid with fast hands and a keen mind. So the boy became a recruit into the Black Guard instead, and to the surprise of all, he took quite well to it.

This too, was not to last. In one horrific clutch of hours, the boy's hope for his future and belief in justice was destroyed, along with half his family. Only great sacrifice saved him from the block and banishment. But he was a pariah in his hometown; none but his father would speak with him. Drudgery awaited him again, and this time with no escape to be found.

Only the underworld accepted him. Saw his skills, his training, his abilities, and the cold blood he'd proven he possessed. This was where Kasoria was truly born. As a killer and swordsman for coin. This was his life for nearly thirty arcs, and it has left hideous marks on his mind. Repeat anything enough, no matter how vile or savage, and it will become trivial. There are no exceptions, even in a world infused with such magic as Idalos possesses. Kasoria's soul has become callused to the horror of what he's done; numbed to the shock and disgust that would seize others upon committing them.

But Kasoria is not a dumb brute, and that is his curse. He's a learned man, of books and reading and, most terrible of all, self-awareness. He knows what he is, and part of him laments his past. But he faces what he is, and has done. Some would say he is damned already, doomed by the river of blood soaking him across the arcs. Others would argue he enough rough, warped morality in him to turn back from the brink. For while he is brutal, he is not wanton. While he is a killer, it is never without cause, and he possesses the capacity for love and respect, humor and kindness. Such things are being rediscovered by him, in the turbulent arcs after 718.

His son has brought them out in him. The people he has met, the master he has lot, the adventures he has been on. The Raggedy Man of Etzos is dead, and this applies as much to the mind as the myth. Kasoria still lives, and he still has hope. Yet even he seems blind to the continuing price his burgeoning Abrogation Spark is drawing from him. His mutations have already resembled him unrecognizable, though his cynical and macabre outlook has not changed. As he inches further towards Revelation, he runs the risk of losing the rest of what makes him "Kasoria". But that is the price of power.

His story started in the poor part of town, in the heat and the dark of a Ymiden night. There were no omens ill or favorable, for he was but another child among thousands born that year. His parents worked and strove and loved and fought and cried and even quietly prayed, two more doting parents among many. He was a small and quiet child, but stronger than the two they had lost before. Yasmina thought he would be their only child, though she prayed hard for a daughter. Six years later she would get her wish, but in that heated night in the middle of the 673rd Arc, Yasmina gave birth to Kasoria, and Rama rejoiced in having an heir to the modest store he had built up from a threadbare stand in the Citizen's Market outside the city walls.

The boy grew up, joined by a sister, Lilith, both short and swarthy and dark-eyed. His slight size meant he was sometimes picked on, but speed was on his side, as well, and when he could not run, his tormentors found that a feral violence stirred in him, too. He played in the streets and the caverns below the city. He wandered them like all children did, acting like an uncrowned prince exploring his future kingdom, unanswerable and free to go where he liked, as long as adventure awaited. By the time he'd reached his tenth birthday, the meandering focus of childhood had hardened into a few definite traits.

First of all, he held no truck with the whispered faith of his mother, with her little clay idols of Immortals she tucked away when she wasn't worshiping. Second of all, he was quietly aghast that a life of bagging dried goods and household menials waited for him, working in his father's store. Thirdly, he loved them both, and his sister, and the distant family that they visited every late-Saun, venturing north of Etzos to holiday with cousins and aunts and uncles.

Last of all, he knew how to fight. He was small and slight, but not weak nor afraid, and when he fought, he held nothing back. As childhood grew into the strength and aimless fire of youth, Rama watched his son grow with concern. He was proud that his son, sadly like himself in his height and build, was able to defend himself, even if his "technique" was more brawling than boxing or wrestling. But self-defense was fast turning to compulsion, delight in the chaos of fighting. He shirked his chores and beatings obviously held no fear for him. Only his sister's gentle, determined persuasiveness seemed to cool the fire in the boy's hear, if only for a while.

Rama and Yasmina turned to their wits and their faith for answers. But in the end, it was Etzos that provided one.

Every barroom brawler knows that there are some men you don't hit. Sometimes they find that out the hard way, like Kasoria did. He woke up in the Hall of Rule and Reprimand, a boy seventeen arcs old and already with the knuckles of a grown man, and the scowl of a bitter one. He woke up to bruises and a hangover, and an armored figure staring inquisitively down at him.

The man smiled, and asked him what he wanted to be in life. Kasoria answered with the truth: a free man, out of the damn cell. The armored man nodded, and said all he had to do was get past him.

Kasoria tried, and laid exactly one punch on the man. It cost him three broken fingers and a breezy speech about the stupidity of trying to rip the ears away from off-duty members of the Black Guard in a lonely Outer Perimeter watering hole. As the boy lay panting and spitting blood, the man said something else to him.

Offered, in fact.

Sergeant Tantos was not a recruiter, but had an eye for talent. A Black Guardsman was a match for most thugs in Etzos, and this brat had nearly bested two of them before he'd clobbered him around the ear from behind. Such a waste, if he was allowed to continue in the gutter, maybe even go so far as to be locked down here and just be... forgotten. Tantos decided to do something about that, and being a former gutter rat himself, knew just how to sell it.

Kasoria came home to a worry-stricken family bruised, limping, wearing a cadet's uniform and bearing his first season's pay in advance. He was going to be a Black Guardsman. Yasmina thanked the gods in a silent whisper, and the more worldly Rama stared with pained eyes, but eventually congratulated his son. It was not the answer he was expecting, but it was a better future nonetheless.

Cadet training passed by in a whirl, and Kasoria was surprised to find that he quite liked it. Not just the nice bed and good food and combat training, but the sense of something solid and real and breathing that he was part of. Something greater than himself. He walked straighter and prouder. He steered clear of the thugs and gangers he'd called brother before. He had a higher calling now, and the future was bright.

So has said many a man, before night falls.
Young Adulthood

Lilith loved her mother, and shared her faith. When Yasmina prayed to her little clay idols - to Chamadarst for her husband, Chrien for her son, Ethelynda for her daughter - her daughter was there with her. Like her brother, she had no fear of others, nor their opinions. Though it gained her scorn and jeers, she was unafraid to confess her faith, and said she would pray also for those that sneered at her. The Immortals were flawed, but they could be good, she said. Her big brother was the perfect proof for that, and one day everyone would see.

She was wrong.

As so often happened in Etzos, disease spread through the Outer Perimeter. Families were shattered, loves torn apart, and Yasmina succumbed along with the rest. Lilith tended to her every break, insisting that her brother would visit her, hold her hand and be there for... whatever followed. But it was not Kasoria that came to the door. It was a gang of wild-eyed men, grieving and vengeful and ignorant and scared in all parts. They sought scapegoats, and the confessed Immortal-worshiper was an obvious target. Lilith rounded on them without fear, noting that her own mother was one of the sick, but it did her no good.

They wanted blood. They took it. From both of them.

Tantos tried to stop Kasoria from finding out, then tried to stop him going back to the old neighborhood. He failed both times. He sent out cadet patrols, ordered them to the bars and groghouses and pubs and even the underground shebeens everyone pretended to know nothing about. Spread the word that the killers of the two women were to seek protection, or invite death. They were too late. A commotion was reported. Fighting. Fire. Death. Horror. Tantos and a detachment found a house in flames and a wounded man outside.

A gladius in each hand. Red from tip to hilt. Face shattered as a broken vase, staring at the flames... and the corpses he'd left inside.

Kasoria never found out why he wasn't exiled, or just locked away and left to die. He knew only that Tantos was never seen again, and he was forbidden for even looking at the Hall he'd called home for arcs. At twenty years old he was on the streets, with his broken father and working in a pokey little store where every day was the same. Rama knew what would happen. How he would backslide. Only now it was with honed skilled and trained fists, studied in a graceful but savage fighting art, first learned on the streets and now hones as a cadet. The angry young man had become a weapon, without a hand to grasp or direct it.

But there were always those willing to pay for a grip, as it were.

Years passed. Father and son grew apart as son grew darker in deed and thought. Rama knew how his son was able to afford to move out of his family's house. He knew how he was able to afford food and drink and clothes and rent and everything else. On some rare nights, his friends would mention seeing him, hands stained and feet swift. Or they would share some gossip and quickly censor his son's name when they came to some scandalous and mortal deed done in the darkness.

His son was a killer, and Rama knew it. He died with that knowledge, heart giving out as he stacked shelves one morning, no wife or daughter to hear his last breath. No son left who would care to. Or so he thought.

Those who assumed Kasoria despised his weak father would have been proved mistaken. As far as can be told, he became bolder, reckless, even seeking death in the years that followed. His "assignments" for racketeers and smugglers and petty gangland warlords took him across the breadth of the city and beyond. But under all the bodies and blood was an aching, trembling desire for peace. The only peace a man like him could hope for.

Then the strangest thing happened.

He was handed a bundle of rags from an exhausted midwife. He looked down into sleepy eyes and in that single moment, his rudderless life ran aground and would never be moved. A breathless whore chuckled from the soaking bed and asked him what he thought of the name she had picked out for his son.

Kasoria doesn't remember answering. Just nodding. Unable to look away.

The man that walked into Vorund Storage and Leasing was so different in character that the owner had to blink and squint to make sure it was the same man from before. Everything seemed the same, from the gait to the hair to the beard to the clothes, but there was a light shining out from the mercenary's face that was different. Not renewed so much as transplanted. As if some fresh spark for life had been added to embers growing cold, and now Kasoria spoke to him not as a freelance killer seeking a job, but a man asking a favor.

He wanted his son to be safe. He had made enemies, and would make more. They would punish his son if not him, and Vorund knew plenty of people. Guardsmen, lookouts, smugglers, forgers, dozens of contacts from all walks of life that could spirit a woman and her babe from the city without anyone noticing. True enough, Vorund agreed, but what was in it for him?

Kasoria drew his gladius, and laid it on the table. That was what he gave, and the promise that he would never take it back. Not while Vorund still lived.

That was eleven arcs ago, when the century was still young. Since then, Vorund's fortunes as a boss in Etzos' turbulent underworld had waxed and waned, sometimes merely a season apart, but Kasoria has always been his most dependable executioner. Paid well, of course, for every man had to eat, but always remembering the debt he owed the racketeer. Traitors, spies, competition, intractable clients and other such threats to Vorund's profits... all have met the slight, ragged man in some way. All never met anyone again.

And as a reward beyond coin, every other season Kasoria leaves Etzos, ventures into the strange world of grass and trees and brooks beyond the mortar and brick and stone of his living. He walks or takes a wagon, paying a few coppers for his seat, until he comes to a town north of the city. There he stays with some cousins who know little of what he does for a living, and are smart enough not to ask. They know he is polite and respectful, but spends much of his time wandering the town. Even spending it with a woman they know well, who came out there years before, with a bastard boy whose high-born father had abandoned, the poor dear.

Kasoria seems to like the boy very much. When he bids his cousins farewell, sometimes mother and child are there to say goodbye, too.
Kasoria spends most of 718 fulfilling his oath and function as Bangun Vorund's most valued killer. And Fates, but it is a busy year. A sloop of dead pirates in Foster's Landing. An exiled gangster and his bodyguards slaughtered in a Lowgarden. A renegade drug peddler and his entire gang in an Oh'Pee slum. All these and a half-dozen more incidents are linked to him. He also serves as Vorund's emissary and bodyguard as the Etzori underworld starts to heat up. New and shadowy players are afoot, threatening the old man's empire. Still, Kasoria does his job and keeps his boss alive. He even finds time to handle a... problem, for his distant son in Westguard, assuring that his youthful mischief doesn't lead to a mark on his record.

Just as importantly, Kasoria is initiated into Abrogation, courtesy of Sima. A legendary figure in certain circles of Etzos, known both as a skilled teacher, expert mage... and Vuda's personal wizard-hunter. Seeing value in making a killer like Kasoria indebted to her, she passes on her gift, and Kasoria starts to eagerly nurture it.

But some things cannot be avoided, or controlled... or predicted. Before any external enemy can supplant Vorund, an internal one strikes. In Zi'da of 781, underboss Ilos ambushes the old man and his dog; in the chaos that follows, all save a couple of the ambushers are killed... or so it seems. Shot, stabbed, half-drowned and washed down-river, Kasoria survived... barely. And the agent of his salvation is certainly not charitable.

Kasoria is taken prisoner by a powerful Black Guard Commander with a side business. Namely, as a vigilante. Yusef has a special grudge against Kasoria, too. While the chosen man of Vorund, though, he was untouchable. Too useful to be taken off the board, not matter the vendetta. But with Vorund and Ilos dead and the Syndicate in shambles, there's no need for special treatment. Kasoria is chained and tortured for ten-trials as his old classmate tries to break him, magically and physically. Kasoria manages to escape, however, aided by an agent of Sima. The Rupture-gifted mage manages to force Kasoria into a portal, but dies before the destination can be properly defined... and Kasoria finds himself bleeding out, tortured, starved, confused... and landing in a heap in the middle of a street in Andaris. Halfway across the world.

The Fates have a sense of humor, though. Kasoria is on the edge of death when he runs across a civilian... and it happens to be an Etzori scumbag he knew from years before. Reluctantly, Finn helps the Raggedy Man, though his idea of help eventually leads to the two of them having to kill the necromancer who "heals" Kasoria. But that turns out to be nothing compared to the price of him leaving Andaris City. Specifically, aiding a half-feral assassin in killing the head of the Order of the Mantis, a notorious coven of mage-hunters. Kasoria infiltrates the royal castle with Qit'ria, slices and dices Lord Kayled Wine's bodyguards, leaving him for the shapeshifting killer. They both barely escape the castle alive, fleeing the city together as the Cold Cycle comes to an end.
As tumultuous as the previous arc was for Kasoria, it would prove to be nothing compared to the one following it. After fleeing Andaris City and arriving in Rharne, Kasoria set himself to returning home, still several kingdoms and a whole ocean away. He did so by selling what he was best at: steel, violence, and death. He worked as a bounty hunter for Cylus, hunting down and wiping out a gang of river pirates and a notorious bandit king in the same season. His purse full and wounds healed, he made his way to Volta and signed up as a guard aboard a ship headed for Foster's Landing... until it wasn't.

Much to his frustration, a storm led the ship to sail for Yaralon instead. But only after breaking the pirate blockade of the port. Despite a hidden traitor in the crew leading to a furious battle with a reaver vessel, with Kasoria's help, the ship survived to make port. Then Kasoria simply had to wait for them to set sail again... only he never got back on that vessel. Nor was seen in Yaralon again.

He'd found a different way to get home. His forays into Dreamwalking had led Kasoria to befriend a mage named Llyr. Upon learning the young Quacian noble was headed to Etzos by ship and already close to port, he agreed to protect him if he could Cross over through the Dreamscape. The deal was made, and Kasoria crossed... onto another pirate vessel where Llyr was being threatened by a merciless crew, and a few moments later, a gigantic sea monster attacked it.

Which was not the kind of trouble he'd been expecting. Still, with nothing left to do but flee and eventually fight, Kasoria and the crew and the passengers did what they could. With hulking ship-mounted weapons, magic, and steel, they tried to fight off the Leviathan... but in the end, it was an event hundreds of miles away that saved them. Without knowing why, the creature died, and the pirate ship was free to return home. Kasoria counted them all blessed by The Fates... until they got within sight of Etzos.

The country was aflame. From the southern reaches and jungles to the walls of the Citadel, Etzos was burning and dying. After an incomprehensibly huge event had essentially robbed all mages of their ability to use magic, the Plague Queen of Rhakros, Lisirra, had launched an invasion of her hated northern rival. Millions died. To sword, to plague, to beasts, then to chaos and hunger and disease. Thinking only of his son in Westguard but knowing he needed funds to get back across the country, Kasoria continued to serve as Llyr's bodyguard and guide. They made their way across the country, and Kasoria's furious anger only deepened as he saw more and more of what the Immortal had done to his home.

Westguard had, luckily, been spared most of the war's predations. Chaotic and evacuating but not yet assaulted, Kasoria found out that his son and the boy's mother had already fled for Hiladrith. Much like their father and former lover, they had a nose for trouble, and when to run from it. He gave his cousin money for the pair, and a letter for his son. Then he turned around, and went back to the big city. He loved his son. He missed him. But the season of atrocity was more than even a hardened killer could tolerate. The Plague Queen had to be destroyed and cast back into her hole. Perhaps for good.

When the remnants of the Etzori Army marched south, supplanted by legions of ghosts and aided, much to his shocked disgust, by the Immortal Sintra, Kasoria was among them. He was part of a company of "irregulars", raised from the shanty towns and ruins of the Outer Perimeter. Gangers, street daemons, bandits, sellswords... but all skilled killers, and no less patriotic than their "betters". He marches with them to the very end of the siege of Rhakros, and bears witness to Lisirra being butchered by... well... he isn't quite sure by what.

Thousands of men marched south. Several hundred irregulars. Only a few hundred left the nightmarish shadow domain Lisirra had fled into. Kasoria was one of them... but his war was not over.

Sintra had not aided Etzos out of pure generosity; she wanted to stay. An Immortal, wanting to make Etzos her home, basking in the appreciation of a grateful populace. Kasoria was not fooled, and he started seeking the truth. Aided by Llyr, Oberan, and a handful of others, he tortured, questioned, killed and puzzled his way through the underworld. He found that the Spider Queen had her tendrils coiled around the highest echelons of Etzos... including Marshall Webb, Hero of Etzos. Enraged beyond measure by such base treachery, Kasoria enlisted the Mortalborn Llyr to infiltrate the Citadel and assassinate Webb. After a vicious fight, he succeeded... and then tried to tie off a loose end, by killing Llyr.

Stunned by the revelation that his closest companion was, in fact, the spawn of an Immortal, Kasoria had long decided to end him as soon as his use was over. Once Webb's neck broke, that was the time. But Llyr was no easy victim. Both mages tumbled through the waking world and the Dreamscapes and they fought, seeking advantageous ground... and attracting unwanted, hideous, unnatural attention. Finally coming to a halt in Kasoria's decrepit Oh'Pee home, the Raggedy Man found that he could not kill the Mortalborn. He was his friend, his ally... and he had not lied to him. For the first time in so very long, Kasoria stayed his hand... just as a monstrous entity born from the madness of the Emea burst into reality and tried to slaughter them both. But between Kasoria's sword and resilience and Llyr's magic, the two managed to survive, barely.

Kasoria ended the year nearly dead and crippled in a tavern just over the border from Hiladrith. Though still sought by the authorities, Kasoria was surprised to find their names and sketches weren't blazoned across the whole country. No, apparently Webb had been a touchy issue for many, and the primary powers of Etzos had just decided to... let his assassination slide, as it were. Sintra would not be happy, but apparently even she had no use for a dead man, so did not press the issue. Llyr left once Kasoria was able to travel again. Deciding to leave this broken, wounded land with its battered, hateful people. Kasoria chose to stay, of course. His son was not far, after all.
Kasoria started 720 getting sidetracked. To put it as mildly as possible. Encountering a smooth-talking sellsword in the Emea, he agreed to help the younger mercenary with a contract he had... at Storm's Edge castle. On the other side of the world. That part did not worry Kasoria too much: by now a seasoned Dreamwalker with a handful of portals strategically placed around the world (and upon a few key individuals), he could come and go as he pleased. But he was still cheated out of whatever bounty Matthias promised him, when he arrived at the castle and found it was "volunteers only".

Not his style at all. But still, he stayed. He decided to make what he could of his circumstances, and leave when he got bored... and it was a good thing he did. Matthias was initiated into Transmutation, and after seeing the ability in action, Kasoria decided to he wanted such a boon for himself. He made a vow to Matthias to aid him whenever he asked (just never specifying when), and after a short, painful ceremony, had a second magical ability to cultivate. The cantankerous but superlatively-skilled Vega also started teaching the Raggedy Man the finer points of archery, and within a couple of seasons, he could shoot somewhere close to as well as her.

Oh, yes. Seasons. Up until Ymiden, in fact. Fighting the unholy and impossible monsters known as the "Fireborn" that were being spewed out of the ground by unknown masters. Supposedly lackeys of the Immortals, Kasoria could have learned more... but honestly didn't care. He killed Firespitters and Fire Rams and Magnim and Flame Worms and worked on his archery, his Transmutation, even explored the wider world of the Storm's Wastes with the Knights of Rharne garrisoned at the castle. Yet he never had a personal investment in the mission, and since he wasn't going to get any coin from the arrangement...

It pained him to leave, though. Something that surprised him. He'd been living and working so long among the desperate, cynical, brutal and criminal, that he'd long since forgotten that men fighting a just cause had a bond far deeper than paid muscle. He even made friends among the warriors he fought beside, and the militia bumpkins he trained. Yet he'd learned all he could, and quietly filched what handful of items he decided were useful to him. Once he'd bled Storm's Edge for as much expertise as he knew he'd get, he opened another portal, and Crossed back to Etzos...

... only to find Sintra was very much still in power, and that influence was growing. Filled with an icy rage, a hissing indignation that even assassination and slaughter had not changed one scrap, Kasoria began hunting again. Linking back up with Oberan, he uncovered Sintra's plot to poison the minds of the Etzori quite literally. Drugging the water supply to make them mindlessly loyal to her, and increasing her own paramilitary power in the city with her "Web Guard", a cultish mirror to the Black Guard. Armed with a list of names and a growing picture of what was unfolding, Kasoria embarked on a private war against Sintra's followers.

But he also found time to handle... family business. He infiltrated the Hall of Rule and Reprimand, just to find Commander Yusef. The man who had chained, tortured, and mentally violated him, well over an arc ago. But when he had the Blackjack at his mercy, he did not end his life. No, their feud would have to wait. Vicious and stubborn bastard as he was, Yusef was no Morty-lover, and Kasoria knew he would be invaluable in fighting back Sintra and her minions. The two exchanged information, and parted on frosty terms, Yusef promising to "settle" their business as soon as the Spider Queen was banished.

That suited Kasoria fine: he had plenty more killing to do. A meeting between two underworld gangs, one of which was Sintra's premier lieutenant in the underworld? Wiped out down to a single survivor, who was set loose only to spread the word: the Raggedy Man was coming for all Morty-lovers. At the beginning of Zi'da, a Sintraist camp was all but obliterated north of the city, at the riverside settlement where they'd been dumping her mind-altering chemicals into the water. Kasoria cleared it out by himself. But one man could not wage such war forever, not without attracting attention. At the end of Zi'da, he was finally captured at Speckled Jim's Tavern, along with fellow "resistors" Oberan and Ulric. Expecting a quick trial and a quicker death, Kasoria discovered that High Marshall Parhn had grander plans for him. A special "gift" to Sintra, Savior of Etzos, to start the Rebirth Cycle properly...
What begins as a condemned insurgent, becomes a hero of his homeland, and retires a simple instructor of soldiers in a town far to the west of Etzos? One guess.

Though sentenced to die along with his fellow "traitors" publicly, Parhn privately had no intention of letting an Immortal surpass the Council or himself as the highest authority in Etzos. For seasons he had chafed under her encroachment, but her cultish followers had proven stubborn, numerous, and annoyingly well-placed. He needed a grand and very overt demonstration of just how corrupt and dangerous the Queen of Schemes was. Through Kasoria, and Llyr, and Oberan, he had pieces enough to make a whole puzzle, and the picture was...

Kasoria was never exactly sure. It involved an orb and magic and mind-control and many interested parties fighting in the dark for timeless relics. His own part was predictable but acceptable: muscle. Once Sintra was revealed as a fraud and usurper and unleashed her legion of followers and spiders in a fury, he was quickly freed and did what he did best. The Crescent Arena became a killing ground as gore-choked as any battlefield, and Kasoria was slap in the middle of it. Wielding steel and magic in equal measure, he slaughtered any Sintra loyalist or mutated Marked that came near him. In the midst of battle, he even saved Marshal Parhn, stopping him from splatting on the Arena floor after being hurled into the sky by the enraged Sintra. Lord Vuda arrived, adding a battalion of wights and undead to turn the tide, and still Kasoria fought.

There, if only for a brief time, he became a legend of Etzos, and a hero to his people. There he fought a demigod, and he made her bleed. With his magic and peerless skill and his mysterious gladius, he brought her low... and left her open to a killing blow.

It was not to be. The Immortal of Spiders vanished with a crack of ether, along with every arachnid in Etzos. Kasoria howled his fury at being denied deicide, but there was no trace of her to be found. Yet the war, the second war, the harder, dirtier, more difficult war, was over.

Kasoria left Etzos. he had promised his son that he would, and through all his private war against Sintra, he had kept that promise in sight. His word, his son, they were the light at the end of his tunnel. Now he had gained a pardon from the High Council itself, to the consternation of the Blackguard. He cared not one whit: he'd earned a clean slate, and would take it. Only his old comrade and current nemesis Commander Yusef gave him one, last wound before he left. Sergeant Tantos, who Kasoria had always believed traded his life for Kasoria arcs ago... was alive. Exiled, instead of executed. Even though he was likely dead by now, even though he knew Yusef would withhold the information from him even under torture... he still pleaded. Yusef denied him. Aching, daring, almost demanding Kasoria snap and kill him. Throw away his new life for vengeance against the old.

Kasoria turned away from him. He thought of his son alone. He thought of him as he traveled with a caravan out of the Big Rock and didn't look back at her. He looked upon a country that was ravaged but recovering, decimated but healing. It would take arcs, even generations, but his son's home was secured now. Even being waylaid by bandits couldn't force him into old habits; he kept one alive for trial, like a good citizen. He left the Raggedy Man behind, bit by bit, as they trekked to Westguard. By the time they arrived to a town rebuilding itself in the wake of the chaotic looting and disorder he'd seen arcs before, he was just Kasoria, father of Martyn.

Father of a young man, who knew exactly what his father was. And like that, the future Kasoria had dreamed of fell to pieces.

Martyn was no longer the adoring son who knew nothing of his "soldier" father's past. He was a young man, a Mark in the Etzori Army, and he was privy to all the same gossip and news that everyone else in town was. All knew "Kasoria of the Crescent", the man who had fought a godling. But shock and pride had barely touched the boy before the other stories flooded in. So many of them, from a dozen directions. That his father was a killer. A murderer for coin. A scratcher, what he Oh'Pee called it. The right hand of the South Side's chief ganglord for over a decade and wanted by everyone from gangers to Blackjacks to bounty hunter and even worse folk. None of what Martyn had been told was true. It was all a lie, and especially now...

Jessye was dying. Martyn was taking care of her, but the ailment she had caught during Lisirra's invasion was eating her away. Soon she would be dead, and pleaded with Kasoria to mend the gulf between father and son. He promised he would... and ended up getting a job out of it. He strode up to the Westguard garrison and demanded to see the boy. Flightmaster Nader, commander of the Etzori Army there, had taken Martyn under his wing and flatly denied him. But Kasoria managed to convince the man he could be useful, an asset, a prime instructor. Then he proved it by hammering four armed men without a weapon himself, disarming and downing them all with no lasting damage.

He was hired. At the lowest possible rank, for the lowest possible pay, and Martyn still refused to speak to him. But he was Mark Kasoria now, not the Raggedy Man. He never would be again... and that, he was sure, they could build upon.
If Martyn hadn't been as stubborn as his father, Kasoria's plan may have worked. That was not to be.

For an entire arc, Kasoria worked as an instructor and trainer of new recruits at Westguard. He didn't play at the role, like a scally marking time until the big con was ready. He was no longer the Raggedy Man; he was Mark Kasoria, and he took his job seriously. His program was grueling and bruising and not all were suited for it. But those that did were among the best barehanded- and shortsword-fighters the Etzori Army took on. Yet he was not given even half the respect he was due (much like his pay). Kasoria had come to understand that he would always be feared and hated more than anything else. That he could tolerate... but not from his son. As the seasons turned to cycles and one arc grew to another, he tried a dozen ways to get close to the boy. Explain himself. Seek some sort of common ground.

Martyn gave him not one inch. Not even after Jessye died and they were both alone in the world, save each other. Too damn much like his father.

Kasoria may have been content to stay in Westguard, pursuing an uncatchable quarry, but the word beyond it had not forgotten him. Early in Saun, he was covertly contacted by an emissary of the High Council. They wanted to hire him as chief bodyguard for a diplomatic delegation, on a grand tour of Etzos' most lucrative potential trade partners. Rharne, Yaralon, Kalidor, Scalvoris, and other were all on the itinerary. Such a valuable mission, prompted the best protection. Kasoria initially rebuffed the offer, but as it became clearer his son was intractable and that Etzos needed this delegation to succeed... he considered it more and more.

In the end, it wasn't him or the boy or the future of Etzos itself that decided things for him. It was a face from his past that he never thought to see again.

Maxine had been, for want of a better word, his protege. An orphan from the Oh'Pee, foreign-born but Orphanage-raised, she'd come across the Raggedy Man's path in the bad old trials before Vorund's murder. Kasoria had seen the quickness in her hands, the steel in her eyes, and the grit in her guts. She'd need all three for what he had planned. She became his partner, slight and small and young enough to pass unnoticed in places grown folk couldn't. They became... as close as Kasoria could allow. Back in those trials where he had walled off his soul, allowing it to shone only on those rare journeys to see his hidden son. But still, they prospered together... until it all went to ratshit.

Long story short: Vorund got suspicious, a job went haywire, and the streets ran red as Maxine fled and Kasoria butchered her pursuers... but the girl did not return to him. He never saw her again, and reluctantly accepted he never would. Then, eleven arcs after that day, as he stumbled across the street in Westguard, so did he stumble across her. She was pursuing a vendetta of her own, and while Kasoria had no truck in getting involved, he owed the girl. So he aided her, even though she was Marked by an Immortal (against her will, mind you), and a new plan came to his mind.

She needed a fresh path. He needed out of this damn town... and when he found Martyn was to be dispatched to the still-dangerous southern reaches, he'd decided his boy needed a change of scenery, too. So why not take them both on this mission overseas for the Council? He pulled what strings he could with the Council's man and damned his commander's and Martyn's objections. Everything was set, and ready, and he was resolved... until Maxine chipped in her thoughts.

Kasoria needed to let the boy go. He could not force affection, or forgiveness. He couldn't clamp the boy to his hip and rely on constant contact to fester into grudging appreciation. Would he want that, anyway? No... even if it meant he had to walk away. Because scaly that he was, scratcher that he'd been, he knew a fight you could not win was not one worth fighting.

Maxine and he left for Etzos. Martyn did not. Kasoria last saw his son cursing his name with tears in his eyes, riding hard from him. He swallowed this sight, hazy in the dawn light, and turned from Westguard forever.

His return to Etzos was brief, but not without satisfaction. He quickly assembled a crew of experienced, professional, familiar and most of all Morty-hating killers he simply called "The Band". Veterans of the Irregular company he'd been part of on the march to Rhakros, they were all solid soldiers, dependable murderers, and had all in some way lost skin, kin, or soul to the Morties or their slaves. The perfect protection details, for a delegation of a city of heathens traveling amongst believers. While there, he also invited a hated enemy from the bad old trials, a disgusting violator known as Merry. Arrogantly believing Kasoria had let bygones be, for the sake of having him on the crew, he answered the summons... and was quickly shown the real reason why he'd been invited.

Kasoria needed a quick, bloody example of what betrayal would cost. Merry was battered speechless, crucified, and then cut in half. Left to bleed out for a few agonized bits, before having his head lopped off. The Band saw. They took aboard the lesson... and a few trials later, they left with the delegation for Rharne.

Current Arc


Far removed from the cramped row house in the Outer Perimeter that Kasoria used to call in home, his house outside Westguard still smacks of his sparse, practical manner. A cottage that was rebuilt after the 719 invasion and the chaos that came with it, the three-room building is more spacious than one would think. Comprising a bedroom, bathroom, and dining/living room beyond the front door, it also sits on an acre of land. Ringed by a fence, Victus the horse also roams the grass surrounding it, save for when he rests in the shelter/stable round the back of the property.
Favors and Consequences
The King Arkenstone was impressed by your tale of valor. If you should visit Quacia in the future, you have an opportunity to open an audience for the Delegation.
Gained here.

