A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned

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2nd of Zi'da 719

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Re: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned

Unlocking Your Rewards!


This was fun to participate in, there were a few times Woe threw off the way a plan was headed but in the end he did get his Mark! It was interesting to read Woe slowly come to the realization of who he was speaking with and him sorting out his own thoughts. No matter how off put he got with the things the Immortal said, he still managed to right himself. I look forward to seeing where Woe goes from here, enjoy your rewards.



Can be use for magic? Yes or No


Negotiation x5
Politics x5
Detection x3
Deception x2

Chamadarst: Immortal of Solitude
Antony Fransse: Dead Councilor
Antony Fransse: Was marked by Chamadarst


Mark of Sombran (and the first three abilities)
  • Pocket Change: The first ability of Sombran is to guarantee his marked benefits from his prosperous domain. A Sombran will find that throughout the Cycle they work, they will find an extra 10 wealth points in value. For seasonal wages, a Sombran always has an additional 10 wealth points added in. This is often found through serendipity, whether through a tavern goer dropping their purse, to loose nels on the street, to unexpected windfalls in business transactions. Sombran always, even those without a job, manage to get along better with coin than almost any other.
  • Grifters Eye: While somewhat specific, most who earn Sombran’s mark certainly would not dare complain. Grifter’s eye sees through ruse at any level...so long as the subject of deception is theft. If someone has the goal of stealing a Sombran’s property or profits, no amount of talking or special magical abilities will affect the marked. The Sombran can see to the heart of the deception instantly. In addition, when any property a Sombran owns is taken by a thief or with the intent to steal, the Sombran is instantly aware of it, no matter how far away they are from the object in question. While this ability considers any item that the Blessed obtained through honest means, whether buying, creating, or crafting, anything that the merchant has stolen from another person will not be protected by this ability until it has been in the Blessed's possession for an arc. While not strong enough to pierce powerful illusions or be used for any other situation but a Sombran’s personal wealth, Grifter’s eyes is an invaluable tool for merchants looking to protect their goods from thieves. However, this ability only applies to things of purely merchantile or monetary value to the Blessed. Things of personal value are not so protected, as such attachments are a violation of Chamadarst's Neutrality.
  • Merchant's Skills: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Business Management, Discipline, Investigation, Detection, Mathematics, Persuasion, or Glassblowing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
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Already deducted


+15 for earned a Mark and offering an Immortal a job



Skill Level: Appropriate
word count: 546
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