• PC full name: Kisaik Ciuruọrun sọ Kufuata Karo
  • CS link: here
  • Notable Events: here
  • Race: Mortalborn
  • Date of Birth: 70th of Ymiden, Arc 699

CS Approval Rewards

CS Approved by: Prongs

  • Skill Points
    • +3 Stealth (Hiding on the ship from everyone around)
    • +3 Swimming (Swimming to survive the ship wreck)
    • +3 Animal Husbandry (Taking care of and raising the Cat)
  • Knowledge
    • Stealth: Hiding is Easy When You are Small
    • Swimming: Suriving going Overboard
    • Socialization: Pestering Someone Sometimes Works
    • FieldCraft: Suriving on Insects
  • Starting Renown: 10 (Prongs)

Starter Quest

In seeking out employment as a mercenary within one of the many companies in Yaralon, Kisaik is told that she needs to show her skills and prove herself able. It will be up to Kisaik to prove to these leaders the skills that she posesses to make her a valued member within the company. Will it be stealth? Riding? It will be up to her.


+50 Small - 50% off a one-off purchase
+100 Medium - +3 Alchemy
+150 Small - 50 Point Bank Points
+200 Medium - +3 Alchemy
+250 Large, Locally Renowned The Evergreen Grail

Base Item: A small, carved, tunawa-sized Ojogbon grail, carved from the body of Kisaik's grandfather. Tier 7 quality.

Enchantment: When someone imbibes any measure of alchemical elixir from the grail, its effects will last for six trials at full strength before the effects wear off on the sixth day. However, once the full measure of elixir has been imbibed, the Grail leaves Kisaik's possession. A bird of some description absconds with it, leaving it in the lair of some dastardly villain or else great beast. Kisaik is immediately and persistently aware of the location of the grail for as long as it is out of his possession but must seek it out, which becomes an adventure in itself.




  1. Favored - Springbringer Skills - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  2. Favored - Sprit Cloak - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  3. Favored - Peer Through The Pool - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  4. Favored - Ephemeral Sustenance - Approval - Peg
  5. Favored - Springs Bounty - Approval - Peg
  6. Favored - Broken Shackles (Minor) - Approval - Peg
  7. Favored - Verdant Protection - here - Peg
  8. Favored - Spring's Eternal Renewal - here - Peg
  9. Favored - Dire Rejuvenation - here - Peg


  1. Adored - Spirit Cloak (Moderate) - here - Peg
  2. Adored - Springbringer Skills - here - Peg
  3. Adored - Ashan's Cognizance - here - Peg
  4. Adored - Broken Shackles (Moderate) - here - Peg



  1. Favored - Serpents Hood - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  2. Favored - Enduring Scales - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  3. Favored - Protective Skills 1- Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  4. Favored - Honor's Shield - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  5. Favored - Inspire - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  6. Favored - Nobility's Endurance - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg



  1. Favored - Bond (Minor) - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  2. Favored - Illustrious Skills - - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  3. Favored - Bound in Battle - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  4. Favored - Brilliant Weapons - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  5. Favored - Bound Tongue - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg
  6. Favored - "Hold The Line" - Ability Acquired with Mark - Peg

Son of Aelig

Kisiak is Aelig's Mortalborn son.

PSF Approval here

Mortalborn Parent Story

It was a very dark, overcast season, when Peona and Tsani planted their sprout in the soil of the Ojogbon tree. There was plenty of rain, and moisture in the air, but very little in the way of sunlight hit their poor sprout, making them worry that it might not grow at all.

Getting desperate for help, they decided to depart for the swamps to look for a great wisp that had been spotted there. After a long journey, they found the great, bright wisp, and begged for his help in giving light to the sprout before it failed. Moved by some inscrutable motive, the entity followed them to the spot where Kisaik was growing, and shone a nimbus of false light upon him.

Unknown to any, this entity was not a Wisp, but in fact the Immortal of Mimicry and Chaos, Aelig himself. It had decided long ago that it wished to have a spawn of the Tunawa race, being as their kind were so well disposed toward his domains of mimicry and illusion.

To their surprise, and delight, he began to grow swiftly before their eyes, until they had a full grown sprout, with dark bark and glowing veins. But before they could celebrate by plucking him out of the ground, the mother's grandfather emerged from a nearby hut. He stood before Aelig, and threatened the great Immortal, telling him that he must leave at once, and never return.

