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[Fauna] Etchwing

Developed by DARIUS BAER
Price: Tier 8
Habitat: Etchwings can be found all over Faldrass and its coastlines. They tend to to nest in high places, on precipices or in the upper reaches of tall trees.
Lifespan and Development: Very little is known about the development of etchwings, or their nating habits, but it is believed that they can live for more than a dozen arcs. An adult etchwing typically stands around 4ft tall with a wingspan in excess of 8ft, and with a large beak and giant talons.
Diet: Etchwings are predatory carnivores, and they primarily eat small mammals and birds, either as live creatures or as carrion. Depending on their proximity to water, etchwings may also hunt fish.
Temperament: Socially, etchwings are largely solitary creatures, and they are known to be territorial. While they do not typically attack people without provocation, they have been known to do so when threatened.
Abilities: The etchwing is a master of stealth. Its name originates from the fact that when it is hiding, little can be seen beyond the very outline of the creature, which - in some environments - looks like as if it has been etched onto the background surface. Upon its death, the etchwing becomes much more visible, with its feathers displaying a vast array of bright, beautiful colours.
Weaknesses: Etchwings rely on their stealth, size, and high nesting places to intimidate would-be predators. Beyond that, they are no more safe than the average bird.
Fast Facts Skill Levels Required
Knowing It
-- Scalvoris: Expert
-- Idalos: Master
Wealth Tier
-- Scalvoris: Tier 6
-- Idalos: Tier 8
Sell/Buy It
-- Scalvoris: Expert
-- Scalvoris: Rare
-- Idalos: N/A
Finding It
-- Scalvoris: Master
-- Idalos: N/A
Collecting It
-- Scalvoris: Master
-- Idalos: N/A
Using It
-- Cooking (Competent). An average-sized etchwing can produce enough food to make a dozen servings.
Killing It
-- Expert
Capturing It
-- Master
-- Etchwings are a danger to small mammals, and this can occasionally extend to cadouri.
Tending It
-- N/A
word count: 332
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Re: [Fauna] Etchwing

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Cadouri!?!? I can NOT believe you wrote that! But, ok, fair. Approved! Lovely piece!
word count: 16
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