Ivorian Empire

A port city that serves as the capital to the island nation of Yithiral and is home to the protective Ithecal race, the servants of the Immortal Ethelynda. Travelers, merchants, adventures, as long as you don’t break the law, you will be welcomed with open arms and kept safe by the snake-like founders and leaders of this fortress city.

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    This is an Out of Character forum for the players of Ivorian looking for further information about the area.
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  • No unread posts Yithiral
    The fortress-capital of the Ivorian Empire and the seat of the Immortal Ethelynda, which she protects alongside her Mortalborn children. Known as the safest place in Idalos thanks to its iron-clad military presence, it offers a welcoming hand to all honourable visitors.
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  • No unread posts Ethelanum
    A sprawling trade-hub built into the side of a mountain, ruled by merchants and gold, all overseas trade passing through Yithiral ultimately arrives here. Watch your pockets, because the Merchant Prince and his Nel Council take a bite out of every deal, whether you know it or not...
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  • No unread posts Talonir
    A hidden place that few truly know and fewer talk about, a city without walls that has endured where most would crumble. Built into the grand forests of Ivorian until it's practically a part of them, there's plenty to hunt and explore, as long as you watch you don't get hunted yourself.
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  • No unread posts Cathirus
    A grand church to the Mother of Serpents, Ethelynda, made into a city itself. Filled to the brim with zealous fanatics to her name ready to burn all who dare stand opposed to her brilliance, only those but the utterly devoted to the Immortal Ethelynda will be accepted, but for those that do, the rewards can be very great indeed.
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