㊮ Nasod Otias ㊮

㊮The Devil Viper㊮ Formerly Dosan Saito

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㊮ Nasod Otias ㊮

"I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty."
Nosad Otias
The Lowdown
Name: Nasod Otias
{Formerly Dosan - {Doe - Zan} Saito}
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Cylus 4th, 695
Magics: Becoming{Mastery}, Hone{Novice}
Factions Joined: None
Languages Spoken: Common (Basic), Vahanic (Fluent)
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 180lbs
Sexuality: Bisexual
Aligiences: Himself
Profession: Formerly Assassin & Spy, Currently Bounty & Monster Hunter
Alias: Ouroboros, The Man With the Snake like Eyes, Viper of the Lair, The Scarlet Beast
How Do I Look?
㊮ Dosan sports an athletic & slim mesomorphic frame. While not overly muscular he has toned & compact muscles in the places that coun like his arms, chest, and lower body. He stands at 5 foot 9 & 1/2 inches, with semi-broad shoulders and a slim waist. His skin is a creamy porcelain with a near flawless complexion. On his back he has a large snake tattoo etched into his skin. He also has tattoos that cover his left pectoral down his left arm, a few on his neck, his right clavicle, and the nape of his neck. ㊮

Update: He now, thanks to his second mortal totem, stands at 6ft 2, with shoulder length ebon hair and lightly sun kissed skin.

Mutational Changes:
- Crimson Scales that cover his chest, back, thighs, and forearms
- 5ft Reptilian Tail
- Snake Eyes
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㊮ "I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty." ㊮
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"If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and began devouring humans, and from the same mouth you devoured humans, you cried out to me, "I Hate You!" Would I still be able to say "I Hate You," the same way I do today?"
I'm Sane I Promise
How I think
㊮ For those who have even remotely heard of his alias as "Ouroboros", it is known that Dosan is possibly the most "evil" spy ever to play his trade. Entertainment & the thrill of it all is his main goal. Dosan is mainly a hedonist and the jobs that are given to him are nothing more than an outlet for his own amusement. He is enthralled by the aspect of gambling one's own life when engaging targets, be it through combat or diplomatic machinations. His other habit is to devour any and all things that stand between him and his goal, be it man or beast. Despite his flamboyant & psychotic tendencies, he prides himself on being a "consummate professional."

Eccentric to the core, Dosan is a whimsical liar and puts that silver snake tongue to use. It is very difficult for friend and foe alike to tell if his words and actions are deceptive or of a genuine nature. Sometimes he can have startling actions during battles but they, in fact, are cautious and diabolic calculations to fool his opponents. To be very plain, Dosan is a functioning socio-psychopath. Many would think with his wide range of flaws and merits, his level of insane could be easily spotted, but due to his upbringing, he has learned to compartmentalize his erratic tendencies. ㊮
Thing I love
- Jokes
- Women {Red Hed}
- Men {Blondes}
- Puppies {ironic right}
- Assassination
- Reptiles{ Serpents }
- Intrigue
Things I loathe
- Loud/Obnoxious Men & Women {just finds them to be annoying}
- The arrogance of any kind, self-entitlement
- Traitors
- Sour tasting things
- Those that are hard to figure out
- Level-headed
- Thoughtful
- Calculating
- Calm
- Smart / Perceptive
- Charming
- Flamboyant
- Cruel
- Evil
- Deceitful
- Opportunistic
- Dangerous
- Sadistic
- Murderous
- Cold-hearted
- Uncaring
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㊮ "I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty." ㊮
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"The more they hurt me, the sweeter my revenge shall be!"
㊮ let's start at the beginning. Dosan was born to two loving parents, or at least he thought. What he didnt know was that his father used what little political pull he had to force his mother to marry him.

She was from a well-reputed house of assassins from the east as he was from a house of well a warrior clan that had been in Quacia since its founding. This was done to bring the ultimate killer into the world and thus Dosan Saito came to be. At the tender age of five Dosan's father put him under a vicious and rigorous training regiment.

A deadly blend of physical training would be the focus of Dosan's early childhood from age 5-9. For four arcs his father put him through his paces, reaching the boy's limits, breaking them then building it up again. In this time Dosan learned how to fight, use his surroundings to aid him in battle, how to read the flow of combat, and most importantly how to take a hit.

His body was riddled with bruises and took almost an entire arc to heal on their own. but his mental health suffered far worse than any physical trauma. Because of his father's brutality and psychological manipulation, Dosan snapped his mind fracturing and falling into a psychotic and diabolic nature. His parents were unaware, but their son was becoming quite the little murderer under their noses. But this didn't stop his father, as the next phase of Dosan's training began, and lucky for him it was far less brutal.

From ages, 10 to 18 Dosan's mother took over as she taught him the way of the shadows. In eight whole arcs, he learned the importance of blending in with crowds, like natural camouflage. He was taught that he can hide in a crowd of people, allowing himself to hide in plain sight while in a crowded or bustling area.

She taught him the importance of staying out of the line of sight of guards and those you tail. Another skill she imparted on him was that whistling can be used to lure guards in to take them down with silent methods. Dosan found it perfect for setting up traps from the safety of cover and watching them fall right into it.

After that, he was shown how to pick stalking zones, which can include shrubs and bushes that provide a great deal of ground cover. Next on the list was how to move with silence and precision by teaching him acrobatics in the form of free-running. Dosan took to this like a cat to milk. A bevy of techniques was at his disposal, learning many ways to run, move, and climb with little effort.

