City of Quacia

Once past the gates of Condemnation, one discovers the city of Quacia with the heavily guarded Fortress, the wealthy district of the Gleam, the seat of the powerful Theocratum church, crowded Shanty slums, and the sinful dens of Lair.

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    Heavily guarded by the Dragoon, only nobles and their most selected guests visit beyond the fortress battlements. Dukes and Baronesses come and go in cut-throat court games of sham royalty.
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    Most shops, parlors, workshops, and other businesses are found here, as well as the homes of those wealthy who are not of royal title. Guilds bleed the citizens dry of coin through taxes and fees. Trade is limited in Quacia, and supplies can be expensive.
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    Slums that are a chaotic mess of shelters, thrown together and often crumbling into disarray, it is the main residence for the population majority. The streets are rarely patrolled, and usually only during protest riots or other revolution-minded action.
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    About the size of a village, within defined boundaries of the city, vice teems in Lair, where the darkest desires can be satiated in dens of iniquity. It is rumored that anything you wish to find can be found in Lair… anything.
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