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North's Transmutation Initiation

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[Fensalir] Three Glimmering Lights


Vhalar 16th, 714

In the Trials that followed the naming of Air as his Kin element, North had undergone an awakening of sorts. There were ...changes he’d noticed with himself, and his mentor had told him they were natural consequences of magery, and his father had alluded to such things in the fast. The eccentricity of his father couldn’t be blamed, knowing this would only get worse. How many Sparks did the man have, anyway? He was a very private person.

Eerie, haunting tunes good for the soul rasped at the mage’s ears by firelight, a social gathering of Aesir who’d come here to share their stories. Much of the philosophy and the history didn’t grasp his young mind, but when it came to the Spirits, he always couldn’t resist listening in on the stories. From the Induk of the Mountain, to that of the River, and the Forest, he wanted to hear of them, and how to be close to them. Most of all, he saw the Immortals as tyrannical beings, and he wanted nothing more than to guard Melrath from these boogiemen of the world.

...But he knew so little, and there wasn’t a lot he could do. He didn’t know these chaotic forces all that well. Could they be reasoned with? Questions the Aesir often skirted; nobody really knew, everyone just regurgitated what they’d heard.

Immortals, and Magic, and Spirits, and the ghosts of his ancestors... it gave him a headache to wrap his mind around it all. He was here to relax, to let his mind wander in the music.

Imagine North’s surprise when his mentor emerged from the darkness, walking towards him. He cast an upwards glance at the man, feeling the touch of one of those large hands upon his shoulder. They were going to have a talk; it didn’t need explaining. Quietly, he stood from the log and followed Ragnum out of the grove, the music dimming to the natural, still quiet of the forest at night.

When they were a good ways away, they split off towards another grove, one seldom used out of respect for the spirits. North was silent the entire way, the nature of their relationship so implicit it needed no explaining. It was a cabal, something between he and another mage, each mutually invested in the other.

When they arrived, North took point by a mossy, overgrown statue before circling it and coming out around the other side. His mentor was still mum on the matter, but the stern, piercing stare was beginning to wear him thin. “Did you get my letter?” asked North. He’d written to Ragnum that he’d attained his first Kin element, that of Air.

“I did, lad, and that’s commendable,” said Ragnum with a smirk, breaking the troubling chasm between them with such kind words. “It took me nearly and Arc, and you did so within the season. You have potential, which is why we’re here tonight. There’s something I want to offer you, but it’s ...dangerous.”

“...What is it?” asked North with a leer. “You know, I’d do anything for you. I would fight to the death for Melrath, so tell me-”

“Whoa-oh, not so fast there, friend,” said Ragnum, hands rising with guarded intent. “No, this is about our magic, and the Spark within me I’ve never shared with you.” His hands lowered as the student’s expression changed to a lip-biting confusion.

“Tell me about it,” said North. “I don’t mind things being hidden from me, I understand now why mages are like that. I might not, but I like to think I’m a bit wiser now that I’ve experienced what it’s like firsthand to bare the Sparks you’ve given me around others.”

“Look, North ...It’s dangerous. This Spark might not be a good fit for your personality. You can’t be so bold with it--it’s like fire, it’ll destroy you if you push it too hard. Before we go any further, you should know that.” Ragnum’s face hardened, steely and cold. “Even more so than the other Sparks, its initiation is especially deadly. If you fail, you’ll cease to be. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve looked into panicked eyes as they disintegrated into energy taken away by the wind. After Arcs and Arcs, I’ve struggled with this one, just to get it to the point I can pass it on.”

North sighed, grasping the gravity with his mind. “Tell me about it. Let’s not worry about the danger. I think I can handle it--and I’m not being smug. Just tell me how you got through it, and I’ll try to match your frame of mind. Let’s do this right.”

“Well, first off, have you used your magic recently?” asked Ragnum.

North squinted. “...No. It’s been a few Trials.”

“Then let’s get started. Have a seat.” Ragnum motioned to the stone bench, and North joined his mentor there so they could talk. Ragnum began: “It’s a Spark some see as the first among them. It deals with the natural state and manipulation of Ether, as well as its creation. It gives its host the tools for working Ether, to mold it into something else. It’s name is Transmutation.”

The student’s mind was awash with thoughts and potential. Such a magic could have its uses, but then he remembered the warning, and his expression hardened to match the seriousness of what he was being offered. “I accept. I feel my soul crowding from these Sparks, but I think I can handle another. I’ve often been fascinated with Fractures, and the events of my youth that left me with so many questions. This Spark could help me answer them.”