Between vertical & horizontal, Dosan was like an escape artist, scaling buildings and heights normal men could only wish they could replicate. The last thing was something Dosan never thought he would learn from his mother, the art of Seduction. at this point Dosan was of 18 arcs of age, learning that seduction was all about charm and reading body language, presenting one's self to be something others can't have any way else but in their bedroom.

She taught him that men & woman can be docile creatures when seduced. She taught him how to flow within any crowd and become the most desirable thing in the room. She told him that one's sexual preference can always be an influence if the right prerequisites are met. During this time she gave him over to the Vicemen when he learned all he needed to know about seduction. In that time he picked up some investigative skill through pillow talk, learning that many became chatty after sex.

As a young man Dosan was shaping up to be everything his father wanted him to be, but he wasn't quite their just yet. To make Dosan even more of a deadly living weapon, his father turned him over to the seekers. He wanted them to make his son a mage in the art of a Becomer, Aberrant, or Defier.

Taking the boy in, Dosan spent his 19th arc with the seekers, to which they watched him. Trying to see which of the magic would best suit him, the seekers examined his habits, finding he was found of the occasional snakes that could sneak into the citadel. When asked what he thought about snakes, Dosan replied that they were fascinating, being able to shed their skin as they did.

He admitted he wished he could be like them, able to shed the scarred and bruised skin. Dosan spent time with the Becomer Seeker, the seeker sharing her knowledge in the fauna of Quacia, mostly the snakes here. In return, Dosan talked about his life.

The two's bond became very close. Towards the middle of his 19th arc, the seeker had built a re-pour with the young man that he was confident in initiating him into becoming. First thing was first, Dosan needed a totem. In a months time, and after careful study, with the removal of his left pinky finger, the seeker and Dosan make his first totem to resemble himself.

With his first totem in hand, Dosan was ready to be initiated. By the end of the trial, Dosan emerged as a Becomer. His time with the seekers had passed and now it was time to return home, sadly however, it was not a home he would have liked to return too.

He had returned home, but all that awaited him was blood and carnage. The family home was a scene out of a horrific battle zone, bodies laid everywhere one could see. Waiting for him was his mother, who explained she could no longer live married to his father, and in turn with the help of her family, she set out to slaughter him and his ilk.

Sadly for Dosan, she had to kill him too. But she was still his mother after all, and still held some love for the boy. "Live your life to the fullest my son, cause one day, I shall come to relieve you of it."

With those words, she kissed her son on the forehead and left. With nowhere to go, Dosan left the home, selling family items in order to afford a home of his own. From that point on he would wander around the city honing his craft and feeding his need for intrigue and murder.

By the time he turned 21, he was at rock bottom, doing any and everything he could just to eat. Most of that time was spent in the Lair, where at the lowest point of his young life, he met someone. At the time he had no clue, but a man had taken an interest in him, offering to give him a job, as a spy of all things, collecting info and keeping certain things within the Lair a secret, he admitted in seeing Dosan when he was 18 and found his flamboyant charm enticing, not to mention that the man was found of a fellow intellectual. Finding a new passion in life, Dosan spent the next two arcs acting behind the scenes in the stead of who he came to idolize and admire, Duke Detlev. ㊮

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㊮ "I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty." ㊮
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Skills & Knowledges

"I sparred in total chaos, with me against everyone else. It proved quite dangerous, in the end. Even in training, trying to surpass others brings out my murderous side."
What I'm Capable Of
Blades{Dao Sword}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}
Exotics: Claw Grieves {RB}
Stealth {FT}
Unarmed Combat: {Inner Beast}
Thrown Weapons{Knives}
Unspent Magic Points
Unspent Points


Race: Humans
Creation Legends: Humans
History: Humans
Location: Quacia
Layout: Quacia
History: Quacia
Laws: Quacia
Customs & Festivals: Quacia
Customs & Traditions: Humans
The Scarlet Belief: The Wounded God or He Who Bleeds
The Scarlet Belief: The Mark of Faith
The Scarlet Belief: The Mark of Prowess
The Scarlet Belief: Rise of the Scarlet Beast
The Scarlet Belief: Perfect for Controlling the masses
The Scarlet Belief: The faithful are easily swayed when scared
Location: Quacia: Helian Isles: Koros
Location: Quacia: Helian Isles: Koros: Marcovera
Location: Quacia: Helian Isles: Kephallonia
Location: Quacia: Helian Isles: Kephallonia: Hadrana


Exotics: Claw Grieves {RB} | 2
Exotics: Claw Grieves: Act as an Extension of your limbs
Exotics{Claw Grieves}: Are good for close quarter combat {PG}
Blades{Dao Sword} | 15
Blades{Dao Sword}: Basic Swordsman Techniques {QT}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Easy for close quarter fighting {QT}
Blades (Dao Sword): Easy to use to carve up people {WP}
Blades (Dao Sword): Is perfect for one-handed slashes {WP}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Can deliver clean cuts from any angles {AG}
Blades{Dao Sword}: No good against weapons with reach to them {AG}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Is the perfect weapon for close quarter fighting {KA}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Is deadly in the right hands {KA}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Reverse grip {KA}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Cuts through flesh like butter {KA}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Is better suited for an agile fighter {KA}

Blades{Dao Sword}: Perfect weapon for a killer {KA}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Placement of Stabs are key {PB}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Cuts through thugs like hot butter {ST}
Blades{Dao Sword}: Doesn't have the reach of a long sword {ST}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi} | 18
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: A Blade is an Extension of your Body
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Has more reach than your shortsword
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Basic Attack Swing
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Leaning/ducking to avoid attacks
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Slicing with a long sword
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Trusting when unable to slash
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Stabbing at their eyes
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Using hands to deflect heavy strikes {NS}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Stab & Slash {NS}
Blades{Nodachi}: Stabbing a monster in the brain {PR}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: One-handed swings {PB}

Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Cutting down sea monsters {PB}
Blades {Longsword - Nodachi}: Aiming for vital points when attacking {NS}
Blades {Longsword - Nodachi}: Follow through with each swing {NS}
Blades {Longsword - Nodachi}: Beast or man they all cut the same {NS}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Hack and Slashing foes is fun {NS}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Is as familiar as using any other blade weapon {NS}
Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}: Wide arcing motions {NS}
Stealth (FT)| 26
Stealth: Darkness is your Friend
Stealth: Staying out of the line of sight {MD}
Stealth: Dark corners are your friend {MD}
Stealth: Treading lightly on rooftops {MD}
Stealth: Using a crowd to hide in plain sight {MD}
Stealth: Crouching helps to stay out of the line of sight {KS}
Stealth: Shadows are important allies {KS}
Stealth: Watching a mark from shadows of a room {RO}
Stealth: Melding in with those on the dance floor {PG}
Stealth: Using high places to avoid being seen {PG}
Stealth: Listening for Reactions to One's Own Noises {PG}

Stealth: Tracking Important People {PG}
Stealth: Blending in with the surrounding environment {KS}
Stealth: Sneaking away from a Party {KS}
Stealth: Escaping Law Enforcement {KS}
Stealth: Observing from high places {AG}
Stealth: Staying outside your opponent's field of vision {KA}
Stealth: Finding someone's blindspot {FT}
Stealth: Slithering up from behind {FT}
Stealth: Using the forest to conceal your presence {PB}
Stealth: One bit you're here, next you're gone {PB}
Stealth: Using trees to conceal yourself {ST}

Stealth: Slow is easiest for silence {NS}
Stealth: Using someone's interactions to sneak by {NS}
Stealth: Becoming one with your surroundings {NS}
Stealth: Using the density of rainforest to conceal yourself {NS}
Endurance| 24
Endurance: Chopping off your own pinky {GH}
Endurance: Withstanding the change of becoming {GH}
Endurance: Enduring a bird attack {KS}
Endurance: Bird pecks only sting, nothing too severe {KS}
Endurance: Enduring the carving of your skin {RO}
Endurance: Dancing take a lot out of you {PG}
Endurance: Adjusting to the pain of sex {AG}
Endurance: Allowing yourself time to conform to another's girth {AG}
Endurance: Enduring a slash to the back {AG}
Endurance: Continuing to fight despite being in pain {KA}
Endurance: Getting back up after a heavy blow {KA}

Endurance: The pain of your body reforming {PM}
Endurance: Transforming hurts {PM}
Endurance: Mating with a Lothar like a champ {ST}
Endurance: Handling love bites well {ST}
Endurance: Mating for breaks on end {ST}
Endurance: Having your insides stretched {ST}
Endurance: Enduring brute Lothar strength {ST}
Endurance: Fighting on in spite of severe trauma {ST}
Endurance: Surviving Etheric Flow {PB}
Endurance: A successful Initiation {PB}
Endurance: Monster thrashing is no fun {PR}

Endurance: Enduring long flights {NS}
Endurance: Crash landings {NS}
Unarmed{Inner Beast}| 11
Unarmed Combat: Strike like a snake {KS}
Unarmed Combat: Kick their legs from underneath them {KS}
Unarmed Combat: Biting helps break holds {KS}
Unarmed Combat: Aiming for Vital Points {KS}
Unarmed Combat: Grabbing Someone from Behind {KS}
Unarmed Combat: When in a bind fight dirty {KA}
Unarmed Combat: Finishing with a Kick to the Head {KA}
Unarmed Combat: Well Placed Jabs {KA}
Unarmed Combat: Sidestepping an attack {PR}
Unarmed Combat: Catching someone's hand before they strike {PR}
Unarmed Combat: {Inner Beast}: Bob and Weave like a snake {NS}
Tactics| 17
Tactics: How a murder is planned {GH}
Tactics: Divide and Conquer {KS}
Tactics: Knowing how to instill fear at a moment of calm {QT}
Tactics: Remembering Names {TY}
Tactics: Using a larger foe's weight against them {KA}
Tactics: Allowing others to wear down a threat {KA}
Tactics: Guerilla warfare is key {KA}
Tactics: In a fight, strike decisively and do not hesitate {PB}
Tactics: Luring them close for a kill shot {ST}
Tactics: Thinking of ways to kill you {ST}
Tactics: Staying out of one's sensing range {ST}

Tactics: Using what's available for a Distraction {ST}
Tactics: Planning how to take down a beast {MS}
Tactics: Using yourself as a distraction {PR}
Tactics: Picking them off, one by one {NS}
Tactics: Knowing when to strike {NS}
Detection | 19
Detection: Observing a room of people
Detection: Finding your Target in a Crowd {MD}
Detection: Noticing noises in the background {KS}
Detection: Picking out a warcy over an arena of cheers {PG}
Detection: Feeling pressure on your body when numb {PG}
Detection: Picking a specific face out a room of people {PG}
Detection: Noticing mental patterns through handwriting {GH}
Detection: Noticing when someone doesn't fit their Surroundings {FT}
Detection: Is that a real name or nah? {FT}
Detection: Identifying when someone is nervous {FT}
Detection: Realizing that was not a normal roar {PB}

