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Sunny Down Lotion

Sunny Down Lotion

Developed by Kalortah
Price: Tier 6 or 2 wp for a thirty day supply.
Details: A topical agent used to apply to the feathers of avian creatures (and avriel). It can protect the wings from exposure to moisture, just like aquatic birds such as ducks, geese, and swans. When applied to the feathers of an avian creature, water and moisture will simply roll off, and when they come out of the water, their feathers will appear perfectly dry.
How To Use: Either apply to the feathers of the creature/individual in question, or have another person help you with it. Liberal application is counterproductive, just a thin layer over the feathers gently applied is all that's needed.
Side Effects: Less a side effect and more of a happy consequence of keeping the feathers dry, Sunny Down Lotion can stave off the effects of fungal aloplumia (feather baldness that is caused by fungus/mold).
Status: Illegal? Legal? Legal.

word count: 161
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Re: Sunny Down Lotion

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