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Community Notices

Community Notices

Situated in the town square located in Midtown outside of the Ye Olde Inn establishment, is a noticeboard used by locals looking for people to complete odd jobs for them. These jobs are anything from old ladies looking for someone young and strong to clean out their roof gutters for five silver nel, to traders seeking mercenaries to travel on the road with them between regions to see to it that their goods are delivered safely. Odd jobs are can be posted by PCs and NPCs. If a character posts an odd job, they must pay the coin they promised to the person who took up and completed that job.

Use the code below to post your job (you can change font size if need be). To accept a job, PM the person that posted it and have them edit the post to change the status from open to ongoing.

Code: Select all

[style=max-width: 500px; border: 1px solid #bca69b; background: rgba( 196, 175, 165, 0.8 ); margin: auto; padding: 20px; color: #3d2417; font-size: 22px; line-height: 20px;][googlefont=The Girl Next Door][b]Job[/b]: 
[b]Status[/b]: (open, ongoing, or completed).
[b]Words and Fame[/b]: (how many words needed to earn x amount of fame?)
Job: Elderly couple need roof tiles replaced at house number 305 in Midtown. Materials and tools provided, looking for young, skilled construction novice to complete work for low pay.

Pay: 1gn per break (expected to take three trials or 15 breaks).
Words and Fame: (1000 / 3)
Status: Open.
Susan & Lynk Waterbottom
Job: Door Replacement
Pay: 1gn x brake
Status: Open
Words and Fame: 1500 / 5
Lower Salt Street we don’t know what happened, but it’s almost like someone went through our street kicking in the doors. Replacements have been made, but could use some carpenters to hang them.
Concerned Citizens of Salt Street
Job: Find Missing Cat
Pay: 20gn for safe return
Status: Open
Words and Fame: 1500 / 5
I’ve lost my precious Pebbles in the fighting. She’ll be scared somewhere. I know she’s alive because I’d know if she was dead and you’ll have to take my word for it. She’ll be somewhere near where people are hurt because she’s a magic healing cat. She’s kept me alive all these arcs, please return. She’s a ginger tabby with a missing left ear. Thank you.
Cecilia Blythe
Job:Retrieve Family Heirloom!
Pay: 40gn for safe return
Status: Open
Words and Fame: 1500 / 5
Our grandfatha had a lucky bone, he did. It was small and we think twas the finger bone of an Immortal. But it got lost when we left t’ous in such a rush. Can tell it’s ours cos it’s got teeth marks from our where our dog chewed on it. But it’s a lucky bone and it’ll bring luck to anyone. Please return it we got no luck left.
Jaks Liteborn
word count: 513
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