Detection: Feeling a hostile presence {AG}
Detection: Instincts warn of Danger {AG}
Detection: Knowing when malice is around you {ST}
Detection: My predator instincts are tingly {ST}
Detection: Knowing when someone is up to something {ZP}
Detection: Was that Sarcasm or nah? {ZP}
Detection: I hear running water {NS}
Detection: That's what a monster sounds like {PB}
Acrobatics | 18
Acrobatics: Flexibility is Key to Being Limber
Acrobatics: Balancing on balcony ledges {PG}
Acrobatics: Stretching before combat helps keep ya loose {PG}
Acrobatics{Spins & Twists}: Dancing with spins and twirls {PG}
Acrobatics: Leaping from rooftop to rooftop {QT}
Acrobatics: Combat rolling to dodge a strike {QT}
Acrobatics: Rolling out of a fall {WP}
Acrobatics: Jumping from the ceiling to a chandelier {WP}
Acrobatics: Spreading your legs wide {AG}
Acrobatics: Straddling another's lap {AG}
Acrobatics: Scaling the walls with magic {AG}

Acrobatics: Leaping from a vertical surface {AG}
Acrobatics: Evading bladed attacks {AG}
Acrobatics: Leaping off walls {KA}
Acrobatics: Freefalling off a cliff {KA}
Acrobatics: Jumping whilst running {NS}
Acrobatics: Leaping from place to place {NS}
Acrobatics: Combat Slides {NS}
Psychology | 18
Psychology: Having Faith breeds hope {RO}
Psychology: Admitting vulnerability {RO}
Psychology: Looking for comfort in one's beliefs {RO}
Psychology: Fixating on a person's qualities {AG}
Psychology: Trying to find a way to fill the void inside {AG}
Psychology: Giving in to one's own desires {AG}
Psychology: The Wonderful World of Zealotry {KA}
Psychology: Believing your actions serve a greater purpose {KA}
Psychology: The Power in Faith {KA}
Psychology: Depression is a heavy weight to bare {KA}
Psychology: Patterns taught early effect who you are later in life {KA}

Psychology: Broken homes lead to broken individuals {KA}
Psychology: Deeprooted fear is hard to overcome {AG}
Psychology: Not all trees want to eat you {AG}
Psychology: Animalistic Behaviors {ZP}
Psychology: Hallucinations {NS}
Psychology: Not knowing when you are Hallucinating {NS}
Psychology: The mental patterns of a blood bat {NS}
Etiquette | 2
Etiquette: Introductions {RO}
Etiquette: Be clear about where your loyalties lay {RO}
Caregiving | 3
Caregiving: Ignoring physical changes in a loved one {PB}
Caregiving: Offer reassurances {PB}
Caregiving: Calming down a distressed individual {PB}
Discipline | 19
Discipline: Reining in your admiration when talking about someone {RO}
Discipline: Fighting back cries of pain {RO}
Discipline: Maintaining one's focus {WP}
Discipline: Resisting The Urge To Lash Out {TY}
Discipline: Allowing someone to take the lead {AG}
Discipline: Heading commands Given {AG}
Discipline: Holding back the need to cry {KA}
Discipline: Fighting need to bite your mentor {PM}
Discipline: Getting used to a new form {PM}
Discipline: Fighting animalistic urges is hard {ST}
Discipline: Fighting the urge to jump off a flying beast {ST}

Discipline: Resisting the urge to hunt your friend {ZP}
Discipline: Controlling your tail during a fight {NS}
Discipline: Practice makes perfect {NS}
Discipline: Drawing runes over and over again to get them right {NS}
Discipline: A diligent student is a good student {NS}
Discipline: Using your tail for combative means {NS}
Discipline: Dont attack people's animals {NS}
Discipline: Resisting animal urges to hunt new people {NS}
Fieldcraft | 3
Fieldcraft: Making a necklace out of animal remains {AL}
Field Craft: Turning Snake fangs into Totems {AG}
Field Craft: The perfected totem making process {PR}
Meditation | 7
Meditation: Become one within an Item {AL}
Meditation: Visualize the animal {PM}
Meditation: To become something you must know it first {PM}
Meditation: Introspection {MS}
Meditation: Looking back on your past, and accepting it {MS}
Meditation: Quiet the Storm that is your mind {MS}
Meditation: Finding one's Inner Sanctum {MS}
Torture | 1
Torture: Carving of the flesh as Punishment {KA}
Investigation | 23
Investigation: Eavesdropping helps gather intel {MD}
Investigation: Eavesdropping is the best way to learn the juicy bits {KS}
Investigation: Looking into strange behavior {KS}
Investigation: Asking someone of their motives {RO}
Investigation: Searching for clues on a corpse {GH}
Investigation: Canvasing a crowd to see who is out of place {GH}
Investigation: Questioning first responders {GH}
Investigation: A theory without proof is just a theory {GH}
Investigation: How to collect clues from a crime scene {GH}
Investigation: Finding important documents {FT}
Investigation: Assessing how many guards are around {PB}

Investigation: Staking out the target before you strike {ST}
Investigation: Seeing if the forest is as dangerous as you think {ST}
Investigation: Touching a marking on a wall {ST}
Investigation: Learning the origins of a monster {MS}
Investigation: Snooping through ledgers {NS}
Investigation: Looking for clues {NS}
Investigation: Looking for incriminating info {NS}
Investigation: Checking where kids might go {PB}
Investigation: Asking who someone is {NS}
Investigation: Asking if someone lives in the house {NS}
Investigation: Looking for signs of life {NS}