Rumor has it that Kasoria murdered the cousin of a highly placed person in the Shadow Quarter. He becomes the toast of some taverns, and can expect a hidden shiv in others. Kasoria has rubbed some people wrong while pursuing his magic, and engaging in the dumping of bodies and dispatching of smugglers. As such, he will find a bounty hunter on his tail in the following cycles, who will pursue him across the Eastern Continent. Apparently there's a bounty of ten Onyx Nels on his head. Reputation Suspicious (Positive by the Shadow Quarter)
Gained here

Shadow Banished - Kasoria has betrayed the spirit of the arrangement with the Burho Beneath. An immediate consequence is that he will find businesses throughout Yaralon less willing to trade with him. While this doesn't extend to the rest of the delegation yet, it is a foreboding sign of potential dangers to come.
Gained here

Shadow Ban - Kasoria will find himself unwelcome in most places in Yaralon Proper. There are exceptions but those places are few and far between. Most Burho's obey the Burho Beneath and those who don't, have little reason to protect Kasoria as the moment. However this is not official banishment from Yaralon so it will manifest more as dirty looks, refusal of services, open challenges, and assassins than large groups swarming.
Gained here

A Folk Hero? - While the motivation behind Kasoria's actions has not been revealed to those who are hunting him (and thus his current deal with The Burned Emperor is intact), he has now been spotted in enough places around the mountains that word will spread. The rumors will range but most present him as a terrifying hero and vigilante.
Gained here

Updates In Real Time - At some point in the current season, Kasoria will receive a message from one of the Scribes at Heaven's Fall. This scribe thanks him for searching and reassures him that the children from the mine are all safe and accounted for now. It is implied in the letter that this scribe is one of the children who was liberated.
Gained here

A Bold Move - Kasoria infiltrated the Saccharine Knight's stronghold (granted they aren't the most fortified group) and threatened their leader with death. He even killed a ranking member of the group to highlight the threat he was making. It will impact the coming seasons and the actions of the Saccharine Knights moving forward. This has a positive impact on Sutton and how the people are treated by the company for the remaining season until the next calendar.
Gained here

Murderer - Yaralon is a land where the risk of death his high, but that is not typically due to murders in the streets- at least not until recently. Word will spread of what Kasoria did to the Saccharine Knight and how his head was used. Not all will respond positively to it. "A duel in secret is no duel at all, but rather a murder, a coward's way to handle things." This will impact his rumors in the State of Play, once I finish it.
Gained here

No More Children - Whether he likes it or not, Bacohl will honor his word and there will be no more children found within the mines of Sutton Village. This isn't to say the new miners will be ethically sourced, but they will all be of working age. Word will also spread that the Saccharine Knights were using children for labor. Given that raising orphaned children is a community effort in Yaralon Proper, this will not be good for them.
Gained here

Rumors of the rush and the death in its wake leaves its mark on the Dock, and those of Yaralon hooked of a good fight and a worthy challenge... which is to say everyone. Reference to this event in future will polarize anyone that knows of it into the following two groups: those that fear you and those that covet the challenge you present.
Gained here
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Name: Martyn
Age, Race & Gender: 15-arc-old human male (DOB 15th trial, Saun, Arc 707)
Skills: Combat (Blades, One-Handed): 20, Athletics: 15, Caregiving: 15
Immortal Marks: Unknown

Manhood comes upon a boy early in Idalos. The world is perilous and requires strength from the young, no to mention responsibility and discipline. Some can afford, by rank or wealth, not to have to make such a hard choice. Most do not. Martyn, now in his fifteen arc, had even worse luck.

Barely thirteen years old, he had to leave Westguard with his mother, Jessye, when Lisirra and her hordes invaded Etzos. His father had always told them not to wait for him, just run for Hiladrith. Martyn listened to his father. He idolized him. He wasn't a tall or broad man, but he was strong and fast and smart. He was a soldier. Protecting their homeland, and teaching him to do the same. Martyn didn't complain when his mother said they had to leave. If his Papa had said they should, that was enough for him. So they joined the river of refugees fleeing Etzos, settling briefly in Hiladrith. They outran the monsters and abominations and anarchy... but not the disease. At least, Jessye did not.

Martyn watched his mother - always vibrant and strong-limbed - wither over the seasons. Even returning home could not bring buoyancy back to her. He became her carer, as much as he could. Feeding and clothing her, doing around the house what she could not... which was more and more, day by day. When he was nearly fifteen, he marched into the Westguard garrison and volunteered. The eyes of a man set into a boy's face told the Flightmaster he needed good pay and a trade and was already trained with a sword. The older man was skeptical. Martyn demonstrated.

Things went well, for a time. Mark Martyn couldn't wait for his father to return, that he may see how far his son has come. Then the stories came from Etzos Prime. Of Sintra and traitors. Of a grand battle in the Crescent Arena. Of a killer named Kasoria who had turned hero for one, brief, shining moment. Martyn ate the stories up... and then his questioning mind asked further... and he heard the truth. Rumors and legend. Barroom horror stories and underworld chatter, now as well known as the weather. That was his father. The Raggedy Man. Vorund's Hound. Vr's Shadow.

He was son to a monster.

Since finding that out, Martyn has cut ties with Kasoria. Even after the man returned to Westguard, as he promised he would arcs before, his son had naught by anger and disgust for him. The two almost came to blows that first trial, and the young man refused to speak to him. Kasoria becoming an instructor at the Army garrison did not improve matters; in fact, it seemed to exacerbate them. Now Martyn must put up with his father polluting the one place he has felt peace for arcs, and he secretly beseeches the Fates to send the old man scurrying away again, for good this time.

Etzori Delegation Security, a.k.a. The Band
These NPCs were given to Kasoria as underlings for the purpose of securing the Etzori Delegation to Rharne, as part of a plot. They are now his personal NPCs, absolutely loyal to him, awarded in the following thread here
Name: Raand
Race: Human
DoB: 677
Faction: n/a
Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent)

Combat (Blades, One-Handed - Falchion) - Expert, 80
Combat (Blades, One-Handed - Dirk) - Competent, 30
Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq) - Competent, 40
Intimidation - Novice, 10
Cooking - Novice, 20
Socialization - Novice, 15

Appearance: Despite standing a solid six feet with broad shoulders and a shaven head, the most noticeable thing about Raand is his missing left ear. It was sheared off in a bar brawl arcs ago, and he never bothers to cover it. Now sporting flecks of grey in his dark beard, Raand is starting to look every arc of his age, face hard and wrinkled aside from his shiny bald dome. He usually favors muted colors in dress and some sort of cloak, both to ward himself from the elements, and hide his weapons.

Description: One of the few people who could legitimately call Kasoria a "friend", Raand has much in common with the Raggedy Man. An Etzori born and bred, Raand skirted the edges of the Oh'Pee's underworld, never delving into it as wholly as Kasoria did. He found out early that his size and nerve gave him an edge in combat, but preferred to use his skills as a bounty hunter and caravan guard. Better money, better hours, and more time with his daughter, especially after his wife died. Then came the invasion of Lisirra and her monsters... and plagues.

Miranda died to one of them, and like Kasoria arcs before, Raand's whole world became one devoted to revenge and rage against the Immortals. One of them, at least. He marched with the Etzori Army to Rhakros, part of the "Irregulars", a ragtag battalion of mostly Oh'Pee gangers, convicts, and sellswords. There he rekindled his tentative friendship with Kasoria, and met the other members of The Band. He survived the siege, and the machinations of Sintra that unfolded an arc later. Now an ardent enemy of the Immortals and their human slaves, he'd also forged a reputation as a stoic and ruthless soldier, skilled either holding steel or unarmed.

Approval: /viewtopic.php?t=30533
Name: Vaul
Race: Human
DoB: 683
Faction: n/a
Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent)

Combat (Axes and Bludgeons, One-Handed - Hatchet) - Expert, 80
Combat (Axes and Bludgeons, One-Handed - Mace) - Competent, 40
Intimidation - Competent, 20
Cooking - Novice, 15
Torture - Novice, 10
Stealth - Novice, 10

Appearance: "Bad bloody news", is how any would likely describe Vaul upon seeing him. With the six-pointed ganger brand burned onto his right cheek, the hatchet and mace forever at his hips, and a general physical attitude somewhere between a rodent and a serpent, Vaul seems to exemplify the dictionary definition of "Oh'Pee ganger trash". Which he'd probably agree with (except for the trash part). His penchant for dark clothing and cloaked hoods probably doesn't help. A look under the clothes would reveal worse, for different reasons: angry, puckered, barely-healed scar tissue across the left side of his body, from nipple to knee; the ruinous proof of army surgeons burning a necrotic plague from his body.

Description: Vaul was always destined to be a ganger. He was poor, and his parents wanted him to be a good boy, stay legitimate, get a job, all that stuff. But he'd seen how pointless and painful that had been for them, and the young boy swore never to waste his life in such a manner. He deserved better, and so did they. With that goal in mind, he'd started running with Oh'Pee gangs since he was an adolescent, getting branded when he barely fourteen arcs old. As much a statement of intent as an initiation, saying to the world "this is what I am, forever, and I am not ashamed of it". Even after he got caught, even after his parents disowned him, that was what he remained. When Lisirra invaded Etzos, he was paroled from prison to fight her hordes... and promptly deserted.

But when he ran home to find his parents and flee with them, he found only cold, plague-ridden corpses. Broken and enraged beyond words, the deserter turned on his heel and started slaughtering anything with even tangential connection to Lisirra. After Rhakros was razed, he came home, and did the same to Sintraists when that Immortal tried to usurp the city. After that he started working for the Etzori Army as a sellsword, working for contract against the Morty-loving holdouts in isolated parts of Etzos' chaotic territories. But he's maintained contact with his comrades from the Irregulars, men like him who thought themselves righteous while never being legal, and now his old Highmark Kasoria has come to him with a tempting, foriegn contract...

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Name: Mikiros
Race: Human
DoB: 670
Faction: n/a
Languages Spoken: Common (broken)

Combat (Blades, One-Handed - Longsword) - Expert, 80
Combat (Shields - Heater) - Competent, 60
Endurance - Competent, 45
Intimidation - Novice, 20
Combat (Blades, One-Handed - Kukri) - Novice, 20
Tactics - Novice, 10

Appearance: Six-feet-six and built like a barn door, Mikiros doesn't bother much with stealth. A big, broad, bearded beast ever since his youth, Mikiros has now added a dead eye to his frightening appearance. And if that doesn't work, a look in his mouth at the burned, cleaved nub where his tongue was should do it. The grey in his hair and beard is starting to speak to his advancing age (fifty arcs is practically ancient in Etzos, doubly so for a lifelong Oh'Pee ganger), but his sheer bulk belies any weakness entropy might threaten him with. He favors simple, functional clothes that are usually custom-sewn for his size, and wears a battered but serviceable bronze breastplate when "on the job".

Description: Much like Vaul, Mikiros was always going to be a ganger. Unlike Vaul, he had far less choice in the manner. Orphaned from birth and raised in the grey, loveless environs of the Etzori Orphanage, Mikiros was always a big, lonely boy. He frightened his peers with his size and his careless strength, and what they feared, they ostracized. But the gangers on the streets beyond those walls always had a use for him, and Mikiros found a family in one of the North Side gangs. Regarded as dumb muscle by most, Mikiros (Miki, to his mates) was only the second part. He had a brain, but spoke little. That was not his forte, after all. He broke people, and people broke against his sword, his shield, his sheer size. But cunning and muscle could not save his "family" when Lisirra invaded.

The plagues, the monsters, the anarchy, the famine... he lost so much. So many. So he fought back, with the Irregulars, and became a roaring monster of blood and steel on the Rhakros ramparts. But when he came home, and found Sintra cultists infesting his North Side neighborhood, he spoke out without fear. They found him one night, cutting out his tongue, his eye, and leaving him with a half-dozen stab wounds. But Miki did not die. Because he was a big tough sod, and because Kasoria found him. Now a ganger without a gang, Mikiros works with The Band as much out of loyalty as financial reward.

Approval: /viewtopic.php?t=30533
Name: Belial
Race: Human
DoB: 696
Faction: n/a
Languages Spoken: Common (fluent)

Combat (Ranged - Longbow) - Expert, 90
Combat (Blades, Versatile - Bastard) - Competent, 30
Endurance - Competent, 25
Stealth - Novice, 10
Singing - Novice, 25
Land Navigation - Novice, 10

Appearance: Tall, handsome, and cocky by nature, Belial stands out among The Band with his youthful good looks and swankier clothes. A closer look, though, would prove those garments are still quite hardy, good for city living and country work. Only his odd, lopsided gait speaks to any physical infirmity. Namely, his missing his left foot: cleanly amputated with a heated ax, just above the ankle. He's worked hard to overcome that disability, spending a minor fortune (by Oh'Pee standards) on a decent prosthetic and not letting it get in the way of his archery or swordsmanship. Speaking of which, his custom-made bow is never far from his hands.

Description: Belial found archery young, and fell for it hard. Born to a pair of traveling mummers, Belial enjoyed exploring new towns and performing when he was old enough, but archery... that was where he felt truly accomplished. He practice constantly, both to hunt for his family and win prizes in festivals. Soon the Etzori Army took an interest in him, and Belial gladly accepted their offer. Being in uniform didn't hamper his skill, and soon he was promoted and on track to command a wing of his own bowmen... and then it all went balls up. Predictably, it was his wandering pintle that led to his downfall. Accusations of rape were made; furiously denied, of course. The fact the lady was the wife of another officer who didn't care much for "country trash" was likely a factor... but there were few in Belial's corner. As a mercy, he was offered amputation over execution. He chose his foot, unable to bear a life where he could not draw a bow.

Banditry was his next pursuit, for coin and thrills and also, if he was honest, because he longed for the camaraderie the Army had given him. That all came to an end when Lisirra invaded, and his bandit gang was wiped out to a man. Belial had marched with the Irregulars for his revenge, and many a Rhakrosi died with his arrows in their eyes or throats or hearts. Upon returning to Etzos, he found sellsword work wherever he could, his actions in the war largely redeeming his (supposed) sins... but not entirely. So when Highmark Kasoria found him and made him an offer, out of the blue, the young archer decided to accept. After all, Rharnian women were supposed to be delightful.

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Flown the Coop - 18th - Kasoria makes himself useful and lends his magic to hunting down escaped pets/mounts/beasts
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The Gods of Earth and Sky - 14th - They range far and look closely, for even subtle changes can reveal a grander design
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The Need(?), To Good Use, Dominion - 29th-31st - Fast, smooth, and accurate, the burgeoning archer goes from exhaustive practice to bloody practicality
A Bolt of The Blue, Fortification, Artisan - 35th - With little to do but train himself or others, Kasoria's practice of Transmutation steadily improves
Tread Lightly, Answer Before The Question, All My Bags Are Packed - 41st-46th - So long, and thanks for all the loot!
Echoes - 66th - Guess who's back... back again...
Catching (Up and Otherwise) - 67th - Reorienting, reconnoitering... and reanimating, apparently

A Line Through a Name, A Pig in Muck, Crescendo - 3rd-12th - Cover your arse, dispense some justice, get some revenge... why not all three?
Don't Cry Over Spilt Beer (Carver, Ulric, Woe) - 15th - Kasoria keeps his ear to the ground, his face half-hidden, but his presence known
9 to 5 On The Corner (Carver) - 30th - One man's tedious grind for coppers is another man's righteous vigilantism
Down in The Hole (Oberan) - 75th - Kasoria meets up with an old and reluctant acquaintance

Below Notice, Cleansing, Witch's Brew- 30th-31st - Kasoria goes hunting for more than just a single soul, but a place where souls are twisted against his homeland
The Way Things Are (Now) - 50th - A night in the life of a subterranean vigilante
Apprehensions (Oberan, Lavana, Ulric) - 89th - Kasoria is swept up along with some familiar faces as the High Marshall puts his master scheme into action
The Naughty Corner Kasoria (Lavana) - What's life without some evil gloating over your caged enemy, eh?

Arc 721

Rebirth and Reborn [Modded Thread] - 1st - All the schemes and deceptions, lies and trickery, covert ops and desperate ploys... all come to ahead before the whole of Etzos, on the Crescent Arena


Of Men and Morties (Oberan) - 26th, 40th - He's healed, he's packed, he's said his sweet goodbyes... but he can't leave quite yet. Not without one final meeting, where it all began

Nobody Gets Away Clean - 10th - Kasoria leaves Etzos for good, pardoned and free... until an old enemy fares him well with one, last bitter truth
"Wait, Ain't 'choo...?" - 12th - Kasoria experiences a curious, irritating, and bloody interlude on the caravan road to Westguard
Expectation vs. Reality, No Easy Way, Unforgiven - 14th - All he wanted, all he worked and strove and killed and survived for... well, almost

Arc 722

A Committee of Wee Faith [Modded] - 10th - Kasoria is summoned back to Etzos Prime, for a job offer from an unexpected source
the dirty handed - 11th - Kasoria checks in on some old faces, after mulling over a new offer
Who Better? - 18th - Kasoria takes a break from instructing to dip his toes back into his (second) oldest profession
A Soldier What's For A Soldier [Wealth Thread] - 30th - Instructor Kasoria deals with his students, from the raw to the seasoned
But In Battalions - 35th - A year on from returning to his son's life, Kasoria has made his own... in theory
In The Flesh (Max) - 37th - We've been here before, you and I
In The Cold Light (Max) - 38th - Hungover and hungry, Kasoria still needs answers

On The Beaten Path (Max) - 4th - Kasoria creates a distraction for Max
What We Tell Ourselves (Max) - 11th - Kasoria comes to a decision, for himself and his son
Birds, Stones, Bastards, Broken Things (Max) - 20th - Kasoria brings together his ragged band and binds them to him in blood
One Step Beyond (Max) - 32nd - Kasoria and his band of cutthroats ready themselves for a fresh contract and a new adventure... but yeah, mainly the money
Show Me What Ya Got (Max) - 37th - The Etzori "security detail" takes chunks out of wood, air, and each other... all in good sport, of course
Squatters (Maxine) [Wealth Thread] - 47th - A gaggle of Etzori diplomats get settled into their Rharne lodgings, and their bodyguards take stock of the joint
Our Man in Rharne - 55th - Kasoria meets Vuda's agent in Rharne, and a new magic piques his interest
Long is The Way, and Hard - 65th - Timur returns, a deal is made, and a new mission given to the Raggedy Man
Secret Ways - 69th - Kasoria has a busy night seeking secrets, meeting shadows, and filling his head with new targets
Hunting - 75th - Kasoria leaves what he has become behind, and becomes the Raggedy Man again
Never Live It Down - 89th - Closing in on his target, Kasoria oversteps into a nest of vipers... and has to be dragged out of it

Well, Here We All Are - 4th - No more playing detective, no more torture, not more waiting
Through the Boredom and Pain (Rakvald) - 8th - Babysitting an ambassador, brawling with a towering squid-man, and all points between!
No More Masks - 13th - Kasoria faces his final enemy
Madness, Magic, More or Less - 20th - Kasoria gets what he wants, what he was promised, and what he deserves
Troubled Path - 50th - Halfway to Korlasir, Maxine's daemons and deceptions finally come to light, at the worst possible time
The First Imperial Summit [Event] - 91st - Nobility, royalty, heroes, commoners, the cream of a dozen nations... oh, and Kasoria

Arc 723

Increments, Weighty Matters, Guinea What? - 8th-19th - Kasoria grinds away with his nascent Sovereign Spark
Opportunity to Learn, Looking Up, Trinity - 13th-18th - If you're going to have a sword tutor, well... who better?

Spring-Heeled Kas, Phantom Punch, Blending - 15h-33rd - Kasoria continues to advance in his new magic discipline, and his Spark likewise matures
Definitions of Insanity (Maxine) - 49th - The Etzori delegation prepares to move on yet again, and Kasoria weighs the value of forgiveness... or at least understanding
Before We Run (Maxine) - 55th - Nothing is forgiven, or forgotten... yet here we are
The Golden Road (Maxine) - 61st - A new cycle, a new city, same breed of wankers lining the way

Milestones - 9th - Kasoria turns Officially Old and focuses on his work instead of entropy... and beating his dickhead companions to death
Someone Had to be First - 13th - A city like that, a name like his... it was bound to happen
Alliances and Consequences - 15th - Another prominent Yaralon leader is met, entreated with, and then things go to hell
In Case of Emergencies - 20th - Kas uses an old Spark for a new benefit
Boogeymen (Maxine) - 22nd - Kasoria and Maxine delve deep to find another, hidden leader in Yaralon
The Price of a Talent (Maxine, Zemos) - 23rd - The Low Emperor requires a boon, and the Etzori "problem-solvers" meet with his cat's paw to grant it
Delivering to Death (Maxine) - 25th - The Etzori go about the Necro's dark task, though not without some internal dissent first
Reckoning (Maxine, Zemos) - 26th - Nothing goes as planned
Consequences (Maxine) - Fresh from the mother of all clusterfucks in the Low Burho, Old Man and Wee Monster have it out
Master of Puppets - 30th - Kasoria's Sovereign powers approach their zenith, even as he frets about his transgressions against the Low Emperor

Drifter - 1st - Kasoria arrives in Sutton, sniffing for a trail, trouble, and one man in particular
No Good Choices - 9th - Kasoria lives up to his old canine name, searching for clues underground
Atonement - 18th - You didn't think it would be easy, did you?
The Ashes in my Wake - 26th - Kasoria wraps things up... more or less
Dock Dash (Maxine) - 30th - Hunted by half the city, Kasoria races across Yaralon to the Docks, where passage to (relative) safety awaits

Arc 724

Sailing on Ice and Shadow (Maxine) - 8th - The long journey from Yaralon is close to an end, and Scalvoris beckons
Mister Thagoras (Maxine, Rorom) - 13th - Of all the fish-joints in all the world...
Etzori Arrivals (Maxine) - 20th - A new horizon for some, an old trap for others, but here they are regardless
Ultima (Woe, Balthazar) - 24th - The point and purpose of the visit, after all
Tell Me A Story - 25th - Kasoria talks to someone who knows, remembers, and informs (for a price)

I Prefer to be Called "Evil Genius" (Winston) - 15th - The Etzori delegation meets with quite the eminent inventor, both for wonder's sake, and profit...
The Stranger in My Home (Maxine) - 90th - Kasoria meets with his protege to tear down all veils, and speak only the bleakest history
Impasse (Kura, Maxine) - 100th -
Everybody Wins (Maxine) - 101st -
Letting Go (Maxine) - 103rd -
New Terms (Kura) - 110th -
We Lay for Fiddler's Green - 123rd -

I. Before (21st Trial, Ashan, Arc 688) - It wasn't his first fight, but it was the last time he bothered with that chivalry shite
Hate It Til You Love It (Vhalar, Arc 690 to Zi'da, Arc 692) - You kill yourself and you dig deep over and over and over, until you embrace the pain, and look back at how far you've come
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship (66th Trial, Z'da, Arc 690) - He'd barely held one before that season, but soon came to wonder how he'd lasted so long without one
II. During (42nd Trial, Ymiden, Arc 691) - Kasoria continues to learn that the Black Guard aren't about dropping bodies... but they do know how to make them compliant
II. Merchant of Death (10th Trial, Ashan, Arc 691) - Cadet Kasoria learns that Etzori brawling is a lot more complex than he first thought
III. After (20th Trial, Cylus, Arc 694) - No longer a boy, no longer a Cadet, he is just "Kasoria", and his sword goes to the heaviest purse
I. Dogs (15th Trial, Saun, Arc 696) - A bounteous flock must reach Rhakros, and Kasoria is one of the many dogs charged with getting the sheep there safely
II. Jackals (15th Trial, Saun, Arc 696) - Kasoria gets his first taste of true battle, not just a ganger scrap
I. Things Not Planned For (3rd Trial, Vhalar, Arc 705) - Kasoria does his best impression of a spanner in the works
II. Bugger of a Night (3rd Trial, Vhalar, Arc 705) - Unarmed does not mean defenseless, as Kasoria proves
III. Wolves (99th Trial, Vhalar, Arc 706) - Now he does not protect the flock; he preys on it
No Good Deed, Futile Gestures, The Dying Of The Light, Kill The Boy (15th Trial, Cylus, Arc 706) - His grief could have burned worlds, and they were his instrument
Whatever It Takes (22nd Trial, Saun, Arc 707) - As any father would give
Don't Be Naive (26th Trial, Saun, Arc 708) - Not all those marked for death are gangsters and renegades, but they still meet the same face at their end
The Long Arm (Ryder) (33rd Trial, Ymiden, Arc 709) - Even whores have guardian angels in Etzos, no matter what armor you wear
Bone and Metal, Blood and Fire (37th Trial, Ymiden, Arc 709) - Some people are just better off... vanishing
Mundane to Monstrous (27th Trial, Cylus, Arc 710) - Cheese, clay, flesh, muscle, arteries, bone... it rally is quite a versatile little tool
I. All Those Who Enter Here (73rd Trial, Vhalar, Arc 711) - Of all the houses you shouldn't break into...
III. Picked The Wrong House, Lads (73rd Trial, Vhalar, Arc 711) - Kasoria finishes cleansing his home of invaders, perhaps a little too thoroughly
Strays and Orphans (Maxine) (40th Trial, Zi'Da, Arc 711) - Kasoria makes an unwanted and unexpected friend
Just As You've Seen Me (Maxine) (45th Trial, Zi'Da, Arc 711) - Like a bad bloody copper...
Of Clay and Bricks (Maxine) (50th Trial, Zi'Da, Arc 711) - You wanna train? Wanna be a hard man? Fine. Let's start.
The World Under Your Feet (Maxine) - 55th Trial, Zi'da, Arc 711) - The Old Man teaches the Young Pup some more, with props, obstacles, and hounds (sort of)
Hard Knock Life (Maxine) (60th Trial, Zi'da, Arc 711) - Back for more and eager to learn (and eat)(
The Space Between (Maxine) (62nd Trial, Zi'Da, Arc 711) - With her first foray as his "apprentice" accomplished, Kasoria takes the time to instruct Max on what to do in between contracts
"The hounds snap fierce at your heels." (Maxine) (80th Trial, Zi'da, Arc 711) - Student flees, master pursues. but to save, not slaughter, though it shall never be known
Explain Yourself (90th Trial, Zi'da, Arc 711) - Master and Servant have their Reckoning, over a Girl Lost but Not Forgotten
I. Enemies Foreign and Domestic (17th Trial, Cylus, Arc 713) - Kasoria travels to the coast for the first time, on business
II. Execution Break (18th Trial, Cylus, Arc 713) - Traps are laid, plans concocted, and now they bear bloody fruit
III. Legacy (19th Break, Cylus, Arc 713) - Kasoria ensures that the message of his master is well-remembered
City Scratchers (Anne Wicks) (25th Trial, Saun, Arc 713) - Kasoria takes an unwanted partner on as he rides with a bandit pack, chasing down a nice fat caravan
IV. Snakes (13th break, Zi'da, Arc 713) - All paths that cross, come to an end
The World Beneath The World (14th Trial, Ymiden, Arc 714) - There's more lurking in the shadows than killers and thieves, as Kasoria finds out one sweltering night
Bigger Fish (Finnegan O'Connor) (13th Trial, Z'da, Arc 716) - A young boy seeking thrills at the edge of the underworld learns firsthand what such a world truly costs
According to Plan (Finnegan O'Connor) (13th Trial, Z'da, Arc 716) - The Adventures of Urchin and Vagrant continue!
Focus, Commitment, And Sheer Frakking Will (14th Trial, Z'da, Arc 716) - When a squad of bruisers can't get the job done, sometimes a man of skill, will, and creative brutality can
I. D.I.Y. (30th Trial, Z'da, Arc 716) - Kasoria practices with his shiny new trophy, after knocking up a little practice prop
II. Second Wind (30th Trial, Z'da, Arc 716) - No longer leaking like a sieve, Kasoria continues testing out his new blade

The Emea
I Met a Traveler (Zarik) - 46th of Cylus, 719 - In a strange land, not here, not there, between waking and death
Start Out Slow (Zarik) - 73rd of Ashan, 719 - Kasoria gets in his own way
Not Truth, But Intent (Zarik) - 101st of Ashan, 719 - All the stars in the sky
Valediction (Zarik) - 11th of Ashan, 719 - Now marked and exploring his dreams, Kasoria's shaky grasp on the Emea is shattered and reforged yet again
Broken Boulevards - 35th of Ymiden, 719 - Brought low she was, but not so low she would not rise again (with a little help)
Place of The Way - 40th of Ymiden, 719 - Practical use of the impossible
1. It Can't Be (Max) - 75th of Ymiden, 719 - Chasing smells and sounds through fragments of memories
Iota Divinitas (Sybli Malach) - 2nd of Saun, 719 - Leave us to suffer, or join us
Rota Fortunae (Zarik, Sybil) - 3rd of Saun, 719 - After escaping the monster living in Sybil's mind, Kasoria joins her and their "teacher" in the Veil
Far, Far Away, Shock and Roar, The War - 5th of Saun, 719 - In a far future, by time and by distance, war remains the same, as do the men that wage it
Where To Begin, Call To Arms, Love To Hate - 12th of Vhalar, 719 - Kasoria experiments with a new ability in the ever-mutable Emea
Perchance, Dare, Tread - 20th and 22nd of Vhalar, 719 - Kasoria's control over the Emea changes yet again, and presents yet-unnamed opportunities he is determined to harness
Spider Season (Llyr) - 32nd of Vhalar, 719 - Where do you go when you fear prying eyes and ears? To a place beyond those particular appendages, of course
One Last Time (Llyr) - 75th of Vhalar, 719 - Even with the truth known, the plan still goes ahead, along with the dress rehearsal
Preparing For War: Enter The Ragman (Mathias) - 2nd of Cylus, 720 - It started with a shared dream in a sewer...
Preparing for War: Crossing of The Dead (Mathias) - 3rd of Cylus, 720 - ... and ended with a crossing from madness to siege
The Seeker - 5th of Cylus, 720 - And ye shall find
Where Things Are and Are Not (Sybil) - 15th of Cylus, 720 - Sparring and relaxation becomes reunion, and after quite the change of circumstances
2. no to all of that (Maxine) - 29th of Cylus, 720 - Forgiveness, redemption, reconciliation... really, what the fuck was he thinking?
North Star - 5th of Ymiden, 720 - Daddy will come home soon...ish
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Wealth Tier: Tier 5




RP Medals




Skill Total Points SpendProficiencyKnowledge
Combat (Unarmed Combat, Ki'Enaq) 100/100 (FT) Grandmaster 117
Tactics (250/250) Grandmaster 203
Combat (Blades, One-Handed: Gladius, Karambit, Dagger, Throwing Knife) (251/250) Grandmaster 172
Endurance (250/250) Grandmaster 104
Combat (Ranged, Short Bow) (151/250) Master 41
Abrogation (250/250) Master 92
Transmutation (250/250) Master 82
Sovereign (160/250) Master 44
Stealth (151/250) Master 51
Detection (151/250) Master 96
Intimidation (151/250) Master 81
Discipline (151/250) Master 144
Intelligence (151/250) Master 82
Meditation (151/250) Master 33
Dreamwalking (81/100) Master 32
Athletics (151/250) Master 47
Strength (151/250) Master 39
Socialization (151/250) Master 185
Deception (76/250) Expert 108
Medicine (76/250) Expert 67
Investigation (76/250) Expert 70
Teaching (76/250) Expert 43
Combat (Axes & Bludgeons, Waraxe) (76/250) Expert 28
Leadership (76/250) Expert 44
Cooking (30/250) Competent 12
Research (30/250) Competent 16

Fast Track Skill: Combat (Unarmed Combat, (Ki'Enaq)

Capstone Abilities

No Thought (Unarmed Combat - Ki'Enaq): Combat is so rote for Kasoria he does not need to think before he enters into it. There is no lag between his brain, his cognition, and his body. Sometimes Kasoria will find himself reacting to danger he only fully realizes after he has dodged or countered it. So trained is this fist fighter that he may no longer be caught by surprise. He will always be treated as though he was aware of an attack coming at him, even if launched from ambush. Instantaneous attacks may surpass this, but he will react in the instant they connect, already mitigating damage, counterattacking, or leaping out of reach.

The CQBastard (Unarmed Combat - Ki/Enaq): Masterful as he is with a gladius (and a few other nasty sharpened objects), Kasoria's truest and oldest gift has been as a brawler. His upbringing amidst the cramped alleys, tunnels, sewers, and rowhouses of Etzos means that his fighting style has become enmeshed with these narrow, enclosed environments. As a result, Kasoria exhibits none of the awkwardness, confusion or hesitation that others may when fighting so close your enemy is grunting their breath onto you. Once within his reach, Kasoria becomes a truly frightening opponent. Striking at joints, bones, organs, and anything soft or agonizing with maximum efficiency, executing chokes and gouges with startling ease, and able to use every improvised weapon to hand. Only those who exceed or match his ability (or have the Endurance to tank his assaults) have a hope of surviving, for at close range, he can strike faster, harder, and more accurately. Which makes it a good idea to keep back and negate this ability altogether...

One-Mind Army - (Tactics): So adept is Kasoria at not just tactical thinking but combat with blades and bare hands, that he can engage two other Masters of his own level at the same time. He can do the same with four Experts, with the number of opponents he can engage doubling as the skill level decreases. It is nearly impossible to surprise or overwhelm him, as your moves have, if not been predicted, already "adapted" into what he'll do next. While this capstone truly becomes impressive when it comes to fighting multiple opponents, it's equally formidable against a single opponent.

The Flaw in Things (Tactics): Kasoria has survived for nearly five decades as a brawler and killer due to three things: a gift for violence, a stubborn refusal to die, and knowing how to exploit a weakness the moment it is exposed. Now when in combat, or in the tense, pregnant moments leading up to a brawl, Kasoria is able to deduce quickly the flaws in his opponent. Whether it's form and stance or shoddy armor and prior infirmities, Kasoria's tactical brilliance means it won't be hidden for long. It takes him roughly ten trills of active combat to use this ability, or half-a-bit of passive observation to pick apart his opponent. Of course, being blindsided or surprised means this talent is essentially useless, and he has to actually be able to see and gauge his opponent for it to work. Those who match or surpass him in skills such as Deception and Discipline may be able to hide any weaknesses, too, but of course they have to be aware of them to hide them.

Tis But A Scratch (Endurance): Kasoria's body has suffered more damage over his lifetime than entire family trees have endured. The list of injuries he's survived over the last three arcs alone would fill a pamphlet, and he's been in a profession where such is common for ten times that. From Black Guard training to imprisonment to decades as a mercenary, "scratcher", and finally vigilante-cum-soldier, Kasoria has hardened himself in a dozen different ways to pain. Now it takes direct damage to his brain, major organs and arteries, or breaking bones to so much as slow him down, let alone stop him. Anything else will just be scratches, regardless of how they may hurt other men. He won't just endure them; he'll barely even notice them, and his performance will not be effected at all. Of course, this ability has limitations: a sustained barrage of cuts can take down even the largest opponent, and such is the case for Kasoria. But his enemy needs to stay alive long enough to bleed him out in such a fashion, and thus far, none have crossed his path. In the same vein (no pun intended), blood loss after the fight will be an issue, if he is cleaved enough.

