Adam Michaels

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Adam Michaels
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Adam Michaels

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Adam Michaels
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Posts: 180
Joined: Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:09 pm
Race: Human
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Adam Michaels

Adam Michaels
Name: Adam Michaels



Date of Birth:14th Trial of Vhalar, Arc 684


Factions Joined: Seekers

Languages Spoken: One Fluent and One Broken

Lorenza Martello
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Adam stand around. 5'9 and weighs around 160 pounds. He has an ethereal kind of look brought about by his stony sleight gray eyes. He would be considered by most a fairly good looking guy, his highlights are his aesthetically pleasing facial features when he smiles bashfuly. He has tranquil look going for him relaxed and casual, his posturing is none threatening and inviting and he always seems to carry himself with a confident stride.

Adam Michaels is energetic and has a very disarming personality he is outgoing and fun loving and on the outside he's the guy that wants to make friends and have a laugh with the ladies because he knows that if he works his magic your friends can become his friends and in Idalos a good friend to watch your back is worth there weight in gold. But deep down Adam is as dangerous as he is treacherous, he is a manipulator at heart and sometimes those that pry into his business find out the hard way that a good friend will keep his little buddy safe from harm. With a flagon of mead and a glimmer in his eye he has an agenda but whatever it is is anyone's guess. His charms and wits however seem to be masking something alarming deep beneath the surface of his smile, in time the smoke and mirrors will fade revealing just how far gone he really is.

Using a rare form of magic known as empathy a young man found under the tutelage of his teacher that those around him could be used as pawns. That he could feel the minds and hearts of those around him to achieve his goals and turn the things they love or desire into there ruin, or worse tear there psyche at the seam. He found himself learning to use the venutian art of seduction in conjunction with his affinity for empathy, and his tenure with his teacher proved something. His mind and cunning was a weapon as sharp and deadly as a sword but the wounds he could inflict were far worse. His training consisted mostly of games put out by his teacher, try and get that girl to sleep with you, or get this girl to buy you a drink, or try to get a few coins from this one, can you get this girl to drop her date for you who are in rags? Can you get this harlot to bed you for nothing? He was learning to use seduction and sorcery blending them together to make it difficult to discern where one talent begins and the other ends. The taverns and brothels are his play ground with plenty of people to pick and prod with seduction and magic so that he may hone his craft on the unwary, trying to figure out the wiring of a persons psyche by manipulating there threads like a puppeteer so he can dismantle it and rebuild it anew molding it to fit his purposes

Rents a room in Almund.
Knowledge & Skills

The table below is an example - replace the skills with the ones you choose. A full list of skills can be found here. Note that in this example, this pc has Endurance as a Fast Track skill so identifies this in the column where they would normally record points out of 251
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Empathy25/100 (25/251)Novice
Unarmed Wrestling25/100 (25/251)Novice
Persuasion17/100 (17/251)Novice
Seduction 100/100 NA: FTGrand Master
Discipline25/100 (25/251)Novice
Leadership0/100 (12/251)N/A
Poisons0/100 (0/251)N/A
Intelligence0/100 (0/251)N/A
Resistance0/100 (0/251)N/A
Business Management0/100 (0/251)N/A
Neddlecraft0/100 (0/251)N/A


Seduction: Dress To Impress
Seduction: Works best with Empathy
Poison: Maidens Kiss is A Potent Aphrodisiacs/Narcotic.
Empathy: Makes puppets of people
Faith: Of average height
Seduction: Whispering
Seduction: Start with a compliment
Faith: Lives to serve
Faith: Belongs to Jamal
Faith: Not a pleasure slave
Faith: Would rather die than fuck you
Rynmere: It's dangerous to use magic in public
Seduction: Flashing money round might make you seem more desirable
Bubbles: Friend and seductress
Seduction: The Look
Seduction: Playful banter
Discipline: Seduction is a subtle art, don't cut to the chase
Sabine: Works for the Gazette
Sabine: Quite a temper
Sabine: Good left hook.
Sabine: Doesn't want you
Empathy: Sometimes, it has unexpected consequences.
Politics: Powerful families are often the target of attacks
Politics: Overly complex plans are, overly complex
Magic: Empathy
Poison; If you cover the hole of your flask with your tongue it makes you look like your taking a swig when your not.
Persuasion: Games help break the ice[Kingdom]