Investigation: Asking where the closest city is
Throwing Weapons{Knives}| 3
Thrown Weapons{Knives}: Wrist movement {KS}
Thrown Weapons{Knives}: Throwing multiple guarantees a hit {QT}
Thrown Weapons{Knives}: Widespread throws {ST}
Socialization | 20
Socialization: Aiding someone in need of help {KS}
Socialization: Sharing different viewpoints can lead to increased understanding {RO}
Socialization: Always look someone in the eyes {RO}
Socialization: The art of small talk with strangers {RO}
Socialization: Going to Church {RO}
Socialization: Making plans to meet another trial {AG}
Socialization: Assisting someone with their task {FT}
Socialization: Acting as a translator {FT}
Socialization: Socializing with the merchant types {FT}
Socialization: Stepping in when things get out of hand {PR}
Socialization: Speaking of ones own Aspirations to another {ZP}

Socialization: Conversing on viewpoints of Quacian Nobility {ZP}
Socialization: A Relaxing Day spent with a Friend {ZP}
Socialization: Friendly discussions can be insightful {ZP}
Socialization: Summaries are helpful in conversation {ZP}
Socialization: Helping a friend in need {PB}
Socialization: Making small talk {NS}
Socialization: Conversing with the natives {NS}
Socialization: Conversing with the servant of the house {NS}
Socialization: Joining someone as they clean the dishes {NS}
Intimidation | 14
Intimidation: Using someone's embarrassment to get the desired effect {KS}
Intimidation: Taking The Hand That Smacked You {TY}
Intimidation: Making It Seem Like A Careless Joke {TY}
Intimidation: Zealotry often instills fear in heretics {KA}
Intimidation: Taking a finger as a show of force {PR}
Intimidation: Using your boss' title as a threat {PR}
Intimidation: Showing off mutations as a means of scaring others {NS}
Intimidation: Inflicting pain often produces a favorable response {MS}
Intimidation: Being far more vicious than monsters {PB}
Intimidation: Brutal displays can scare others {PB}
Intimidation: Predatory attributes can scare normal men {NS}

Intimidation: Crazy can be very terrifying to others {NS}
Intimidation: Making your threat deadlier than someone else's {AZ}
Intimidation: Flaring your mutations to make others back down {AZ}
Resistance | 1
Resistance: Holding your liquor {PG}
Negotiation | 4
Negotiation: Setting the terms for your payment {KS}
Negotiation: Better Pay Is Tempting {TY}
Negotiation: Asking to use someone for your own gain {AG}
Negotiation: Keeping to a commitment {KA}
Strength | 16
Strength: Breaking someone's neck {KS}
Strength: Keeping someone in a chokehold {KS}
Strength: Forcing an opponent to the ground {KA}
Strength: The amount of force needed to Decapitate someone {ST}
Strength: Putting force into a bite {AG}
Strength: Killing a beast with a bite {AG}
Strength: Holding a beast down with your tail {ST}
Strength: Having enough force to beat a creature to death {ST}
Strength: Having a firm grip while astride a flying beast {ST}
Strength: Holding on tight so taken by the air currents {ST}
Strength: Holding yourself in place for long rides {ST}
Strength: Mating with a Lothar takes strength {ST}

Strength: Adrenaline helps one to fight on {ST}
Strength: Gripping someone with your tail tightly {ST}
Strength: Putting enough force to stab a giant lizard {PR}
Strength: Throwing a blade through a beast {PB}
Strength: Having enough force to take down mounts {NS}
Intelligence | 5
Intelligence: Dens in Quacia {TY}
Intelligence: Knowing The Details To Blackmail others {TY}
Intelligence: Contact - Zarik Venora, Lord of Marcovera {ZP}
Intelligence: Everybody Has Secrets {ZP}
Intelligence: Argo - Lothar of Kephallonia {MS}
Persuasion | 11
Persuasion: Convincing Others to Align with Your Cause {TY}
Persuasion: Blackmail! {TY}
Persuasion: Striking a Self Benefiting Deal {TY}
Persuasion: Trying to dissuade violence {PR}
Persuasion: Compromise is key in any relationship/partnership {KA}
Persuasion: Expressing what you want from others {KA}
Persuasion: Accepting what others expect out of the commitment being formed {KA}
Persuasion: Convincing your lover not to finish just yet {ST}
Persuasion: A show of force to sway one's opinions {NS}
Persuasion: The enemy of my enemy is my friend {NS}
Persuasion: Catch me and you can brand me {AZ}
Politics | 3
Politics: Disgusting Foreign Mercenaries {TY}
Politics: Its all a game {ZP}
Politics: Everyman has a price {ZP}
Deception | 12
Deception: No one ever suspects the Drunk {KS}
Deception: Putting on a smile while hiding your intent {RO}
Deception: Keeping the name of your employer secret {RO}
Deception: Presenting yourself as a potential ally {RO}
Deception: Not All Are Who They Say They Are {KS}
Deception: Impersonating a Noble {KS}
Deception: Using your name backward keeps your Identity Safe {KS}
Deception: Crocodile tears {KA}
Deception: Taking a new form to hide who you are {NS}
Deception: Keeping a lie alive {NS}
Deception: Telling an elaborate story {NS}