Lightning Riposte (Combat, One-Handed Blades): The key to winning a sword fight, Kasoria has learned, is not to make them last too long. With that in mind, his combat style is geared towards either brutally efficient attacks, or immediate counters to whatever is unleashed by his opponent. This capstone is the product of the latter. There's no flourishing or grinding or binding when Kasoria fights blade to blade; he immediately disengages and retaliates. Whether that be stopping the blade dead (block) or diverting it away from him (parry), in the next instant Kasoria gives his answer to it. By the time the shock of impact has registered with his opponent, Kasoria's gladius is already slashing, stabbing, thrusting, slicing, or bludgeoning towards him. Unless they're at his level of mastery or above, there's little that can be done to defend against it. Their mind is still on their stymied strike; his is already thinking beyond it, and his body has followed suit. There are some limitations, however. From a purely physical side, if he's up against a spear, pike, or any weapon greater than his reach, his physical limits will make the capstone pointless. The capstone also only applies to individual opponents; against several at once, Kasoria fights with his usual superlative skill, but his opening to deliver a perfect riposte may be lessened (though that depends largely on the skill of his enemies).

A Light Touch (Combat, One-Handed Blades): A blade is not just some sharp stick, to be waved about until it cuts someone. Kasoria had that crude attitude beaten out of him before most others he meets were even born. He was trained to be precise with his strikes, and since then has honed that lesson to a literal hairbreadth. Now Kasoria is capable of cutting, slicing, severing, or ripping through targets that others would consider too small or fleeting to be legitimate. Straps holding armor in place, for example. Specific tendons, arteries, and ligaments (providing they're not covered in armor). It's all just a matter of gauging the distance, and knowing the specific size of the blade he's using. As long as he has those two calculations, Kasoria can strike exactly what he aims at, whether that be a torso or runes etched into armor or an insect buzzing across his path. Of course, this is limited by him having to be able to see his target to make that judgement. If he has no clear sight of where he's swinging, he'll just have to make the best of it.

Arrow Slap (Combat, One-Handed Blades): Kasoria is strong as an ox, fast as a snake, and tough as teak, but its his freakish reflexes that allow him to put all those together and pull of some truly frightening feats of swordsmanship. One such trick is the ability to literally smash a projectile out of the air before it reaches him. Whether it be an arrow, crossbow bolt, or throwing knife of ax, if Kasoria can see it coming towards him and has a blade large enough to ward it off, he can. In the space of a blink, his arm will jerk up and bat the thing away, or in some cases use the flat of the blade to block it. If he can judge where to swing, he can judge where to hold it for a block, after all. More importantly, he can do this consistently, so long as he'd not being fired on by more than two enemies (he's fast, but he's only got two arms). But as already mentioned, this is best utilized with an actual sword, rather than a dagger. Anything fired closer than twenty feet is also problematic, since even Kasoria's reflexes need at least a trill to be able to react. Finally, he must have the freedom of movement to swing the sword, or move it to block, so being fired upon in a narrow space means this capstone will be almost useless (though of he were stupid enough to be caught in such a quandary, Kasoria probably think he'd deserve it).

Quick Draw, And That's Not All (Combat, One-Handed Blades): As has been said before by friends and enemies alike (few and living, respectively), Kasoria had long believed the best fight is a short one. Ideally one that is not so much a "fight", as it is "hitting first and hard enough to end the problem for good". He's extended this philosophy from fistfights to swords, and now is skilled enough to draw in the blink of an eye. More than that, that unsheathing of steel isn't just readying a weapon; it's using it. Kasoria can draw his sword (or dagger, or karambit) and strike with it in the same instant, nearly impossibly to defend against unless his enemy is already on guard. This usually takes the form of a blink-fast backhanded slash to the throat, or a vertical slash up the torso to the head (depending on which blade he's pulling and where it's sheathed). Anything larger than his preferred gladius is also too big to be unsheathed with such speed, too, and weapons such as maces and axes are used differently and thus don't apply. As mentioned before, an enemy already expecting a fight from Kasoria may be able to defend against the capstone, since it's best deployed as a sneak attack.

Dual Wield, Dual Mind (Combat, One-Handed Blades): Kasoria can count the number of times he's used a shield on one hand, for two reasons. Firstly, he's not a soldier, and secondly, because he works far better with a blade in each hand. Generally favoring a short sword and his karambit, he's mixed it up over the arcs to include every weapon a man can wield with one hand. When fighting a single enemy, he's practically unstoppable, attack and defense covered by both his weapons, ensuring his opponent will always either be stymied on the assault, or desperately on the defense. Now Kas gone beyond that to the next logical step. Now he can fight two opponents at the same time, one with each hand. Decades of experience have given him the tactical brilliance and sheer muscle conditioning to essentially split his attention equally between the two, and engage them both without losing an ounce of his ability. However, he cannot use this skill with weapons not meant to be used one-handed. A great deal of his superlative ability is familiarity and knowledge with his chosen weapons, and overloading his arm with steel too unwieldy to be effectively used will ruin that balance.
Points Ledger
[td .. [/t] .. [/td]
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 25[RB] 25 00
Starting Package 50 00 50
Blades (Gladius) .. 20 30
Cooking .. 10 20
Acobatics .. 15 5
Poisons .. 5 0
Intelligence 4[DJ] 4 0
Endurance 4[DJ] 4 0
Caregiving 2[DJ] 2 0
Don't Be Naive 10 .. 10
Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic 10 .. 20
Execution Break 10 .. 30
Legacy 10 .. 40
D.I.Y. 10 .. 50
Slippin' Into Darkness I 10 .. 60
Second Wind 10 .. 70
All Hope Abandon Ye Who Enter Here 10 .. 80
Merchant Of Death 10 .. 90
Unarmed Combat .. 25 65
Whatever It Takes 10 .. 75
The Messenger 10 .. 85
Picked The Wrong House, Lads 10 .. 95
Stealth .. 25 70
No Skips, No Excuses 10 .. 80
Deception .. 25 55
Blades (Karambit) .. 25 30
I've Got A Little List 10 .. 40
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship 10 .. 50
Things Not Planned For 10 .. 60
Bugger of a Night 10 .. 70
The Pledge 15 .. 85
Tactics .. 35 50
And Like That... He's Gone 10 .. 60
Discipline .. 35 25
The Departed 10 .. 35
The Ferryman 10 .. 45
The Covenant 10 .. 55
Endurance .. 1 54
Intelligence .. 1 53
Caregiving .. 3 50
Old Faces 10 .. 60
Unarmed Combat .. 20 40
Fools Gold 10 .. 50
Tidying Up 10 .. 60
Blades (Karamabit) .. 50 10
Thanam O’n Dhoul 10 .. 20
Veni 10 .. 30
Bigger Fish 15 .. 45
Endurance .. 20 25
Vici 10 .. 35
The World Beneath The World 15 .. 50
Midnight Menu 15 .. 65
Vidi 10 .. 75
Gladius .. 50 25
Before 10 .. 35
During 10 .. 45
Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq) .. 30 15
After 10 .. 25
The Long Arm 15 .. 40
Bone and Metal, Blood and Fire 10 .. 50
Endurance .. 50 0
The Call of The Void 15 .. 15
To Trouble Their Fathers I 10 .. 25
To Trouble Their Fathers II 10 .. 35
To Trouble Their Fathers III 10 .. 45
Intimidation .. 35 10
To Trouble Their Fathers IV 10 .. 20
Go For The Flow 10 .. 30
Repetition and Acceleration 10 .. 40
Liberty and Death 10 .. 50
Blades (Karambit) .. 30 20
Tactics .. 20 0
The Logical Conclusion 10 .. 10
Dogs 10 .. 20
Jackals 10 .. 30
Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin' (Unless You're Into Necromancy) 15 .. 45
Wolves 10 .. 55
Snakes 10 .. 65
Gladius .. 15 50
Throwing Knives .. 25 25
Deception .. 15 10
Noose For the Loose 10 .. 20
The Risen 10 .. 30
Reimbursement of misapplied Karambit Points (Mistake pointed out by Aegis, 07/23/2018) 105 .. 135
Mix 'N Match 10 .. 145
Tactics .. 35 110
Throwing Knives .. 50 60
Raise 10 .. 70
Off To See The Wizard 15 .. 80
Intimidation .. 43 42
Intelligence .. 22 20
What Were You Expecting? 10 .. 30
The New Order(s) 10 .. 40
Stealth .. 2 38
Cooking .. 17 21
Medicine .. 15 6
Hate It Til You Love It 10 .. 16
End Of Land 10 .. 23
Strays and Orphans 15 .. 38
To Teach Terror 10 .. 48
Discipline .. 43 5
Soft and Swift as Shadows 10 .. 15
The Shadow Man 10 .. 25
Reality Check 10 .. 35
Where We Stand 10 .. 45
Acrobatics .. 10 35
Medicine .. 10 25
Poisons .. 20 5
Sneaky, Like 10 .. 25
Blending Genres 10 .. 35
Throwing (Knives) .. 3 32
Where few want to be found 20 .. 52
Just As You've Seen Me 15 .. 67
The Knight Of The Hills 10 .. 77
Digging Deeper 10 .. 87
Sweet Sorrow 10 .. 97
Intelligence .. 51 46
No Good Deed 10 .. 56
Futile Gestures 10 .. 66
The Dying of The Light 10 .. 76
Kill The Boy 10 .. 86
Stealth .. 51 35
Detection .. 27 8
Auditing Season 10 .. 18
Full House 15 .. 33
Prowler 10 .. 43
Gentlemen Callers 10 .. 53
Silk and Parchment 10 .. 63
Scuttler 10 .. 73
Blood and Lies 10 .. 83
Acrobatics .. 2 81
Blades .. 60 21
Promotion and Politics 10 .. 31
This Way Comes 10 .. 41
Mundane to Monstrous 10 .. 51
The Crossing 10 .. 61
Fancy Seeing You Here... Who Are You? 15 .. 76
Tactics 63 .. 13
A Godling Walks Into A Bar (Ouch) 15 .. 28
Duel/Dual 10 .. 38
Bled It Out 10 .. 48
Unto A Savage Race 10 .. 58
So Run, You Cur 10 .. 68
Blades .. 3 65
A Curious Mind 20 .. 85
"Somebody's Coming. Somebody Serious." 10 .. 95
Medicine .. 5 90
"I like these quiet little moments before the storm." 10 .. 100
"He Just Wants... A Little Conversation." 10 .. 110
Take Me To Church 15 .. 125
Of Clay and Bricks 15 .. 140
Teaching .. 26 114
Knock-Knock-Knockin' 15 .. 129
Endurance .. 75 39
Pilgrimage 10 .. 49
Colder Weather 10 .. 59
Enlightened Self Interest 15 .. 74
Vacancy - Demigods Required 15 .. 89
From the Clear Blue Sky 10 .. 99
All Fall Down 10 .. 109
Styx 10 .. 119
City Scratchers 15 .. 134
Recovery Time 10 .. 144
Cooking .. 4 140
Stealth .. 75 65
To Each His Own 10 .. 75
Discipline .. 75 0
The Ninth Circle 10 .. 10
Anything But That 10mp .. 10/10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 10
The Water is Fine 10mp .. 10/10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 10
Forever Blowin' Bubbles 10mp .. 10/10mp
He's Shy 10mp .. 10/20mp
Abrogation .. 20mp 10
Out of Options 20mp .. 10/20mp
Abrogation .. 20mp 10
The Hound and The Shadow 15 .. 25
The Bargain Struck 20mp .. 25/20mp
Abrogation .. 20mp 25
We Gonna Rock Down To... 10 .. 35
Hard Knock Life 15 .. 50
River Rats 15 .. 65
Blood, Water, and Light 10 .. 75
Throwing Knives .. 75 0
Made Ya Look 10 .. 10
Necessary Evils 10 .. 20
A Maggot-Minded, Starved, Fanatic Crew 10 .. 30
Speaking The Language 10 .. 40
Game Changer 10mp .. 40, 10mp
With Regards 10mp .. 40, 20mp
Abrogation .. 20mp 40
From This Place of Wrath and Tears 10 .. 50
Word Travels Fast 10 .. 60
Swashing Buckles 10 .. 70
I Mark Thee 10mp .. 70, 10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 70
I Met a Traveler 15, 2dw .. 85
Ill Winds 10 .. 95
Blindsided 10 .. 105
Tooth and Nail, Spark and Surprise 10mp .. 105, 10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 105
Let Slip Though Righteous Hate 10 .. 115
A Full Belly 10mp .. 115, 10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 115
What is Owed, What was Promised 10mp .. 125
Acrobatics .. 50 75
According to Plan 15 .. 90
Start Out Slow 15, 2dw .. 105
Focus 10 .. 115
Commitment 10 .. 125
And Sheer Frakking Will 10 .. 135
Not Truth, But Intent 15, 2dw .. 150
have you passed through this night? 10 .. 160
Valediction 15, 2dw .. 175
Tragic Ambiguity 15 .. 190
Broken Boulevards 10, 2dw .. 200
At the Lakeside 15mp .. 200, 15mp
Abrogation .. 15mp 200
Desperate Times 15mp .. 200, 15mp
Abrogation .. 15mp 200
A Pound of Flesh 15 .. 215
But They're In The Dark, Too 15 .. 230
Place of The Way 10 .. 240
Strength .. 76 164
An Ordinary World 15 .. 179
Tactics .. 100 79
Breather 10mp .. 79, 10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 79
Camp 10mp .. 79, 10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 79
Chains 10mp d] 79, 10mp
Abrogation .. 10mp 79
Iota Divinitas 15 94
Chains 15mp .. 94, 15mp
Abrogation .. 15mp 94
Comin' In Hot 15 .. 109
Desperate Measures 15 .. 124
Haunted House 15mp .. 124, 15mp
Abrogation .. 15mp 124
So Why Didn't You? 15 .. 139
Far, Far Away 10 .. 149
Escaping The City 15mp .. 149, 15mp
Abrogation .. 15mp 149
Poisons .. 26 123
Detection .. 24 99
Shock and Roar 10 .. 109
The War 10 .. 119
From the East 20mp .. 119, 20mp
Abrogation 16mp .. 119, 4mp
Sandman 10 .. 129, 4mp
It Can't Be 15 .. 144, 4mp
From Below 10 .. 154, 4mp
The Scent 10 .. 164, 4mp
Intimidation .. 75 89, 4mp
Detection .. 25 64, 4mp
Where To Begin 10 .. 74, 4mp
Call To Arms 10 .. 84, 4mp
Detection .. 76 8, 4mp
Love To Hate 10 .. 18, 4mp
Perchance 10 .. 28, 4mp
Dare 10 .. 38, 4mp
Some Assembly Required 20 .. 62
Tread 10 .. 72
Ordinary People 15 .. 87
Rota Fortunae 15 .. 102
Detection .. 75 27
Shadowlands 10 .. 37
Playground 10 .. 47
"He's Coming." 10 .. 57
Say The Word 15 .. 72
Black and Red 10 .. 82
A Duel in The Roost 15 .. 97
Deception .. 41 56
The State of Things 15 .. 71
Spider Season 15 .. 86
Doorways and Domains 20 .. 106
Men and Monsters 15 .. 121
Axes and Bludgeons (Waraxe) 76 .. 45
The Webs We Weave 15 .. 60
Favor for a Friend 10 .. 70
The Last Knights of Storm's Edge 15 .. 85
The Space Between 15 .. 100
Where Things Are and Are Not 10 .. 110
The Seeker 10 .. 120
Drawing on Experience 15 .. 135
Enter The Ragman 15 .. 150
Teaching .. 50 100
You and me, conspirators we be 15 .. 115
Roaring Flames, Smoking Steel 15 .. 130
Flown The Coop 10 .. 140
Go To Your Gods Like a Soldier 15 .. 155
Fire Over Storm's Edge 15 .. 170
Leadership .. 76 94
what could be gleaned 10 .. 104
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) .. 26 79
Medicine .. 46 33
The Crossing of The Dead 15 .. 48
Signs of Passing 10 .. 58
Live Bait 10 .. 68
Thunderbolt 10 .. 78
Take As Your Model 15 .. 93
Their Mouths Look Like Targets 15 .. 108
One Last Time 15 .. 123
Books 10 .. 133
Bows 10 .. 143
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) .. 50 93
Let's Cook This Noodle 15 .. 108
Battering 10 .. 118
The Debt and The Deal 15mp .. 118, 15mp
Transmutation 15mp .. 118
Then There Were Two 15 .. 133
North Star 10 .. 143
Return and Rebirth 15 .. 158
Scale and Shadow 15 .. 173
The Gods of Earth and Sky 10mp .. 173, 10mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 173
To Know 10mp .. 173, 10mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 173
To Illuminate 10mp .. 173, 10mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 173
The Need(?) 10 .. 183
To Good Use 10 .. 193
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow) 75 .. 118
Dominion 10 .. 128
To Destroy 10mp .. 128, 10mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 128
A Bolt of The Blue 10mp .. 128, 10mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 128
Fortification 10mp .. 128, 10mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 128
Artisan 10mp .. 128, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 128
Mage, Archer, Hunter, Killr 15mp .. 128, 15mp
Transmutation 15mp .. 128
The hounds snap fierce at your heels 15 .. 143
Breacher Beast 15 .. 158
Psychology ... 76 82
Explain Yourself 10mp .. 92
Tread Lightly 10mp .. 92, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 92
Webs within Webb 20 .. 112
Answer Before The Question 10mp .. 112, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 112
All My Bags Are Packed 10mp .. 112, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 112
Echoes 10 .. 122
A Line Through a Name 10mp .. 122, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 122
A Pig in Muck 10mp .. 122, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 122
Down in the Hole 15 .. 137
Intelligence .. 75 62
The Smallest Flame Burns Brightest 15, 10mp .. 77, 10mp
Transmutation .. 10mp 77
Catching (Up and Otherwise) 15mp .. 77, 15mp
Transmutation .. 15mp 77
Below Notice 10 .. 87
Cleansing 10 .. 97
Transmutation .. 10mp 97
Transmutation .. 10mp 97
Don't Cry Over Spilt Beer .. 15 112
Negotiation .. 76 36
The World Under Your Feet .. 15 51
Transmutation 20mp .. 51
A Mortal Heart .. 15 66
Rebirth and Return .. 20mp 66, 20mp
Of Men and Morties .. 15 81, 20mp
Nobody Gets Away Clean .. 10 91, 20mp
Transmutation 10mp .. 51
Expectation vs. Reality 10 .. 61
No Easy Way 10 .. 71
Skill Point Adjustment: Poison to Medicine +51 .. 122
Skill Point Adjustment: Negotiation and Psychology to Socialization +76 .. 198
Unforgiven 10 .. 208
But In Battalions 10 .. 218
Endurance .. 99 119
A Soldier What's Fit For a Soldier 10 .. 129
Who Better? 10 .. 139
A Committee of Wee Faith 15 .. 154
In The Flesh 15mp .. 154, 15mp
Transmutation .. 15mp 154
the dirty handed 10 .. 164
In The Cold Light 15 .. 179
On The Beaten Path 15mp .. 179, 15mp
Transmutation .. 15mp 179
Birds, Stones, Bastards, Broken Things 15mp .. 179, 15mp
Transmutation .. 5mp 179, 10mp
What We Tell Ourselves 15 .. 194, 10mp
One Step Beyond 15 .. 209, 10mp
Our Man in Rharne 10 .. 219, 10mp
Long is The Way, and Hard 10 .. 229, 10mp
Show Me What Ya Got 15 .. 244, 10mp
Combat (Blades, One-Handed) .. 99 145, 10mp
Secret Ways 15 .. 160, 10mp
Hunting 10 .. 170, 10mp
Investigation .. 76 94, 10mp
Madness, Magic, More or Less 10 .. 104, 10mp
Sovereign 14, 10mp .. 90
Research 30 .. 60
Increments 10 .. 70
Squatters 15 .. 85
Through the Boredom and the Pain 15 .. 100
Opportunity to Learn 10 .. 110
Weighty Matters 10 .. 120
Looking Up 10 .. 130
Troubled Path 15 .. 145
Guinea What? 10 .. 155
Sovereign 55 .. 100
Trinity 10 .. 110
Never Live It Down 15 .. 125
Spring-Heeled Kas 10 .. 135
The First Imperial Summit 20 .. 155
Phantom Punch 10 .. 165
Sovereign 35 .. 130
Blending 10 .. 140
Definitions of Insanity 15 .. 155
Someone Had To Be First 10 .. 165
The Golden Road 15 .. 180
Milestones 15 .. 195
Well, Here We All Are... 20 .. 215
Meditation 75 .. 140
In Case of Emergencies 10 .. 155
Boogeymen 15 .. 170
Before We Run 15 .. 185
The Price of a Talent 15 .. 200
Alliances and Consequences 15 .. 215
Athletics 75 .. 140
Sovereigh 60 .. 80
Delivering to Death 15 .. 95
Strength 75 .. 20
No More Masks 15 .. 35
Reckoning 15 .. 50
Drifter 10 .. 60
Consequences 15 .. 75
No Good Choices 10 .. 85
Master of Puppets 15 .. 100
Socialization 75 .. 25
Atonement 10 .. 35
The Ashes in My Wake 15 .. 50
Dockyard Dash 15 .. 65
Etzori Arrivals 15 .. 80
Mister Thagoras 15 .. 95
Skill Knowledge
  • Abrogation - 92
  • Abrogation: Learning the feel of Attunement ether
  • Abrogation: The Feel of Hone Ether
  • Abrogation: The Feel of a Ghost's Ectoplasm
  • Abrogation: The Feel of Transmutation
  • Abrogation: The Feel of Attunement
  • Abrogation: Magical Discipline that Can Shield Against Physical Attacks
  • Abrogation: Magical Discipline that can Negate Magical Attacks
  • Abrogation: Requires a (Potentially Lethal) Initiation
  • Abrogation: Forming a Barrier
  • Abrogation: Barriers Block Magic At First, Solid Objects At Higher Levels
  • Abrogation: Casting Preemptive Field (or Bubble) Around Yourself
  • Abrogation: Preemptive Fields Greatly Weaken Spells That Penetrate It
  • Abrogation: Using Hand Gestures to Direct Casting
  • Abrogation: Casting a Muting barrier
  • Abrogation: Muting Hides the Caster's MAGICAL Abilities, But Nothing Else
  • Abrogation: Casting Two Spells at Once
  • Abrogation: Overstepping Can Include Cramps and Migraines
  • Abrogation: Is Still Power vs. Power Against Other Domains
  • Abrogation: Can Shut Down Rupturing Portals
  • Abrogation: Developing the twin focus to negate two different magics at the same time.
  • Abrogation: Early abilities don't affect physical attacks.
  • Abrogation: Initiating two magics orients the spark to stay "open" to negating others as well.
  • Abrogation: Initiation is like a magic interrogation without questions.
  • Abrogation: A spell targeting someone else can also be negated.
  • Abrogation: Negation can take many forms...any form that works.
  • Abrogation: Negation, not avoiding or overpowering, is the key.
  • Abrogation: The tracked ether does not always come from a person.
  • Abrogation: Tracking the tasked ether back to its source.
  • Abrogation: Splitting Focus Between More Than One Spell Weakens Both
  • Abrogation: Forming Shields of Hardened Air
  • Abrogation - Shield: Takes Around Half a Bit to Form
  • Abrogation - Shield: Capable of Blocking and Breaking Missiles
  • Abrogation - Shield: Crafting a Shield the Size and Shape of a Round Shield
  • Abrogation - Shield: Needs to be Maintained by Constantly Feeding Magic into it
  • Abrogation - Shield: Casting a Taller, Broader Shield for a Handful of Men (huddled together)
  • Abrogation - Shield: Casting a Hand-sized Shield to Stop a Dagger
  • Abrogation - Shield: Easier to Cast with Repetition
  • Abrogation - Shield: Casting Quickly to Absorb Incoming Impact
  • Abrogation - Shield: Reinforcing with Ether while Under Attack
  • Abrogation - Shield (Master): Can be Cast in the Blink of an Eye
  • Abrogation - Shield (Master): Can be Cast over a Distance
  • Abrogation - Shield (Master): Can Cast Multiple Shields at Once
  • Abrogation - Shield (Master): Casting at a Distance, to Cut Off an Escape Route
  • Abrogation - Shield (Master): Casting Without Words, Just a Thought
  • Abrogation: Shield (Master): Forming a Dome of Protection Around a Wagon-sized Area
  • Abrogation: Backlash
  • Abrogation - Backlash: Redirects Force Back Towards an Attacker
  • Abrogation - Backlash: Powerful and Effective, But Draining
  • Abrogation - Backlash: Can be Infused into a Shield with a Silent Mental Cast
  • Abrogation - Backlash: Infusing a Barrier to Hurl an Enemy's Spell Back at Him
  • Abrogation - Backlash: Enough Redirected Force Can Send an Enemy Flying
  • Abrogation - Backlash + Shield: Perfect for a Charging Enemy
  • Abrogation - Backlash + Shield: Stops and Counter-Attacks Simultaneously
  • Abrogation - Backlash + Shield: Can Be Cast Invisibly to Lure In an Enemy with an "Unprotected" Limb
  • Abrogation: Flipping Fields
  • Abrogation - Flipping: Projecting a Field Specifically Designed to Negate Transmutation Ether
  • Abrogation - Barrier: Effective Against Defiance Spells
  • Abrogation - Barrier: Reactive Cast, Quick but Effective
  • Abrogation - Barrier: Deploying a Globe-Shaped Barrier to Defend from Above AND Below
  • Abrogation - Barrier: Casting an Invisible Replicative Field Around Yourself
  • Abrogation - Barrier: Can Be Bowl- or Cone-shaped
  • Abrogation: Replicative Fields
  • Abrogation - Replicative Fields: Can Be Cast Over Oneself Multiple Times, Like Etheric Armor
  • Abrogation - Replicative Fields: Needs to be Restored or Replaced After Shattered By Attacks
  • Abrogation - Replicative Fields: Releasing Ether SLOWLY to Build Up Layers Without Drawing Attention to it
  • Abrogation - Replicative Fields: Can Be Minutes Enough to Expel Alien Ether from Within
  • Abrogation - Replicative Fields: Very Effective in Destroying/Removing an Empath's Invasive Ether
  • Abrogation - Replicative Fields: Allows Abrogant to Detect Magic Cast at Them
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Can Pin Limbs so Tightly Victim Cannot Move (or fly)
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Can Be Used to Pin an Enemy to the Ground from Above
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Can Launch Iron-Hard Tentacles across the Air at a Target
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Can Be Conjured Almost Instantly (depending on distance)
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Causes Pain when a Shackle is Forcefully Broken
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Suspending a Target in Mid-Air
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Preventing a Target from Escaping
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Can Break Bones (or snap a neck) if it Suddenly Arrests a Fast-Moving Target
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Pinning an Enemy to a Wall
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Infusing and Manipulating the Air
  • Abrogation - Shackle: Tripping Targets by Hardening the Air at their Feet
  • Abrogation: Shackle: Immediately Severs a Necromancer’s Control Over Minions (without Wells)
  • Abrogation: Shackle: Makes Movement and Breathing Difficult
  • Abrogation: Dire need brings swift, instinctive casting
  • Abrogation: A shield of magic force is lighter than metal or wood
  • Abrogation: Can be Used in the Emea (upon mastering Crossing)
  • Abrogation: Learning the feel of Defiance ether
  • Abrogation: Using Martial Arts Gestures to Get a Better Feel for Casting
  • Abrogation: Choosing Defiance as your Nemesis
  • Abrogation - Nemesis: Doubles the Power of the Abrogative Ether Used Against It
  • Abrogation: Smaller The Cast, the Quicker and Less Straining it is
  • Abrogation: Kasoria' Spark is Mutating Him Gradually into "The Raggedy Man"
  • Abrogation: Now a Master, Kasoria No Longer Needs to Gesture or Speak to Cast
  • Abrogation: Instantly, Silently, Impenetrably Deployed (at Master level)

    Animal Husbandry - 1
  • Animal Husbandry: Grooming a Horse

    Athletics - 47
  • Acrobatics: Form and Movement Amidst Combat
  • Athletics: Tucking and Rolling After a Fall
  • Athletics: Avoiding a Large, Unwieldy Weapon
  • Athletics: Climbing a Drainpipe
  • Athletics: Coming Up Fast From a Fall
  • Athletics: Turning Fast On The Balls of Your Feet
  • Athletics: Dancing Away From a Skilled Opponent
  • Athletics: Sliding Forwards on Knees
  • Athletics: Backwards Roll
  • Athletics: Twisting in Mid-Air
  • Athletics: Swinging Legs Up and Onto a Wall
  • Athletics: Leaping Over a Bar
  • Athletics: Dodging a Punch to the Head
  • Athletics: Leaping Over a Low-Swinging Attack
  • Athletics: Boosting Off a Wall to Allow a Higher Attack
  • Athletics: Pivoting and Twisting Away from a Thrust Blade
  • Athletics: Transitioning from Vault to Kick in Mid-Air
  • Athletics: Kip-Up
  • Athletics: Just Even Staying on Your Feet After Torture
  • Athletics: Leaping Tackle
  • Athletics: Rolling Across the Floor (and away from trouble)
  • Athletics: Ducking Under a High Kick
  • Athletics: Flexibility to Launch High Kicks
  • Athletics: Landing After a Double Kick
  • Athletics: Scaling a Ship's Mainmast
  • Athletics: Leaping from Ship to Ship
  • Athletics: Leaping Over a River of Sewage
  • Athletics: Keeping Your Weight Off Wounded Limbs
  • Athletics: Vaulting Over a Crouching Enemy
  • Athletics: Side Leap, Shoulder Roll, Back to Your Feet
  • Athletics: Moving Smoothly Across Wet Ground
  • Athletics: Aerial Cartwheel
  • Athletics: Sliding On Knees Under Obstacles (or opponents)
  • Athletics: Leaning Back and Under an Incoming Strike (and staying on your feet while doing it)
  • Athletics: Agility and Flexibility Enough to Make a Vertical Jump
  • Athletics: Hoisting Yourself Up and Rolling in the Same Motion
  • Athletics: Clenching and Loosening Arms to Keep Muscles Limber
  • Athletics: Leaping from Roof to Roof
  • Athletics: Diving and Swinging a Blade in the Same Instant
  • Athletics: Jumping from Roof to Roof (and Landing Safely)
  • Climbing: Using all Four Limbs to Brace and Heave
  • Climbing: Finding Solid Handholds
  • Climbing: Giant spiders' webs make things easy
  • Running: Sprinting Across Broken Ground
  • Running: Preparing Yourself Mentally for a Sprint
  • Running: Proper Breathing
  • Athletics: Greatly Assists in Adjusting to New (magically-enhanced) Physical Abilities
  • Athletics: Transitioning from Dead Run to Sliding Dodge

    Combat (Axes & Bludgeons: Waraxe) - 27
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Can Be Wielded One-Handed
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Simple to Use, Difficult to Master
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Curved Head Can Hook The Edge of a Shield
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Effective Against Reinforced Leather Armor
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Can Lop Off Limbs Far Easier than Most Swords
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Perfect for Heavy, Cleaving Strikes
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Far Stronger Blows When Wielded Two-Handed
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Top Heavy and Thus Requires Greater Control
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Reverse Pick Can Be As Deadly as the Ax Head
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Well-Suited for Decapitation
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Fine Weapon For Intimidation
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Diagonal Chop to the Neck
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Not an Ideal Weapon for Confined Spaces
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Not Designed to Be Thrown (but somewhat effective even when it is)
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Upward Hack
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Wooden Haft Can Block (some) Blows
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Take Care Not to Lodge the Head in Your Target
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Reverse-Side Pick Means You Don't have to Change Grip for a Follow Up Blow
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Very Useful in Hacking Apart Wooden Obstacles
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Overhead Chop
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Bearded Head can be used to Drag Target
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Causing More Damage by Ripping Across Victim, Not Yanking Ax Head Back Out
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Defensive Stance
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Weight Can be Used to Balance You While in Motion
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Leaping Strike
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe): Effective Weapon Against the Undead
  • Axes & Bludgeons (Waraxe) - Combo: High Block and Foot Chop

    Atunement - 3
  • Attunement: Subject's Frequency Can be "Disrupted" By the Subject Singing and Focusing On Non-Essential Thoughts
  • Attunement: Jamming - Kills Personal Magic, But Only While the Attuner Is Present
  • Attunement: Cannot Jam and Read Notes at the Same Time

    Becoming - 2
  • Becoming: The near-indestructible nature of the Leviathan
  • Becoming: 500 arcs of atavistic revelation resulted in the Leviathan

