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Racial Form Mechanics

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Yludih Mechanics Question

The race page of the wiki goes into great detail on how to learn the ability to mimic an animal but not so much on how to gain new racial forms. I know I start with two but how would I learn any of the other 13 racial forms?
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Re: Yludih Mechanics Question

Hi Alias,

We've never had a Yludih PC that had more than two races they could emulate. The Yludih illusion is a powerful thing, and in large part out of the Yludih's ability to control to the level that they'd be able to emulate more than two races (one of which is adopted at birth, involuntarily based on the illusion the parent presents).

They can take on different identities and forms within the races they do know, however, and are able to form perfect imitations of individuals with some meditation. Any additional disguises within the races they know at creation do need to be awarded in reviews as loot/gains.

Thanks for the question!
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