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Mori Cream

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Mori Cream

Developed by Yeva
Price: Tier 7
Details: Mori Cream is a relatively new form of contraceptive in Idalos discovered by scientist, Morrigan Driskale, during her research of Scalvoris wildlife. Extracted largely from the roots and petals of the flora it originates from, it is considered a pleasant smelling topical preventative and is coveted largely for its dual usage as a successful sexual lubricant. While in high demand, its creation is time consuming and so it has remained pricey in comparison to alternative options, such as Moseke Mist.
How To Use: Apply to the genital area in generous amounts prior to sexual intercourse.
Side Effects: Unlike some oral contraceptives which may cause upset in the body or internal distress, Mori Cream rarely carries painful side effects when used by healthy humans. It should be noted that those with sensitive skin or open wounds may be at risk. Routine abuse of the product can cause skin irritation and/or an inflamed rash, most distinguishable by the double red rings outlining the afflicted area.
Status: Legal
word count: 177
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Re: Mori Cream

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