    Combat (Blades, One-Handed: Gladius, Karambit, Cutlass, Dagger, Throwing Knife) - 172
  • Blades (Gladius): Compact, Economical, Lethal
  • Blades (Gladius): Slashing at the right angle[DJ]
  • Blades (Gladius): Disemboweling
  • Blades (Gladius): For Hacking AND Thrusting
  • Blades (Gladius): Killing Strike Through the Heart
  • Blades (Gladius): Block
  • Blades (Gladius): Parry
  • Blades (Gladius): Importance of Solid Footwork
  • Blades (Gladius): Using the Hilt as a Club
  • Blades (Gladius): Needs a TIGHT Grip
  • Blades (Gladius): "The Iugulatio" (Execution Strike)
  • Blades (Gladius): Drawing and Striking in the Same Movement
  • Blades (Gladius): Disarming a Swordsman (By Taking His Hand Off)
  • Blades (Gladius): Best Used Alongside a Shield
  • Blades (Gladius): Designed PRIMARILY to Thrust and Stab
  • Blades (Gladius): Hacking Through the Shoulder into The Ribcage
  • Blades (Gladius): Lunging While Thrusting, For a More Powerful Blow
  • Blades (Gladius): Crippling Slash to the Shin
  • Blades (Gladius): Stabbing between the 5th and 6th Ribs
  • Blades (Gladius): Thrust-Slash Combo
  • Blades (Gladius): Moves Faster Than a Larger, Heavier Blade
  • Blades (Gladius): Reverse Grip - Unorthodox But Useful in Close Quarters
  • Blades (Gladius): Stabbing Through the Spine
  • Blades (Gladius): Circular Parry
  • Blades (Gladius): Dual-Wielding Tricks from Others that Fight Like You
  • Blades (Gladius): Your Own Momentum Can be Used Against You
  • Blades (Gladius): Don't Waste Time Grinding Swords Together
  • Blades (Gladius): Using the Flat of The Blade
  • Blades (Gladius): Thrust Horizontally into Torso to Avoid Ribs
  • Blades (Gladius): Feint
  • Blades (Gladius): Primary Weapon in Dual Wield
  • Blades (Gladius): Bulbous Pommel Aids in Keeping Grip When Pulling Sword Backwards
  • Blades (Gladius): Long Enough to Impale a Man Through a Wooden Door (when he's close enough)
  • Blades (Gladius): Killing Thrust Through The Neck
  • Blades (Gladius): Pushing a Block Up and Away to Leave an Opponent's Torso Vulnerable
  • Blades (Gladius): Stabbing Under the Ribcage, Up into the Heart
  • Blades (Gladius): Blocking Blows from Two Opponents at Once
  • Blades (Gladius): Thrusting Through the Sternum into the Chest Cavity
  • Blades (Gladius): Switching Grips Quickly, Mid-Combat
  • Blades (Gladius): Killing Thrust Through the Eye
  • Blades (Gladius): Stabbing with Off Hand Braced Behind Pommel to Double the Penetrative Impact
  • Blades (Gladius): Switching Weapon Hand
  • Blades (Gladius): Capable of Lopping Off Arms and Legs (if you're strong enough)
  • Blades (Gladius): Capable of Thrusting Straight Through a Skull
  • Blades (Gladius): Reverse Grip
  • Blades (Gladius): High Guard
  • Blades (Gladius): Middle Guard
  • Blades (Gladius): Low Guard
  • Blades (Gladius): Can Be Used to Hold the Jaws of a Monster Open/Away
  • Blades (Gladius): Killing Blow Through the Mouth and Into the Brain
  • Blades (Gladius): Disabling Slash Across the Thighs
  • Blades (Gladius): Riposte
  • Blades (Gladius): Thrust Through the Throat
  • Blades (Gladius): Parrying/Defensive when an Offensive Primary Weapon is Used
  • Blades (Gladius): Worn at the Hip for a Quick Draw
  • Blades (Gladius): Stay Light on Your Feet
  • Blades (Gladius - Combo): Sword Block, Punch to the Head
  • Blades (Gladius - Combo): High Bind, Headbutt
  • Blades (Gladius - Combo): Parry, Pivot, Spinning Elbow
  • Blades (Gladius - Combo): Parry a Blow Away, Slash Open the Exposed Torso
  • Blades (Gladius - Combo): Throat Slash, Stab to the Heart (Reverse Grip)
  • Blades (Cutlass): Designed for Hacking and Slashing
  • Blades (Cutlass): Long Enough to Slice and Cut
  • Blades (Dagger): Perfect for Swift, Precise Stabs Between Ribs
  • Blades (Dagger): Under The Chin, Into The Brain
  • Blades (Dagger): Under the Armpit, Between the Ribs, Into the Lungs
  • Blades (Dagger): Stabbing the Neck, Rip out the Throat
  • Blades (Dagger): Quick Draw
  • Blades (Dagger): Draw and Thrust in the Same Motion
  • Blades (Dagger): Stab Through the Temple, into the Brain
  • Blades (Dagger): Thrust Through the Eye
  • Blades (Dagger): Small Size Makes It Easier to Move Quickly
  • Blades (Dagger): Crippling Stab to Joints
  • Blades (Dagger): Switching from Straight to Reverse Grip with a Flick of a Wrist
  • Blades (Dagger): Severing Tendons in Limbs
  • Blades (Dagger): Adept at Working Between the Chinks of Armor
  • Blades (Dagger): Killing Blow to the Neck (in the side, out the front)
  • Blades (Dagger): Using an Embedded Blade as a Lever
  • Blades (Dagger): Deadly when Paired with a Sword
  • Blades (Dagger): Quicker to Draw and Strike with than a Sword
  • Blades (Dagger): Better Used to Stab than to Slash
  • Blades (Dagger) - Combo: Stab to the Liver, Stab Between the Ribs, Stab Into the Neck
  • Blades (Dagger): Stab Through the Kneecap
  • Blades (Dagger): Pinning a Limb to the Wall
  • Blades (Dagger): Back Stab
  • Blades (Karambit): Dual-Wielding Tricks from Others that Fight Like You
  • Blades (Karambit): Giving up a Wound to Try to Deliver a Worse One
  • Blades (Karambit): Curved, Concealable, Assassin's Dagger
  • Blades (Karambit): Designed to Slice and Tear
  • Blades (Karambit): Crippling Blows to Joints
  • Blades (Karambit): Saber Grip
  • Blades (Karambit): Can Be Used to Stab, Not Just Slash
  • Blades (Karambit): Ripping Causes More Damage
  • Blades (Karambit): Perfect for Surprise Attacks
  • Blades (Karambit): Throat Slash
  • Blades (Karambit): Lethally Enhances Punching
  • Blades (Karambit): Puncturing a Lung
  • Blades (Karambit): Disemboweling
  • Blades (Karambit): Not Ideal for Parrying or Blocking Another Blade
  • Blades (Karambit): Targeting Arteries
  • Blades (Karambit): Chaining Strikes Together
  • Blades (Karambit): Use BOTH Sides of the Blade
  • Blades (Karambit): Thumb Ring Keeps the Blade Secure in Hand
  • Blades (Karambit): Stabbing Under the Chin
  • Blades (Karambit): Slashing the Face
  • Blades (Karambit): Be Careful Not to Catch Curved Blade on Bone
  • Blades (Karambit): Carotid-Jugular One-Two Combination
  • Blades (Karambit): Ideal Close-Quarters Weapon
  • Blades (Karambit): Long Enough to Impale the Brain (Through the Eye)
  • Blades (Karambit): Slicing Forearms to Break an Opponent's Hold on Their Weapon
  • Blades (Karambit): Thumb-ring Critically Enhances Punches (at a painful price)
  • Blades (Karambit): Slicing Lengthwise Down Limbs and Through Arteries
  • Blades (Karambit): Curved Blade Can be Used to Hook and Pull
  • Blades (Karambit): Complements an Unarmed Combat Style
  • Blades (Karambit): Secondary Weapon in Dual Wield
  • Blades (Karambit): Mangling a Kneecap
  • Blades (Karambit - Traitor Claw): Only Works When HELD
  • Blades (Karambit - Traitor Claw): Nullifies Pain of a Blow Received, Visiting It Back Upon the Enemy
  • Blades (Karambit): Backhanded Slash
  • Blades (Karambit): Block and Downward Slash to Disarm an Opponent
  • Blades (Karambit): Downward Diagonal Strike
  • Blades (Karambit): Extended Grip
  • Blades (Karambit): Stab and Tear
  • Blades (Karambit): Draw and Slash in the Same Movement
  • Blades (Karambit): As Fast and Fluid as Your Fists Can Be
  • Blades (Karambit): Thumb Guard Can be Used as an Impromptu Brass Knuckle
  • Blades (Karambit): Punch-Stab to the Carotid
  • Blades (Karambit): Ripping from the Groin Up
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Turning and Throwing
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Release When Hand, Blade, and Target Line Up
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Backhanded Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Throwing Two Knives at Once
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Shifting Weight as You Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Hammer Grip
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Release Sharply at the Apex of the Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Bigger Target, Smaller Chance of Missing
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Smeared With Scarf Rot
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): The Back is a Nice, Broad Target
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Fifteen Feet is a Safe Range for a Novice
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Hidden in Forearm Sheaths
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Drawing Quickly From Forearms
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Draw-And-Throw (No Aiming)
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Be VERY Careful Poisoned Blades are Properly Sheathed
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): The Faster The Arm, The Greater The Power... And The Lesser The Accuracy
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Aim For Soft Spots
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Can Easily Disable a Limb
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Arms and Legs are Difficult Targets
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Underhand Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Aiming For Unarmored Body Parts
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Also Useful for Stabbing (Well, DUH)
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Pulling a Knife From a Body and Immediately Throwing It Again
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Spinning Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Easily Hidden Weapons
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Judging Distance Before a Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Ambidexterity
  • Throwing (Knives): Accuracy Above Speed
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Targeting Arteries
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Accuracy Through Repetition
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Marking Targets with Peripheral Vision
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Lining Up Targets with Shoulder
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Sideways Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Spinning Double Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Two Blades, Two Targets, One Throw
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Aiming for the Throat
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Weapons of Speed, and Stealth
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Aiming to Silence, Not Just Kill
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Throw To Wound
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Quick, Efficient Delivery Method for Poisons
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Useful for Distractions
  • Blades (Throwing Knife): Can be Drawn Almost Silently

    Cooking - 14
  • Cooking: How to Cook for Yourself
  • Cooking: Vegetable Stew
  • Cooking: Leek and Onion Soup
  • Cooking: Pottage Stew
  • Cooking: Dicing Up Vegetables for a Stew
  • Cooking: Preserving Food in a Sealed Vase
  • Cooking: Skinning a Rabbit for the Pot
  • Cooking: Rabbit Stew with Vegetables
  • Cooking: Eating Bread Before it Turns Stale (and Rocky)
  • Cooking: Crispy Bacon and Fried Eggs
  • Cooking: Saving Bacon Grease for Future Meals
  • Cooking: Smelling When Meat is Going Bad
  • Cooking: Adding Mushrooms (safely)
  • Cooking: Using a Campfire to Cook

    Deception - 108
  • Deception: Appearing Sick to Fool a Target
  • Deception: Masking Surveillance by Pretending to Read
  • Deception: Luring a Target Closer with a Cry for Help
  • Deception: Getting a Target to Lower Their Guard
  • Deception: Slurring and Mumbling to Seem Harmless
  • Deception: Briefly Imitating a Voice
  • Deception: Luring Targets Out with a False Message
  • Deception: Bluffing Your Way Inside With a Convincing Story
  • Deception: Bluffing Your Way Through The Door By Rambling On and On
  • Deception: Conceal Your Weapons As Much As You Can
  • Deception: Playing Dumb and Deaf to Lure an Enemy Close
  • Deception: Staying Unnoticed with Modest Clothes
  • Deception: Make a Lie As Close to Truth as You Can
  • Deception: Playing the Novice Traveler
  • Deception: Lying to a Child
  • Deception: Lie to Protect Them
  • Deception: Adopting an Air of Indifference to Bad News
  • Deception: Using a Begging Bowl to Hide a Weapon
  • Deception: Making a Murder Look Like a Suicide-By-Hanging
  • Deception: Hiding Behind the Guise of a Harmless Bartender
  • Deception: Producing a Convincing "Beating"
  • Deception: Masking the Draw of a Blade By Scratching Your Chest
  • Deception: Making Up a Story to Explain the Unease of a Victim
  • Deception: Hiding Embezzlement in a Blizzard of Paperwork
  • Deception: Looking a Man in the Eyes When You Lie to Him
  • Deception: Making Up a Lie on The Fly
  • Deception: Don't Pause or Hesitate Before Lying
  • Deception: Staging a Bathtub Suicide
  • Deception: Forging a Suicide Note
  • Deception: Removing Evidence from a Fake Suicide, That Would Suggest Otherwise
  • Deception: Traveling Under a False Name
  • Deception: Drawing an Enemy's Attention to One Weapon... Then Attacking With Another
  • Deception: Feigning the Weakness of Old Age
  • Deception: Claiming a visitor has arrived to collect a donation.
  • Deception: The Hone runes were covered by a blanket.
  • Deception: The Hone runes were etched into the stone slab itself.
  • Deception: Holding Back Your Skills So You Can Observe Those of Your Opponents
  • Deception: Carefully Avoiding Potentially "Messy" Subjects
  • Deception: Using a False Name
  • Deception: Lies of Omission
  • Deception: Hiding Violence from a Child
  • Deception: Passing off your Party as a Family
  • Deception: Staying Calm Even as Your Lie is Questioned
  • Deception: Speaking a Barefaced Lie
  • Deception: Bluffing More Magic than you Actually Have
  • Deception: False salt to give the appearance of a ghost barrier
  • Deception: Hazel posing as the Leviathan's reborn love
  • Deception: Jorsie telling the Leviathan that its reborn love in on board
  • Deception: Lies planted in the past to expose liars in the future
  • Deception: Try not to display your full skill level
  • Deception: Mimicking the Sound of an Alley Cat
  • Deception: Smothering Words So Only The Speaker and Listener Can Hear Them
  • Deception: Pretending to be Driven Back to Observe an Opponent's Attacks
  • Deception: Answering Not with a Lie, But an Alternate Truth
  • Deception: Lying to The Boss
  • Deception: Disguising Disgust Behind Concentration
  • Deception: Hiding Unease Behind Indignation
  • Deception: Altering your Appearance in the Emea
  • Deception: Knowing When a Lie Won't Fly
  • Deception: Keeping Up the Charade Until the Mission is Complete
  • Deception: All Lies Come from Liars, But Liars Don't Lie All the Time
  • Deception: Using Dust Plumes to Hide Fieldcraft: Scouting Terrain
  • Deception: Playing Possum
  • Deception: The Best Liars Believe Their Own Lies
  • Deception x2
  • Deception: Using an Inferno to Cover Up Crimes
  • Acting: Playing the Beggar
  • Acting: Changing your Gait to Seem Harmless
  • Acting: Making a Humble Mask
  • Acting: Playing the Outraged Dad
  • Acting: Playing the Fearful Underworld Bottom-Feeder
  • Acting: Playing the Doddery Street Addict
  • Acting: Pretending to Abandon a "Friend"
  • Acting: Playing The Drunken Lunatic
  • Acting: A Facade of Reassurance and Appreciation
  • Acting: Feigning Fear and Beggarly Desperation
  • Acting: Playing the Humble, Flustered Charity Worker
  • Acting: Sliding Back Into a Role at a Trill's Notice
  • Acting: More Than Just the Clothes
  • Acting: Playing the Part of a Drunken Derelict
  • Acting: Feigning Concern for a Man You Just Assaulted
  • Acting: Adopting a "Middle-Class" Accent
  • Acting: Feigning Exhaustion
  • Acting: Playing the Addled Idiot
  • Acting: Using Past Acquaintances as Models for your Character
  • Acting: Hacking, Racking, Distracting Cough
  • Acting: False Smile (eyes and lips both)
  • Acting: Playing the Simple Bumpkin from Etzos
  • Acting: Carrying on an Amiable Chat to Kill Time
  • Acting: Feigning Eagerness
  • Acting: Playing the Humble Pleb
  • Acting: Playing the Weak Old Man
  • Acting: Playing the Returning Refugee (not too far from the truth)
  • Acting: Using Real Grief in a Counterfeit Character
  • Acting: Being Pathetic Works
  • Acting: Playing a Humble Soldier
  • Acting: Feigning Friendship
  • Disguise: Pretending To Be a Beggar
  • Disguise: Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Disguise: Smelly Clothes Maketh a Beggar
  • Disguise: Looking Like Anything But an Assassin
  • Disguise: Dirt and Shit Smears to Look Like a Beggar
  • Disguise: Just Another Traveler, Enjoying a Meal
  • Disguise: Leaving Separately, Avoiding Suspicion
  • Disguise: Playing the Quiet Bookworm
  • Disguise: Actually Begging Completes the Facade of Dressing Like One
  • Disguise: Blind Man's Bluff
  • Disguise: Sometimes a Silhouette in the Darkness is Deception Enough
  • Disguise: Wearing a Servant's Livery
  • Disguise: A Servant Among Nobles Earns Scant Attention
  • Disguise: Stealing a Uniform (of sorts)
  • Disguise: Made Even Harder with Magical Mutations

    Defiance - 1
  • Defiance: Guardian Elements

    Detection - 96
  • Detection: Deducing When Something was Prepared By the Freshness of Its Remains in a Container
  • Detection: Noting Careful Use of Language
  • Detection: Deducing a Tan from the Eastern Deserts
  • Detection: Knowing a Fellow Killer When You See One
  • Detection: The Pulse of "The Gift" Being Unleashed and Maintained
  • Detection: The "Gift" Backlashes on Naer if They Get Too Close
  • Detection: Seeing the Effects of "The Gift" on Oberan
  • Detection: Take Note of Nearby items so You are not Surprised
  • Detection: Tones of Voice Often Imply What is being Said
  • Detection: Noticing When Someone Has a Personal Connection to Someone They're Speaking Of
  • Detection: Finding a Blood Trail
  • Detection: Guessing an Object By Feel of Its Shape
  • Detection: Recognizing a Familiar Street Name
  • Detection: Tell-Tale Signs of a Pickpocket's Hands at Work
  • Detection: Noticing When Details Don't Add Up
  • Detection: Guessing the Pins in a Lock from the Ridges on a Key
  • Detection: The Sounds and Smells of a Bath Being Run
  • Detection: Smelling Booze on a Person
  • Detection: Sensing Something Amiss From an Absence of Security
  • Detection: Observing When Someone is Wary of You
  • Detection: Deducing That Someone Knows You, By Referencing a Weapon You Carry
  • Detection: Listening for an Unseen Enemy's Breathing
  • Detection: Knowing the Sound of a Person Moving Carefully in the Shadows
  • Detection: Recognizing a Couple of No-Goods (probably from personal experience)
  • Detection: Recognizing Your Contact
  • Detection: Noticing When Someone's Sweating Far More than they Should Be
  • Detection: Following a Significant Glance
  • Detection: Knowing the Country from the City By the Smell of the Air
  • Detection: Recognizing a Face Long-Buried in the Past
  • Detection: Surmising Who Commands a Group, Based on Deference Shown to Them
  • Detection: Knowing When Magic is Being Directed At You
  • Detection: Recognizing the Telltale Signs of an Incoming Punch
  • Detection: Recognizing a Foreign Accent
  • Detection: Spotting When One is Smart Enough to Speak Frankly With
  • Detection: Piecing Together How a Fight Transpired
  • Detection: Noticing When Someone Doesn't Like You
  • Detection: Identifying the Unspoken Order Under a Leading Question
  • Detection: Recognizing Tattoos Common Among Criminal Fraternities
  • Detection: A visitor to your dreamscape.
  • Detection: Deducing the Position of an Unseen Enemy By Their Voice
  • Detection: Smelling Tobacco in the Air
  • Detection: The Sound of a Fight Underway
  • Detection: Noticing Rust, Rot, and Weakness around a Metal Grate
  • Detection: Using Dogs to Track a Quarry...
  • Detection: ... and Shedding Clothes to Throw off The Dogs
  • Detection: Navigating by Smell
  • Detection: Moving Slowly to Heighten Your Hearing
  • Detection: Falling Dust Can Indicate a Weakening Roof
  • Detection: Noticing When a Place is Becoming Unstable
  • Detection: Keep Your Nose to the Wind, Find Out What it's Carrying
  • Detection: The Smell of Ithecal Scales
  • Detection: Knowing You're on Unstable Ground
  • Detection: Knowing When a Blade's Smeared with Poisons
  • Detection: Feeling the Sensation of Narcotics in Your System
  • Detection: The Brutal Glare of Healing Light
  • Detection: The calm departure of most civilians puts suspicion on the rest
  • Detection: The clumsiness of the newly ghost-possessed
  • Detection: Navigating by Touch
  • Detection: Recognizing a Place from The Past
  • Detection: Noticing the Flaw in Another's Recollections
  • Detection: Searching for Hidden Compartments in Furniture
  • Detection: Knowing the Sound of a Hollow Space
  • Detection: Searching is Often a Matter of Grinding Patience
  • Detection: The clear signs from the sea of inland war
  • Detection: Graeslin's genuine terror of the Gestalt Leviathan
  • Detection: Sounds, smells, heat and motions say you're on a boat
  • Detection: Spotting a Fake Accent
  • Detection: What it Looks Like When Someone Knows They're Caught in a Lie
  • Detection: Noting the Flaws in an Illusion (based on personal experience)
  • Detection: Identifying Who the Weaker Will in a Group Is
  • Detection: Seeing Beyond the Veil of Reality
  • Detection: Recognizing a Portal
  • Detection: Knowing the Difference Between Living Man and Mask-Wearing Ghost
  • Detection: Recognizing the Signs of Drug Abuse
  • Detection: Tracking a Gust to a Window
  • Detection: Navigating by Sound in Darkness
  • Detection: The Smell of Cooking Meat
  • Detection: Being Alter for the Tiniest Sound
  • Detection: Hearing is Your Greatest Asset Underground
  • Detection: Noticing Scuffed Masonry from Where Someone Has been Climbing
  • Detection: Following a Fleeing Figure in a Crowd
  • Detection: Stilling Your Mind and Body to Better Use Your Hearing
  • Detection: Spying the Shadow of a Swinging, Hidden Blade
  • Detection x5
  • Detection: Carefully Scanning a Crowded Room
  • Detection: Noticing Differences in a Person After a Long Time Apart
  • Detection: Deducing an Identity based on Clues and Description
  • Detection: Observing Surprise on a Face Can Confirm a Suspicion
  • Detection: Noticing a Man's Hidden Anger (and shame)
  • Detection: Using Sound in Low Visibility to Accurately Locate Enemies
  • Detection: Judging how Breathable the Air is by how Thick or Heavy it Tastes

    Discipline - 144
  • Discipline: Maintaining a Ruse in Public
  • Discipline: Constructing a Makeshift Training Dummy
  • Discipline: Knowing When to Pause your Training
  • Discipline: Being On Time
  • Discipline: Experimenting with New Techiques
  • Discipline: Shake off Sleep and Into The Fray
  • Discipline: Control Born from Cadet Training
  • Discipline: Patience to Endure a Stake-Out
  • Discipline: Don't Get Distracted by Gloating
  • Discipline: Not Skipping Exercise
  • Discipline: Altering a Workout, But Never Shirking It
  • Discipline: Keeping Chatter to a Minimum
  • Discipline: Taking Time to Practice
  • Discipline: Minding Your Own Business
  • Discipline: Recalling a Voice From Long Ago
  • Discipline: The Patience to Start with the Basics
  • Discipline: Staying Patient Even in Tense Circumstances
  • Discipline: Leave Proper Healing to Healers
  • Discipline: Learn By Observing
  • Discipline: Not Reacting to Violence
  • Discipline: Realizing Your Mistakes
  • Discipline: Waiting Until Dismissed
  • Discipline: Dividing Your Efforts, Without Neglecting Them
  • Discipline: Quieting Yourself to Take Stock of Your Surroundings
  • Discipline: Training for Muscle Memory
  • Discipline: Sharpening Your Weapons After Use
  • Discipline: Don't Drag Out a Murder (Unless Ordered To)
  • Discipline: Keeping Witnesses to a Minimum
  • Discipline: Alert for Traps At All Times
  • Discipline: Giving Away the Bare Minimum in an Answer
  • Discipline: Remembering Your World, and How Empty of Trust It Is
  • Discipline: Keeping Not Just Your Word, But Your Oath
  • Discipline: Starting With the Basics
  • Discipline: Water is a Reward, for Completing Training
  • Discipline: Not Drinking When On The Job
  • Discipline: Remembering Your Oath
  • Discipline: Careful Asking Question (Because Answers Can Kill)
  • Discipline: The Strength to Tell the Truth
  • Discipline: Putting Your Son First. Always
  • Discipline: Teaching a Hard, Cruel Lesson
  • Discipline: No Blade Left Behind (They Aren't Cheap)
  • Discipline: Not Being a Hero and Staying In Cover
  • Discipline: Taking The Time to Make a Useful Observation
  • Discipline: Going Through With a Reluctant Murder
  • Discipline: Not Going Back To Prison
  • Discipline: Sticking With Exercise For Seasons At A Time
  • Discipline: Sticking to Your Cover
  • Discipline: Marshal Your Thoughts Before Speaking
  • Discipline: Hiding Your Dislike of Someone
  • Discipline: Trust No-One, No Matter How Much You Want To
  • Discipline: Holding Up Your End of The Deal
  • Discipline: Do Not Stop Until the Job is Done
  • Discipline: Never Reveal Details Of What You Do
  • Discipline: Watch Your Target, Stinking and Uncomfortable, For as Long as You Have To
  • Discipline: Not Rising to Even the Crudest of Insults
  • Discipline: Don't be Distracted by Other Folks' Loud Business
  • Discipline: Don't Waste Time Questioning Good Fortune
  • Discipline: Remaining Pitiless to Push a Student to Succeed
  • Discipline: Regulating Your Strikes to Avoid Injuring Your Opponent
  • Discipline: Denying Yourself Peace, So Others May Have It
  • Discipline: Trying To Avoid An Argument
  • Discipline: No Speeches, No Theatrics, Just Do The Job
  • Discipline: Kill Often Enough, For Long Enough, And Fear Becomes a Thing Harder to Evoke
  • Discipline: Don't Waste Time or Words on The Dead
  • Discipline: Learning From the Mistakes of Others
  • Discipline: Holding Back From Killing One Who Truly Deserves it
  • Discipline: Not Rising to a Fool's Smugness
  • Discipline: Bury Your Fear, and Do The Job
  • Discipline: Holding Back from Killing (when practical)
  • Discipline: Focusing on Logging New Words, as Well as the Conversation.
  • Discipline: Forget Your Wounded Ego, Think Clearly
  • Discipline: Being Mindful of Your Thoughts Around an Attuner
  • Discipline: Recovering from a Lapse in Stoicism
  • Discipline: NEVER Speak Martyn's Name Aloud
  • Discipline: Striving to Not Make the Same Mistake Twice
  • Discipline: Sacrificing Conversation for Attentiveness
  • Discipline: Knowing Not to Push Yourself Too Far
  • Discipline: Accepting What You Are
  • Discipline: Deciding Your Own Life is Expendable
  • Discipline: Swallowing Your Beliefs to Accomplish an Objective
  • Discipline: Training To Be Proficient With Either Hand
  • Discipline: My Master, Right or Wrong
  • Discipline: Keeping your distance in the face of sorrow (?)
  • Discipline: Show No Fear
  • Discipline: Snapping Instantly from "Awkwardly Confused" to "Killing Mode"
  • Discipline: Putting Chaos to Order (even and especially your own home)
  • Discipline: Ignoring Sexual Attraction during a Fight (yes, it happens)
  • Discipline: Standing Firm in the Face of a Monstrous Becomer
  • Discipline: Don't Let Magical Displays Distract You from The Fight
  • Discipline: Answering Questions Only When You Want To
  • Discipline: Recognizing When You Acted Rashly
  • Discipline: Foregoing Rest to Properly Train (your magic)
  • Discipline: Marshaling your Strength (and ether) even when Trapped
  • Discipline: Not Letting On That You Know You're Being Watched
  • Discipline: Retaining Sense Enough to Negotiate Even when Wounded and Exhausted
  • Discipline: Always Put Some Money Aside
  • Discipline: Noticing and Controlling a Weapon's Hunger for Your Spark
  • Discipline: Keeping a Secret Even from a Friend
  • Discipline: Knowing the Details Before Speaking
  • Discipline: Obey orders, don't rush off and fall for the lure
  • Discipline: Turn and Face The Past
  • Discipline: Holding Back so You Fight to Disable, Not Kill
  • Discipline: Concerns about morality must be long buried in irrelevance
  • Discipline: Abstaining From Outright Murder, Until the Moment is Right
  • Discipline: Courage Enough to Admit You Might Be Wrong
  • Discipline: No Trust in the Words of Immortals (no matter how honeyed)
  • Discipline: Controlling Your Spark, Not the Other Way Around
  • Discipline: Not Reacting to Peoples' Horror of You
  • Discipline: Staying True to Your Principles (even in the face of logic and reason)
  • Discipline: Willing to be Hated and Reviled to Protect That Which You Love
  • Discipline: Standing Your Ground Against the Monstrosities of Lisirra
  • Discipline: Remaining By (and protecting) Your Commander
  • Discipline: Knowing You Need to be an Example to Your Men
  • Discipline: Keeping Your Cool in the Face of an Immortal
  • Discipline: Forcing Geniality, Even Towards Hated Enemies
  • Discipline: Always Watch What Your Words Give Away
  • Discipline: NOT Freaking Out When You Discover You're a Few Thousand Miles from Home
  • Discipline: Overcoming the Shock of Betrayal
  • Discipline: Recognizing Your Limitations
  • Discipline: Continuing the War Against Sintra
  • Discipline: Holding Your Nerve in a Cavalry Charge
  • Discipline: Not Letting Disgust Show
  • Discipline: The Patience to Endure Tedious Reading
  • Discipline: Thinking Quick and Clear Even while Being Garroted
  • Discipline: Knowing When Revenge has gone Far Enough
  • Discipline: Knowing Your Mind Well Enough to Suspect an Empath's Tricks
  • Discipline: Recognizing a Goad, and the Trap Beyond it
  • Discipline: Don't Fall Back into Bad, Old Habits...
  • Discipline: ... But Not Allowing Important Work to be Left Unfinished
  • Discipline: Ignoring Old Fears
  • Discipline: Forcing Oneself to Broaden Perspectives
  • Discipline: Splitting your Attention Between Maintaining Magic and Swordplay
  • Discipline x2
  • Discipline: Just Because There's a Fight, Doesn't Mean You Have to Get Involved
  • Discipline: The Challenge and Difficulties of Making Your Own Choices
  • Discipline: Sticking to an Old Plan
  • Discipline: Know When to Walk Away from a Continuing Conflict
  • Discipline: Deciding to Start Changing
  • Discipline: Thinking Fast and Clinical in the Heat of Combat
  • Discipline: Forcing Through Traumatic Memories
  • Discipline: A Friend in Danger Can Motivate Through Agony
  • Discipline: The Will to Kill
  • Discipline: Stay Silent and Accept Death in the Face of Interrogation
  • Discipline x2
  • Discipline: Fighting through the Shock of Suddenly Losing your Sparks
  • Discipline: Following the Trail, Knowing it Will Lead Somewhere

    Dreamwalking - 32
  • Dreamwalking: Making a Dreamer Lucid
  • Dreamwalking: Lucid Dreaming
  • Dreamwalking: A Snap of the Fingers to Change Scenery
  • Dreamwalking: Other dreamers can visit your dream.
  • Dreamwalking: The Veil
  • Dreamwalking: Recognizing That Which is NOT Part of Your Dream
  • Dreamwalking: The Emea is as Real as You Make It
  • Dreamwalking - Lucid Dreaming: Aware, But Not Fully in Control
  • Dreamwalking: Skills Advance with Practice, Much Like Magic
  • Dreamwalking: Kasoria's Depiction of The Veil
  • Dreamwalking: Immortal Domains are Part of the Emea
  • Dreamwalking: Advancing in Power Also Provides Ability to Track/Find Other Dreamers
  • Dreamwalking x20

    Dual Wield: Dagger x Dagger - 1
  • Dual Wielding: Dagger x Dagger

    Dual Wield: Dagger x Gladius - 3
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Gladius
  • Dual Wield - Dagger x Gladius: Sword Wounds and Defends, Dagger Provides the Killing Blow
  • Dual Wield - Dagger x Gladius: Disarming with the Dagger, Kill with the Gladius

    Dual Wield: Dagger x Karambit - 5
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Karambit
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Karambit: Good Combination for Close Quarters
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Karambit: Sacrifices Reach for Speed
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Karambit: Parry with Dagger, Strike with Karambit
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Karambit: Smaller Weapons Makes Exploiting Armor Weaknesses Easier

    Dual Wield: Dagger x Waraxe - 1
  • Dual Wield: Dagger x Waraxe

    Dual Wield: Gladius x Karambit - 6
  • Dual Wield: Gladius x Karambit
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Karambit): Gladius Is Best Suited to Block/Parry
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Karambit) : Karambit Can Quickly Counter/Disarm
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Karambit): Gladius is Effective for Keeping an Enemy At Range
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Karambit): Karambit is Better for Short-Range, Fast, Slashing Strikes
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Karambit - Combo): Gladius Block, Karambit Slash

    Dual Wield: Gladius x Waraxe - 5
  • Dual Wield: Gladius x Waraxe
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Waraxe): Gladius for Defense, Waraxe for Offense
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Waraxe): Parry with the Sword, Counter with the Ax
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Waraxe): Larger Weapon in Each Hand Tires You Faster
  • Dual Wield (Gladius x Waraxe): Ax Batters Shield, Gladius Exploits Openings

    Dual Wield: Karambit x Karambit - 2
  • Dual Wield: Karambit x Karambit
  • Dual Wield (Karambit x Karambit): Focus On Bladed Punches to the Body and Slashes to the Limbs

    Endurance - 104
  • Endurance: Taking a beat[DJ]
  • Endurance: Nursing broken fingers[DJ]
  • Endurance: Bracing for Injury
  • Endurance: Falling, and Rising Again
  • Endurance: The Will to Survive
  • Endurance: Accept The Pain
  • Endurance: Overcoming Pain with Rage
  • Endurance: Absorb the Blow and Retaliate
  • Endurance: Rage That Gives Killers Strength
  • Endurance: Pushing On Through Exhaustion
  • Endurance: Swallowing the Pain of a Twisted Ankle
  • Endurance: Developing Calluses Over Knuckles and Joints
  • Endurance: Keeping Your Grip, Even When Hurt
  • Endurance: Fighting Through a Helmet Head Butt
  • Endurance: Letting Battle-Rage Numb Your Wounds
  • Endurance: Completing a Grueling Exercise
  • Endurance: Fighting Through Exhaustion to Throw Your Blades
  • Endurance: Ignoring Sweat in Your Eyes
  • Endurance: Fighting In Hot, Humid, Energy-Sapping Weather
  • Endurance: Don't Think, Don't Question, Just MOVE
  • Endurance: Developing Callused Knuckles
  • Endurance: Completing Clap Pushups in Zi'Da
  • Endurance: Hanging On When a Stout Man's Bucking Against Your Grip
  • Endurance: Resetting a Dislocated Digit
  • Endurance: Breathing Through (Likely) Cracked Ribs
  • Endurance: Pain is Proof You're Still Alive
  • Endurance: Knowing Pain Will Get Easier to Bear
  • Endurance: Controlling Pain to Talk Normally (or at least Understandably)
  • Endurance: Focusing on Moving, Not Feeling
  • Endurance: Bursts of Energy, Even When Wounded
  • Endurance: Expecting and Preparing for The Cost of Exertion
  • Endurance: Refusing to Fall into the Dark (or the Light)
  • Endurance: Remaining Cogent Even When in Pain
  • Endurance: Training While Wounded and Winded, To Prepare for the Same in Battle
  • Endurance: Fighting After Being Shot (several times)
  • Endurance: Blocking Out Pain With Activity
  • Endurance: Crawling Forward (if that's all you're capable of)
  • Endurance: Breathing Through Pummeled Ribs
  • Endurance: Suffering Through Muscle Cramps
  • Endurance: Brawling After Trials of Captivity
  • Endurance: Embracing the Revitalization of Freedom after Torturous Captivity
  • Endurance: Remaining Cogent Through Sleep Deprivation
  • Endurance: An Abrogation initiation....'nuff said.
  • Endurance: Accepting the power of a new spark into the eye.
  • Endurance: Take a Beating, Keep on Tickin'
  • Endurance: Withstanding the Strain of Maintaining an Abrogation Shield
  • Endurance: Fighting Tactically Even While Being Pummeled
  • Endurance: Continuing to Cast Magic Even as Your Body Begins to Rebel
  • Endurance: "Not Today"
  • Endurance: Arcs of Punishments Makes For Callused, Numbed Skin
  • Endurance: Ignoring a Bottle Breaking Across Your Arm
  • Endurance: Ignoring a Multitude of Shallow Cuts
  • Endurance: Finishing Your Workout
  • Endurance: Surviving a Defiance-enhanced Punch
  • Endurance: Getting Up after being Hurled Against a Tree
  • Endurance: Passing through a Corrupted Rupturing Portal
  • Endurance: Rising from Delirium and Grievous Wounds to Brawl and Murder
  • Endurance: Surviving Grafting...
  • Endurance: ... And Then Flaying
  • Endurance: Fight after fight, trial after trial
  • Endurance: The heat of Saun under normal circumstances
  • Endurance: The JUNGLE heat of Saun
  • Endurance: Shaking Off a Punch to the Face
  • Endurance: Tightening Your Muscles to Absorb a Blow
  • Endurance: All Pain is the Same; The Amount is All That Varies
  • Endurance: A mental barrage of memories spanning hundreds of arcs
  • Endurance: On a ship being battered by a monster
  • Endurance: Holding Your Breath
  • Endurance: Pushing Through the Sapping Effects of a Rune Trap
  • Endurance: Accustoming Your Body to the Sudden, Jarring Projection of "Crossing"
  • Endurance: Pushing through the Agony of Overstepping
  • Endurance: The Creeping, Cumulative Weakening that is Overstepping
  • Endurance: Slogging Through Trials of Weariness and Wounds
  • Endurance: Spitting Blood and Swallowing the Rest
  • Endurance: Lifting and Heaving with No Adverse Effects
  • Endurance: Ignoring the Hissing Sting of a Bleeding Wound
  • Endurance: Controlling the Physical Strain of Stress on Magical Constructs
  • Endurance: Working Through Choking Smoke
  • Endurance: Ignoring Flames and Burning Smoke Sizzling at Your Skin
  • Endurance: Shrugging off the Cramp and Strain from Sustained Bow Firing
  • Endurance: Surviving a Transmutation Initiation
  • Endurance: Hardening Knuckles and Elbows through Gloveless Sparring
  • Endurance: Absorbing Blows from an Ithecal
  • Endurance: Fighting on Despite Grievous Injuries to Limb and Torso
  • Endurance: Tending Your Own Wounds, Mid-Battle
  • Endurance: Fighting Through a Transmutor's Absorption
  • Endurance: Pulling Yourself Back from the Brink of The Crossing
  • Endurance: The Effects of Thrill
  • Endurance: Remaining Combat Effective Even After Breaks in the Snow
  • Endurance: Toughing it Through Overstepping (as best one can)
  • Endurance: Moving and Fighting As Soon as Paralysis has Subsided
  • Endurance: Not Just Persisting through Pain, But Recovering Swiftly
  • Endurance: Mind over Matter (or will over body)
  • Endurance: Ignoring an Arrow in Your Arm
  • Endurance: Just Another Wound
  • Endurance x3

    Engineering - 2
  • Engineering: Reinforced floor-molding as a handle for a sliding panel.
  • Engineering: Magnetically-triggered trip locks and trap doors.

