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Scalvoris Metal Tongue Drum

Scalvoris Metal Tongue Drum

Developed by Kalortah
Type: Instrument (Percussion)
Details: Adapted from an instrument devised by native tribes of Scaltoth Jungle, the tongue drum was originally made from wood, after the arrival of settlers and pirates, the drum was soon adopted by civilized society, and improved greatly with the use of advanced metallurgy. It makes a wide variety of interesting and unique-sounding notes that vibrate quite nicely and carry over long distances. Normally paired with the use of a baton, either with dual mallets or singular mallets, the drum can easily be carried on the belt and simply played there, should the drummer wish. It's a very portable instrument and often used by travelling musicians.
Price: Tier 5+ The fancier designs and the more expensive materials often go for far more. Masterwork pieces are in the area of tier 9. Sometimes special scalvoris glasses are combined with the metallurgy of the drum, to produce special effects or sounds.
word count: 161
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Re: Scalvoris Metal Tongue Drum

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