(Mature) Memories Honored

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(Mature) Memories Honored

“I have been and still am
a seeker, but I have ceased to
question stars and books;
I have begun to listen to
the teaching my blood
whispers to me.”

― Hermann Hesse

Gennadiya Lyosha

Memories Honored
Ashan 10 721

Gennadiya sat quietly with other healers as the remnants of their lunches began to grow cold while they joked with each other. The young woman was smiling and enjoying herself as the lunch went on, and had in her turn talked and shared a few stories, but she also enjoyed just listening to her fellow healers and took the chance to get to know them better. One older man who was a one of her gold cloaks was currently telling about the time his children had decided to surprise there parents with dinner, but instead surprised them with a mess.

The young woman was surprised when a suddenly there was a breath in her ear and a voice saying. “I am sorry for interrupting.” Michail said. Genna jumped a bit finding that she had relaxed to the point that she wasn’t paying to much attention to what was going on around her. The sapphire eyed healer turned her head to look at her assistant.

“What is it Michail?” she asked her expression concerned. Michail didn’t panic if he was here instead of just waiting at her office it was something he felt needed attention.

“Hariett Clos’s water has broken.” He said calmly but with a meaningful look. Gennadiya uncrossed her legs and in a smooth movement stood up. She looked at the others and smiled.

“I am sorry. One of those emergencies has come up.” Gennadiya said and looked around. “Thank you for coming. Please you don’t have to leave just yet. Please enjoy yourself.” Her expression was open and honest about her regret at having to leave. The others nodded and asked if they could be of any help. Genna assured them that if she needed help she would send for them. It was one of the beautiful things about being a healer in the Order. You had support. Especially if you gave support.

“I have gotten the bill.” Michail said suddenly appearing at her side again. Genna nodded aware that he hadn’t actually paid the bill himself but made arrangements for the order to pay for its doctors lunch. The two marched out of the restaurant. Genna’s booted feet clinking as she walked. Genna never ran, she always walked, and with a grace that spoke of years of a proper education. Though she did move with urgency, and today she did. Her grey cloak billowing around her as it caught some of the gusts of air. As they walked Michail spoke. “She was at home when it happened. Her brother brough her to the birthing clinic.” Genna nodded her head and made sure to took the correct road.

Genna has spent a arc working at Storm’s edge and had grown to know the various knights there. She actually hadn’t meet Hariett Clos until last season, but had served besides her husband who was one of the knights. He had sadly died in the last season of the war, and left behind him a pregnant wife. Genna had vowed to personally help with the delivery and pregnancy. This wasn’t saying she had been close to Knight Clos, she hadn’t but it had been his dying wish and so she would keep it.

Hariett was already at the in the clinic and being prepared for labor. Genna upon entering the clinic went straight to the office where she pulled an apron over her clothing and then pulled her hair into a scarf to keep it out of the way.

She stepped out of the room and paused to catch her breath before going in. Delivery was never an easy process and was always a filled with surprises. She walked into the room to find the Hariett sitting in a chair. Genna gave the other young woman a serious look and came over to her.

“It is good to see you Hariett.” Genna said, “I understand that this little one has decided it’s time to join us.” She spoke calmly and friendly. It was very important to keep the patient calm.

“I think he ruined the my mother’s rug. With all that water.” Hariett said. Genna watched as the woman then gasped as a contraction came up. The healer came forward and knelt down next to the expectant mother. She put her hand on the woman’s wrist to check her blood pressure.

‘You are doing this the hard way.’ Nayeli’s thoughts came into her mind. As Genna began to focus on the pulse. It was then she felt at the edge of her mind her gift. Genna pulled her focus away from the wrist and instead sunk her thoughts into her ability and began to look over the young woman. Genna could see that her blood flow was good and steady. Then she lowered her sight to the baby. It was a funny transition. The baby came into focus while Hariett fade. Genna could still sense Hariett was there but it was like when you looked at something in the foreground and the background becomes hazy.