    Etiquette - 7
  • Etiquette: Sima and you are now partners of sorts.
  • Etiquette: The waste of a spark is worse than the dead initiate.
  • Etiquette (Etzos Military): The newly established rank of "Broomsman"
  • Etiquette: Calm courtesy when popping into a dangerous place uninvited.
  • Etiquette: Be Nice to the Waitress!
  • Etiquette: Proper Respect Paid to Worthy Enemies
  • Etiquette: Afternoon Tea

    Field Craft - 7
  • Field Craft: Tying a Secure Noose
  • Field Craft: Picking a Safe Spot to Make Camp
  • Field Craft: Making a Camp Fire
  • Field Craft: Knowing which Fungi is Safe to Eat
  • Field Craft: Making Camp in the Stormwastes
  • Fieldcraft: Choosing a Campsite with a Commanding View
  • Fieldcraft: Handcuff Knot

    Hone - 3
  • Hone: A Magic of Power Held in Runes
  • Hone: Vastly Increases Focus and Eyesight
  • Hone: Runes of Focus Can Speed Thinking, Both Mundane and Magical

    Hunting - 14
  • Hunting: Thinking Like Prey
  • Hunting: Herding Prey Towards a Trap
  • Hunting: Surrounding a Sleeping Nest
  • Hunting: Using Poisoned Arrows to Slow, Subdue, or Kill Larger Prey
  • Hunting: Using Nets and Ropes to Take Larger Prey Alive
  • Hunting: Approaching from Downwind
  • Hunting: Following Prey to Find the Predators
  • Hunting: With a Ranged Weapon
  • Hunting: Following Tracks
  • Hunting: Knowing the Eating/Drinking Habits of the Prey
  • Hunting: Identifying Roosts for Game Birds
  • Hunting: Swift Movements Alert Prey Animals
  • Hunting: Guessing How Long Prey Passed Judging By the State of Tracks
  • Hunting: Know Where Prey WILL Be, Not Just Where it IS

    Intelligence - 82
  • Intelligence: Surveillance of a Target
  • Intelligence: Observing a Target for Weaknesses
  • Intelligence: Identifying a Target from a Description
  • Intelligence: Getting a Lay of the Land
  • Intelligence: Observing and Assessing Before Revealing Oneself
  • Intelligence: Recognizing a Potential Asset
  • Intelligence: Briefing Without Giving Away Too Much
  • Intelligence: Coded Exchange of Words
  • Intelligence: Fences as Information Sources
  • Intelligence: Putting Together Clues
  • Intelligence: Discerning Meaning in Metaphor
  • Intelligence: Putting Word Out to Informers
  • Intelligence: Being Mindful of Blackguard Reaction, When Targeting One of Their Own
  • Intelligence: Communicating Via. Coded Whistles
  • Intelligence: Asking Discreet Questions (Backed up by a Little Coin)
  • Intelligence: Using Code to Identify Yourself
  • Intelligence: Remembering an Event from The Past, Applying it to The Present
  • Intelligence: Reading and Guessing Tone and Character in Unseen Voices
  • Intelligence: Speculating On Another's Intentions, Based on Evidence Observed and Overheard
  • Intelligence: Using a Less Noticeable Mode of Transport
  • Intelligence: Identifying a Party Most Likely to Inform to the Authorities
  • Intelligence: Identifying an Unspoken, Hinted Order
  • Intelligence: Making Use of a Traitor
  • Intelligence: Tailing an Underling to Find the True Target
  • Intelligence: Questioning Hired Muscle About Their Employers
  • Intelligence: Noticing When You're Being Followed
  • Intelligence: Using a Turn At a Corner to Have a Brief Look at Your Tail
  • Intelligence: Reconnaissance Can Last Trials, Not Just Bells
  • Intelligence: The Fence Puts Their Thugs Out of Their Misery
  • Intelligence: Some Try to Hide from Vengeance in the Underground
  • Intelligence: The Naer Needs a Back-up After Using "The Gift"
  • Intelligence: Shadow Form Saves a Naerikk from Physical Damage
  • Intelligence: Recognizing and Recruiting Potential Talent
  • Intelligence: Identifying a Likely Escape Route
  • Intelligence: Finding the Watering Hole for Local Muscle
  • Intelligence: The Old "This Is Important" Wink
  • Intelligence: Just Shut Up and LISTEN
  • Intelligence: Using a Dead Drop
  • Intelligence: The Language of Speaking, and Reading, Between the Lines
  • Intelligence: Knowing the Backgrounds of People Close to Those You Care About
  • Intelligence: Knowing a Man's Habits to Find His Weaknesses
  • Intelligence: Bar Staff are Useful Sources
  • Intelligence: Recognizing Potential in an Acquaintance
  • Intelligence: Children with hair ribbons that embody messages.
  • Intelligence: Sima's door to the Underground looks like a stone wall.
  • Intelligence: Spreading Word in Taverns and Pubs
  • Intelligence: Guard Stations are Good Places to Learn of Bounties
  • Intelligence: Agreeing on a Contingency Plan
  • Intelligence: Both sides have to balance tactics vs ghosts and living
  • Intelligence: Sintra's spiders are truly allies
  • Intelligence: Knowing Who has Answers, and Thus Whom to Question
  • Intelligence: Truly Important Documents are Always Hidden
  • Intelligence: Maps are Valuable Sources of Information
  • Intelligence: Gathering Information and Monitoring Targets Before Launching an Operation
  • Intelligence: Speaking Only in Private Locations (where possible)
  • Intelligence: Gathering Intel from a Client about a Mark
  • Intelligence: Following a Chain of Informers to what you want (or who)
  • Intelligence: Deciphering Code
  • Intelligence: Receiving Word from Informers
  • Intelligence: Knowing the Places You can be Guaranteed Privacy
  • Intelligence: Passing on Useful Information
  • Intelligence: Using Magic to Infiltrate a Secure Location
  • Intelligence: Preparation and Planning Are Critical to an Operation
  • Intelligence: Targeted Assassination
  • Intelligence: Information Gathering Through the Emea
  • Intelligence: Up--to-Date Information is Essential to Decision-Making
  • Intelligence: Not a Narrow Field, But a Complex Web
  • Intelligence: Effectively Tailoring Coded Messages
  • Intelligence: Relies on Utilizing Resources, and Building Relationships
  • Intelligence: Sharing Information
  • Intelligence: Nurturing a Network over the Arcs
  • Intelligence: Doubling Back to Check for Tails
  • Intelligence: Pausing Frequently to Listen for Tails
  • Intelligence: Keeping Your Eyes and Ears Close to the Street (where the whispers are)
  • Intelligence: Identifying Stray from Baseline
  • Intelligence: Expect Betrayal
  • Intelligence: Making the Rounds with Sources and Informants
  • Intelligence: Writing a Cryptic Message
  • Intelligence: Making Use of Army Contacts
  • Intelligence: Putting Together a List of Potential Recruits
  • Intelligence: Favors and Secrets are the Best Currency
  • Intelligence x3

    Intimidation - 81
  • Intimidation: Don't Be Subtle When Savagery Suffices
  • Intimidation: Words of Warning
  • Intimidation: Leave a Survivor to Carry the Message
  • Intimidation: Threatening Family to Break a Subject
  • Intimidation: Frothing and Raging to Terrify
  • Intimidation: Cultivate the Reputation of a Savage
  • Intimidation: Playing On Reputation (Yours and Your Master's)
  • Intimidation: Frosty Tone of Voice
  • Intimidation: No Threats, Just Stating The Inevitable
  • Intimidation: Projecting an Air of Indifference to Suffering
  • Intimidation: Reminding a Small Fry Just How Small He Really Is
  • Intimidation: Using a Sword as a Pointer
  • Intimidation: Just a Hint of Steel, Promising Pain
  • Intimidation: Threaten That Which They Love
  • Intimidation: Pissed Pants? Consider the Point Made
  • Intimidation: All about the Specter of Terrible Acts
  • Intimidation: Crippling as Just the START of the Intimidation
  • Intimidation: Letting Someone Know Family Ties Can Be Broken
  • Intimidation: Raising Your Voice For Quiet
  • Intimidation: Holding On to Send a Message
  • Intimidation: Using an Almost-Strike to Break a Victim
  • Intimidation: Using a Dying Man as Punctuation
  • Intimidation: Simple words, spoken casually, can instill fear
  • Intimidation: Words don’t need to be spoken to gain respect
  • Intimidation: Flexing Your Muscles
  • Intimidation: Threats of Disfigurement
  • Intimidation: Reminding a Man What He Has To Lose
  • Intimidation: Using Size and Speed to Surprise and Silence a Victim
  • Intimidation: Your Home Is Not A Castle
  • Intimidation: Projecting an Image of Vast, Brutal Resources Arrayed Against a Victim
  • Intimidation: Backhanded Slap of Contempt
  • Intimidation: The Reminder that Connections or Coin Can't Stop Some Men
  • Intimidation: The Bosses' Name is a Weapon of Sorts
  • Intimidation: Weaponizing a Look of Annoyance
  • Intimidation: The Dad Voice
  • Intimidation: Running a Blade Over a Victim's Face
  • Intimidation: Replacing Fear of Others With Fear of YOU
  • Intimidation: Snitches Don't Get Stitches; They Get Fucking Slaughtered
  • Intimidation: Marrying a Future Threat With Evidence of Contemporary Carnage
  • Intimidation: Forcing Someone Up Against a Wall
  • Intimidation: Decapitation Presentation
  • Intimidation: Butcher the Leaders To Demoralize the Soldiers
  • Intimidation: Mutilation as a Warning (and Free Advertising)
  • Intimidation: The Power of Forcing Sadistic Choices
  • Intimidation: I Know Who, What, and Where You Are
  • Intimidation: Pain Focuses a Victim's Attention (in the correct dose)
  • Intimidation: Formless and Shapeless... Save for a Voice
  • Intimidation: A Fearsome Reputation Provides Protection While Traveling
  • Intimidation: Screaming in Battle to Deafen and Disorient
  • Intimidation: Size Means Nothing, When Fear Soaks Your Name
  • Intimidation: Refusal to fake friendliness.
  • Intimidation: Mage vs Mage (?)
  • Intimidation: Channeling Fury behind the questions. (?)
  • Intimidation: Displaying your magic as a threat
  • Intimidation: Stabbing a Dagger Close to Someone's Face
  • Intimidation: Letting Everyone See You're Armed
  • Intimidation: Showing No Fear of a Blade to the Throat
  • Intimidation: Making Ironclad Threats Even at Knifepoint
  • Intimidation: Running Isn't an Option
  • Intimidation: Using your Mutations to Frightening Effect
  • Intimidation: Promise of punishment to come if mistakes are repeated
  • Intimidation: The metallic scraping of flexing metal gauntlets
  • Intimidation: When killing rage replaces fear
  • Intimidation: Knowing when your enemy knows you are not its equal
  • Intimidation: Reveal a few weapons, to let folks know you have more
  • Intimidation: The Inherent Mortal Fear an Immortal Inspires
  • Intimidation: The Benefit in Being the One Intimidated (for a change)
  • Intimidation: A Sudden, Splitting Smack to Bring Silence
  • Intimidation: Spewing Hate at Close Range
  • Intimidation: Ensuring Mercy is Not Confused with Weakness
  • Intimidation: The Threat of Magic
  • Intimidation: Using Magic, Steel, and Savagery to Break the Will of Greater Numbers
  • Intimidation: Digging Your Own Grave
  • x2
  • Intimidation: Playing the Mad Mage, Unknowable and Invincible
  • x3
  • Intimidation x3

    Investigation - 70
  • Investigation: Asking Relevant Questions
  • Investigation: Getting Intel for a Contract
  • Investigation: Deducing a Familial Resemblance
  • Investigation: Using Personal Contacts
  • Investigation: Trying to Subtly Question a Man's Intentions
  • Investigation: A Room Not Only Searched, but Looted
  • Investigation: Assume There's a Back Way Out of Everywhere
  • Investigation: Sent to do a Job in the Underground is Unusual
  • Investigation: Inquiring About Potential Hiding Spots
  • Investigation: Following a Chain of Sources
  • Investigation: Racking Your Memory for Crucial Details
  • Investigation: The Need to Know
  • Investigation: Putting Together Memories and Facts, Then Extrapolating a Likely Conclusion
  • Investigation: Seeing When the Suggested Motive For a Crime Makes No Sense
  • Investigation: Recognizing Further Leads to be Investigated
  • Investigation: Posing Clear Questions for Clear Answers
  • Investigation: Looking for Traces of Man or Animal
  • Investigation: Using Answers to Remove Future Questions
  • Investigation: Drawing a Conclusion from Intelligence Gathered
  • Investigation: Inspecting Corpses
  • Investigation: Reconstructing the Scene
  • Investigation: Noticing Nuanced Wording
  • Investigation: Finding the Meaning of Foreign Words
  • Investigation: Asking for a Name
  • Investigation: WHY Someone Fears You, Not Just Noticing That They DO
  • Investigation: Trying to Gain Further Intel, Without Giving Away Too Much of Your Own
  • Investigation: Patient, Polite Questions
  • Investigation: Discerning Details of a Potential Job
  • Investigation: Showing Interest without Appearing Interested
  • Investigation: Using Present Facts and Past Memories to Deduce a Likely Conclusion
  • Investigation: Making Connections between Old and New Information
  • Investigation: Deducing Identities from Descriptions
  • Investigation: Stories and Suspicions Are Not Evidence
  • Investigation x2
  • Investigation: Noticing and Following Footprints in Printable Ground
  • Investigation: Scouring a Scene for Small Details
  • Interrogation: Offering False Hope (Better Than None at All)
  • Interrogation: Appearing Too Informed To Lie To
  • Interrogation: Seek Names and Places, Not Rumor and Hearsay
  • Interrogation: Combining Magical and Physical Pressure to Break a Subject
  • Interrogation: Punctuating Questions with Punches (just to keep them focused)
  • Interrogation: First the Pain, THEN the Questions
  • Interrogation: Letting paranoia lead your questions.
  • Interrogation: Promising Life in Exchange for Answers
  • Interrogation: Using Poison and the Promise of an Antidote
  • Interrogation: Questioning at Knifepoint
  • Interrogation: Good Jack, Bad Jack
  • Interrogation: Suspicion As Standard
  • Interrogation: Names, Dates, Places - The Foundations of Facts
  • Interrogation: Never Believe the First Story
  • Interrogation x4
  • Interrogation: Letting Others Ask Questions
  • Torture: Popping Eyes
  • Torture: Scalping
  • Torture: Enhanced by Using Poisons
  • Torture: Cutting Out Tongues
  • Torture: Impaling Hands
  • Torture: Breaking Bone after Bone after Bone...
  • Torture: Flaying Skin from the Face
  • Torture: Digging Around in Open Wounds
  • Torture: Cutting Off Digits
  • Torture: Forcing a Terrified Mind to Focus on Your Questions
  • Torture: Good Ol' Blade to the Balls
  • Torture: Forcing the Subject to Watch His Comrades Die
  • Torture: Digging Around in Existing Wounds
  • Torture: As Much Mentally Breaking as Physically Maiming

    Land Navigation - 1
  • Land Navigation: Moving Through Mine Tunnels

    Leadership - 44
  • Leadership: Remaining Calm and Commanding in a Crisis
  • Leadership: Offering Hope to the Hopeless
  • Leadership: Snapping Off Orders in the Aftermath of Carnage
  • Leadership: Keeping Your Employer Safe
  • Leadership: It's All in The Tone
  • Leadership: Sharp, Concise Orders
  • Leadership: Leading From the Front
  • Leadership: Assigning Tasks to Subordinates
  • Leadership: Trust Subordinates to Carry Out Orders
  • Leadership: Making "bait" of yourself while rescuing the Commander
  • Leadership: Military terminology to get response without rank
  • Leadership: Shows itself best in life and death situations
  • Leadership: Never Underestimate the Power of VOLUME!
  • Leadership: Show Concern for Your Men, and They'll Reciprocate
  • Leadership: Lead By Example
  • Leadership: Keeping Your Men Stable and Focused (while they're still needed)
  • Leadership: Supervising a Work Crew
  • Leadership: Giving Orders in the Heat of Battle
  • Leadership: Recognizing when Underlings are Out of their Depth
  • Leadership: Protect Your Men
  • Leadership: Leading a Class (as a teacher)
  • Leadership: Organizing Men into Ranks and Lines
  • Leadership: Organizing a Fire Suppression Unit
  • Leadership: Establishing Command over a Newcomer
  • Leadership: Keeping a Cool Head in a Raging Fire
  • Leadership: Leading Volunteers Against the Fireborn
  • Leadership: Quickly Relaying a Plan to Subordinates
  • Leadership: Spend Lives, But Never Throw Them Away
  • Leadership: Handing Off a Prisoner
  • x3
  • Leadership: Establishing a New Leader in Your Absence
  • Leadership: Being (mostly) Honest with Your Men
  • Leadership: Training Warriors to Fight as Soldiers
  • Leadership: Persuading a Stubborn Subordinate
  • Leadership: Looking to the Future of Your Men
  • Leadership: Balancing Reason with Intimidation
  • Leadership: Commanding More Than Just Your Own Men
  • Leadership: Protecting Your People By Taking Sole Responsibility

    Linguistics - 2
  • Linguistics: Many phrases of the ancient tongue translated by Jorsie
  • Linguistics: Body language: the nod of the head toward a subject

    ]Larceny - 9
  • Lock Picking: A Discipline of Finesse and Patience
  • Lock Picking: Basic Tools (Pick and Tension Wedge)
  • Lock Picking: Needs JUST the Right Amount of Pressure
  • Lock Picking: Scrubbing Pins to Align Them
  • Lock Picking: Layout of a Pin Tumbler Lock
  • Lock Picking: Start with the Furthest Pin in a Lock, then Move Backwards
  • Lock Picking: Keeping the Bolt Tight with the Tension Bar
  • Lock Picking: Setting Each Lever While Keeping the Bolt Tense
  • Lock Picking: Touch and Sound is More Valuable than Sight

    Logistics - 10
  • Logistics: Geared up for a jungle campaign
  • Logistics: Street thugs make undisciplined soldiers
  • Logistics: The Breaking of Emea is what truly killed the Leviathan
  • Logistics: By your ward, Graeslin now knows who you really are
  • Logistics: The half-formed Leviathan will never be more vulnerable
  • Logistics: Utilizing Captured Supplies
  • Logistics: Niceties Must be Sacrificed in Times of War
  • Logistics: Carrying Tools and Supplies for an Extended Expedition
  • Logistics: Never Leave Supply Lines at Risk During a Siege

    Medicine - 67
  • Medicine: Healing Oneself from Minor Wounds
  • Medicine: Treating a Wound with Alcohol
  • Medicine: Checking Life Signs at the Neck, Wrist, and Mouth
  • Medicine: Basic Layout of Human Organs
  • Medicine: Basic Outlay of Major Human Arteries
  • Medicine: Chemical Powder Used to Keep Lice Off Children
  • Medicine: Cauterizing a Wound to Stop Bleeding and Infection
  • Medicine: Knowing Where the Ribs Are (and the gaps between them)
  • Medicine: The Danger of Blood Loss
  • Medicine: The Dangers of a Concussion
  • Medicine: Regularly Changing Bandages Over Healing Wounds
  • Medicine: Limbs are Weakest at the Joints
  • Medicine: Keeping a Foreign Body in a Wound Can Actually PREVENT Additional Blood Loss
  • Medicine: Staunching a Bloody Wound with Dressings Shoved Inside it
  • Medicine: Allowing For Rest to Aid in Recuperation
  • Medicine: Tying a Tourniquet
  • Medicine: Stemming Blood Flow to a Wounded Limb
  • Medicine: Applying Your Own Dressings
  • Medicine: Stitching Cuts Closed
  • Medicine: Clean Wounds, Don't Soak Them, Before Further Healing
  • Medicine: Making a Simple Poultice
  • Medicine: Applying a Poultice After Stitches
  • Medicine: Calendula Makes a Good Anti-Infection Poultice
  • Medicine: Setting a Fracture
  • Medicine: Washing Your Hands
  • Medicine: Splinting a Fractured Forearm
  • Medicine: Rotting Bodies Spread Disease
  • Medicine: A Broken Spine Kills the Mind's Control Over the Body
  • Medicine: Examining a Wound
  • Medicine: Plague Spreads through Refugees
  • Medicine: Knowing When Someone Has Lost Too Much Blood to Survive
  • Medicine: The Petty Annoyances of Aging
  • Medicine: Recognizing Plague Sores
  • Medicine: The Importance of Hygiene
  • Medicine: Drugs Can Cause Hallucinations
  • Medicine: The Process of Decomposition
  • Medicine: Pure Alcohol to Clean Wounds and Numb Pain
  • Medicine: Keep Pressure on a Laceration
  • Medicine: Some Wounds are Too Catastrophic to Survive
  • Medicine: Quick Self-Examination for Injury
  • Medicine: Burn Ointment
  • Medicine: Battle Rush Numbs Senses, but Doesn't Heal Wounds
  • Medicine: Cleaning and Dressing a Crossbow Wound to a Limb
  • Medicine: Concussion
  • Medicine: Signs of Concussion
  • Medicine: Dressing a Minor Wound
  • Medicine: Avoiding Infection
  • Medicine: Wash Minor Wounds
  • Medicine: Removing an Arrowhead
  • Medicine: Arrowheads are Made to Cause Damage Coming Out, too
  • Medicine: Cleaning, Packing, Dressing a Spear Blow Through the Torso
  • Poisons: Scarf Rot
  • Poisons: Ghost Mushroom, Weapon Smear
  • Poisons: Scarf Rot, Soaked into a Euphoria Stick
  • Poisons: How Long It Takes Ghost Mushroom (Weapon Smear) To Kill
  • Poisons: Dosing a Snack with Scarf Rot to Neutralize a Guard Dog
  • Poisons: Estimating Dosage Based on Weight
  • Poisons: Takes Time for Poisons to Spread Through the Body
  • Poison (Scarf Rot): Renders Sluggish and Uncoordinated Those It Can't Render Unconscious
  • Poisons: Lightning’s Grasp
  • Poisons: Lye Fumes
  • Poison: Thraybone - Paralyzing agent
  • Poison: Bread and Butter- Liver, Heart, and Brain toxins combined
  • Poison: Brown Recluse Spider
  • Poison: Can be Delivered as a Mist with a Pump Sprayer
  • Poison: Requires Special Equipment to Produce
  • Poison: Trapper Spider - Boosts Strength, But Makes Entire Body Over-Sensitive

    Meditation - 33
  • Meditation: Your Mind in One Place, Your Body in Another
  • Meditation: Finding Focus Through Cold
  • Meditation: Focus the Mind By Occupying the Body
  • Meditation: Makes Conjuring Magic Easier
  • Meditation: Can Be Found in Stillness, or Movement (depending on the person)
  • Meditation: Using Lapping Water to Regulate Heartbeat and/or Breathing
  • Meditation: Thunderbolt Position
  • Meditation: Force Away Distractions, Focus Only on the Clear Narrow Path
  • Meditation: The Steady Rhythm of a Whetstone Can Calm The Mind
  • Meditation: Blocking Out Distracting Sounds
  • Meditation: Not The Pain, Nor the Sound, Not The World... Just The Task Before You
  • Meditation: Soothing Pain By Imagining Anything Else
  • Meditation: Willing Your Muscles to Stillness
  • Meditation: Train to Clear Your Mind of Useless Thoughts
  • Meditation: Focusing on the Present, Not the Future
  • Meditation: Controlled Breathing
  • Meditation: Lowering Your Heartbeat to Steady Yourself
  • Meditation: Soothing Bath, Peaceful Mind
  • Meditation: Focus Must be Maintained, Not Just Attained
  • Meditation: Don't Allow Thoughts of the Past to Distract
  • Meditation: Focus Must be Tested
  • Meditation: Finding Ease of Concentration in Familiar Actions
  • Meditation: Finding Peace and Calm in the Sound of Wind
  • Meditation: Essential for Opening "Crossing" Portals
  • Meditation: Making a Mental Image of a Physical Obstacle
  • Meditation: Invaluable when it comes to Channeling Ether in Times of Stress
  • Meditation: Blocking out Senses, One By One
  • Meditation: Retaining Your Senses in the Midst of Agony
  • Meditation: Calming Your Spark During an Initiation
  • Meditation: Focusing on the Immediate to Prevent the Mind Wandering
  • Meditation: Setting a Mental Boundary and Objective
  • Meditation: Focusing on Memories to Use as Guides in Magic Crafting
  • Meditation: Balancing Breathing and Heartbeat to Better Regulate Magic

    Mount (Horse) - 8
  • Mount (Horse): Pulling Back on the Reins to Slow and Stop
  • Mount (Horse): Kicking the Flanks to Spur Onwards
  • Mount (Horse): Riding through Darkness (and trusting your horse)
  • Mount (Horse): Keeping Your Mount Fed and Hydrated
  • Mount (Horse): Trusting the Horse's Sense of Direction
  • Mount (Horse): Bringing the Horse to a Gentle Stop
  • Mount (Horse): Swiftly Getting into the Saddle
  • Mount: Directing Horse's Direction Through the Reins

    Navigation - 3
  • Navigation (Land): Estimating Travel Time Within Etzos Territories
  • Navigation (Emea): Portals, Immortal Domains, and the Strange Geography Within Them
  • Navigation (Land): Using a Map

    Combat (Polearms & Staves, Versatile: Spear) - 2
  • Polearms & Staves (Spear): Use From Horseback
  • Polearms & Staves (Spear): Keeping the Tip On Target When Charging

    Politics - 24
  • Politics: Sometimes It's Better for All Parties if a Troublesome Subject Just... Vanishes
  • Politics: Using an Indebted Mutual Associate to Vouch for You
  • Politics: Some Wankers Hope the Boss Will Lose Track of Debts
  • Politics: There are "Property Lines"in the Underground
  • Politics: Resolving a "Problem" Without Causing a Scandal
  • Politics: Cut a Potential Rival Down to Size Before He Becomes a Future Problem
  • Politics: Vuda Keeps a Close Eye on Mages in The City
  • Politics: The Council Will Tolerate Gangsters and Racketeers... But Not Traitors and Revolutionaries
  • Politics: Without Your Word, You're Nothing
  • Politics: Real Power is in Favors, Not Gold
  • Politics: Sima Needed this Hidden from Vuda
  • Politics: Does Vuda himself even know about Sima's activities?
  • Politics: This is war against an Immortal, not between Immortals
  • Politics: Placating Rivals by Fighting a Mutual Enemy
  • Politics: The Advantages of Adaptability
  • Politics: Gaining Favor in All the Right Circles
  • Politics: Collecting Favors By Not Making a Fuss
  • x4
  • x3

    Combat (Ranged: Short bow) - 41
  • Ranged Weapon: Inhale as your Draw, Exhale as you Loose
  • Ranged (Short bow): Nocking an Arrow
  • Ranged (Short bow): Drawing Properly
  • Ranged (Short bow): The Right Bow for the Person Using it
  • Ranged (Short bow): Quick Release to Avoid Damaging Your Fingers
  • Ranged (Short bow): Inhale on the Draw, Exhale on the Loose
  • Ranged (Short bow): Speed Effects Accuracy
  • Ranged (Short bow): Different Species, Different Bodily Targets
  • Ranged (Short bow): Reloading Without Lowering the Bow
  • Ranged (Short bow): Firing in Opposite Directions, One Arrow after Another
  • Ranged (Short bow): Lining up the Arrowhead and the Target
  • Ranged (Short bow): Make Every Arrow Count
  • Ranged (Short bow): Nock, Draw, Sight, Loose
  • Ranged (Short bow): Aiming for the Mouth
  • Ranged (Short bow): Draw All the Way for Maximum Power
  • Ranged (Short bow): Don't Be Distracted When Letting Fly
  • Ranged (Short bow): Arrows Don't Penetrate as Deep as Crossbow Bolts
  • Ranged (Short bow): Taking into Account Drop over Long Distance
  • Ranged (Short bow): Taking Wind Speed into Account
  • Ranged (Short bow): Practice and Patience is the Key to Proficiency
  • Ranged (Short bow): Arrow in the Groin to Thoroughly Disable, But Probably not Kill
  • Ranged (Short bow): Difficulty of Picking Out a Long Range Target
  • Ranged (Short bow): Shooting Accurately under the Stress of Combat
  • Ranged (Short bow): Aiming for Weak Spots
  • Ranged (Short bow): Rapidly Loosing One Arrow after Another
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Firing at All Four Compass Points
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Two Arrows, One Target, Same Shot
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): The Cyclical Motion of Plucking, Nocking, Drawing, and Loosing a Bow
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Ensuring a Clear Line of Sight
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Firing While Moving
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Shooting a Target Low to the Ground
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Leading a Moving Target
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Holding a Drawn Bow Too Long Weakens the Muscles
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Ignore the Mass, Focus on a Single Target
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Shooting a Flying Bird Out the Sky
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Being Mindful of the Sun's Glare When Shooting
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Firing Three Arrows at Once
  • Ranged (Shortbow): An Arrow in the Throat is a (relatively) Quiet Kill
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Two Arrows, Two Targets, Same Shot
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Firing Multiple Arrows At Once Requires Timing (and math)
  • Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Aiming for the Vulnerable Parts of a Horse

