Unmoderated Areas: Rules.

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Areas in this forum are open for play but have no designated moderator. Please see the information in this forum for rules and processes in unmoderated cities. Note that information in these forums is VERY likely to be out of date.
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Unmoderated Areas: Rules.

Every city / area in this forum is currently without a moderator to oversee it. Players may still play here, but there will be no calendar, no bounties / odd jobs, etc. If you are playing in one of these cities, you MUST post in this thread - in order to register your PC as playing here.

Writing / Playing Your PC
  • The information in these cities is very likely to be out of date. Therefore, please do not undertake "major impact" storylines with approval from a mod via the PSF.
  • If an NPC is moderator only NPC, they may not be used here without requesting it via the PSF before starting the thread.
  • You are expected to write taking into account the ethos and lore of the place. Please familiarise yourself with the Lore Thread in your chosen city / area.
  • Please post in the appropriate forum for the city / area. If you are writing in Quacia, post there. That will make things easier should it become modded.

  • As these are unmoderated cities, you may not submit any new development pieces.
  • For NPCs. The Unmoderated Area NPC Tracker is for if you need / want more than a faceless NPC, this is the go-to place to create NPCs in unmoderated areas. Please note the rules regarding this in the thread itself.
  • All other development must go to the Creating The World forum. Once approved, final pieces will be placed in the appropriate forum by the approving mod.

The Continuing Story of Unmoderated Cities
  • In the second post of the Unmoderated Area Impact Tracker , there is an overview of the story of unmoderated cities. Player actions - or inaction - can change those stories. Check out the current story of these cities and see if you want to have a look / get involved.
  • If you do - then the Unmoderated Area Impact Tracker - when threads are completed / reviewed, any which might have an impact on an area (large or small) should go here. This means that the ongoing story of the area itself can change.
  • Doing it this way means that you can have more flexibility in terms of time for your threads.

A final note
If you'd like to see one of these cities / areas open and moderated, consider applying for staff. City modding is a greatly rewarding experience and you'd get to shape the city you choose and open it for moderated play. If city modding isn't your thing, then Peer Reviewers or Wiki Workers are always very welcome too! Just two or three hours a week can make a big difference to this site!

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