Deception: Maintaining the facade {NS}
Seduction | 11
Seduction: Bringing pleasure to your bedmate {AG}
Seduction: Submitting to a stronger will {AG}
Seduction: Always being naked reminds them of the goods {KA}
Seduction: Expressing your feelings {KA}
Seduction: Submission can be alluring to others {KA}
Seduction: Kissing with emotions behind your lips {KA}
Seduction: Submission turns them on {ST}
Seduction: Self-pleasure is very arousing {ST}
Seduction: Being manhandled is a turn on {ST}
Seduction: Mating {ST}
Seduction: Making him feel special {ST}
Acting | 1
Acting: Playing a role to avert suspicion {KS}
Leadership | 1
Leadership: Giving an order to fallback {PR}
Jewelry Crafting | 1
Jewelry Crafting: Making totems into accessories {NS}
Navigation | 3
Navigation: Asking for one's general location {NS}
Navigation: getting directions to the nearest city {NS}
Navigation: Getting lost in an unfamiliar city {AZ}
Climbing | 3
Climbing: Climbing trees {AG}
Climbing: Sticky limbs make it easy {AG}
Climbing: Wall Crawling {ZP}


Fridgar & Bellator: 55
Fridgar: Is my mate
Fridgar: I'm more than a pet to him
Fridgar: Makes love like a god
Fridgar: Is an aggressive lover and I like that
Fridgar: Is ok with letting me lead every once and a while
Fridgar: Is a powerful Becomer
Fridgar: Has a son named Bellator
Fridgar: Is from Gauthrel
Fridgar: Reminds me of Lord Alistair
Fridgar: Has cool totems
Fridgar: Has scars all over his body
Fridgar: Is very very heavy
Fridgar: Fights Blindfolded
Fridgar: Has been kicked in the balls before
Fridgar: Isn't mad at me for kicking him in the balls
Fridgar: Wants to teach me in Becoming
Fridgar: Has amazing Totems
Fridgar: Is mentoring me
Fridgar: Has changed somehow
Fridgar: Can be trusted
Fridgar: Makes transforming look easy
Bellator: Is a cute kid
Bellator: Is Fridgar's son
Bellator: Is still just a baby
Fridgar: Is a God
Fridgar: Is a reveled Becomer, a Protean
Fridgar: Promises to stay with me always
Fridgar: Is my Protector
Fridgar: I belong to him, and I'm ok with that
Fridgar: Will Cherish me forever
Fridgar: Is that all that matters to me
Fridgar: Has changed physically
Fridgar: Finds it to be a pleasure to teach me
Fridgar: Was upset I tried to kill myself
Fridgar: Is promised to another
Fridgar: Showed me Trees aren't dangerous
Fridgar: Brought me to a whole new world
Fridgar: Introduced me to Coconuts
Fridgar: Is a wonderful mentor
Fridgar: Shown me how to shift as he does
Fridgar: Is kind to me
Fridgar: I love him no matter the form
Fridgar: Needs you to fight alongside him
Fridgar: Brutalized me
Fridgar: Got me a new sword
Fridgar: The difference in our strength is immeasurable
Fridgar: Is a hard person to injure
Fridgar: Doesn't like the fact I want to wear clothes in town
Fridgar: I cut part of his ear off
Fridgar: Feels broken inside
Fridgar: Has trouble opening up
Fridgar: Doesn't want to lose someone close to him again
Fridgar: Wants to have a bond with me
Fridgar: Initiated me into Hone
Fridgar: Wants to see me become strong
Rakvald: 4
Rakvald: Is a Lothar
Rakvald: Disrespected the Theocratum
Rakvald: Is a Heretic!
Rakvald: Is a Pig farmer
Zarik: 9
Zarik: Used the alias "Ral'faldo"
Zarik: Looks like a pushover
Zarik: Does these kinds of jobs often
Zarik: Cant speak Vahanic
Zarik: Doesnt react to compliments
Zarik: Is married to Alistair Venora
Zarik: Lives on Koros
Zarik: Is Lord of Marcovera
Zarik: Is playing with Quacian Nobility
Kaelrik: Went to battle with you & Fridgar
Personal: I have a tail now!!!!!
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㊮ "I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty." ㊮
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Skill Point Ledger

"You must have a death wish. Shall I make it come true?"
My Track Record
Point Ledger