“Then we shall begin,” said Ragnum, giving North a nudge with his elbow, prompting a smirk from the teen prodigy. “Stand over there by the statue. This is going to hurt. A lot. It’ll be similar to the pain of unmaking yourself as a Becomer.”

Nodding, North stood and stretched his arms out, wriggling his fingers and taking a few deep breaths to calm himself. I’ll do this. Let’s do this.

Before he could even turn around by the statue, there was a flash of light, followed by deep, throbbing pain across his body. North howled, buckling to the ground. “Rrrrrhghhrhglhrgh! You ass!” Quickly, his vision filled with white. Agh, ffffhk. This isn’t like Becoming, it’s... The pain was different. He wasn’t used to this, not at all, but he could feel the presence of the Spark as it moved against his soul, the others inside him resonating with signals of warning.

Bringing his hands in front of his eyes, he saw them warp with Ether through the bright haze. A certain sensation began to twist and turn in his stomach, and he felt ill, shifting his hands down to his gut to feel the skin rippling as he felt his body struggle to stay together. “Hnnh. Nnh.” The boy whimpered as Ticks turned to nearly a Bit, but it all began to wind down, leaving him feeling hot, skin glistening with sweat.

“I wasn’t ready,” complained North as he saw his mentor standing above him through teary eyes as his sight came back, a ringing in his ears beginning to fade as his racing heart dulled to a steady, if quickened, pace.

“If you’re expecting it, there’ll be doubt in your mind,” said Ragnum. “Knowing what I know, you’d do the same for your student in the future.” He extended a hand, and North’s palm clapped against it, pulling taut until he was brought to his feet, a bit unsteady as he felt his body pulse.

“Will this feeling pass?” asked North, holding onto the man’s arm.

Ragnum patted him on the back. “Aye, lad, it will. Let’s walk it off.”

Over the coming Breaks and deeper into the night, North sat with his back propped up against the headboard of a bed, arms at his sides. The initiation had done a number on his body, but he could feel the Spark pulsating within him, like a sense of anxiety spreading through his body, pinging the other Sparks bound to his soul and upsetting them greatly.

In time, as his mind stilled, this feeling died down, and he turned to his mentor who’d been reading a book over firelight, illuminated by flickering flame. “So it gets harder with every Initiation, does it?” asked North.

“Yes, though it’s different for everyone,” said Ragnum, slapping the book together and sending a cloud of billowing dust into the air. “In the morning, we’ll begin your training. I don’t want to set you loose with this Spark, as the first few Trials are always a confusing time riddled with mistakes. It’s unlike the others, where I had you find yourself and forge that connection on your own. The Spark values understanding, so teaching it more formally is beneficial compared to the more emotional Sparks I had given you before.”

“Tch, sounds like a hard time, but maybe you can keep it interesting for me,” said North with a weary chuckle.

“I know the kind of beast you are,” replied Ragnum with a knowing smile as he snuffed out the candle. “Get some rest, I’ll be by to fetch you shortly after dawn.”

“...Ragnum,” said North into the darkness.

“Yes?” came that familiar voice.


Shutting his eyes, he drifted off, the image of swirling lights in his mind's eye, Sparks of potential glimmering in unison like fireflies winking in and out.

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Re: [Fensalir] Three Glimmering Lights


Experience: 10 No magic xp

Knowledge: Non lucid dream, so no knowledge.

Renown: n/a

Skill Usage: Non-lucid dream, therefore skills aren't used.

Loot/Losses: none

Injuries/Conditions: none

Consequences: Aylune will remember this non-lucid dream vividly for arcs to come, and perhaps he'll be left to wonder if he has what it takes to endure a true transmutation initiation.

Comments: Wonderful dream thread about learning a new magic. I wonder if the real thing (Initiation into Transmutation) will be a touch more intense...

The way you bring Aylune/North to life really comes out in your writing, and the relationship/interaction North has with his Ragnum is quite entertaining. North is quite young in this dream to be enduring an initiation by Transmutation. I can't help but wonder if Ragnum is being rather reckless in initiating him. Even so, you done good with your writing, so enjoy the xp points!

If you have any concerns about this review, please PM me about them.

Note: Just for clarity's sake, the player asked to move this over to Emea, and mark it as a non-lucid dream, as it's not possible to play out an initiation thread in a memory thread unless you had the magic at creation.
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