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Sirothelle's Comprehensive School.

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The elite senior school is attended by all Aukari-born children with little ambition or potential, who are placed before their eleventh arc, and they will remain here until they are fourteen. It is a place of continued education for the adolescents of Sirothelle, preparing its pupils for a career in skilled work within the city. The Oikeia receives 30-40% of the pupils leaving Parvos. Pupils leaving Oikeia will end up in one of two branches of work: skilled labour or in the Aukari Occult.

As is the backbone of life in Sirothelle, any pupil attending the Oikeia is judged purely on their own merit, and all are pushed to their limits. The standard at the Oikeia is much higher than at the Reyula. Any attending this institution have the opportunity to leave it, either through complete failure, or through substantial improvement and impressing the instructors. These chances come about twice a year, during tests taken in the seasons of Saun and Cylus. If through failure, where two consecutive tests must have been failed, then the pupil is dishonoured by being removed from the education system at the Oikeia and sent down to the comprehensive school system, the Reyula.

Elevation from Reyula to Oikeia (for those who have been send down once already) is the result of excelling at four consecutive tests, thereby suitably impressing the instructors. It is rare for a pupil to advance, and even harder for someone who has already been sent down from Oikeia compared to one who was initially placed in the Reyula, as they have already proven themselves to be somewhat incapable of studying at the more elite of the institutions. If someone does manage to rise back up to the elite education again, however, they will not be afforded the same opportunities that others are: they will have to pass every examination from here on out, or risk being sent down to the Reyula permanently, losing all chance at following the ambitions they once had.

While being instructed here, all pupils receive a continued education in numeracy and literacy, in order to prepare them for support role in Aukari society. Some pupils are then taught a specific trade; they are often apprenticed to a skilled worker to hone their skills and will spend approximately half of each season on placement with their master rather than in the Oikeia. The Oikeia funds these placements, giving the masters a small amount of extra income for taking on a student each season, which is one of the many ways that the government has chosen to keep the money flowing through the city.

Those not being trained in a specific artisanal skill are the Initiated into the Aukari Occult (about 10%). Some have been there for a number of arcs, indoctrinated since a very young age. Others attended the junior school before being invited to join the Aukari Occult - which is how you join: by invitation. The Initiates of the Aukari Occult are given a solid grounding in numeracy and literacy, like all other pupils. They are also taught about different cultures from all over Idalos, including cities and races they might one day encounter. Depending on skill and interest, they are given a specialism in subterfuge or in politics. With these skills being learned, it is expected that they will branch into the more hidden Occult cause of assassination for the benefit of Sirothelle and Faldrun's cause. Or they will be used as political diplomats, sent into the world in order to create alliances with other cities, nations and/or races.

Like Parvos, Oikeia is located close to the centre of the city, though at the western end. Next door is the Reyula. The building is a large one - consisting of three stories, much like the Reyula. The top floor is reserved only for the Initiates of the Aukari Occult, where the bottom two are for those undergoing specific artisanal training.

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