Genna looked over the baby and could sense the beating of the heart. The child’s heart was beating strongly. The healer though began to sense so much information at that moment. She scanned the whole baby over and learned some interesting this in that moment. The bones of the skull, unlike an adults weren’t a solid piece yet.

There were any number of things that caught her attention but she could only hold Hariett’s wrist for so long. Genna pulled her self out of her focus and smiled reassuring at the new mother. “Your hear is doing well. Now let’s check were this baby is.”

Genna lowered her hand and focused on the baby’s position. Yep the water had broken but the baby himself was acting as a stopper so much of the liquid was still there. Even as Genna watched she could sense the begging of the contraction. Her curious mind watched as the muscles worked to slowly open everything up for the baby. The baby luckily was in the correct position.

Genna’s focused gaze returned to normal as she finished her review. “Okay everything is looking good.” She said with a smile. It was to but this was a first baby who knew how long this could really take.

The hours passed and things progressed slowly but not so that Genna was worried. Her new ability to look upon the heal of someone helped her to keep an eye on the mother and the baby. The young healer didn’t believe in laying a woman down on the bed and instead helped her walk and face the pain.

Now everything was coming to a head. After another check, and Genna was appreciative of her new ability as it made checking easier. The contractions were coming regular, fast and intense. Each was pushing. Genna stood by the mother giving encouragement and directions.

Genna told her when to push and Hariett pushed. Genna could feel the excitement that always came at this point. There was a head, “can you give me one more push.” The platinum haired healer asked. There was a nod and a grunt.

Then in the blink of an eye Genna was holding a head and the then a slippery body. She was smiling and she pulled the baby away and securing the cord.

Genna then looked into the babies face and watched as it flailed around and then the crying started. “Oh little one, yes let’s hear that voice.” As she held the baby she allowed her mind to check over the child. She could see his breathing was bribing to work. She could sense he had some gunk in his mouth so with care she removed it and then walked over and placed the child on his eager mother’s chest.

Genna was really needed for this part. Mother and babies had been doing this since humanity had emerged. Instead she turned her attention to the other dangers that a mother could face. Genna was beginning to feel tired both physically and mentally.

Awhile later Genna sat back she pulled her ability once again and began to look over the two one last time before she would leave. The baby was still a source of chaos as all of the waiting systems began to kick in but Genna could tell they were working and working correctly.

She shifted her gaze to Hariett. The mother was begging to heal and while it would take a while for all the bleeding to stop. Genna felt confident that the blood levels were safe.

Her assistant stepped forward and patted her on the shoulder. Genna looked over and nodded her head. “Do you have this?”

“No.” He said but motioned to another order member “but Sallies does.”

The tired young woman smiled and the feeling happy walked over and said. “Congratulations” She then slipped out of the room and headed for her own home and some food and a rest.

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Re: (Mature) Memories Honored


Leadership - Having get together with those your in charge of.
Leadership - learning about those you lead from themselves.
Detection - Healer’s Sight can help determine babies position during birth.
Detection - Mother’s vitals can help in diagnosis.
Medicine - Babies skull bones not one solid pieces.
Medicine - how contractions move muscles for birthing

Loot: -
Lost: -
Wealth: -
Injuries: -
Renown: 5, for helping with a birth.
Magic XP: -
Skill Review: Appropriate to level.
Points: 10
- - -
Comments: You write a healer from the Order of the Adunih very well in my opinion. Genna is graceful and elegant and obviously devoted to her job – that she seems to enjoy a great deal.

I liked how you started the thread, with Genna chatting with her fellow healers before she was suddenly interrupted because there was an emergency.

The fact that Harriet was the widow of one of the knights of Storm’s Edge and that it had been his dying wish for Genna to take care of her made this thread more meaningful than it would have been otherwise.

I have to admit, Genna’s ability sounds exceptionally useful!

I was rather surprised that Harriet already knew that her baby would be a boy even before Genna used her ability. All in all, I thought that you handled the birthing scene well.

That being said, I wonder what the little boy’s name will be!

Enjoy your reward!
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