Seduction: Using your tone of voice to make yourself attractive.
Seduction: Prey on other's weaknesses and interests
Seduction: A very fine balance, tailored to the individual
Empathy: Combining with Seduction
Empathy: Strum
Seduction: A Smile to Hide Manipulations
Seduction: Bluffing
Seduction: Using a Target’s Emotions Against them
Empathy: Getting Your Way
Empathy: Using a Conduit
Seduction: Blending with Empathy
Seduction: Taking Cues from your Partner
Seduction: The Line between Tasteful and Lewd
Intelligence: Gathering information isn't straightforward in a dangerous place.
Intelligence: Knowing where to drop the right name is as important as knowing who to ask for information.
Intelligence: Which names are important from a list.
Intelligence: Identifying the best target.
Discipline: It's important to stay focused on the job.
Discipline: When faced with a difficult choice, look at the big picture.
Seduction: Eye contact, across the room.
Seduction: Pay the tab now, collect later
Seduction: Keep her thinking about you
Seduction: Doesn't need to be words
Poison: Look carefully for poison plants
Poison: Some things aren't deadly, just tasty
Poison: Hemlock
Poison: Hemlock: Makes people stop moving and slowly wither
Poison: Hemlock: Roots like carrots
Seduction; A drink or two helps
Seduction; Having a plan B for Bartender.
Seduction; Using dim lighting to highlight oneself
Seduction; Checking to see if a person of interest is in a group
Seduction; Offering a drink
Seduction; Sometimes the kitchen is closed
Empathy; It's difficult to deal with unfamiliar emotions.
Skill Point Ledger

Record all of your Skill Point Expenditure here.

Starting Package:50.
Racial +25 Unarmed
Grandfathered Racial Human +10

Seduction +25 Starting Package
Empathy +25 Starting Package
Unarmed Wrestling +25 Racial Bonus
Seduction +10 Human Starting Bonus Grandfathered in.
Persuasion +5 Kingdom
Seduction +1 Bar Struck
Seduction +10 Safari
Seduction +13 Slave To Whim
Seduction +2 Cup Bearer
Seduction +13 Beautiful Lies Ugly Truth
Seduction +7 Pillow Talk
Seduction +10 Were The Wild Things Are
Seduction +9 Interior Design
Discipline +9 Vudas Will
Discipline +13 What's Your Poison
Persuasion +12 How Not Get Tricked
Discipline +3 How Not To Get Tricked
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Marks Section


None Yet


None yet


Nothing Yet

  • Treasured Possession; The Swooning Damsel
    By the looks of it it's a fancy metal flask with floral engravings. The spirit within the flask however is often spiked with recreational narcotics. Either Red Hot or Maidens Kiss, but both are potent aphrodisiacs that lulls the senses obsessively towards carnal temptations.

    *Swooning Damsel (TP)
    * Ezymite Conduit (Mythic)
    Grey Coat
    Black Shirt
    Grey Pants
    Pair of black boots.
    One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste.
    One waterskin
    Two sets of eating utensils
    Red Hot x1
    Bottle Of Brandy ×1
    Feather Trimmed Fancy Hat
    Masterwook Boots Thigh
    Good Rapier
    Masterwork Leather Armor
    Masterwork Leather Gauntlets
    Masterwork Leather Fauld
    Masterwork Leather Grieves
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Starting Package
+250 liquidated Housing
Red Hot -50gn
Bottle Of Brandy -20gn
Feather Trimmed Fancy Hat -1gn
Cloak 5gn
Masterwook Boots Thigh 8gn
Good Rapier - 40gn
Masterwork Leather Armor -80gn
Masterwork Leather Gauntlets -40gn
Masterwork Leather Fauld -40gn
Masterwork Leather Grieves -40gn
Season Ymidan 716 +249 3xN/A Beggar
Season Saun 716 0xN/A Beggar
Season Ashan and Cylus 716 0xN/A Beggar
Season Vahlar 716 0xN/A Beggar
Season Zidah 716 0xN/A Beggar
Travel From Ne'her to Etzos -60/285=225
Total Currency: 0 ON, 255 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Renown Ledger
Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
Starting Race +/- 10 Total
Starting Race in City +/- 10 Total
Starting Profession (if applicable) +/- 10 Total
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word count: 1697
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