Reason Exp Points Skill
Starting Package 50 Becoming - 25| Stealth - 5| Acrobatics - 5| Detection - 5| Investigation - 5| Unarmed Combat{Inner Beast} - 5
Character Approval +5 Resistance
The Walls Have Eyes +10 Stealth
The Murder of Ravens +10 Deception
Along Came a Viper +10 Stealth
Sins of the Father +10 Tactics +5| Socialization +5
The End of Reason +15 15 Unspent
Come All Ye Faithful +10 25 Unspent
Unspent +25 Stealth +25
Let The Games Begin +15 Acrobatics +15
Look What the Viper Dragged In! +10 Unspent +10
Be Very Very Quiet, Im Hunting Heretics! +10 Unspent +10
Unspent +10 Blades{Dao Sword} +10
Unspent +10 Becoming +10
The Scarlet Ball +10 Becoming +10
Murder Mystery +15 Blades{Dao Sword} +15
Mercenary Mission +20 Strength +5| Politics +5| Intelligence +5| Persuasion +5
Strike on Viper Action +15 Seduction +5| Endurance +10
Wake Up Call +10 Detectionn +5| Investigation +5
Can't Touch This +15 Becoming +15
A Serpent Strikes an Ursine +15 Endurance +15
Blood-sops & Theocrats +15 Unspent Magic +15
This is Quacia!!!!! +15 Acrobatics +5| Endurance +5| Blades{Dao Sword} +5
Unspent Magic +15 Becoming +15
Taking a new form +15 Becoming +15
Smuggle Buddies +15 Discipline +5| Psychology +5| Meditation +5
From Overgrowth to Ash +15 Unspent Magic
Not Quite Treason +10 Unarmed Combat{Inner Beast}
What Lurks in The Shadows +10 Strength
Unspent Magic +15 Becoming
With empty thoughts, a blackened heart +15 Becoming
Just a dude kidnapping another dude +15 Becoming
A Viper in Paradise +10 Stealth
FRIDGAR VS DOSAN VS KAELRIK EPIC PRANK GONE WRONG +15 Intimidation +5 | Unspent Magic +10
G.U.Y +15 Becoming +15
Unspent Magic Points +10 Becoming +10
Arms for the Poor +15 Blades{Longsword - Nodachi} +4 | Strength +11
The Waiting Place +50 Discipline +21 | Detection +16| Unspent +13
Laying it all Bare +15 Hone +15
Unspent +13 Tactics +13
Put Some Pants On! +15 Tactics +8| Blades{Longsword - Nodachi} +7
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 1} +10 Blades{Longsword - Nodachi} +10
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 2} +10 Becoming +10
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 3} +10 Hone +10
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 4} +10 Hone +10
Crashing in like a Wrecking Ball +10 Blades{Longsword - Nodachi}+8 | Fieldcraft +2
Heretics, Sinners, & Slavers Oh My! +15 Fieldcraft +15
The Start +15 Unarmed Combat{Inner Beast} +11| Detection +4
CITW: The Prison{2} +15 Unspent +15
Disciples of Frid +15 Hone +15
Shadow & Flame +15 Becoming +15
Tree, falling in the Forest +15 Unspent +15
Clean up crew +15 Unspent +15
Hi surrender or Die +15 Unspent +15
Unspent +60 Investigation +20| Seduction +21| Deception +19
Catch Me if You Can +10 Becoming +10
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㊮ "I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty." ㊮
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Domain Magic

"Real power is forged from the desire smoldering in the heart. It fans into a flame and begins to burn with an intensity scarcely imagined to be possible."
Yes I'm A Mage


-蛇 Becoming Theme: Predatory Devil 蛇
蛇 Predatory Ticks 蛇

蛇 Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as primitive, dull and dimwitted. In fact, of course, they can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very sophisticated. In this case, however, Dosan's Becoming spark is far less than that. It thrives on the thrill of the hunt and in this first awakening, it becomes evident both mentally and physically.

蛇 Mental: Dosan now exhibits instincts innate to a predatory creature such as reptilian predators {Snakes primarily, Alligators secondary}. This allows him to discern numerous factors of a situation that allow him to stalk and capture them.

蛇 Physical: Dosan's eyes now turn reptilian in nature. His skin also has spots along his chest, forearms, lower back, and thighs with crimson scales
蛇 The Vipogator 蛇

As his competency mutation was very tamed, as he has progressed his spark now asserts a more drastic change in its mage, mixing aspects of snake & alligator to form a Vipogator.

蛇 Vipogator Genetic Makeup: At this leveling of awakening it has become very clear the type of spark Dosan has; one of a reptilian predator. This is shown as his human physiology is now twisted into something more reptilian, taking traits from both snake & alligator alike. His skin now has crimson snake scales covering a much broader portion of his chest and back that have the density of an alligator's hide, able to absorb minor to moderate blunt force or fall damage. His body becomes cold-blooded, which puts him at risk in colder temperatures but makes him much more efficient in all other climates, requiring less to sustain himself. Along with this, he now has a tail that extends from his tail bone. It takes on a full length of 5ft while in any mortal form, but varies in size depending on the animal or creature form he takes. No matter what animal form he chooses, if it has a tail, it will be replaced by the reptilian one, and if it doesn't have a tail, a reptilian one will grow. He also now has the biting strength of an average alligator, coupled with the elastic jaw of a snake allowing for bigger bites. It also means he no longer has to chew his food and can swallow most food whole.

This drastic physical change is extended into all human & non-reptilian{Avian, Mammal, ect.} form totems, as his reptilian forms are unaffected.
Call of the Snake King
㊝ This mutation causes Dosan to give off a pheromone that draws snakes indigenous to the area to him. With this mutation comes the added effect that he can now understand snakes of all known species, when spoken, as a hissing sound. As such, normal people cannot understand it and only hear the hissing sounds that are being made. Apart from merely communicating with serpentine lifeforms, Dosan can also manipulate the will of serpents to a certain extent, such as helping him with certain situations, having their help against enemies, or using them to scout locations and spy on specific targets. This mutation also takes hold of any reptilian{mostly snake based} totems Dosan has and doubles the size of the reptile, asserting him and his spark as the dominant reptilian.

Note: The bigger the reptile the heavier they become. They are not as fast as most of their normal-sized brethren, but still function normally with some added strength, but by a lot.

㊝ At this level of power transforming is as easy for Dosan as it is to breathe. Taking a new form is like a snake shedding its skin now to him and that aspect alone takes hold of a few of his abilities now. He is now capable of shedding their body or skin and emerging with a new body, even after dismemberment.

- Chrysalis: At this level of power Chrysalis now takes half as long to use, allowing for Dosan to recover much quicker at the expense of a moderate ether drain. This ability looks as if he is indeed shedding his own skin, stepping out in a new revitalized version of himself. He is now capable of shedding his body or skin and emerge with a new body, even after dismemberment, the old body taking on a crystalline form.

- Transformations: Shifting between forms now takes on the appearance of Dosan shedding whatever form he is wearing, bursting out in the new form he wishes to take. This transformation happens in a matter of trills if not almost instantly like unleash, rather than bits at a time.

