This section is for Character Sheets specifically. Please make sure to read over the starting guides, rules, and the lost history information before completing a character sheet.

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Character Profile

Before you start!!
You might want to read through Idalos History to give you an idea of the world in which your character resides.
Also, check out the Creating Your PC area of our wiki.
If you want to use a graphic / boxcode for your CS, the code for that is kept here but a boxcode like this is not a requirement.
In order to begin playing, you need to complete THE FIRST TWO posts of this CS

Name: <full name etc>

Race: <put your PC race here> ~ useful link here

Date of Birth: We have specific names for seasons and so on. Check it out here

Languages Spoken:Fluent = <language 1>. Broken = <language 2> (A Note about languages.) Advice would be that most people pick Common as their fluent language.


Tell us about your PC appearance here. Give as much or as little description as you wish but remember that people will use this to know what you look like! It's fine to use images and so on if you want - but you don't have to
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Skills & Knowledge

Before you start this section! - It will help if you have chosen which Starter Pack you are going to have. Some of these give bonus XP and others require certain levels in particular skills. Make sure that, when you are making the decision of what skills to pick, you've got your Starter Pack in mind!


All PCs start with 6 skills. 2 Competent, 3 Novice + 1 Racial Bonus . You also have the knowledge needed.
All you have to do is:
-- a) Choose 6 skills (List of All The Skills Available )
-- b) Choose one Fast Track - Denote that by putting "(FT)" after the skill name in both your Skills and Knowledge section. Your Fast Track skill does NOT have to be one of your start up skills, in which case, please just include it on the table with 0 XP and 0 Knowledge
-- c) Decide which 2 are Comp, which 3 are Nov and which 1 is your RB.

The two Competent skills are non-magical skills, but the Novice can be magic.
Useful Information
  • Guide to Skills & Knowledge here
  • Start up non-skill Knowledge - here
  • What can you assume you know? here ~ please note that this will also tell you which famous PCs you might know of (helpful for RP purposes!)

To record your skills, please just fill in this table, replacing the words.

Skill Name Level XP
Skill 1 Name Competent 26
Skill 2 Name Competent 26
Skill 3 Name Novice 25 (RB)
Skill 4 Name Novice 10
Skill 5 Name Novice 10
Skill 6 Name Novice 10

In this section, just replace the "Skill X Name" with the names of the skill. Skill 1 in this list must be skill 1 in the table above. Your two competent skills should have 11 knowledge each, your Racial Bonus should have 5 and your other 3 Novice should have 2 knowledge.

Skill 1 Name
Starter Knowledge: 11

Skill 2 Name
Starter Knowledge: 11

Skill 3 Name
Starter Knowledge: 5

Skill 4 Name
Starter Knowledge: 2

Skill 5 Name
Starter Knowledge: 2

Skill 6 Name
Starter Knowledge: 2
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Skill Point Ledger

Here is where you record all the skill points you receive (Startup XP, CS Approval Rewards and, of course, Thread Reviews!) and all the points you spend on your skills. Again, below is an example which you can edit.

You don't need to fill this in before you start playing - but it must be maintained as you get reviews.

Thread or Skill Name Points Adjustment Running Total
Skill 1 Name (Startup) +26 0
Skill 2 Name (Startup) +26 0
Skill 3 Name (Racial Bonus) +25 0
Skill 4 Name (Startup) +10 0
Skill 5 Name (Startup) +10 0
Skill 6 Name (Startup) +10 0
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Skills & Knowledges


Now that you've completed this, you are free to start playing Standing Trials. Here's a link to types of threads that you will participate in as you play Standing Trials.

The additional aspects of your CS are shown here: here - you can either use the boxcode there, your own boxcode or just use the headings and have no boxcode at all! A set of free-to-use boxcodes can be found here.

You must submit your full CS to the CS approval queue (here) before you have 5 reviewed threads. That must include the following:
  • History - Your character's backstory, either in its own post, or edit your first post.
  • Skill Point Ledger - XP gains you make when you start earning rewards, an example is here.
  • Immortal Marks - This post will record any mark (Immortal Blessings / Curses) you might accrue as a PC and you only need to have it if your PC has an Immortal Blessing.
    • A full list of Blessings & Curses can be found here
    • A Guide to Religion & Marks can be found here
  • Wealth Points, Possessions & Housing - some people keep these in one posts, others separate them out.
  • Renown - an example is here or a boxcoded one here
  • Thread List - all threads must be listed and dated.
These can be in whatever order you choose - it's your CS, as long as everything that needs to be there is there - lay it out in a way which makes sense to you.
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