Amused, but in no way threatened, Aelig laughed a terrible laugh. The laughter persisted for many hours, frightening the mother and father enough to chase them out of the village, and send them fleeing to the docks and over the ocean. They were effectively banished, and left their sprout to the mercy of the entity and their grand father. Once the parents had been disposed of, Aelig took it upon himself to consume the grandfather, in effect making him one of his forms. From then, his avatar in the form of that grandfather, raised Kisaik in the ways he saw fit.

Meanwhile, Kisaik grew, knowing only his extended family and his 'Great Grandpa', learning all of the typical tunawa arts, stories, education and such, which were corrupted and tainted by the concepts of chaos and mimicry. Eventually he rebelled against these ideas, skewing to the concepts of justice, law, and order as a remedy to the atrophic chaos that threatened to stifle anything that grew. He went out into the world to seek his parents.


Hats: Everchanging Hat

Kisaik has an illusionary hat that changes shape based on his current obsession or interest. There's a hat for near every skill set and profession that he becomes enamored with. Here are a few examples:

Knight: The hat becomes a visored helmet. He becomes obsessed with chivalry and emphasizes the importance of honor and defense of the weak. Wizard: The hat becomes a tall, wide-brimmed wizard hat, and Kisaik becomes more interested in his pursuits in Alchemy and more esoteric pursuits. Ninja: The hat becomes a rattan hat, which prompts Kisaik to emphasize his skills of stealth, subterfuge, and deception. Priest: The Hat becomes a miter, or other similar and Kisaik becomes more concerned with spiritual pursuits such as meditation, oratory. He becomes both introspective and preachy in this form.

While under the influence of his current obsession, his personality and relationships will not fundamentally change. Just his specific passions and interests. The Illusory hat cannot be lost, and will find itself back on Kisaik's head should he misplace or leave it behind. Also, while the hat is taking the form of a profession/interest that includes the need for a kit, he can conjure a kit relating to those skills from within the hat. The kit's quality is equal in value to his current wealth tier. A skill kit can be conjured in such a way three times a trial, but will disappear should his hat change shape. The kit never includes weapons/armor/ammunition. He can change hats about three times a trial.


Fantastic Reach

Kisaik can grow and extend his limbs near instantly and much farther than the typical tunawa. He can extend either one limb to five feet long, two limbs two and a half feet, or all four limbs and neck one foot. This helps him dodge and stay mobile in combat, as well as increase his reach on the fly. The ability can be active for roughly ten bits three times a trial. He will find himself hungry for sugary treats after using this power.


Regenerative Growth Kisaik can regrow and regenerate lost limbs the same way and speed with which he can grow plants/seeds from his hair (tunawa racial ability). This means that depending on his meditation and gardening skill, he can regrow a limb or limbs within three days (novice Gardening and Meditation), two days (Competent Gardening and Meditation), one day (expert Gardening and Meditation), or near instantly (Master+ Gardening and Meditation). He cannot regrow his heart or brain, however, should they be irreparably damaged.

Fracture Scar Veins in the leaves and petals that Kisaik grows in his hair will possess fracture scarring, glowing green cracks that form around the stem or root network of any of his plant-like structures.

approved here


Clarion Call

an extention of a tunawa's ability to throw their voice and imitate animal noises, Kisaik can make himself understood by animals near and far, to the point where depending on his Etiquette and other social skills, he may be able to convince them to come to his aid. Otherwise, he can reason with creatures that are negatively disposed toward him. This functions as a one-way communication, as he cannot understand the animal's language.


Glory Before Fortune

Those who seek glory often do so not for wealth or material gain, but for the glory it brings their name! Mädärä Kisaik Ciuruọrun sọ Kufuata Karo Kashe Däuä, Tìfmi Härumtä sọ anou Faewun Samuwar, ọbavi sọ tẹlẹ, igbaradi sọ anou tabi ọludïbọ, Saoire's chieja kẹmïkälï kukïrï, Akoko Nọọsi, the son of Aelig, is just such a one. When Kisaik completes a wealth thread, rather than claiming Wealth Points, he may claim renown instead, rounded down to the nearest multiple of five. So for instance, if he earns 23 wealth points, he can then turn that into 20 renown instead of the Wealth. All conversions of wealth threads to renown need to still be claimed in the Wealth Request Thread.

Fracture Scar: The scar associated with the acquisition of this ability and domain was acquired from a battle wound, which healed back but not without significant scarring along the right hand and forearm. Essentially the fingers are entirely glowing with fracture scars while running down in glowing veins toward the elbow.

approved here

Magic and Mutations


  • Kisaik was initiated into Rupturing via The Call event.
  • There are mutations for Rupturing
  • There are achievements for Rupturing


Mutations are listed at Magic Mutations Kisaik


Achievements are listed at Magic Achievements Kisaik

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