• Solo • [Hopetoun] Spring has... Sprung

Where Kisaik finishes growing Hopetoun's Orchard.

11th of Ashan 721

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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[Hopetoun] Spring has... Sprung


11th of Ashan 721

Long golden and pink locks of macadamia blossoms bloomed from Kisaik's hair, while his beard positively burst with pretty apple blossoms. Spring had truly come, and Kisaik thanked Ashan as it couldn't have come to a more deserving people. The Faldrass settlers had been driven from their homes by the explosion of the volcano in seasons past, a disaster that could've been much worse were it not for the efforts of several important heroes, one of whom Kisaik was currently working for to plant an orchard on the outskirts of his farmland.

Kisaik had been all over the island, flying on the back of his harpy eagle, the noble bird he knew as Phee. They'd searched high and low for interesting plant specimens to add to Vega's garden, and then for trees to possibly plant for the benefit of the settlement. Kisaik had ideas, and those ideas gave way to an obsessive preoccupation with the things he could grow on such fertile grounds. He really couldn't wait for Saun to come along when he'd be able to enjoy the sun all the trial.

Ataja trailed at his heels, crawling on her vine-like legs as he went along the line, admiring the trees he and she had helped to grow. Kisaik was tired, it couldn't be denied. He'd been feeding Ataja with his lifeforce, feeding her concept with his excess energies, of which there were a lot by dint of his being a Mortalborn. It wasn't all bad being the son of Aelig, as he'd recently found out. He was a little sad for Aelig, that he didn't get to know Kisaik and wouldn't really ever be the kind of father that would go for nature walks or race on the backs of birds... But Kisaik accepted that and accepted him for what he was. He was only glad for his help in giving Kisaik life.

So as he walked down the line of trees, he continued to let Ataja feed from his energy, his ephemera, and whatever else he had to give the Diri of Growth so that she could continue to power the Orchard Revel.

By the time he went to the last row of apple trees, he began plucking macadamia seeds from his beautiful, blossoming pink and golden locks. The macadamia blossoms really did look quite good on Kisaik, his blossoms draping down his entire ten-inch form, almost to the ground.

These seeds, he spread at an appropriate space apart from the others. Kirt was there too, the farmer that Darius put in charge of his agricultural operation. He was a great help in figuring out just where to put the seeds, and how an Orchard was best positioned to benefit the rest of the food production. Kisaik continued growing the seeds from his blossoming tresses, then blinked to drop them in his hand, and he planted them in the ground. They had a good system going, and Kisaik enjoyed Kirt's work ethic.

Kisaik fed Ataja ever more energies with a spirit cloak, in order to replenish her ability to make more plants grow, the Macadamias in particular. Once that was done, he went back to inspect the Apple trees, which had begun to spring with blossoms and the beginnings of fruit.

In fact, when he got to the earliest plantings he'd made there, he found some of the apples already ready for picking. Kisaik jumped with joy, "Kirt! We have apples! Look!" Kisaik hopped up on a sky-stepping portal, hopping and skipping up it like a staircase until he arrived upon a branch. Once there, he began loosening the fruits that were growing, "Ready down below! We'll need more people to help pick these fruits!"

Kirt dropped a basket for Kisaik to toss the fruit in and saluted the tunawa while he went off to excitedly bring a few hands to help with the gathering. Within a quarter break, he'd gathered about a half dozen pickers, with more coming by, curious about this fruit that he was growing for them all. Kisaik tossed more fruits down, which then prompted some of the stronger climbers among the settlers to climb the boughs of the tree, and begin shaking them down to get the ripest and largest of the apples.

Kisaik helped by using his magic, forming sky-stepping portals to soften their fall so they didn't crack on the ground or on top of anyone beneath them.

Already, his mind was swimming with the things they could do with so much fruit. Apple pies could be made, apple beer, apple stout, and okay maybe Kisaik really wanted a drink. But who could blame him? He was a thirsty tunawa!

