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“We all experience longing in the face of stagnation” – Treid, Immortal of Knowledge

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This page is the main menu for all the information on progressing your PC here on Standing Trials RPG.

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Category Information
Businesses & Factions Guides on how to set up or join PC-run businesses and / or factions.
NPCs Types of NPC, progressing NPCs, buying NPCs, etc.
PC Achievements A category containing examples of PC Achievements here on Standing Trials. Useful both for inspiration and for historical context.
Progressing Magic Examples of awakenings, mutations, revelations etc and rules for the same.
Progressing Marks Examples of PCs who have progressed in Immortal Marks and rules on mark progression.
Progressing Renown Repositories of PCs at particular renown levels, the renown system and rules on progressing.
Grandmaster PCs A list of PCs who have achieved Grandmastery in one or more of our Skills.
Progressing Skills Information on skills is here, as well as rules on GM and Tier 2 skills, alongside information on knowledge.
Settlements The system for getting a PC run settlement
The Wealth System Information on Wealth Threads, etc.

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