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[Sweetwine] Bad Man's Hollow

Bad Man's Hollow
Bad Man’s Hollow is a secluded grove that is located in the eastern part of the Sweetwine Woods, just north of Crystal Lake. The grove is pretty, verdant and peaceful – at first glance – and filled with an abundance of Sweetwine Vines. All kinds of different animals can be found there.

And yet, most inhabitants of Scalvoris avoid Bad Man’s Hollow – because of the rumours that have been surrounding it for the better part of the previous couple of arcs, worrisome rumours.

In the center of the grove is an ancient oak tree that is said to be at least a couple of centuries old and that has existed long before the Pirate Lords arrived on the island. Its age is not only obvious in its size, but in its gnarled branches and the fact that it barely bears any leaves or acorns anymore.

That is not the only thing that is unusual about it though. At the bottom of the tree, between its massive roots, is an opening, just big enough for a person to move through it. It leads to a network of root tunnels and rooms. Some of those rooms are natural caves, and others seem to be manmade, while one of the tunnels eventually leads to a small underground lake that is filled with clear, drinkable water.

People that have entered Bad Man’s Hollow or at least been in its vicinity report that frightening sounds are coming from the area around the tree. The fact that Corpseflowers grow in Bad Man’s Hollow which suggests the presence of graves further cements people’s belief that bad things are happening there – or happened there in the past.

Some even insist that Bad Man’s Hollow is haunted.

Mr. Lockwood

Name: John Lockwood
Race: Human
Age: Ashan 38, Arc 670
Title: The Bad Man
Skills: Field Craft (Master), Deception (Expert), Hunting (Expert), Engineering (Expert), Ranged (Competent), Stealth (Competent), Resistance (Competent), Strength (Competent), Endurance (Competent), Woodworking (Competent)
Other Information: Mr. Lockwood – although few know his real name – is a sturdy looking, muscular man with tanned skin, brown hair, a thick beard and surprisingly alert dark eyes that usually wears clothes that are made of hide and fur and carries a bow, or a knife.

In his younger arcs, Mr. Lockwood used to be a trapper and sold pelts as well as things made of wood at one of the markets in Scalvoris Town – and lived in a little house at the edge of the Sweetwine Woods with his beloved wife, Anne, his daughter Lora and his parents.

Over the course of time, he became disillusioned with the world, the petty politics, the wars that were being fought for reasons that seemed unnecessary to him – there was enough for everyone in his opinion – and even the Immortals themselves that sometimes didn’t seem to care enough, although he always retained an appreciation for Karem.

Since there didn’t seem to be anything that he could do, and there were no signs that society would improve, he packed up his things one trial, gathered his family and retreated into a hiding place that he had found in the Sweetwine Woods - the rooms under the oak in Bad Man's Hollow - to live out the rest of their lives in peace, and alone.

Over the course of time, all of his family, apart from himself died. The graves in Bad Man’s Hollow that caused the Corpseflowers to grow are theirs. The arcs have not made Mr. Lockwood more inclined to trust people. Rumours had already surrounded the grove before he had moved there, and he actively encourages those rumours so that people stay away – and even makes frightening sounds, for example.

While Mr. Lockwood is suspicious of people and very much prefers the company of plants and animals, he is not really a violent man. He will not attack unless he is given a good reason, although his and other people’s definition of what a good reason is may differ.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
This location is open and free for play.
There are many secrets to discover here!


Credits to: Devin
Submitted for Development: March 19th, 2021
Approved: March 2021.
Checked for Skills Scale Down: August 2021
Posted to Surrounding Waters Forum: August 2021.
Developed by: DEVIN
word count: 726


  • Due to an encounter with a magical tree Devin has bright violet eyes.
  • Devin has fancy black claw-like nails. The Grafter Rakvald made them from the spines that grow on the dubaebo's back and attached them to Devin's hands.


Devin owns a Ring of Reversal. He's always wearing it, unless stated otherwise.


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Re: Bad Man's Hollow

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I love this! This guy is so sad - and this is such a great idea for a location! Thank you so very much - very approved!
word count: 27
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