Night of Mischief


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Night of Mischief

Surprised at the sudden turn of events, the Naer didn't even make a comment as the whole conversation unfold. The whole time they were talking, the young woman was more than ready to dart into the night. Why should she bother dealing with people when she could easily disappear into the night? Diplomacy was for the weak, her mother had said. As soon as the thought came, Liarra could see the last look her mother had given her as she tossed her out of the city. The anger that followed quickly and she had to shut it down once more.

Instead, the black-eyed woman turned her attention back at her newly-made pal. Re certainly knew what to say to make the furious merchant stand down without much of a fuss. Unsurprisingly, it was something Liarra couldn't quite master. She knew well about fear and how to exploit them, but it rarely ended in a peaceful manner. It didn’t take long before Liche finally backed down and Re started walking toward her.

“That’s a relief,” Liarra replied with a shrug at the young woman’s remark. As a precaution, she still kept her eyes on the merchant and his goons. They were still watching them, but with an angry helplessness that made her smirk.

“Mysterious aristocrat? That is a rather specific thing for them to say about you,” the Naer pointed out lightly as she followed the other woman to who knows where. Unable to help herself, Liarra was still on guard, trying to gauge whether the girl had an ulterior motive. She still barely knew this Re. Still, Liarra added a slight bounce to her steps, a small smirk on her face to appear more lighthearted. Things certainly had gotten a lot more interesting this way. The way Liche had backed down almost immediately, questioning very little was enough proof that the rumor was going strong.

It didn’t take long for Liarra to realize where they were going. It seemed like in this city everywhere she went, she would still encounter the sea. The salty scent of the ocean immediately made her think of the sickening turn of her stomach and the unsteady swaying of a rotting boat. Down the rocky path, she gave a half-smile at Re’s offering hand. Taking the help would mean that she was incompetent and the last thing she wanted was to seem weak in front of a human female. “I’ll be fine.”

As they got closer to the cave, the Naer couldn’t help commenting as she peered inside, “Interesting place.”
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Night of Mischief

Rolling her eyes at the Naer'rik the young, not so noble anymore girl stepped carefully along the jagged rocks only occasionally splashing through the water in the dark "Interesting is the world people use when they really don't have anything to say. At least observe your surroundings and make proper judgement of them," she countered as she climbed her way to a small little campfire she had made nearby her sloop.

Liarra didn't appear to be a woman of many words, after the bout with Liche the conversation had been scarce save a few details here and there. Was there much to talk about? Lorena stood still and followed the Naer'rik's form that wandered through the dark, trying to adjust her eyes to light as they approached her little circle. There were a few others who also took protection for the boats in the sanctuary of the cave and Lorena considered them her neighbours, but they barely bothered one another; especially if they had company.

Carefully navigating her way around the rocks in the dark the sailor eventually found her hearth and lit a fire that she spent the morning preparing for when she wanted to eat. Living out in a boat was a fun, adventurous life but it was not for the feint of heart. Weather conditions were often poor and torches were not always a thing. A small flame lit up the sides of the cave to reveal a small line of boats anchored to sharp, jagged rocks and a small series of campsites with smoked fish hanging from racks. Although strong in smell to most, Lorena had become very accustomed to the aromas of fish, seaweed and salt; it wasn't everyone's cup of tea though.

"People talk and speculate, the truth? It's none of their business," she eventually replied, taking a fish that had been kindly left by one of her neighbours, she would have to pay them for their trouble in the following breaks.

"What of you?"
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Re: Night of Mischief

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Poor Liche :c Another stark reminder of what horrible, awful people even a noble -even coming from a house as lowly and as fractured as a Burhan- are. The poor self-made bloke needed that money more than you :c

Anyway, anothe unfinished thread. Could have gone on more. Enjoy your points.
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