Janitorial Jobber

The surrounding lands of Rharne boast several towns and settlements that lie on the northern shores of the River Zynyx. This includes Mistral Village, Caervalle Town, Zynyx Market and Volta.

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Janitorial Jobber

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Re: Janitorial Jobber


Experience: 10 these points may be used for attunement.


Stealth 1
Poison 1
Meditation 1
Attuning 2
Necromancy Sap 1

Renown: none

Skill Usage: Appropriate to level.

Loot/Losses: none

Injuries/Conditions: none

Consequences: none

Comments: Again going to have to be honest with this review. There's a lot of telling going on, and not much detail or 'showing' in terms of the story. It reads like a summary of one's day in a journal. Informative enough, but not too entertaining for the parts where you're summarizing and glazing over details like how your pc might be feeling about the conversation he's having with that poisoner.

Also, I'm wondering why a mage of all people is working as a 'janitor'. It feels like a waste of such a rare power.

If you have any concerns about this review, please PM me about them.
word count: 150
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