    Research - 15
  • Research: Learning about Useful Topic (For an Assassin)
  • Research: Shutting Up and Paying Attention
  • Research: Questioning Those with Similar Afflictions
  • Research: Using Gained Intelligence and Observations to Draw a Conclusion
  • Research: Poring through Tomes of Lore
  • Research: Reading in a Methodical Manner
  • Research: Creating Understandable Analogies from Confusing Information
  • Research: Piecing Together the Lost and Unintelligible
  • Research: Not Skipping Sections of a Educational Tome
  • Research: Using Information from Past Lessons to Inform Fresh Ones
  • Research: Applying Research Data to Personal Items (for understanding and clarification)
  • Research: Literacy is a Boon to Research
  • Research: Connecting Live Lessons with Book Learning
  • Research: Public Literature
  • Research: Sifting through Prose to get to Practicalities
  • Research: Using Metaphors and Analogies You Can Understand in your Studying

    Resistance - 10
  • Resistance: Keeping Down Caspar's Flavored Embalming Fluid
  • Resistance: Fighting Back Nausea
  • Resistance: Surviving the Stagnant Pestilence of Lisirra's Domain
  • Resistance: Ambrosia.
  • Resistance: Methods of Taking Ambrosia
  • Resistance: Powdered Lye
  • Resistance: Fighting Through The Lethargy and Confusion of Narcotics
  • Resistance: Holding Onto One Thought at a Time, and Building on Them
  • Resistance: Giving Your Body Time to Process the Poison
  • Resistance: Sleeping Powder

    Shield (Heater) - 4
  • Shield (Heater): Shield Bash
  • Shield (Heater): Use in a Shield Wall
  • Shield (Heater): Only Useful If It's In Front of You
  • Shield (Round): Angling the Shield So an Incoming Blow is Redirected

    Socialization - 185
  • Socialization: Leaving a Man to Grieve
  • Socialization: Having a Drink with Family
  • Socialization: Bringing Gifts for Children
  • Socialization: Kasoria Isn't Good At It
  • Socialization: Some People Can't Be Reasoned With (So Don't Try)
  • Socialization: Keep the Conversation Simple (at first)
  • Socialization: Aping the Customs of Another People
  • Socialization: Remaining Polite and Cordial Around Hostile Faces
  • Socialization: Polite But Not Friendly
  • Socialization: Showing an Interest in the Plans of Others
  • Socialization: Proposing a Toast
  • Socialization: The Value of Kindness
  • Socialization: Cutting the Ice with a Drink
  • Socialization: Being at Ease in a Group
  • Socialization: Avoiding Insulting or Belittling Comments
  • Socialization: Shutting Up Until You Need to Speak
  • Socialization: Learning as Part of a Class
  • Socialization: Refraining from Being Abrasive to Absorb Information
  • Socialization: Talking Rather Than Fighting
  • Socialization: Discussing the World
  • Socialization: Gossip and Intel-Gathering are Often the Same Thing
  • Socialization: Talking without Revealing
  • Socialization: Speaking with Respect to the Other's Reputation
  • Socialization: Speaking with Amusement
  • Socialization: Letting People Talk (and reveal more than intended)
  • Socialization: Finding Common Ground
  • Socialization: Attending a Party
  • Socialization: Eating With Others
  • Socialization: Making Small Talk
  • Socialization: Not Overstaying Your Welcome
  • Socialization: Screaming Out Curses is (probably) Not Good Manners
  • Socialization: Communicating via. Letters
  • Socialization: Showing Concern for Others
  • Socialization: Don't Spoil a Final Meeting with Violence
  • Socialization: Act Civilized, Get Treated with Civility
  • Socialization: Selling Your Skills
  • Socialization: Finding Not Just One Selling Point, But Several
  • Socialization: Knowing You're Playing at Life, Rather than Living it
  • Socialization: Turning Another from a Path of Self-Destruction (or trying to)
  • Socialization x2
  • Rhetoric: Promising Vengeance for Vorund
  • Rhetoric: Appealing to a Boy's Brain, Not Just His Courage
  • Rhetoric: Practicing Your Lines
  • Rhetoric: Answering Accusations
  • Rhetoric: Matching Vitriol
  • Rhetoric: Letting Rage Fuel Your Tongue
  • Rhetoric: Zarik's jovial, sarcastic defiance, now that you have his back.
  • Rhetoric: Puns
  • Rhetoric: Using the Shock of a Statement to Hammer Home a Point
  • Rhetoric: The Art of Talking in Circles
  • Rhetoric: Disarm with Charm (theoretically)
  • Rhetoric: Trading Passive-Aggressive Insults
  • Rhetoric: Instilling Fear Through Descriptions of a Nightmarish Future
  • Rhetoric: The Value of a Single, Well-Placed (or screamed) Word
  • Rhetoric: Passionate Defense of Your Homeland
  • Rhetoric: Giving a Warning, Not a Threat
  • Rhetoric: Verbal Sparring
  • Negotiation: Setting a Price for Services To-Be-Rendered
  • Negotiation: Having your Counter-Offer Prepared in Advance
  • Negotiation: Paying Above the Rate
  • Negotiation: Not Going For the First Offer
  • Negotiation: Striking a Deal
  • Negotiation: Offering Knowledge for Obedience
  • Negotiation: Painting Your Side as the Most Reliable Bet In a Coming War
  • Negotiation: Lower Rate To Mollify the New Boss
  • Negotiation: Basic Haggling
  • Negotiation: Offering Money for a Life
  • Negotiation: Agreeing to Terms
  • Negotiation: Making Clear that some Terms are NOT Negotiable
  • Negotiation: Not Showing the Weakness of Fear
  • Negotiation: Striking a Compromise
  • Negotiation: Working Around Objections
  • Negotiation: Securing Shelter
  • Negotiation: Setting Boundaries for When Someone's Business Becomes YOURS Business
  • Negotiation: Payment AFTER Services Rendered
  • Negotiation: Make it Clear You Can Always Go Elsewhere
  • Negotiation: Offering a Deal that Saves the Other Party Money
  • Negotiation: Sweetening a Deal with an Incentive
  • Negotiation: When One Offer Fails, Try Another
  • Negotiation: Bringing a Prisoner to Reinforce Your Story to The Law
  • Negotiation: Make It Seem Like You Aren't Even Asking For Much
  • Negotiation: Using One's Fear for their People as a Bargaining Chip
  • Negotiation: Offering Protection For Cooperation
  • Negotiation: Appealing to Future Benefits, Not Present Problems
  • Negotiation: Don’t Make Deals Too Far Ahead
  • Negotiation: Blood Pact
  • Negotiation: Understand the Exact Words of a Contract
  • Negotiation: Half in Advance, Half on Completion (keeps everyone involved honest)
  • Negotiation: Sticking to the Terms of a Deal
  • Negotiation: Being Owed a Favor from The Raggedy Man
  • Negotiation: Reminding Another They TOO Owe a Debt
  • Negotiation: The Carrot and The Stick
  • Negotiation: The Importance of Keeping Up Your End of the Deal
  • Negotiation: Calling a Truce
  • Negotiation: Showing Faith By Returning a Weapon
  • Negotiation: Knowing When to Just Shut Up
  • Negotiation: Biqaj eye color changing is a weakness, a giveaway
  • Negotiation: Coming to terms under the immediate threat of mutual death
  • Negotiation: Courtesy for Courtesy: Exchanging names honestly
  • Negotiation: The permanency of an agreement can not be assumed
  • Negotiation: Trading acknowledgements of each others' threats
  • Negotiation: Paying Extra to Ensure Privacy
  • Negotiation: Deescalation
  • Negotiation: Offering a Clean Way Out
  • Negotiation: Deciding the Rate BEFORE Taking the Job
  • Negotiation: Make the Deal Very Much Life and Death
  • Negotiation: Backing Up Your Warning with Recent, Grisly Evidence
  • Negotiation: An Appeal to Utility
  • Negotiation: Claiming Supplies for Experiments
  • Negotiation: Putting Aside Mutual Hatred in the Face of Even Greater Danger
  • Negotiation: Always Know What You're Willing to Pay
  • Persuasion: Offering a Painless Option
  • Persuasion: Offering Compensation to Avoid the Authorities Getting Involved
  • Persuasion: Citing Recent Examples to Make Your Point
  • Persuasion: Using Shared History to Soothe an Angered Party
  • Persuasion: Always Provide an Easy Alternative
  • Persuasion: Reassuring a Child
  • Persuasion: The Threat of Scandal
  • Persuasion: Using an Official Document to Vouch for You
  • Persuasion: Citing a Common Enemy
  • Persuasion: Offering to Do a Job No-one Else Wants to Do
  • Persuasion: Show, Don't Tell (the assets you have)
  • Persuasion: A Bloated Ego is Easier to Manipulate
  • Persuasion: Appearing Non-Threatening (as much as possible)
  • Persuasion: Pointing Out the Flaws of an Enemy
  • Persuasion: Focusing on the Strength of Men, Not the Power of Immortals
  • Persuasion: Using Guilt to Manipulate
  • Persuasion: Proposing a Magical Exchange to Square a Debt
  • Persuasion: Appealing to Untapped Potential
  • Persuasion: Suggesting a Better Life
  • Psychology: Dealing with the death of your family[DJ]
  • Psychology: Recognizing Someone Lost in Memory
  • Psychology: Choked Up with Grief
  • Psychology: Men Trapped by Debt and Vices are Easy to Manipulate (Especially with Money)
  • Psychology: Knowing The Tells of a Lying Child
  • Psychology: Even Brave Men Won't Risk Their Loved Ones
  • Psychology: Give no Satisfaction to a Cheap-shot Winner
  • Psychology: No Mercy for a Cheap-shot Killer
  • Psychology: The Thrill of Seeing Fear on Charone's Face
  • Psychology: People Use "We" to Hide Weakness Behind an Impression of Unity
  • Psychology: Knowing the Etzos Criminal Mindset
  • Psychology: Orphans are Prickly about Their Parents
  • Psychology: Without Reminders, Mortal Men Forget Important Lessons (and threats)
  • Psychology: Knowing When a Will is Broken
  • Psychology: Acknowledging That You Have a Serious Vulnerability
  • Psychology: Did Watch Commander Yusef Make the "Son" Connection?
  • Psychology: Sima Came Through for You
  • Psychology: Belief in magic can open one's mind to many things.
  • Psychology: A formidable venture can make even the familiar seem new and strange.
  • Psychology: Unpleasant memories of underground cells.
  • Psychology: Using Magic to Demoralize an Enemy Unprepared to Face It
  • Psychology: Recognizing a Townspeople on the Edge of Collapse
  • Psychology: Know When to Speak Subtly, and When to be Blunt
  • Psychology: Experience of Criminals Informs How They’ll Act
  • Psychology: Occupying Your Mind to Prevent its Disintegration
  • Psychology: Overwhelming Force Can Terrify and Disorient the Enemy
  • Psychology: Knowing the Look of Men Who Do Not Fear Death (much)
  • Psychology: Don't feel sorry for the collateral casualties
  • Psychology: The awe of magnificent, gargantuan terror
  • Psychology: Mutual peril makes allies of enemies
  • Psychology: Hiding Keen Intelligence Behind Eccentricities
  • Psychology: The Odd Concept of Unconditional Friendship
  • Psychology: Inspiring Bravery, and Being Inspired By It
  • Psychology: Steeling Your Mind Against Unfathomable Sights
  • Psychology: The Psychology of an Etzori (according to Kasoria)
  • Psychology: Trying (and largely Failing) to Discern the Motives of an Immortal
  • Psychology: Shaming a Man into Action
  • Psychology: Balancing Ruthlessness and Reconciliation
  • Psychology: Gaining the Attention of a Group
  • Psychology: You Can Only Lie So Often Before They Stop Believing You Completely
  • Psychology: Noticing Tics and Foibles that Relatives Share
  • Psychology: The Nervous Look of a Boy Approaching a Woman
  • Psychology: Youth Often Leads to Stupid Choices
  • Psychology: Reading a Face's Reaction to New Information
  • Psychology: Coping mentally With Your Magical Mutations
  • Psychology: Hearing the Shock that Denotes Truth
  • Psychology: Second-Guessing isn't always a Weakness
  • Psychology: Reading Intentions from Actions (or the lack thereof)
  • Psychology: Seeing Traits of Yourself in Others
  • Psychology x3
  • Psychology: Anticipating the Defiance and Resignation of a Torture Subject
  • Psychology: Latching Onto a Deal to Diffuse an Argument
  • Sociology: Rationales to deny that an "observation" is a threat.

    Sovereign - 44
  • Sovereign: The Magic of Controlling Lifeless Matter
  • Sovereign: Initiation process into Sovereign
  • Sovereign: Initiation Forces You to Relive Painful Memories (and gives you cluster headaches)
  • Sovereign: Aura Around Mage that Brightens When Ether is Used
  • Sovereign: Expel
  • Sovereign: Expel : Doesn't Control, Just Projects ether
  • Sovereign: Expel: Larger the Object, More Ether, More Willpower is Required
  • Sovereign: Expel : Can Effect Living Things
  • Sovereign: Expel: Can Knock a Man Back at Novice, But Not Down or Over
  • Sovereign: Expel: Can Still be Avoided by a Swift Enough Opponent
  • Sovereign: Expel: Be be Deployed at Close Range
  • Sovereign: Overgiving
  • Sovereign: Impart - a technique that adds additional weight to an object
  • Sovereign: Impart: Can be done at a Distance, unlike Transmutation
  • Sovereign: Impart: Added Weight can be Taken Back (along with the ether)
  • Sovereign: Impart: Can Make a Scabbard as Heavy as a Greatsword
  • Sovereign: Impart: Almost Instantaneous When Holding the Object Targeted
  • Sovereign: Propel - pushing ether from your limbs to jump higher or throw farther
  • Sovereign: Propel: Needs to be Cast in the Same Instant as the Mage Moves
  • Sovereign: Propel: Mage Has to Adjust Quickly to Enhanced Distance They Can Cover
  • Sovereign: Propel: Can Also be Used to Drastically Slow a Fall
  • Sovereign: Propel: Launching Oneself out of Danger Faster than Normal Muscle can Allow
  • Sovereign: Propel: Invaluable When Fighting a Taller Opponent
  • Sovereign: Propel: Leaping from Roof to Roof
  • Sovereign: Propel: Boosts a Runner's Speed Immensely
  • Sovereign: Propel: Powerfully Augments Speed and Reach, But Needs to be Controlled
  • Sovereign: Propel: Useful for a Quick, Vertical Escape from a Melee
  • Sovereign: Control - the base telekinetic ability of Sovereign
  • Sovereign: Control - Moving Objects Into Grasp from a Distance
  • Sovereign: Control - Hurling Furniture
  • Sovereign: Control - Can Move Heavier Items with More Practice
  • Sovereign: Control - Moving Boulders
  • Sovereign: Reach - hardening air around an object to manipulate it
  • Sovereign: Reach and Control are similar but distinct abilities
  • Sovereign: Reach - Throwing Punches from a Distance
  • Sovereign: Reach - Can be used for All Strikes, Not just Punches
  • Sovereign: Reach - Yanking a Target by their Shirt Collar
  • Sovereign: Reach - Slapping a Crossbow Off-Target
  • Sovereign: Reach (Master): Stopping an Arrow in Mid-Flight
  • Sovereign: Airburst
  • Sovereign: Airburst - Devastating But Incredibly Taxing on Ether
  • Sovereign: Animate
  • Sovereign: Animate: Controlling Multiple Objects at Once
  • Sovereign (Master): Blending Reach and Expel into an Invisible, Powerful Blow

    Stealth - 51
  • Stealth: Watching From the Shadows
  • Stealth: Hiding in Smelly Places
  • Stealth: Softening Ones Footsteps
  • Stealth: Watching from High Up
  • Stealth: Using Muted Colors to Match the Gloom
  • Stealth: Don't Attract Attention
  • Stealth: Following At a Distance
  • Stealth: Still, Silent, Unnoticed
  • Stealth: Staying Low, Below Line of Sight
  • Stealth: Covering or Darkening Anything That Can Catch The Light
  • Stealth: Using Piles of Goods to Hide
  • Stealth: Staying Behind a Target
  • Stealth: Removing Boots for Quieter Steps
  • Stealth: Pressing Yourself to a Wall to Minimize Your Profile
  • Stealth: Keeping Your Distance While Following Someone
  • Stealth: Using Tunnels to Approach Unseen
  • Stealth: No Bodies, No Blood, No Evidence of Your Passing
  • Stealth: Hiding Behind an Open Door
  • Stealth: Opening a Door Slow and Silently
  • Stealth: Hiding Where Men Aren't Mean to Be (But Can Still Fit)
  • Stealth: Creaking Floorboards Give You Away
  • Stealth: Fleeing Into Pitch Darkness
  • Stealth: Taking Advantage of Gaps in Patrol Patterns
  • Stealth: Leaving Everything As You Found It
  • Stealth: Cast No Shadows
  • Stealth: Breathing Slow, Shallow, and Silent
  • Stealth: Stopping a Victim from Crying Out
  • Stealth: Using Noise to Cover an Approach
  • Stealth: Minimizing Sound When Scaling a Ladder
  • Stealth: Identifying Lookouts, and Avoiding them
  • Stealth: Muffling Steps by Sticking to Moist Ground
  • Stealth: Using a Reflective Surface to Peek Around a Corner (or through a window)
  • Stealth: Show Yourself When YOU Choose To
  • Stealth: No Sudden Moves
  • Stealth: Making Use of Foliage as Cover
  • Stealth: Creeping through Undergrowth
  • Stealth: Avoid the Moonlight
  • Stealth: Cast No Fire
  • Stealth: Not Giving Away Your Approach with Dust Trails
  • Stealth: Stop, Look, Listen
  • Stealth: Disposing of Bodies in the Sewers of Etzos
  • Stealth: Don't Talk "Business" In the Open
  • Stealth: Hiding in a Crowd
  • Stealth: Walking on Your Toes
  • Stealth: Flitting from Shadow to Shadow
  • Stealth: Hiding Amidst the Shadows and Chimneys of Roofs
  • Stealth: Using Abrogation to Silence a Potentially Noisy Witness
  • Stealth: Moving Slowly and Quietly through Snow
  • Stealth: Making a Lair in the Last, Lowest Place Anyone would Look
  • Stealth: Leaving Hidden Devices to Mark if Anyone has Entered a Place After you Leave it
  • Stealth: Using Running Water and Foul Smells to Evade Tracking Animals

    Storytelling - 5
  • Storytelling: Finding out about Lisirra's attack from refugees
  • Storytelling: Graeslin's personal feud with the Gestalte Leviathan
  • Storytelling: How Oberan's theft has left the ship vulnerable to a monster
  • Storytelling: How Protreani came to BE the Gestalte Leviathan
  • Storytelling: Jorsie's historical knowledge of the Leviathan's ancient love.

    Strength - 39
  • Strength: Push Ups
  • Strength: Sit ups
  • Strength: Hoisting Yourself Up a Ledge
  • Strength: Carrying a Corpse
  • Strength: Hoisting Up a Corpse With a Rope
  • Strength: The "Toad-Bird" Exercise
  • Strength: Pull Ups
  • Strength: Keeping Grip and Stance Solid to Climb at a Difficult Angle
  • Strength: Dead Hang By Your Fingertips
  • Strength: Yanking Hard Enough to Pull Wire Through Flesh
  • Strength: Wielding a Heavier, Unfamiliar Weapon With Control
  • Strength: Hauling a Man Upright
  • Strength: Heaving a Stone Slab
  • Strength: Brace with your Legs, Push with your Upper Body
  • Strength: Throwing Your Hips and Shoulders into a Thrust through a Tough Obstacle
  • Strength: Striking in the Space of a Trill
  • Strength: Manhandling a Heavy Wooden Dummy
  • Strength: Moving Fast, Even When Laden With Weapons
  • Strength: Squats
  • Strength: Standing Press
  • Strength: Exercising Different Muscle Groups
  • Strength: Deadlifting
  • Strength: Holding a Larger Man Steady (with one hand)
  • Strength: Bursting out of a Defiance-crafted Trap
  • Strength: Strong Enough to Hack Off Limbs with a Sword
  • Strength: Bracing Yourself into a Narrow, Vertical Opening
  • Strength: Lifting Yourself Straight Up into a Narrow Opening
  • Strength: Pushing Out of a Bind
  • Strength: Heaving a Massive Fallen Slab of Masonry
  • Strength: Dragging an Unconscious Man into a Sewer
  • Strength: Keeping a Sword Raised Despite Massive Pressure Against It
  • Strength: Drawing a Bow for Maximum Range and Power
  • Strength: Holding a Drawn Bow in Place
  • Strength: Beating Out Flames with a Water-Soaked Coat
  • Strength: Lugging Buckets of Water for Breaks on End
  • Strength: Knocking Down an Armored Ithecal
  • Strength: Hefting Barrels Around for Target Practice
  • Strength: Gripping Railings to Hold Oneself in the air
  • Strength: Pulling yourself up the Exterior Wall of a Building

    Tactics - 203
  • Tactics: Fight Like an Assassin, Not a Warrior
  • Tactics: Show Up Early (REALLY Early)
  • Tactics: Using a Human Distraction
  • Tactics: Best Way to Kill a Mage? Don't Let Them Use Their Magic
  • Tactics: Securing Your Home
  • Tactics: Attack High, and Low (Whatever Works)
  • Tactics: Buying Time with Thrown Debris
  • Tactics: Using a Human Shield (or Pincushion)
  • Tactics: Separating Enemies to Kill Them Piecemeal
  • Tactics: The Benefits of a Hidden Bodyguard
  • Tactics: Get in Close, Under Their Guard
  • Tactics: Planning Your Escape in Advance
  • Tactics: Focusing a Target's Attention Elsewhere
  • Tactics: Keeping an Open Door Narrow to Minimize Exposure
  • Tactics: Fighting in Narrow Confines
  • Tactics: Planning For Likely Questions
  • Tactics: The Ol' "What's That Behind You?" Trick
  • Tactics: Have Your Weapon CLOSE, Not Just NEAR
  • Tactics: Distracting a Target With an Unexpected Event
  • Tactics: Spotting Weaknesses In Your Enemy's Grip
  • Tactics: Letting Yourself Be Seen to Flush Out a Hidden Watcher
  • Tactics: Don't Rely Too Much on One Weapon
  • Tactics: Knowing When to RUN
  • Tactics: Nullifying a Numerical Advantage With a Narrow Battlefield
  • Tactics: Can't Play Defense Forever; Fights are Won by Offense
  • Tactics: Best Way to Defeat a Swordsman? Don't Let Him Draw His Sword
  • Tactics: Provoking an Enemy By Needling their Pride
  • Tactics: Luring Targets to an Isolated Location
  • Tactics: Rely on Yourself and Your Weapons, Not the Poison
  • Tactics: Traveling with Foreigners, To Avoid Being Recognized
  • Tactics: Know When to Fight, and When to Talk
  • Tactics: Don't Just Strike Once, But As Often As You Can
  • Tactics: Fights Aren't By The Numbers, So Don't Rely On Routines
  • Tactics: Use The Wounded to Lure Out Fresh Victims
  • Tactics: Countering Ranged Weapons With Your Own
  • Tactics: Don't Give an Enemy Warning, Just KILL the Bastard!
  • Tactics: Drawing Out Bandits With Bait, Then Ambushing THEM
  • Tactics: Negating Armor By Targeting Uncovered Areas
  • Tactics: Bribing Your Opponent's Protection
  • Tactics: Anticipating an Opponent's Last Gasp Assault
  • Tactics: One Stratagem Doesn't Work? Try Another
  • Tactics: Positioning Yourself to Watch All Avenues of Approach
  • Tactics: Dealing with Targets One By One, Rather Than a Head-One Charge
  • Tactics: Choosing a Narrow, Isolated Alley to Confront Your Tail
  • Tactics: Waiting for the Door to Open Before Kicking It Down
  • Tactics: Identifying a Guard Dog as a Threat to be Neutralized First
  • Tactics: Knowing When to Deliver a Killing Blow (Physical or Otherwise)
  • Tactics: Don't Let a Naer Enemy Turn a Room Totally Dark
  • Tactics: Maneuver the Naer Toward her "Gift" Victim
  • Tactics: Raising A Curtain of Distracting Debris
  • Tactics: Testing Reach Before Fully Engaging an Enemy
  • Tactics: Hiding a Weapon Behind a Hat
  • Tactics: Taking Out The Biggest Threat First
  • Tactics: Assessing a Potential Asset, By Giving Them a Chance to Escape
  • Tactics: Shield Wall
  • Tactics: Avoiding Where Your Enemy is Strongest
  • Tactics: Pay Attention to Your Peripheral Vision
  • Tactics: Positioning a Target So Someone Else Can Get Behind Him
  • Tactics: Cutting Off Likely Escape Routes
  • Tactics: Position Unstable Assets Far Away From Targets You Need Alive
  • Tactics: Masking a Coming Attack Behind a Proffered Drink
  • Tactics: Attacking From Behind
  • Tactics: Distracting an Enemy With a Thrown Item
  • Tactics: Seeing an Incoming Attack and Intercepting It
  • Tactics: Sheer Numbers Can Overwhelm Skill
  • Tactics: Know When NOT to Pick a Fight with a Mage
  • Tactics: Wearing Down a Larger Opponent
  • Tactics: Letting Your Targets Come to You, Not Vice Versa
  • Tactics: "Disarm" an Enemy By Embedding Their Weapon in Some Inconvenient Object (like a wall)
  • Tactics: Multiple Layers of Security Around a VIP
  • Tactics: Shifting Attention (and thus future blame) Onto Another In Your Organization
  • Tactics: Avoid Predictability in Combat
  • Tactics: Attack With the Light Behind You To Blind Your Opponents
  • Tactics: Striking When Your Opponent is Blinded By Rain
  • Tactics: Expect Your Enemy to Strike When You Aren't Ready
  • Tactics: You Should Go For The Head
  • Tactics: Snaring a Man with Blackmail and Debt
  • Tactics: Protective Formation for a Small Group of Bodyguards
  • Tactics: If You Have a Ranged Weapon, STAY at Range
  • Tactics: Posting Sentries At Night
  • Tactics: The High Ground is Fine, But It Comes with a Fall
  • Tactics: Sacrificing Men To Focus an Enemy's Attention Elsewhere
  • Tactics: Even When a Man is Chained, Stay out of Arms Reach
  • Tactics: The Honeypot Trick
  • Tactics: Knowing When it's Better NOT To Fight
  • Tactics: Drawing in Predators by Masquerading as Prey
  • Tactics: Hiding Weapons at Strategic Points
  • Tactics: Feint High, Strike Low
  • Tactics: Leave an Obvious Opening, So Your Opponent Will Attack As You Plan
  • Tactics: Fight Singularly Enemies Who Prefer to Fight Together
  • Tactics: Sacrificing Your Weapon to Rob an Enemy of Theirs
  • Tactics (Sword-fighting): The Bind
  • Tactics: Infiltrating a Target to Ruin their Defenses from the Inside
  • Tactics: Striking from Perceived Weakness
  • Tactics: Keep Your Men Behind Cover Until Close Enough To Fight Back
  • Tactics: Using Water Defiance to Clear a Hostile Deck (quite literally)
  • Tactics: Striking Immediately After Your Enemy is Stunned and Disoriented
  • Tactics: Pen Them In, Burn Them Out
  • Tactics: Striking the Instant an Enemy is About to Speak
  • Tactics: Never Be Too Far from a Weapon
  • Tactics: Don't Fight an Enemy on Their Turf (if you can help it)
  • Tactics: Don't Allow Yourself to be Surrounded
  • Tactics: Escape through Any Means Available
  • Tactics: If You Don't Need Prisoners, Don't Take Them
  • Tactics: One Man Can Infiltrate Easier than a Group
  • Tactics: One Man Stands Guard, the Other Sleeps
  • Tactics: Keep Them Talking to Buy Time
  • Tactics: Utilizing Your Own Fluids as Weapons
  • Tactics: Adapting Quickly to New Enemies
  • Tactics: Working Out Who's in Command
  • Tactics: Shock Assault
  • Tactics: Methodically Clearing a Building
  • Tactics: Splitting a Group into Smaller But Still Effective Units
  • Tactics: The Dangers of Friendly Fire
  • Tactics: Getting the Commander to reveal himself
  • Tactics: The lure of revenge to lead to an ambush
  • Tactics: Salt to "herd" enemy ghosts where you want
  • Tactics: Never Take Your Eyes Off an Opponent
  • Tactics: Meeting a Leaping Enemy in Mid-Air
  • Tactics: Fetching a drink as an opportunity for strategic re-positioning
  • Tactics: Using Kasoria's ears as a conduit for telepathic contact
  • Tactics: Remembering Environmental Features, in case They Can be Used Later
  • Tactics: Copper Weapons are Brutally Effective Against Spirits
  • Tactics: Striking from Underwater
  • Tactics: Never Let Your Enemies Know What You're Thinking (especially when you're changing tactics)
  • Tactics: Don't Underestimate Your Opponent
  • Tactics: Wielding Magic and Mundane Weaponry at Once
  • Tactics: Be Peaceful, Be Polite... But Still Be Ever-Ready to Kill
  • Tactics: Considering Your Actions May be to an Enemy's Favor
  • Tactics: Surgical Strike vs. Outright Slaughter
  • Tactics: Pike Wall
  • Tactics: Pin Your Enemy, Then Butcher Him While Helpless
  • Tactics: When Possible, DON'T Work with Junkies
  • Tactics: Knowing When a Garrison is Under-strength
  • Tactics: Diverting Attention from an Outnumbered Ally
  • Tactics: Attacking the Exposed Underside of an Armored Opponent
  • Tactics: Scouting a Location
  • Tactics: Creating Opportunity by Causing Chaos
  • Tactics: Using a Crowd to Approach a Target (and escape them)
  • Tactics: Use Crossing to Escape a Scene Quickly
  • Tactics: Using Shadow to Hide from Ranged Weaponry
  • Tactics: Using Distraction to Focus an Enemy's Aim Elsewhere
  • Tactics: Closing in on Ranged Weaponry
  • Tactics: Don't Sacrifice Strategic Gains for Tactical Victories
  • Tactics: Some Battles Must be Fought Politically, Not Just with Blades and Shadows
  • Tactics: Don't (Pointlessly) Sacrifice Soldiers
  • Tactics: Staying Low in a Burning Building
  • Tactics: Dousing Clothes with Water in a Burning Building
  • Tactics: The Neck is Always a Juicy Target
  • Tactics: When the Danger is Over, Focus on Food and Drink
  • Tactics: Using Trenches as Cover
  • Tactics: Striking from a Blind Spot
  • Tactics: Flanking Your Enemy
  • Tactics: Use of Timing to Utilize the Crossing Ability of Dreamwalking
  • Tactics: Always Be Ready to Switch Weapons (and use them just as effectively)
  • Tactics: Striking an Airborne Enemy from Below
  • Tactics: Don't Let an Enemy Get Your Measure
  • Tactics: Combining Magic, Steel, and Brawling
  • Tactics: Splitting Your Force - One Half Covering, the Other Half Moving
  • Tactics: Digging Defensive Ditches
  • Tactics: If You Can Sneak Attack, Then Do So
  • Tactics: Hunting a Hunter While They're Hunting (they don't often see that one coming)
  • Tactics: Hobbling Your Enemies Before the Fight Even Begins (sometimes quite literally)
  • Tactics: Using Abrogation Shields to Protect Comrades in Battle
  • Tactics: Maneuvering an Opponent Where You Want
  • Tactics: Extreme Cold Can Distract an Enemy
  • Tactics: Using Objects in Your Wake to Delay Chase
  • Tactics: Changing Paths Makes You Less Predictable
  • Tactics: Choosing a Home for Defensive Potential, Not just Comfort
  • Tactics: Keeping Track of Multiple Opponents Simultaneously
  • Tactics: Best Way to Kill a Mage? When They're Not Looking, or from Far Away
  • Tactics: Using Magic to Split up Your Group of Enemies
  • Tactics: Causing Chaos All Around To Your Advantage
  • Tactics: Avoiding Exposed Windows
  • Tactics: Keeping the Security Detail Living Close to the Clients
  • Tactics: Hem Your Enemy Within a Triangle of Fighters
  • Tactics: Targeting the Mounts of a Cavalry Force
  • Tactics: Small Groups Fighting Against a Single, Greater Opponent
  • Tactics: The Holy Trinity of Combat - Tactics, Technique, Will
  • Tactics: Learning the Strengths and Limitations of Your Allies, Not Just Enemies
  • Tactics: When Fighting a Sovereign Mage, Don't Fight the Weapon - Kill The User!
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Breacher Beast
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting Against a Whip-Wielding Opponent
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting Against Clawed Enemies
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting Monstrous Opponents
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting Armed Enemies While Barehanded
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Hone-Enhanced Opponent
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting Two Opponents at Once
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Ghost
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting Giant Enemies
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Naerikk and their Abilities
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting an Archer
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting the Fireborn
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Sword-and-Shield Combination
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Plate-Armored Opponent
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Monster from the Emeyan
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting a Transmutor
  • Tactics - Capstone: Fighting an Empath
  • Tactics - Capstone: Knowing the Tricks of those Marked by Sintra