Kirt called up to Kisaik, "Ho there, Sir Chip! What's say we figure out a more... organized approach to all this?" Kisaik scratched his flowery, bearded chin. Then he nodded down at Kirt. he hopped down, and blinked onto the farmer's shoulder with a little 'pop' of the air.

"Splendid idea! Say, do you have any freshwater for my friend Ataja? She's getting thirsty. And while we're here, any beer for me?"

Kirt turned his head halfway to face Kisaik and then shook his head sadly, "Fraid not, Sir Chip. We are trying with the potatoes to make a special brew, maybe with the help of your orchard we'll get something going on that front!"

Kisaik nodded with a shrug. He supposed he'd have to make do with some apples and bug meat then. But after feeding his diri nonstop for so many days, he was absolutely famished!

"Well, I think we've earned a break, what's say we enjoy some of these nice apples with a bit of hot water?" Kisaik cheerfully suggested, and Kirt couldn't do anything but agree. Presently, Ataja joined them again, wrapping herself around Kisaik's armor and hiding behind his cloak.

They entered Kirt's cottage, where he set down an apple for each of them. Kisaik, who'd not practiced his blade abilities much in the recent term, thought it'd be a good idea to do so now. He shook his blade from his shadow and then began slicing into the apple, cutting it in half for each of them, eventually quartering the apples. Then, when he was finished slicing the apples into little quarters, Kirt surprised Kisaik by pouring him a little cap full of grog. Kisaik's grin spread wide at that, as he looked at the brownish liquid. It smelled lovely, like sugar and coconuts. He sniffed the grog, picking up the cap and then pouring it into his mouth to enjoy the taste. "Thank you! Ahh, that hits the spot!" So saying, Kisaik set it on the table, and put his foot in it, to absorb the rest of the fluid into his body, to replenish his nutrients.

In about fifteen days (he'd give Ataja some time to rest, as the diri had limits that even the Mortalborn's energy couldn't make up for), he'd have several macadamia trees growing, and ready to be harvested in another thirty.

They relaxed for about a half break and ate the rest of the apple dices that Kisaik had sliced up. Kisaik skewered a few of the dice with his shadow shiv, and then placed them in his mouth. The apples were a bit tart, as you would expect of new fruit, but it'd provide good enough food for the people. Or so Kisaik thought.

Another quarter of a break and the two began getting restless. Kirt wasn't the greatest conversationalist, but then Kisaik himself was tired, too tired to really tell his many stories of his adventures. Perhaps later. As they exited the shack, Kisaik asked Kirt, "Kirt, do you think Darius likes to listen to stories? When do you figure I"ll get to meet his Lordship?"

Kirt lifted his hand to scratch his hair, wincing uncertainly. "Well, I can't rightly say there Chip. He's a very busy guy, with the settlement and all, and other matters related to the Barony I suppose."

Kisaik nodded and then watched as the workers began banging out a system that Kirt had devised for them to ferry baskets full of apples to the storehouse, where they might be kept until they were ready to be eaten.

It'd been a great day for all involved, except perhaps poor Ataja, who was really overworked lately. Kisaik would have to find a way to feed her concept soon, with more than just his spirit cloak...
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Re: [Hopetoun] Spring has... Sprung


Review Rewards

Name: Kisaik

Points awarded: 10xp
Magic xp: 5xp (Rupturing)

Gardening: x 4
Logistics: x 2

Loot Apples for Hopetoun. Macadamia trees planted.

Renown: 5 (possible new settlement resource)

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriate to level

Kisaik is just a great little dude! He has an outlook similar to Cadouri's in my opinion, wanting to help and make things better. Not quite, but close.

He's wonderfully written to be perceptive and thoughtful, especially in this piece. There's a lot going on, moving pieces he needs to consider. Logistics comes to mind although he always does it from the perspective of his abilities, skills and magic which makes it a bit different. I enjoyed this solo from the aspect of learning more about what Kis can do. He's got a wonderful combination of skills/abilities.

The npcs add an additional element to the story, giving Kis someone to work with. Kirt is a favorite of mine and you write him well!

I hope Hopetoun is grateful for all the wonderful things Kis is doing for it!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!


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