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Cha Amaranthine



Date of Birth:Arc 707 ^th of Ashon


Factions Joined:

Languages Spoken: Good Nearikk Common
Partners:Rifska the Ocelot

Standing in at a small 4"10' Cha is not the greatest of stature, that does little do detract from her feral appearance. Her Violet eyes are framed by a sharp face and Jet black air. A small nose and thin lips that too often snarl than smile give her an almost permanently aggressive looking face. As far as Fashion is concern Cha prefers functionality and mobility over anything fashionable or flamboyant. Always at the very least a tight leather harness covered in various straps and pouches for carrying whatever items she would need for hunting which is an almost daily pursuit for her. He long black hair that reaches to her thighs stays in a long black braid whenever she's doing anything beyond sleeping or bathing. Her Skin is tanned but otherwise smooth and flawless. A few thin scars scatter her body from the occasional prey fighting back or other hunting related accident.

Quiet and fierce Cha says little and expresses her thoughts even less. Preferring to keep to herself ha is stoic and unapproachable to all but the most determined. Behind her stony exterior Cha has a softer side, for things of nature and small beasts of all forms. Cha is conservative in her approach to life, she can't stand waste and has a hard time respecting anyone who can't take care of themselves outside of a city. Like the rest of fer race Cha has a mild affinity for men, and a distaste for females of other races. Though she's slightly less extreme in her beliefs due to the necessity of not making enemies in foreign lands. If one were to approach Cha with smooth river stones or meat they'd likely do better than anyone trying to approach with anything civilized. At her core Cha is amiable but feral and should be approached with caution.

Raised in Augiery Cha's upbringing was for the most part average. The only thing Cha particularly excelled in was hunting and archery in which she showed aptitude that with time could rival some of the cites most experienced archers. Though the praise of the elders and her peers did little to sate Cha's desires, even within the city she was beholden to the desires of others. so as she grew older and the time to begin searching for her own path in life Cha set out to find her own mate by her own means, though this was more or less just a good excuse for her to escape the thumb of her mother and sisters who found the arts of jewelry crafting and weaving to be more important to the sisterhood than the act of hunting and exploring.

A small cave a little ways south of lake krom close enough to Andaris to be able to see it if one were to limb one of the local trees. The cave is small with only one small connecting cavern and one exit to the outside. The cave has taken on a slightly lived in appearance a small ring of stones for a fire on the left side of the cavern. A bed made of a pile of hay and animal skins. The occasional drawing decorates the the walls of the cave and a small pile of smooth river stones lies in the back of the cave, the fruits of one of Cha's Hobbies.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Hunting [SP] 25, 25
Ranged Combat [SP] 15 [RB}10 25
Tracking [SP] 5 5
Trapping [SP] 5 5
Stealth [WSP] 10 10
*10 additional points gained with the wilderness starting package


Basic Knowledge

Basic knowledge of wilderness survival in Rynmere
Knowledge of maintaining a fire
Knowledge of local animals

Specialized Knowledge

Edible plants of Rynmere
Knowledge of how to Skin and clean an animal carcass
Marks Section




None [/list][/list]


  • List your possessions here!
    • Six torches
      Two lanterns
      Two tinderboxes
      200 feet of rope
      Two barrels (for food storage)
      A pull wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
      Two knives
      One bedroll
      One compass
      Fisherman's net, fishing pole, and thirty hooks
      Trapper's Kit
      One blanket
      One longbow (default, may be exchanged for a crossbow)
      Thirty arrows
      One set of toiletries
      One set of unkempt fur clothing (or ragged standard clothing) - Poor quality
      Three waterskins
      Three rucksacks
Starting package Gold 10 G 10 g
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total +/- 10 G
Total Currency: 0 ON, 100 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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