Axeing for a Favour

5th of Vhalar 721

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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Axeing for a Favour

Timestamp: 5th of Vhalar, Arc 721

When he’d first heard rumors of an ithecal even taller than himself in Hopetoun… well, Prae hadn’t thought that much of it. He was fairly average in height as ithecal went, and he’d just assumed there was a Thiussum visiting the other settlement. Sure, the rumor went that the ithecal was nearly 12 ft tall, but humans tended to have difficulty gauging the height of creatures that much taller than themselves.

It wasn’t until someone mentioned this other ithecal being made of stone that it finally clicked.

Last he’d heard, Varlum had been in Rharne, but it occurred to him he hadn’t seen the warden in quite some time—practically since they’d killed Rhaum, now that he thought on it. And Vega was in Hopetoun—it wasn’t out of the question that Varlum would have come to visit.

Well, that changed Prae’s plans for the trial. He had intended to spend some time back in Rharne training on his own, but with the most skilled axe wielder he knew within a stone’s throw of Haven, he would have been remiss in not going to visit. Perhaps the other ithecal would be open to giving him a few tips. And even if not, it would be good to see the man again, see what he’d been up to these last few seasons.

Arriving at Hopetoun was easy enough—Prae had been there once before, and it was just a matter of following that same route again. Finding Varlum was easier—Prae just asked.

The Hopetounians gave him general directions—the elements gave him the rest, dancing and swirling around the other defier joyfully. “You’re a long way from Rharne, Warden.” Prae called as he approached, a slight grin on his muzzle. “I see you’ve found a second kin. Do you have a moment to talk and spar? Nothing serious, I was just hoping I could pick up a few pointers from you.”
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Let's play 'What's Weird About Prae'


  • A fiery rune shines under his right eye
  • A firey glow in the back of his mouth


  • A ring of blue runes floats over each of Prae's wrists
  • A silver shield marks the back of his right hand
  • A ring of light around his left forearm


  • His tail is about eight feet long, usually knotted around his waist
  • His body temperature is uncomfortably high


  • Wind gusts with every step he takes
  • The area around him is slightly more static-y than normal

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