Calendar of Events: Rebirth 720

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Calendar of Events: Rebirth 720

Calendar of Events
Cylus 720

Cylus 1st: The spread of Aloplumia has ceased, yet no cure for those afflicted has been found. It is now widely known by much of the population what happened, that many of the avriel, and the military stationed in the Forest of Stones has been stricken with an incurable and unknown strain of Aloplumia that resists all known treatments. Tensions rise as the human factions rumble their discontent. Several strikes are made against human settlements in the area, and none of the prominent human families of Athart are spared from these attacks. The authorities blame the Cult of Valtharn for these attacks.

Cylus 10th: The Aeolian has set up a quarantine, as many Unfeathered have attempted to flee Athart, aided by several of their unafflicted brethren. These interlopers have been largely dealt with in the most brutal fashion. There is talk of what is to be done with those afflicted with incurable Aloplumia. Obviously they cannot be allowed to leave, and thus spread word of Athart's weakness!

Cylus 20th: In the night, several (Reportedly human) assassins have visited the quarantine zones of the Unfeathered. These murderers have committed a purge of the Unfeathered, killing them and setting their remains ablaze. The authorities were taken completely off guard by the attack, although some witnesses report that some avriel warriors stood idly by as the carnage ensued. There's talk of Slave Raider involvement, which bodes poorly for the Aeolian's reputed involvement.

Cylus 30th: A rumor has been spreading, that there's no actual treaty between Nashaki and Athart. The rumor has put a strain on the slave trade that occurs regularly between the two states. There's talk among the political class of Athart that they ought to put a tariff on slaves coming out of Nashaki. Rumblings of civil unrest and instability abroad present an opportunity for those who have a mind to cause destabilization.

Ashan 720

Ashan 1st: We will see!

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