    Teaching - 43
  • Teaching: How to PROPERLY Follow Someone
  • Teaching: Don't Pull it, Unless You're Gonna Use It
  • Teaching: Starting Small and Simple
  • Teaching: Building a New Pupil’s Confidence
  • Teaching: Plotting a Basic Curriculum
  • Teaching: Breaking Things Down into Easier to Understand Segments
  • Teaching: Keeping a Student's Attention
  • Teaching: Book Learnin' Balancing Physical Training
  • Teaching: Testing How Much a Student REALLY Wants to Learn
  • Teaching: Don't Rely on Your Teacher; Find Out For Yourself
  • Teaching: Accepting Your Responsibilities as a Mentor
  • Teaching: Testing Observation and Memory
  • Teaching: Strength is Nothing Without Brains
  • Teaching: Show, Don't (just) Tell
  • Teaching: Identifying Flaws in a Student's Form
  • Teaching: You don't learn as much from an easy lesson.
  • Teaching: Creating Opportunities to Apply Knowledge
  • Teaching: Summarizing a Lesson's Key Points
  • Teaching: Deciding When a Student is Ready for Field Work
  • Teaching: Instructing While Fighting
  • Teaching: Simplifying The Lesson into a Single Sentence (where possible)
  • Teaching: Constructive Criticism
  • Teaching: Imparting Observations Immediately After "Class"
  • Teaching: Secure Your Funds
  • Teaching: Safe Routes (above and below ground)
  • Teaching: Final Exam
  • Teaching: Teaching a Whole Class
  • Teaching: Knowing When Your Students Need a Break
  • Teaching: Don't Confine Teachings to One Area (or weapon)
  • Teaching: Pain Can be QUITE The Memorable Educator
  • Teaching: Taking Safety Precautions Before a Lesson
  • Teaching: Imparting Useful Critique Even Under Stress
  • Teaching: Creating a Curriculum, Not Just a Lesson
  • Teaching: Gauging Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Teaching: Repetition is Crucial in Physical Education
  • Teaching: Start Gentle, Ramp Up Gradually
  • Teaching: Training from Exhaustion, Not Relaxation
  • Teaching: Assigning Duties and Roles to Other "Teachers"
  • Teaching: Smaller Groups, Better Teaching
  • Teaching: Transitioning From a Single Large Group to Smaller Ones
  • Teaching: Passing on Knowledge of Swordsmanship
  • Teaching: Transitioning from Whole Class to Individuals to Small Groups
  • Teaching: Adapting Concepts to be Easily Understood by Students

    Throwing (Fire Bottle) - 2
  • Throwing (Fire Bottle): Mixture of Lamp Oil and Lye, Ignited by a Lit Rag
  • Throwing (Fire Bottle): Needs to be Thrown CAREFULLY

    Transmutation - 82
  • Transmutation: Initiation
  • Transmutation: Transformation of Substances through Etheric Manipulation
  • Transmutation: The Three Steps - Deconstruction, Alteration, Restoration
  • Transmutation: The Three Steps Require Intense Concentration
  • Transmutation: Deconstruction Doesn't So Much Destroy an Object, Rather Makes it Semi-Permanent in Reality
  • Transmutation: A Spark Curious and Ever-Exploring
  • Transmutation: Transmuting to Reduce an Object's Weight
  • Transmutation: Can be Stymied or Lessened by Livlos Wood
  • Transmutation: Ether Missile
  • Transmutation - Ether Missile: Usually Shaped into a Projectile
  • Transmutation - Ether Missile: Can Be Cast as an Orb
  • Transmutation - Ether Missile: Quicker Deployment Means Forgoing Shaping into a Projectile
  • Transmutation - Ether Missile: Corrodes Non-Living Material
  • Transmutation - Ether Missile: Explodes Onto and Spreads Across the Struck Surface
  • Transmutation: Brilliance
  • Transmutation - Brilliance: Useful for Illumination
  • Transmutation - Brilliance: Looks like Etheric Flame, But Doesn't Burn
  • Transmutation - Brilliance: Requires Small but Steady Stream of Ether Fed into it
  • Transmutation - Brilliance: Can be Brighter or Fainter Depending on Flow of Ether
  • Transmutation - Brilliance: Illuminates a Limb, a Hand, or an Entire Body
  • Transmutation - Brilliance: Can be Maintained While You're Busy With Other Things
  • Transmutation: Identify
  • Transmutation: Qualities
  • Transmutation - Quality: Stormwastes Stone
  • Transmutation - Quality: Dead Wood
  • Transmutation - Quality: Living Wood
  • Transmutation - Quality: Burned Wood
  • Transmutation - Quality: Brick
  • Transmutation - Quality: Parchment
  • Transmutation - Quality: Adamantite
  • Transmutation - Quality: Bricks
  • Transmutation: Flaws
  • Transmutation - Corrosion: Effective Against Armor
  • Transmutation - Corrosion: Degrading an Object to Destruction
  • Transmutation - Corrosion: Ether Explosions so Tiny and Fast it Seems Like Burning
  • Transmutation - Corrosion: Seems to Melt Objects
  • Transmutation - Corrosion: Can Degrade or Destroy Enemy Weapons During Combat
  • Transmutation - Corrosion: Breaking Down Bricks in a Wall
  • Transmutation: Bolster
  • Transmutation - Bolster: Reinforces and Strengthens Material or Object with Ether
  • Transmutation - Bolster: Can Make Fabric as Durable as Metal Armor
  • Transmutation - Bolster: Making a Wooden Stick as Strong as Metal
  • Transmutation - Bolster: Bolstered Item Needs Constant Supply of Ether
  • Transmutation: Bolster (Master): Transmuting a Wooden Chair to be as Heavy as a Warhammer
  • Transmutation: Sculpting
  • Transmutation - Sculpting: Used to Repair Broken Things
  • Transmutation - Sculpting: Changes the Shape, Dimensions, and Features of an Object
  • Transmutation - Sculpting: Changes are a Mixture of Memory and Imagination
  • Transmutation - Sculpting: Requires Intense Focus
  • Transmutation - Sculpting: Raw Materials Can be Transmuted into Repairs for Objects
  • Transmutation: Shapecraft
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Instantly Transforming the Environment Around You
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Jutting Spikes from the Floor, In the Path or Underneath an Enemy
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Raising a Wall from the Ground Around You
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Turning the Ground Under an Enemy into Quicksand (more or less)
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Opening a Chasm Under a Target
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Restoring the Shaped Surface
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Transmuting Soil to Smother Flames
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Launching an Impaling Spike from a Table into an Enemy
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Transmuting a Substance Along its Entire Length
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Transmuting Tree Roots into Spikes Bursting from the Ground (or out from the tree trunk)
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Sealing Off Rooms
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Raising Dirt/Soil to Blanket and Entrap a Prone Enemy
  • Transmutation - Shapecraft: Overturning Wagons with Pillars from the Ground
  • Transmutation: Shapecraft: Transmuting Glass to Quietly Enter a Building
  • Transmutation: Shapecraft: Transmuting Brick to Form Handholds up a Wall
  • Transmutation: Shapecraft: Transmuting Brick to Block Doorways
  • Transmutation: Shapecraft: Transmuting a Wooden Floor to Elevate Self to a Higher Level
  • Transmutation: Pathway
  • Transmutation - Pathway: Allows Transmutation to be Cast at a Distance from the Mage
  • Transmutation - Pathway: Requires a Clear Path to Target Area
  • Transmutation - Pathway: Has a Maximum Range (dependent on skill level)
    [*]Transmutation - Pathway: Combined with Shapecraft
    [*]Transmutation - Pathway: Requires a Hand Pressed to the Surface Used
    [*]Transmutation - Pathway: Ether Can Only Be Sent through One Material
    [*]Transmutation: Pain from Damage Inflicted on Transmuted Items Can be Felt, if Etheral Link is Maintained
    [*]Transmutation: Sculpting: Repairing a Broken Jug
    [*]Transmutation: Galvanize (Master): Transmuting Steel to Be as Brittle as Glass

    Combat (Unarmed, Ki'Enaq) - 117[*]Unarmed Combat: Attack unarmored opponents[DJ]
    [*]Unarmed Combat: Throat Stomp
    [*]Unarmed Combat: Walls as Weapons
    [*]Unarmed Combat: Spiking your gear with copper to fight ghosts
    [*]Unarmed Combat: Making a gauntlet into an impromptu Cestus
    [*]Unarmed Combat: Spring-loaded defensive obstacles
    [*]Unarmed Combat: Using a Broken Window as a Guillotine

    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Winning By Any Means Necessary
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Brandy Bottle as a Weapon
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Using Forearm to Block a Sword Swing
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Enhancing Punches with Blades
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Elbow Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Tossing an Opponent into Passing Traffic
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Breaking a Bearhug from Behind By Reaching Back to Strike at the Eyes

    [*]Unarmed Combat (Garrote): Get It Around Their Throat QUICK
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Garrote): How to Escape When its Used on YOU

    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): Brass Knuckles Make a Painful Punch a Crippling Blow
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): Hard Enough Punch from Brass Knuckles Can Drive the Sternum Through the Heart
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): A Punch from Brass Knuckles to the Throat Can Easily Kill
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): Brass Knuckles Can Block a Blade (if you're good enough)
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): Can Be Secretly Readied while Still in Your Pocket
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): Can Easily Fracture a Skull
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles): Copper-Tipped Knuckles For Fighting Ghosts
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Brass Knuckles - Combo): Throat Punch, Knee Stomp, Straight Punches to the Face

    [*]Unarmed Combat: Style - Ki'Enaq (Merchant of Death)

    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Catch a Foot, Break a Knee (with an elbow)
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): High Kick, Leg Sweep
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Kick Catch, Groin Strike, Throw
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Forearm Block, Kidney Shot, Rib Punch
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Forearm Block, Spinning Back Elbow
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Double Kick, Disarm and Counter
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Knee Strike to Get Them Down, Head Slam to Finish Them
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Push Kick, Kidney Punch, Elbow Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Elbow to the Jaw, Body Shots to the Sternum and Stomach
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Kick to the Knee to Drop 'em, Arm Around the Throat to Choke 'em
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq - Combo): Punch Block, Takedown, Wrist Lock

    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Built around Offence and Domination
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Using Armor as a Weapon
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Targeting Joints
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Striking with Knees and Elbows
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Everything is a Weapon
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Swift Flurries of Punches
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Leopard Punch
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Kidney Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Gouging Eyes with Thumbs
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Twisting Away from a Thrusting Blade
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Knee to the Crotch
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Wrist Lock and Takedown
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Crab Claw Punch
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Kick to the Knee
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Slamming Heads Into Hard Objects
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Finger Lock
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Reverse Elbow Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Reversing a Dagger Back Into The Person Holding It
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Perfect Your Form, Then Work on Speed
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Targeting Feet to Immobilize Your Enemy
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Hurling Hard Objects at Soft Targets
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Uppercut Elbow Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Rear Naked Choke Hold ("The Choker")
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Breaking The Choker by Hurling Yourself (and Your Enemy) Backwards onto the Ground
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Flying Knee
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Push Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Roundhouse Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Stomp Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Leg Sweep
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Neutralize Sword Arm by Striking Elbow
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Spinning Low Knee Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Spinning Rear Elbow
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Roundhouse Knee Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Proper Use of a Staircase, and Gravity
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): X Block
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Knockout Punch to the Temple
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Solar Plexus Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Blinding Your Opponent with a Mouthful of Liquor
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Palm Heel Strike
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Knife Hand Strike ("Karate Chop")
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): The Crushing Fist to the Throat
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Hesitation is Death
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Pain Can Make an Enemy Forget they Have a Weapon
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Block a Dagger Swipe By Grabbing The Wrist
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Taking Down a Target With a Chair to the Legs
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Knockout Punch to the Jaw
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Hip Throw with Head Stomp
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Twisting Hips to Maximize Punching Power
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Nerve Strike to Forearm Can Kill An Enemy's Grip
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Targeting an Enemy's Wounds for Maximum Pain
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Rear Arm Lock
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Knee in the Small of the Back
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Carotid Stun
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Disarming a Man By Breaking his Arm Over Your Shoulder
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Using a Bar to Bludgeon an Opponent
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Using an Attacker's Momentum for a Throw
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Spinning Double Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Block a Blade Swing with a Kick to the Inside of the Arm
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Liver Shot
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Wrist Lock and Disarm
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Flying Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Go Stance
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Using Acids as a Thrown Weapon
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Vertical Headbutt
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Fighting on Your Back
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Disarming an Attacker with a Kick to the Arm
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Flying Punch
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Clinch Fighting
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Pinning an Enemy's Weapon Arm To a Wall By the Wrist
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Double Front Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Knocking a Weapon Off-Target, and Into Another Enemy (projectile-loaded or otherwise)
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki’Enaq): One-Handed Wristlock
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Straddle and Pound
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Gut Punch
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Swiftly Shifting Your Guard to Block Multiple Incoming Punches
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Holding On to an Enemy to Keep Them Close enough for Additional Blows
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Butterfly Twist Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Back Flip Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Flying Drop Kick
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Using Your Free Hand to Stop a Dagger Pull Before it Begins
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Falling Backward Throw
    [*]Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Fighting From Your Back

    Writing - 2[*]Writing: Protecting a Letter from Damage with a Wax Paper Envelope
    [*]Writing: Writing Legible Common
Non-Skill Knowledge
[list][*]Andaris City: Probably Not Happy They'd Killed the Mantis Lord

[*]Avriel: Half-Man, Half-Bird Race

[*]Blackguard Academy: Takes Recruits from All Social Strata

[*]Blackbrine: Nomadic Pirate Stronghold of the Orm'del Sea

[*]Book: War Of The Immortals, by Sev'ran Coal
[*]Book: History Of Etzos, by Warden Mayfield
[*]Book: Human Workings, by Algernon Hirsch
[*]Book: Mortal Men, Undying Glory: A Military History of Etzos, by Rundon Buxlay

[*]A Blanket as a weapon, a pillow as a shield

[*]The Breaking of Emea: Stopped the Encasing of Graeslin's ship

[*]Culture: The first morning of Ashan in Rharne is called "The New Dawn"

[*]Deliver the killing stroke anyway

[*]Dogs are as much trouble as wards

[*]Dreams: Can Contain Invincible (but not invulnerable) Constructs

[*]Drug: Euphoria, Herb
[*]Drugs: Euphoria, A Soft, Smelly Drug

[*]Echo Scrolls: Magically Allow Communication from Anywhere in Idalos

[*]The Emea: A Whole World of Dreams to Explore
[*]Emea, Ymiden 719: Accessible after the 30th Trial, But Ruined and Desolate
[*]The Emea: Conjures Dreams Unimaginable to the Waking Mind
[*]The Emea: Sometimes You're Just Along for the Ride
[*]The Emea: When the Body Begins to Wake, the Mind is Powerless to Remain
[*]The Emea: Your Dream is Your Mind, and Vice Versa
[*]The Emea: Emotions and Feelings ALWAYS Bleed into Dreamscapes
[*]The Emea: Emean creatures suffer in the real world

[*]Encasing: The Leviathan's other method of attacking

[*]Customs & Festivals: Etzos
[*]Laws: Etzos
[*]History: Etzos
[*]Etzos: City Layout
[*]Etzos: The City Bells
[*]Etzos: No Walls Beyond the Perimeter, Just the Wilderness
[*]Etzos: Prices Soar as the Cylus Goes on
[*]Etzos: Doomsday Loonies Emerge During Cylus
[*]Etzos: Riddled with Narrow Passageways Between the Rings
[*]Etzos: Some Schooling Made Available (Quality Dependent on Payment and Location)
[*]Eztos: Southern Land Trade Route to Rhakros
[*]Etzos, Outer Perimeter: Not a Safe Place to Flaunt Your Wealth
[*]Etzos: Western Land Trade Route to Hiladrith
[*]Etzos: The Forgotten Cells, Hall of Rule and Reprimand
[*]Etzos: Sewage Flows to the Southwood River
[*]Etzos: Outer Perimeter is a Harsh Place to Grow Up
[*]Etzos: Commercial Circle
[*]Etzos: Built and Maintained on Defying the Immortals
[*]Etzos: Network of Sewer Tunnels Under the Whole City
[*]Etzos: Many Buildings Have Entrances to the Underground
[*]Etzos: Founded on the Bones of an Immortal
[*]Etzos: Defiant and Enduring
[*]Etzos: Fire is Responded To Quickly in a Tightly-Packed City

[*]Etzos - The Citadel: Massively Fortified, Above and Below Ground

[*]Etzosi Army: Roving Cavalry Patrols Along Trade Routes
[*]Etzos Army, Ymiden 719: Comprised of Career Soldiers, City Militia, Black Guard, and Irregulars
[*]Etzos Army, Ymiden 719: Many (ostensibly) Former Criminals Marching with the Enlisted and Militia

[*]Etzos, Ashan, 718: City Overrun By Blackguard and Army
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Invaded by the Hordes of Lisarra, the Plague Mother
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Fordwell, Darington, and Crosstown Destroyed
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Etzos Prime Under Siege
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Magic Not working for Thirty Trials, Nor the Emea
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Foster's Landing is Swamped by Refugees Fleeing the Southern Lands
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Forever Lit By Funeral Pyres
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719; Countryside Infested by Bandits Preying on Refugees
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Diseases Wiping Out Man and Animals Indiscriminately
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: The Army Fights Bravely, But Futilely
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Etzori Leaders Allowing Flayer Mages to Consume Civilians
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Outer Perimeter is Mostly Burned to the Ground
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Citizens of Etzos Prime Return After the Siege if Broken
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Filled With Ghosts (city and army both)
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: A Savaged City of Survivors and Ghosts
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 719: Massively Depopulated by Lissira's Invasion
[*]Etzos, Late-Ymiden 719: Whole City Gearing Up for the March to Rhakros
[*]Etzos, Saun 719: Marching South to Wipe Rharkos and Lissira from Idalos Forever
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Proof from outside Etzos that Sintra is in "take-over" mode
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Sintra calls herself "Queen" outside of Etzos
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Sintra's resurrections are not always holding very well
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Sintra's resurrections are similar to ghostly possession, but not completely
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Yaralon mercs were hired to kill you
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Whole City Celebrating for Trials After the Sacking of Rhakros
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Food Shortages Offset by Far Smaller Population
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Marshal Webb is Not the Only Sintra-Worshiper on the Council...
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Surrounded By Vast Burial Pits
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: This leaves only the new Marshall Venora and the brute, Royce
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Your home is untouched by the street people
[*]Etzos, Late-Ymiden 720: Still in the Thrall of Sintra and Her Minions
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Still in the Thrall of Sintra
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Sintra and her Minions are Poisoning Etzos' Drinking Water
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Loyalist Black Guard are Aware of Schism within the Council
[*]Etzos, Vhalar 720: Fast Becoming a Polarized City
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Proof from outside Etzos that Sintra is in "take-over" mode
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Sintra calls herself "Queen" outside of Etzos
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Sintra's resurrections are not always holding very well
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Sintra's resurrections are similar to ghostly possession, but not completely
[*]Etzos, Ymiden 720: Yaralon mercs were hired to kill you
[*]Etzos, Zi'da 720: Cult of Sintra is Growing Powerful and Numerous
[*]Etzos, Zi'da 720: A Major Poisoning Point for Sintra Has Been Wiped Out
[*]Etzos, Zi'da 720: The Tower now seems to be Interfering with your Anti-Sintra efforts.
[*]Etzos, 722: Order Being Restored, But Southern Reaches Still Chaotic

[*]Etzos Culture: A Toast To Endeavors!
[*]Etzos Culture: "Until That Day"
[*]Etzos Culture: Cylus is a Tense Time for the Underworld
[*]Etzos Culture: "Oh'Pee" and "Com'See", Slang for Outer Perimeter and Commercial Circle, Respectively
[*]Etzos Culture: Colored Crayons are a Mark of Wealth
[*]Etzos Culture: Everyone Expects Graft During a Business Venture
[*]Etzos Culture, Song: "The Etzos Rover"
[*]Etzos Culture, Song: "Boots of Yaralon Leather"
[*]Etzos Culture: Property Fires are Always Good Opportunities for Looting!
[*]Etzos Culture: "There are no gods, and no immortals. Just free men, monsters, and slaves."

[*]Etzos History: The Agricultural Revolution of the 4th Century

[*]Etzos, Organizations: The Outer Perimeter Refurbishment Society

[*]Etzos Underground: World of Sewers, Tunnels, Caverns, and Passages
[*]Etzos Underground: Haven for Homeless
[*]Etzos Underground: Often Used By Fugitives Seeking Secret Escape Routes
[*]Etzos Underground: Soldiers Guard Passages to the Citadel

[*]Etzos Underworld: Reaver-Cleavers Don't Allow Anyone to Carry a Cleaver, That Hasn't Earned the Right To
[*]Etzos Underworld: Arms and Armor Sold by Corrupt Soldiers
[*]Etzos Underworld: Thriving Drug Trade
[*]Etzos Underworld: Gangsters Often Use Children
[*]Etzos Underworld: Fences Usually Offer 10-20% For Stolen Goods
[*]Etzos Underworld: Reaver-Cleavers, Gang of Hooligans from the South-West, Working for Fozzie Tatum
[*]Etzos Underworld: A Patchwork of Gangland Territories
[*]Etzos Underworld: Thriving Market in Insurance Fraud
[*]Etzos Underworld: "You vouch for someone and they turn... you both go in the same hole."

[*]Faction: Order of the Mantis: Magekillers of Andaris

[*]Gestalte Leviathan: An ancient Revealed Becomer

[*]Hone: Powered by and through runes.

[*]Immortals can fall prey to their own domains
[*]Scores of elite soldiers vs one of the weaker Immortals is a stand-off

[*]Immortal Domains: Might look like anything
[*]Immortal Domains: Who knows where they really start?

[*]Ithecals: Gigantic Lizard People
[*]Ithecals: Faster Than Their Size Suggests
[*]Ithecals: Clawed Hands are as Effective as Daggers
[*]Ithecals: Unbelievable Pain Threshold

[*]The Key to Access: A dismembered antenna of Lisirra

[*]The Lethroda: Mark of Sintra
[*]The Lethroda: Gives the Marked a Spider Familiar
[*]The Lethroda: Allows the Marked to use a Warning Strand of Silk

[*]Lightning Knights: Noble Protectors of Rharne

[*]Lissira: Makes Use of Monstrous Insects

[*]Livlos Wood, and it's effects on ether use.

[*]Location: Bolstrum, Booming Town South of Etzos
[*]Location: Crosstown, Formerly a Bustling Town, Now Sacked By Invaders and Steadily Being Rebuilt
[*]Location: Foster's Landing
[*]Location: Westguard
[*]Location: Lowgarden
[*]Location: The Happy Trout Inn
[*]Location: The Citizen's Market, Etzos
[*]Location: Speckled Jim Pub, Etzos
[*]Location: Hall of Rule and Reprimand, Etzos
[*]Location: The Gored Bull, Etzos
[*]Location: Bernie's Comb, Etzos Underground
[*]Location: Hiladrith
[*]Location: Ne'haer
[*]Location: Yaralon, City of Mercenaries
[*]Location: Southwood River Mill
[*]Location: Feral's Fastness
[*]Location: Bertrand and Son's Grocery
[*]Location: The Floating Fancy, Vorund's Roaming Casino
[*]Location: J. Reinhold Grocers, Commercial Circle
[*]Location: The Buried Bat, Underground Watering Hole
Location: Gentleman's Leisure, fancy brothel in the Outer Perimeter, Etzos
[*]Location: The Brazen Bull, Lowgarden Lodging House
[*]Location: The Tower, High-End Etzos Tavern Hall
[*]Location: Lake Lovalus, Rharne
[*]Location: Rharne
[*]Location: Guard Station, Rharne Harbor
[*]Location: The House On The Lake, Rharne
[*]Location: Volta: Storm-Wracked and Lightning-Charged Seaside Town, Rharne
[*]Location: The Spires: Volta's Towering and Terrifying Lightning-based Defenses
[*]Location: Morey's Eel, Etzos Tavern
[*]Location: Andaris Castle, Rynmere
[*]Location: The Docks, Andaris
[*]Location: Belial's Smithy, Commercial Circle, Etzos
[*]Location: The Lonely Mark, Oh'Pee Brothel and Tavern, Catering Exclusively to Soldiers
[*]Location: The Roost, Etzos
[*]Location: Brandied Buck, Tavern in the Outer Perimeter
[*]Location: The Stormwastes (Devoid of Life or Fertile Land)
[*]Location: Kasoria's Home on the outskirts of Westguard

[*]Lowgarden: A Town That Exists Because It's On The Way To Others.
[*]Lowgarden: Often Waterlogged, Riddled with Canals

[*]Magic: Real, But Rare
[*]Magic: The Dynamics of a Mage Battle
[*]Magic: Accessing the spark, for sharing, can be brutal.
[*]Magic: Never too old to start learning.
[*]Magic: Long-term revelation may generate unknown capabilities
[*]Magic: There is ALWAYS A Cost
[*]Magic: Mutations Occur as Power Increases
[*]Magic: Revelation
[*]Magic: Becoming a Mage Changes You, on a Fundamental Level

[*]Magnim: Monstrous Midget Fire Mage

[*]Mistral Woods: Home to Wild Pigs
[*]Mistral Woods: Home to Game Birds

[*]Naerikk: Can Only Shift into Shadow Forms in Darkness

[*]Nature: Glow Grubs of Mistral Woods

[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - Stronger Than They Look
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - Destroy The Skull
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - No Flesh or Muscles or Organs to Damage
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - Not Slowed Down By Hacking Off Limbs
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - Vulnerable to Blunt Force Attacks
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - Tough, Strong... But Slow
[*]Necromancy: Marrow Thralls - Commanded by Spoken Spells
[*]Necromancy: Risen thralls are again shown to be very effective against Immortals

[*]NPC Sergeant Adolphus: Commanding Officer at Rharne Harbor Guard Station

[*]NPC Alsome: Kasoria's Cousin
[*]NPC Alsome: Knows the Truth, But Fears Ever Speaking It
[*]NPC Alsome: Lost His Wife

[*]NPCs Andre and Elbert: Caravan Guards, Sellswords

[*]NPC: Arlen: Black Guard Necromancer.
[*]NPC: Arlen: Sima's previously-unknown assistant.

[*]NPC Arthur: Ulric's Partner
[*]NPC Arthur: Seems to Have More Sense than Ulric

[*]NPC Aksinya: Naerikk Assassin, Enemy of Llyr, Very Much Dead

[*]NPC Bartrok: Pudgy, Pugnacious Merchant and Investor, Deceased

[*]NPC Belial: Etzori Blacksmith, Known to Supply Underworld Figures (for the right price)

[*]NPC Bereek: Older Sellsword from Back In The Day, Specialized in Arson

[*]NPC Betty: Finn O'Connor's Sweetheart
[*]NPC Betty: Tougher Than She Looks

[*]NPC Billy Buster: One of Vorund's Many Walking Battering Rams

[*]NPC Blackfin: Biqaj Smuggler, Shadow Quarter Affiliate, Captain of the Moray

[*]NPC: Captain Senter: Crusty, Cunning, and Veteran Sailor
[*]NPC Captain Senter: Marks the New Dawn with a Celebration
[*]NPC Captain Senter: Owner and Captain of The Lucky Lady

[*]NPC Carrow: Over-Confident and Mono-Handed Thanks to That
[*]NPC Carrow: Old Partner, Former Enemy, Current Traitor, Immediate Corpse

[*]NPC Caspar: Part-time Doctor, Part-time Inventor, Vorund's Resident Crazy Genius
[*]NPC Caspar: Bumbly and Harmless and Engaging and Utterly, Horribly Insane

[*]NPC Caw: Etzori Army Sergeant, Oversaw Botched Flaying Session, Deceased

[*]NPC Cecil Rodson: City Revenue Officer, Gambler, New "Asset" of Bangun Vorund
[*]NPC Cobbles: Unwisely Brought a Crossbow to a Swordfight

[*]NPC Commander Draven: Lightning Knight, Lord of Storm's Edge

[*]NPC Corporal Drix: Ki'Enaq Instructor
[*]NPC Corporal Danzer: Black Mage, Attuner, Yet Another Cabalist
[*]NPC Cyrus: Small-time Ganger and Sellsword, Frequents The Roost
[*]NPC Denis: Small-Time Crook, Freshly-Scarred
[*]NPC Den: Brave first mate, who sacrificed himself to kill the monster
[*]NPC Deshak: Ne'haer Eatery Owner and Occasional Underworld Facilitator
[*]NPC Dillan: Former Enforcer, Current Cripple
[*]NPC Donal: Dimwitted Muscle-For-Hire

[*]NPC Dravar: Spoiled, Arrogant, Flay-addicted Defier
[*]NPC Dravar: Ego and Frayed Nerves Make for an Unstable Mage
[*]NPC Dravar: The Kind to Hold a Grudge
[*]NPC Dravar: Not Well-Liked (putting it mildly)
[*]NPC Dravar: Not to be Underestimated

[*]NPC Drix: Former Academy Instructor, Half-Cripple, Still Feared By All
[*]NPC Drix: Former Academy Instructor, Busted Down to Corporal, Yusef's Second-in-Command
[*]NPC Drix: Scarred, One-Eyed, Furious
[*]NPC Drix: Old Enemy, Older Teacher, Deceased During the Great War

[*]NPC Edri: South Side Whore, Aspiring Madam, Traitor in Stye's Firm
[*]NPCs Efram and Edmond: Tatum's Lieutenants, Leaders of the Reaver-Cleavers
[*]NPC Elbert: A Friendly Enemy, Right Up To The End

[*]NPC Erik: Fat, Sweaty, Greedy Proprietor of The Buried Bat
NPC Erik: Still Owner of The Blind Rat in Vhalar, 722

[*]NPC Fazil: Oh'Pee Thief and Etzori Army Soldier
[*]NPC Flaren: Pirate Captain, Swordsman, Deceased
[*]NPC Flaxxo: Flaxxo saved your ass

[*]NPC Fozzie Tatum: Pimp and Racketeer on the South-West
[*]NPC Fozzie Tatum: Plans to be More than just a Local Villain

[*]NPC Francis: Bookkeeper for Vorund Trading and Transport (Bolstrum Office)
[*]NPC Francis: Doing the Right Thing, and Signing His Boss' Death Warrant

[*]NPC Fredrik: Lightning Knight, Noble and True, But Something of a Realist
[*]NPC Fredrik: Canny and Experienced Knight
[*]NPC Fredrik: Noble Knight, Humble Origins

[*]NPC Frenlip: Had the moxie to keep people nearby to hear the merc's words
[*]NPC Frenlip may have resistance connections
[*]NPC Frenlip: Not a bad motivational speaker

[*]NPC Freyda: Pickpocket

[*]NPC: Glennon Marbry: Surface Financier with "connections"

[*]NPC Graeslin: The “Slag” Captaining Zarik’s Vessel
[*]Graeslin: Bereaved over Den's brain-damaged fate
[*]Graeslin: Chose not to survive at the expense of kids' lives
[*]Graeslin: Has admiration for "the Raggedy Man"
[*]Graeslin: Is willing to sacrifice herself for her crew
[*]Graeslin: Not easily intimidated
[*]Graeslin: Wants mutual honesty, from a position of strength

[*]NPC Harry The Horse: One of Vorund's Many Contacts

[*]NPC Hazel: Zarik's Adopted Daughter, Now Deceased

[*]NPC: Hinda Velora: Capable commander earning rank
[*]NPC: Hinda Velora: Leads by Example
[*]NPC: Hinda Velora: Treats Sintra respectfully, but does not fawn
[*]NPC: New Marshall: Hinda Velora

[*]NPC Shieldarm Heinneheim: High-Ranking Etzori Army Officer
[*]NPC Shieldarm Heinneheim: Eventually Convinced the Army Needs to Learn More about Fighting Mages
[*]NPC Shieldarm Heinneheim: Travels with a Personal Guard

[*]NPC Horum: Overly-Ambitious Enforcer for Vorund, Deceased
[*]NPC Horum: Faster and Smarter than He Looked

[*]NPC Hughes: Flightmaster in the Etzori Army, Down One Hand
[*]NPC Hughes: Willing to Help Comrades from the Rhakros Siege

[*]NPC Ilos: Needs to Remember His Place
[*]NPC Ilos: Doesn't Respect Kasoria
[*]NPC Ilos: Wants Blood On The Streets
[*]NPC Ilos: Getting (a little too) Used To Commanding
[*]NPC Ilos: Hail to The (Most Likely Doomed) King!

[*]NPC Jagdson: Personal Guard to Heinneheim, Tried to Kill Kasoria

[*]NPC Jahrowko: Chief/Elder/Leader of the Mistral Wood Tunawa
[*]NPC Jahrowko: Smart and Shrewd
[*]NPC Jahrowko: Protective of His People

[*]NPC Jessye: Mother of Kasoria's Son
[*]NPC Jessye: Not Afraid to Stand Up to Kasoria
[*]NPC Jessye: One of Few Who can Backtalk Kasoria
[*]NPC Jessye: Tired Of Raising Martyn Alone
[*]NPC Jessye: Courting a New Gentleman
[*]NPC Jessye: Got Out Before the Panic Hit
[*]NPC Jessye, Ashan 720: Working in a Westguard Tavern

[*]NPC Jonas: Short-Lived Traitor, Useful Meatshield
[*]NPC Lord Inquisitor Kayled Wine: Master of the Mantis, Deceased

[*]NPC Kayalla Frolnier: Under-Marshall of the Etzos Army
[*]NPC Kayalla Frolnier: Radiates Power and Authority
[*]NPC Kayalla Frolnier: Doomed to Die before Reaching Rhakros, Saun 719

[*]NPC Kilmain: Current Sellsword, Former Pirate (probably)
[*]NPC Kilmain: Skilled with a Cutlass
[*]NPC Kilmain: Leader of the Luck Lady's Sellswords

[*]NPC: Tower Guard Commander, Kort Flaxxo
[*]Flaxxo's Fair Fight: Short Sword for Short Sword, Armor for Armor.
[*]Flaxxo uses wards because he scorns magic.
[*]Flaxxo, a respectable, no-nonsense type.

