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[Rharne] Feedback Forum

Feedback Forum
The Rharne staff are always looking for ways to improve the player experience in Rharne. Are there specific locations that you really want us to develop? Do you have an event idea in mind for future seasons? Do you want to see more varieties of drugs and alcohol in the city?

You're in luck! This thread can be used to make suggestions for future development, events, and experiences you'd like to see happen IC and OOC. For example, if you are eager to have a particular location developed, you can use this thread to ask if we can prioritize it. Or, if you want more bounties on the Bounty Board, you can also suggest that here.

This is not a place to submit full development items or to request moderated threads for your character. This thread should be used to submit thoughts, ideas, and feedback. If you have a completed location, NPC, flora/fauna, or other development item, please continue to submit these to the Development Thread. If you would like to request a moderated thread, please refer to the Rules & OOC Information and reach out to the mod(s) via PM.

Thanks! We look forward to your suggestions.
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