[*]NPC: Klutch: Raellen Charone's Assistant; Deceased
[*]NPC Kristof: Guardsman, Junior to Watkins
[*]NPC Kristof: Newest Member of The Combs

[*]NPC Legonne: Defier-For-Hire
[*]NPC Legonne: Conjurer of Water, Air, and Fire
[*]NPC Legonne: Powerful Mage, But Not Willing to Overstep

[*]NPCs "The Lads": Gorch and Larry, Bibliophile and Stoic Respectively, Vorund Muscle Comprehensively
[*]NPC: Lionel "Coffin" Velvet, an Underground Gang Boss
[*]NPC Lydia: Etzos Madam and "Client" of Vorund

[*]NPC Magnus: Oversees the Books and Guest-list of The Floating Fancy

[*]NPC Marshall Webb: High-Ranking Etzori Officer, and Secret Sintra Follower
[*]NPC Marshal Webb: Confirmed to be a Sintra-Worshiper and Actively Aiding the Immortal in Etzos
[*]NPC Marshall Webb: Has to Die for his Treacheries Against Etzos
[*]Marshall Webb: Webb was no pushover

[*]NPC Martyn: Kasoria's Son
[*]NPC Martyn: Watchful and Not Stupid (Like his Father)
[*]NPC Martyn: Budding Thief
[*]NPC Martyn: A Born Storyteller
[*]NPC Martyn: Learning Quick to Hide The Truth
[*]NPC Martyn: Soldier-In-Training
[*]NPC Martyn: Determined and Eager to Learn...
[*]NPC Martyn: ... But Still Needs to Learn Patience
[*]NPC Martyn: Not Above Manipulating His Parents (or trying to)
[*]NPC Martyn: Voracious Reader
[*]NPC Martyn: Sneaky Little Shit
[*]NPC Martyn: Safe With His Mother In Hiladrith
[*]NPC Martyn: Vivid Imagination, if Lamentably Innocent When it Comes to Real Battle
[*]NPC Martyn: Dreams Often of Glorious Combat as an Etzori Knight
[*]NPC Martyn, Ashan 719: Back in Westguard and Safe
[*]NPC Martyn: Has Found a Family and Comrades at the Garrison
[*]NPC Martyn: Fears and Reviles His Father
[*]NPC Martyn: Now on Nader's Personal Staff
[*]NPC Martyn, Saun 722: Soon to be leaving Westguard
[*]NPC Martyn: Effectively Disowned by Kasoria
[*]NPC Martyn: Free To Go His Own Way

[*]NPC Mathilda: North Side Whore and Healer (kind of)

[*]NPC Captain Melaus: Pirate Captain, Marked of Audrae, Vicious Old Fuck

[*]NPC Merry: Sick and Evil Even by The Standards of Psychopaths
[*]NPC Merry: Smarter and More Dangerous Than He Looks

[*]NPC Mikos: Married Man and Street Sellsword
[*]NPCs Mirq and Eairok: Associates of Rorom, Untrustworthy but Useful (more or less)
[*]NPC "Miss Givings": Purveyor of Poisons, Weapons, Whatever
[*]NPC "Mister Sit": Vorund's Connection to the Citadel Authorities

[*]NPC Miyam: Honorable Blackjack, Family Man, Fine Swordsman... Poor Tactician
[*]NPC Miyam: The Strength of a Man Fighting For Love

[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Widow to Bangun Vorund
[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Tough and Shrewd
[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Knew Her Husband's World
[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Knew Kasoria, and What He Does
[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Loved Her Husband, Not Matter What He Was
[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Knows about the Pro-Sintra Forces in Etzos
[*]NPC Moira Vorund: Knows About the Sintra-Worshipers in Etzos, But Not that Marshal Webb is Among Them
[*]NPCs Stavos and Devane: Bodyguards to Moira Vorund

[*]NPC Mortimer: Runs a Shop in the Commercial Circle

[*]NPC: Nader: Flightmaster and Commander of the Westguard Garrison
[*]NPC: Nader: Does Not Like Kasoria
[*]NPC: Nader: A Father to His Men
[*]NPC Nader: A Hard Sell, But Sees Kasoria's Value
[*]NPC Nader: Determined to Keep His Men Alive, and Safe (even from Kasoria)
[*]NPC Nader: Was NOT Kidding about Kasoria being on Half-Pay
[*]NPC Nader: A Stiff Sod, But Protects His Men
[*]NPC Nader: Believes Army Should be Better Prepared for Fighting Magic

[*]NPCs Nina and Alvian: Twin Daughters of Alsome and Regeta
[*]NPC Oswald: Healer Aboard the Lucky Lady

[*]NPC Otrar: Young, Dark-Skinned Sailor
[*]NPC Otrar: Oddly Skilled with a Dagger
[*]NPC Otrar: Blackbrine Mole and Traitor

[*]NPC "Parasite": Mistaken for the Manifestation of a Disease, More Likely a Spirit Possessing Sybil

[*]NPC Marshall Parhn: Parhn blames himself enough to grant mercy to enemies
[*]NPC Marshall Parhn: Parhn out-manipulated Sintra

[*]NPC Pelham: Former Etzos Scratcher, Now Bodyguard-Cum-Security for Yancy

[*]NPC Quaros Paxler: Immortal Follower, Preacher, Orator, Vanished

[*]NPCs Rand and Co.: Schoolyard Bullies and Future Thugs

[*]NPC: Raellen Charone: Enforcer for The Fence
[*]NPC: Raellen Charone: Imposed her "Gift" on You Once Before
[*]NPC: Raellen Charone: Promises a Final, Fair Fight in the Future

[*]NPC Randolf: Disgraced Doctor, Back-Alley Healer, Chronic Gambler
[*]NPC Randolf: Healer by Trade, Also Versed in Poisons

[*]NPC Regeta: Alsome's Wife
[*]NPC Regeta: Strong Woman, But Still Afraid of Kasoria
[*]NPC Remy: Former Ganger, Currently Etzori Army
[*]NPCs Ressler and Clyde: Thumbderland's Bodyguards
[*]NPC Rhames: Small Fry, But Smart Enough to Know Not To Cross Vorund
[*]NPCs "River Rats": Pirate Band Preying on Ships on Lake Lovalus and the Zynyx River, Now Wiped Out
[*]NPC Roboute: Former Farmer, Former Pirate, Current Prisoner, Future Uncertain and Likely Unpleasant
[*]NPC Roger Thumberland: Leading Etzos Merchant, Trading and Transport Magnate, Favorite of The Council

[*]NPC Rory: Timid Attuner, Former Associate of Turner
[*]NPC Roy, Owner of the Happy Trout Inn
[*]NPC Rudy: Blacksmith's Apprentice at Storm's Edge
[*]NPC Rufus: Seller of Semi-Legal Wares in the Citizen's Market

[*]NPC Sally: Midwife, Grandmother, Collateral Damage

[*]NPD: Sammy: Good Dog, Ferocious Guardian

[*]NPC Sandra: Brave Woman, Loving Mother, Died For Nothing

[*]NPC: Sergeant Tantos
[*]NPC Sergeant Tantos: Raised Up from The Gutters
[*]NPC Sergeant Tantos: Kasoria's Patron
[*]NPC Sergeant Tantos: Unforgiving Tutor

[*]NPC Screever: West Side Fence
[*]NPC Sheensar: Tunawa Bondsman and Guardian of Jahrowko
[*]NPC Sigmon: Minor Merchant in Vorund's Debt

[*]NPC Sima Gupta: Grouchy Old Woman, Mage, Council Scratcher
[*]NPC Sima: Mind like a Corkscrew
[*]NPC Sima: Willing to Initiate Kasoria into Abrogation (for a price)
[*]NPC Sima: Initiated Kasoria into Abrogation
[*]NPC Sima: Gifted and Unorthodox Mage
[*]NPC: Sima: Powerful in Hone as well.
[*]NPC: Sima: Accesses her spark from her own tears of pain.
[*]NPC Sima: Kasoria's Abrogation Mentor, Then, Now, and Forever

[*]NPCs Shaun and Efram: Feuding South Side Racketeers, Now at Peace At Vorund's Order
[*]NPC Stacks: Freelance Dealer, Nutjob, Former "Client" of Vorund
[*]NPC Styes: Gambler, Gangster, Defying Bangun Vorund

[*]NPCs Tantos and Drix: Feared, Respected, Haters of Foul Language (From Others)
[*]NPC Slattery: Bargeman, Smuggler, Grouch
[*]NPC Slattery: Wasn't a Traitor for Long
[*]NPC "The Boy": Escaped The Massacre

[*]NPC Timur: Tutor, Mage, Spy
[*]NPC Timur: Born and Raised in Etzos
[*]NPC Timur: Lord Vuda's Man
[*]NPC Timur: Possibly Open to Initiating Kasoria into Sovereign
[*]NPC Timur: Contacts in the Shadow Quarter
[*]NPC Timur: Alludes to Secret Passages in the Dubois Estate
[*]NPC Timur: Using Kasoria to Cultivate Goodwill with the Shadow Quarter
[*]NPC Timur: Agreed to Initiate Kasoria into Sovereign

[*]NPC Tony: Westguard Blacksmith
[*]NPC Tony: Enlightened, Crippled, Silenced
[*]NPC Tony: Still Adequately Terrified of Kasoria

[*]NPC Trell: Commercial Circle Racketeer
[*]NPC Turner: The Prodigal Bastard, Returning to Etzos
[*]NPC Turner: Upstart Gangster Returning to Etzos, Deceased

[*]NPC Vadrassar: Mage with the Shadeblade gang
[*]NPC Vadrassar: Knows Sima

[*]NPC Valdayr Rangarian: Avriel Lightning Knight

[*]NPC Vorund: Crime Boss of South Eztos
[*]NPC Vorund: Thinking of Retiring(?)
[*]NPC Vorund: Uses Children as Messengers
[*]NPC Vorund: Extorts Businesses across South Etzos
[*]NPC Vorund: Not to be Crossed, Ever
[*]NPC Vorund: Relationship with Foster's Landing Bandits
[*]NPC Vorund: Relocated Kasoria's Son and His Mother
[*]NPC Vorund: Doesn't Cheat His Underlings
[*]NPC Vorund: Not Afraid to Discipline His Underlings
[*]NPC Vorund: Values Coin and Actions, Not Words
[*]NPC Vorund: Euphoria Trafficker with Connections to Growers
[*]NPC Vorund: Influential, But More Powerful on the South Side
[*]NPC Vorund: Punishment is Certain, For Someone
[*]NPC Vorund: Taxes Every Criminal Business in South Etzos
[*]NPC Vorund: Doesn't Carelessly Throw His Assets Away
[*]NPC Vorund: Has Numerous Legitimate Investments
[*]NPC Vorund: "Protection" Is Not Just a Euphemism
[*]NPC Vorund: Knows How to Both Intimidate, and Encourage
[*]NPC Vorund: Shows Mercy, But Only With Reason
[*]NPC Vorund: Puts Pressure on Rivals By Targeting Caravans
[*]NPC Vorund: Getting Tired of Ilos' Defiance
[*]NPC Vorund: Old and Tired, But Far From Stupid
[*]NPC Vorund: Wants to Expand his Legitimate Business, With Thumberland's Connections
[*]NPC Vorund: Wants Yancy Dead, Quietly, And His Money Reclaimed
[*]NPC Vorund: Mediates Disputes on the South Side
[*]NPC Vorund: Unofficially Endorsed By "The Powers That Be"
[*]NPC Vorund: Murders and Dismembers Cheats at his Games (No Exceptions)
[*]NPC Vorund: Always Beset By Pretenders
[*]NPC Vorund: Renaming his Oldest Legitimate Business
[*]NPC Vorund: Never Tolerates Informers
[*]NPC Vorund: Doesn't Let "Clients" Avoid Paying Him For Long
[*]NPC Vorund: Wants Clients Alive To Pay Him
[*]NPC Vorund: Doesn't Scare Easily
[*]NPC Vorund: Knows His Place in the Etzos Power Structure
[*]NPC Vorund: Not Interested in Playing Revolution
[*]NPC Vorund: Plays the Fool Very Well
[*]NPC Vorund: Deceased, Brutally, But Took His Killer With Him
[*]NPC Vorund: Had a Network of Informants Across the City (geographically and socially)
[*]NPC Vorund: Decided to Execute Maxine
[*]NPC Vorund: No Remorse for Ordering Maxine's Death
[*]NPC Vorund: Still Kasoria's Master

[*]NPC Vuda: Spymaster and Arch-Mage of Etzos
[*]NPC Vuda: The Eyes of Etzos
[*]NPC Vuda: Vuda is NOT dead
[*]NPC Vuda: Vuda is boss of Highbend
[*]NPC Vuda: Vuda saved Parhn but still owes a debt; the rumors must be true.

[*]NPC Walter: New Boss of Styes' Firm

[*]NPC Walden: Warden of Mistral Village
[*]NPC Walden: Doesn't Like Bounty Hunters
[*]NPC Walden: Reluctantly Helpful (against a mutual and far worse enemy)

[*]NPC Watkins: Senior Guardsman, Blackjack, Former Cadet with Kasoria
[*]NPC Waxhaw Brothers, Crassus and Fessus: North Etzos Gangsters

[*]NPC Wersham: Mysterious Fence, Deals in Antiquities
[*]NPC Wersham: Antiques Dealer, Fence, High-Roller, Deceased
[*]NPC Wersham: A Fool for a Pretty Girl

[*]NPC "Wide" Nick: Fence, Middleman, Fat Bastard
[*]NPC Watkins and Yusef: Black Guard Cadets, Circa 691
[*]NPC Senior Guardsman Watkins: Lifelong Blackjack, Old Comrade of Cadet Kasoria

[*]NPC Wulff: Agent of Bangun Vorund, Circa 706
[*]NPC Wulff: Bandit Leader
[*]NPC Wulff: Infamous for Mutilating Underlings who Fail Him
[*]NPC Wulff: Not Afraid to Sacrifice His Men for a Tactical Advantage

[*]NPC Yancy: Manager and Legal Counsel for Bolstrum Office of Vorund Trading and Transport
[*]NPC Yancy: Thieving Bastard

[*]NPC Watch Commander Yusef: Abrogator, Career Blackjack, Leader of The Combs
[*]NPC Watch Commander Yusef: Still Alive, Enraged, and After You.
[*]NPC Yusef: Black Mage, Watch Commander, Unfinished Business Back in Etzos
[*]NPC Watch Commander Yusef: Still Hates Kasoria, But Hates Sintra More
[*]NPC Watch Commander Yusef: Very, VERY Tentative Truce Until Sintra is Gone

[*]NPC: Zak: Target of a Job, But Came up Missing, Deceased

[*]NPC Ser Zebon: Lightning Knight, Lieutenant, One-Armed

[*]Etzos Faction: Black Guard of Etzos
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Enforcers of Law, Not Purveyors of Death
[*]Etzos Blackguard: No Mercy for Members Who Break City Laws
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Known For Cleaning Up Their Own Messes
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Notoriously Corrupt, But Has Standards
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Responsible for Checking the Shores of the Southwood River for Bodies
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Possesses Trained Mages and Wizards, Known as "Black Mages"
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Not Above Beating Confessions Out of Suspects
[*]"The Combs": Mythic Vigilante Gang In the Black Guard
[*]Blackguard Cadet Academy: Ruthless and Lengthy, But Creates The Best City Guardsmen
[*]Blackguard Exercise Instructors: Crude, Brutal, and Proud Of Their Students
[*]Etzos Blackguard: Know that Kasoria was Behind Marshal Webb's Murder (and generally don't care)

[*]Philosophy: Sometimes, Death Really Is Preferable
[*]Philosophy: Not Stopping An Evil When You Can, Is The Same As Helping It
[*]Philosophy: No-one's A Traitor, Until They Are
[*]Philosophy: Always Honor a Life Debt
[*]Philosophy: "A Thing Unfinished Has No Worth"
[*]Philosophy: Empty Apologizes are Useless and Insulting
[*]Philosophy: The Dead Don't Hear Us
[*]Philosophy: Collateral Damage is Part of an Assassin's Life
[*]Philosophy: The Simple, Honest Purity of Outright Violence
[*]Philosophy: Peace Through Acceptance of Your Nature
[*]Philosophy: It's not The Game, it's The Life
[*]Philosophy: Benevolent or Not, a Boon Granted is Worthy of Gratitude
[*]Philosophy: Fuck The Immortals
[*]Philosophy: Killing Is Too Easy
[*]Philosophy: The Fates are NOT The Immortals
[*]Philosophy: No Sympathy for the Stupidly, Self-Destructively Proud
[*]Philosophy: Some Men are Brawn, Some are Brains
[*]Philosophy: Once the Man is Dead, So is Your Oath
[*]Philosophy: To Live is To Suffer, To Suffer is To Live
[*]Philosophy: You Don't Have to Like It, Just Accept It
[*]Philosophy: A Bloody Life Has a Bloody End
[*]Philosophy: Magic is Power, And Power Takes Many Different Forms
[*]Philosophy: Know Your Limits (so you know when you've exceeded them)
[*]Philosophy: The Curious Hypocrisy of Legalized Murder, a.k.a. Bounty Hunting
[*]Philosophy: The Corrupting Nature of Criminal Life
[*]Philosophy: Be Sure You Can Accept The Cost a Path of Violence Will Demand
[*]Philosophy: A Quick Death Beats a Lingering, Painful One
[*]Philosophy: Money is Worthless When You Won't Live to Spend It
[*]Philosophy: Dues to the Dead
[*]Philosophy: No Gods, Just Us
[*]Philosophy: We're Gangsters, Not Animals
[*]Philosophy: Kill Who You have To
[*]Philosophy: Justifying Murder
[*]Philosophy: Don't be a bad man if you don't want bad things to happen.
[*]Philsophy: After the Job is Done, Every Man for Himself!
[*]Philosophy: Don’t Waste Your Efforts on the Doomed
[*]Philosophy: Things Can Always Get Worse
[*]Philosophy: Flaying is a Special Kind of Damnation
[*]Philosophy: Love is a Weakness
[*]Philosophy: Fatalism ("She dies, or we do.")
[*]Philosophy: The Fates are Unknowable, So Don't Bother Praying to Them
[*]Philosophy: No Compromise With The Hated Immortals
[*]Philosophy: You Do What You Must to Survive (with one exception)
[*]Philosophy: Etzos Needs No Immortals
[*]Philosophy: "Madness" and "Wisdom" Are Not Always Mutually Exclusive
[*]Philosophy: Shepherds Do Not Love Sheep; They Use Them
[*]Philosophy: Someone Has to Do The Dirty Job

[*]PC Anne Wicks ("The Girl"): Unknown Quantity, Unwelcome Charge, But Survived Her First Caravan Raid Well Enough

[*]PC Carver: Budding Etzori Street Daemon

[*]PC Duncan: Sellsword and "Associate" of Zarik

[*]PC Finn O'Connor: Shifty, But Reliable (When Paid)
[*]PC Finn O'Connor: Plucky Street Rat, Far from Home
[*]PC Finn O'Connor: Has a Sweetheart In Betty?

[*]PC Fur: Young, Criminal, Ithecal
[*]PC Fur: Not Stupid, Unlike Most Street Daemons His Age

[*]PC Gennadiya: Aloof Healer

[*]PC Ivanthe: Weird Kid, Possible Liability

[*]PC Kovic: Old "Associate" of Kasoria, Fellow Mercenary
[*]PC Kovic: Known to Kasoria as "Paps"
[*]PC Kovic: Charming, Affable, Murderer
[*]PC Kovic: Apparently Working with the Al’Angyryl

[*]PC: Klaudia Khastel, (Lavana): a crafty Black Guard trooper.

[*]PCs Llyr, Duncan, and Oceta: Kasoria's Companions and Clients, Ymiden 719

[*]PC Lucretia Meadows: Young, Unstable, Musician and Mage

[*]PC Mathias: Unofficial Leader of their Little Group
[*]PC Mathias: Sellsword, Archer, Newfound Dreamer
[*]PC Mathias: Heading to a Job in Storm’s Edge
[*]PC Mathias: Branded by Kasoria
[*]PC Mathias: Fine Archer, But Lacking in Swordsmanship
[*]PC Mathias: Transmutation Mentor
[*]PC Mathias: Owed a One-Time, Anything Goes Favor by Kasoria

[*]PC Oberan: Smooth Mage, Gambler, Cheat, Actor... and General Wanker
[*]PC Oberan: Gifted Liar and Surprisingly Brave
[*]PC Oberan: Not Just a Reckless Gambler In Etzos on a Lark...
[*]PC Oberan: Reluctant Savior, Even More Reluctant "Friend"
[*]PC Oberan: Not popular with anyone, it seems
[*]PC Oberan: On the Side of Etzos (currently)
[*]PC Oberan: Associates with the Etzori Resistance (sometimes)
[*]PC Oberan: Wants to Expose Sintra to Destroy Her
[*]PC Oberan: Possesses and Unknown Magic that Drains the Life from Creatures
[*]Oberan is a mortal-born of Audrae

[*]PC: Maude: red-headed girl may be an aukari, but not your commander

[*]PC Max/"The Girl": Feisty, Sly, and Still a Fucking Idiot
[*]PC Max/"The Girl": Willing to Stay, Even When Given an Out
[*]PC Max/"The Girl": Has Potential in the Underworld
[*]PC Maxine: Smarter Than She Looks, Not As Tough As She Acts
[*]PC Maxine: Little Girl Who Wants to be a Big-League Killer
[*]PC Maxine: Improving with a Dagger
[*]PC Maxine: Needs to Control Herself in Combat
[*]PC Maxine: Needs to Learn Some Subtlety
[*]PC Maxine: The Unlikeliest of Saviors
[*]PC Maxine: Surprisingly Creative
[*]PC Maxine: Alive After All These Arcs
[*]PC Maxine: Believed Kasoria Betrayed Her Back in Etzos
[*]PC Maxine: Marked by the Immortals
[*]PC Maxine: Far Deadlier Than the Girl Kasoria Remembers
[*]PC Maxine: Marked For Death Should She Ever Return to Etzos
[*]PC Maxine: Unfortunately Ambivalent Towards Immortals
[*]PC Maxine: Capable Assistant and Scout
[*]PC Maxine: Ultimately Unable to Kill in Cold-Blood
[*]PC Maxine: Fled from Kasoria in Shame and Fear
[*]PC Maxine: Vanished From Etzos
[*]PC Maxine: Fallen Far, and Risen High
[*]PC Maxine: Working Against a Shady Etzori Family
[*]PC Maxine: Pursuing a Ruinous Vendetta
[*]PC Maxine: Marked By the Immortals
[*]PC Maxine: Still a Junkie, But Doesn't Want to Be

[*]PC Noth: The Nameless, Nosy, Terrifying Bird-Daemon
[*]PC Noth: Warlord of North Etzos
[*]PC Noth: Seeking to Expand
[*]PC Noth: Knows the Value of a Terrifying Reputation
[*]PC Noth: Not as Scary as He Thinks He Is
[*]PC Noth: Skilled Negotiator

[*]PC Oceta: Slave Girl Belonging to Zarik

[*]PC Praetorum: Runic Mage

[*]PC Qit'ria: Barbaric Even by Kasoria’s Standards
[*]PC Qit'ria: Becomer, Savage, Avenging Mage

[*]PC Rakvald: Inhuman Monster, Brawler, Mage, Healer... Asset?

[*]PC Roly: Ithecal Necromancer
[*]PC Roly: Sneaky and Shifty, But Not Stupid
[*]PC Roly: Might be a Problem in the Future... But Not the Present

[*]PC Rorom: Fisherman, Mariner, Occasional Bounty Hunter
[*]PC Rorom: Unused to Violence, But Not Incapable

[*]PC Sybil: Disturbed Young Lady
[*]PC Sybil: Quite a Different Person When Lucid
[*]PC Sybil: More Accomplished in the Mechanics of Dreamwalking

[*]PC Ulric: Former Human, Current Ghost, Advancing Swordsman
[*]PC Ulric: Determined to Improve his Skills with a Blade
[*]PC Ulric: Capable of Using Ecto-Tendrils During Battle
[*]PC Ulric: Willing to Learn
[*]PC Ulric: Alive and Well in Vhalar 720 (after being Deceased and Ghostly)
[*]PC Ulric: Resurrected by Sintra, But Not Her Follower

[*]PC Vega: Volunteer, Master Archer, Gifted Swordswoman, Mouthy Cow But Can Back It Up
[*]PC Vega: Intercepts New Volunteers Arriving at Storm's End
[*]PC Vega: Quite the Storied Past
[*]PC Vega: Knows a Maxine (but is it THE Maxine?)
[*]PC Vega: One of the Strongest Leaders at Storm's Edge

[*]PC Vluharqih: Cunning, Venomous Redhead
[*]PC Vluharqih: Knows about a Pro-Sintra Conspiracy within the Citadel

[*]PC Yndira: Cocky, Fearsome, Potentially Useful Naerikk
[*]PC Yndira: Working Girl, Naerikk, Ally of Convenience Alone
[*]PC Yndira: Cold and Calculating Predator
[*]PC Yndira: Monstrously Powerful But Untrained (for now)

[*]PC Zarik: Mage, Dreamwalker, Walking Enigma
[*]PC Zarik: Initiated Kasoria into Dreamwalking
[*]PC Zarik: Too Pure a Soul to be Trusted
[*]PC Zarik: Not Shy With His Affections
[*]PC Zarik: Trusted by Kasoria (more or less)
[*]PC Zarik: Quacian Ambassador, “Etherist”, and Becomer
[*]PC Zarik: In Some Trouble in his Voyage Across the Orm’del Sea
[*]PC Zarik: Often Seems like a Ditzy, Careless Child
[*]PC Zarik: Sometimes Seems Far Older and Wiser than he Looks
[*]PC Zarik: Kasoria's New Employer
[*]PC Zarik: Crushed by Hazel's Death
[*]PC Zarik: Now "Llyr", Thanks to Becoming
[*]PC Zarik: Too Idealistic
[*]PC Zarik: Not Above Snapping at His Children
[*]PC Zarik: Quietly, Annoyingly, Ruthlessly Dogged
[*]PC Zarik: Suffered to Protect His Father
[*]PC Zarik: Lost His Faith (but tries to reclaim it)
[*]PC Zarik: Annoyingly Confident, But Not Without Reason (in the Emea)
[*]PC Zarik: Able to Cut Between Dreams
[*]PC Zarik/Llyr: Master/Mistress of Stating the Obvious
[*]PC Zarik/Llyr: Despite Everything Else, Still a Noble Ambassador from Quacia
[*]PC Zarik/Llyr: Has Made Their Account at the Baths Available to Kasoria
[*]PC Llyr: Canny Interrogator
[*]PC Llyr: Still Unable to Use Magic, As of Mid-Ymiden, 719
[*]PC Llyr: Willing to Flay (maybe)
[*]PC Llyr: Capable of Horrific Violence (when pushed)
[*]PC Llyr: Prospering Etzos Entrepreneur (as of Vhalar 719)
[*]PC Llyr: Associate of Woe
[*]PC Zarik: Able to Contort his Dreamscape at Will
[*]PC Zarik: Was a Simple Peasant Before Becoming a Mage
[*]PC Zarik: Wise Beyond his Years, Thanks to Tragedy Beyond Reckoning
[*]PC Llyr: Clearly Keeping Abreast of the Power Plays Within Etzos
[*]PC Llyr: Unmoved by Kasoria's Call to Arms...
[*]PC Llyr: ... but NOT Unconvinced That Sintra is Not a Threat
[*]PC Llyr: Idalos' Answer to Liberace
[*]PC Llyr: Eccentric, Eclectic, Ridiculous... and Lethally Cunning
[*]PC Llyr: One of the Few Living Souls that Can Casually Dismiss Kasoria
[*]PC Llyr: Also, Apparently, an Ambrosia Addict
[*]PC Llyr: Shaky and Fractured, But Still a Viable Asset
[*]PC Llyr: Living a Secret Academic Life in Viden
[*]PC Llyr: Dealing with a Literal Shadow Stalking Him
[*]PC Llyr: Still Unsure About How Bloody He Wants His Hands to Get
[*]PC Llyr: A Mortalborn Son of Chamadarst
[*]PC Llyr: Never Told Kasoria he was Son of a Morty
[*]PC Llyr: Working Against Kasoria?
[*]PC Llyr Llywelyn: Gone from Friend to Secret Enemy
[*]PC Llyr Llywelyn: Hated (for the most part)
[*]PC Llyr Llywelyn: Won't Live Past Webb's Assassination

[*]PC Woe: Torturer, Foreigner, Morty-Loving Bastard
[*]PC Woe: Likely Worshiper of Sintra
[*]PC Woe: Visibly Frightened of Kasoria

[*]Quacia: Hates Immortals as Much as Etzos

[*]"Raggedy Man": a far more well-known moniker than "Kasoria"

[*]Rhakros: Home to Lissira and the Bulk of Her Followers

[*]Rharne: Worship of the Immortal Ilaren is Common
[*]Rharne: Has Ferries Crisscrossing Lake Lovalus
[*]Rharne, Cylus 720: Under Attack by “Fireborn” Monsters
[*]Rharne Lore - Shadow Quarter: The Underworld Kings of Rharne
[*]Rharne: Sewer System
[*]Rharne: Dust Quarter
[*]Rharne: The Bronze Boar

[*]The Rues: Upstart Gang in South Etzos

[*]Rupturing: Can be Disrupted or Stopped by Abrogation
[*]Rupturing: Magic that Opens Portals from Place Place
[*]Rupturing: Portals Pass Through a Place Beyond Belief, and Reason, and Reality

[*]Shadow Slayer: Enchanted Gladius
[*]Shadow Slayer: Emits Blinding Light with Every Clash of Steel
[*]Shadow Slayer: Conjures Lightning through its Blade
[*]Shadow Slayer: Leeches Off the Wielder's Spark to Power Lightning
[*]Shadow Slayer: Likely the Result of Transmutation Rituals

[*]Shadow Ward: Blocks the Naerikk "Gift of Shadow"
[*]Shadow Ward: Like a Disc of Solidified Shadow

[*]Signalism: Etzori Mysticism
[*]Signalism: A Way for the Living to Make Sure the Departed Go Where They Deserve
[*]Signalism: Uses Personal Totems for the Departed
[*]Signalism: Lighthouse and Shelves
[*]Signalism: Bracelet. Abacus. Broach. Mother. Father. Sister.

[*]Sintra: Immortal of Manipulation
[*]Sintra: Plotted to Take Control of Etzos
[*]Sintra: Has Minions Across Etzos
[*]Sintra: Controls Hordes of Spiders, from Tiny to Vast
[*]Sintra: Pushed Lisirra to Invade Etzos (to take advantage of the chaos following)
[*]Sintra: Seeks to Dominate the Etzori through Mind Control and Propoganda

[*]Something horrible beyond the Veil...you think...maybe...

[*]Storm's Edge, Early 720: Survived Assaults from Undead and "Fireborn"
[*]Storm's Edge, Early 720: Now Battered, Half-Ruined, and Undermanned
[*]Storm's Edge, Late Cylus 720: Well-Defended and Secure, But Surrounded by Broken Packs of Fire-Born
[*]Storm's Edge, Early Ashan 720: Fortified Yet Still Menaced
[*]Storm's Edge, Early Ashan 720: Safe to the Point that Kasoria is No Longer Needed

[*]Storm Roc: Massive Eagles of Rharne
[*]Storm Roc: Used as Mounts by the Lightning Knights

[*]Syroa: Dead Immortal
[*]Non-skill: Syroa: Still Has Fanatics Across Idalos (including Rharne)

[*]The Theocratum: Church of Quacia
[*]The Theocratum: Venerates “The Wounded One”

[*]Taipan Venom: One of the more instantly lethal poisons

[*]Tobacco: Can be Chewed instead of Smoked

[*]Tunawa: Have a Colony in Mistral Wood
[*]Tunawa: A Tiny, Peaceful Race of Tree People

[*]NPC Vathrah'nal Protreani: "The Father of Becoming"
[*]NPC Vathrah'nal Protreani: The identity of the Gestalt Leviathan

[*]Viden: Magic-Infused City to the Far, Frozen North
[*]Viden: The Third Floor of the Prime Atheneum.

[*]The Vulturus Rex: Blackbrine Pirate Sloop

[*]"Wards": Magical Objects Designed to Negate a Given Type of Power

[*]Westguard: Caravans Leaving or Passing Through Every Few Trials
[*]Westguard: A Town on The Grow
[*]Westguard, Ymiden 719: Infested by Looters, Under Curfew, Population Fleeing in the Face of Lissira's Onslaught
[*]Westguard, Ashan 720: Decimated But Recovering
[*]Westguard, Saun 721: Rebuilding and Enduring
[*]Westguard, Saun 721: Army Garrison is the Heart of the Town
[*]Westguard, Saun 721: Has a New Combat Instructor at the Garrison

[*]Yaralon - Ashan 719 Event: Blockaded By Blackbrine Ships
[*]Yaralon: The Crags
[*]Yaralon: The Harbor Outside the City Proper
[*]Yaralon accent and jargon are legit, recognizable things.
[*]Yaralon, Ashan 723: Kasoria Learns of a Bounty on His Head
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