Note: If he was beheaded, he would be dead. As for missing limbs, the graver the dismemberment the more ether it could cost for quicker regeneration{Ie: If he lost an ear it would take barely any ether to renew as if casting an echo{which he specializes in}, but a whole arm would have a greater ether drain. As for the crystalline remains they serve no purpose, just for a flare


This brand morphs in the number patterns that appear, but it is reminiscent of tentacles or hands reaching from the abyss, wrapping around Dosan's left ankle and reaching up to his buttocks.

Spell Log {Becoming}

-1} Blending
A technique one learns as a Novice that sets the stage for Borrowing. Blending is simply using two totems from the same animal family to 'blend' features and Become a shape that is neither one nor the other, but a composite of both. Many Becomers use this ability to steal the shapes of the dead and mix it with their own to create entirely new identities. Blending can be used between different species of animal and even those closely related. A dog’s features could be combined with a wolf.

-2} Echo
A Novice technique that is a shadow of what eventually becomes Adapt, Echo borrows senses and minor special abilities from a totem and overlays them with your natural form. The changes are always subtle and usually temporary, such as seeing in the dark, leaping with the grace of a gazelle, or tuning into the echolocation of a bat. One trait may be echoed at novice, with two at competence. At expertise, three traits and four at Mastery and six at Revealed. These traits are fairly easy to manifest, costing little ether to summon, and very little to maintain. Upon reaching Expert, they are able to maintain 1 Echo permanently, 2 at Master, and 3 at Revealed.

-3} Devour
A Novice ability, Devour is a method of acquiring a temporary becoming form. A Becomer can consume the three sovereign substances of a creature while also mixing their own ether into the consumption. This allows the Becomer to take on a temporary transformation to the creature they Devoured. Because this form has no totem, it cannot be altered with other abilities, nor can it be recalled after changing to another form. It is a one time use transformation. Additionally, without a totem to hold the form together permanently, the form falls apart, reverting the Becomer to the last form they transformed from, assuming they still have the totem. This ability lasts for 1 Trial at Novice, 2 Trials at Competent, 3 Trials at Expert, 4 Trials at Master, and 5 Trials at Revealed.
Family - Only the family the Becomer's self form is a part of.
Animal Communication - Native species will most definitely recognize the Becomer as a fake, and will often turn aggressive or completely ignore the Becomer
Form Size - Slightly larger than self form.
Initiation - Unable to Initiate
Blending - No limits listed
Echo - 1 total Echo, 0 permanent Echoes
Devour - Form lasts 1 Trial
-4} Assimilation
A Competent technique, the Becomer transforms and assimilates totems within his transformation. Depending on the shape, carrying totems and items can become difficult, if not impossible, for a Becomer. Beginning at competence, the Becomer may choose to incorporate totems in their transformation. Totems are automatically assimilated into the Becomer's transformations. This reflects the close, personal bond the Becomer has with their totems. This is always automatic unless the Becomer makes the conscious effort to not assimilate a totem, or the totem has been affected in a way to prevent it, such as forms of overstepping.

Items made purely from animal material, meaning anything from a creature that a Becomer could transform into, all together count as a single Assimilated item in terms of the restrictions. These items must consciously be Assimilated, and cannot be Assimilated during an Unleash.

Items made from non-animal material OR made from animal material, but is magical in nature, count as a single Assimilated item each. These items must consciously be Assimilated, and cannot be Assimilated during an Unleash.

Assimilated items lay an imprint on the form one had before. So long as the totem the items were assimilated into remains undamaged, these items can be recovered, returned to hand the moment the transformation occurs.

The amount of Assimilated items cannot exceed their limitation, which is 1 Item at Competent, 2 at Expert, 3 at Master, and 4 at Revealed. Assimilation must be renewed each time a shape is chosen and the Assimilated items can only be recovered when one returns to the shape that had them in the first place. If the totem with the assimilated items imprinted is destroyed, so additionally are the items.

Additionally, in rare circumstances, a Becomer might become pregnant in a form. The child is protected from harm during transformations by a heightened version of Assimilation. The child continues to develop normally whether the mother form is in use or not. However, it can only receive nutrition while the mother form is active. Being out of that form for too long will result in a child that has starved to death and will be still born or miscarried. The child will reach full term from conception as it normally would, regardless of how often or little the mother form is active during this time. When the mother form is ready to go into labor, the Becomer is forced into the mother form in order to give birth, regardless of their situation.

-5} Unleash
An ability gained in Competence, Unleash is a sudden explosive transformation that takes place in the space of a few moments. This transformation is always painful and wild. Due to the speed of the change, no other Borrowing or form altering techniques can be used when one Unleashes. Combining Chrysalis with Unleashing almost always invites overstepping, depending on the severity of the injuries. Unleashing can be done once at Competence without inviting overstepping, and up to three times at mastery and revealed. Unleashing is often an ability used of urgency, or as a surprise in a sudden battle. Although it can be used up to three times at mastery without inviting overstepping, it is always risky and rarely the only technique used in such a situation.
Family - Self Form Family + 1 more family
Animal Communication - Native species will tentatively begin to communicate with the Becomer. There is still quite the feel of them being an outsider, so a wrong step will often lead to rejection. But tolerated acceptance is common as well.
Form Size - 2-3 times self form size
Initiations - 1 Initiate total
Blending - No limits listed
Echo - 2 total Echoes, 0 Permanent Echoes
Devour - Form lasts 2 Trials
Assimilation - 1 Assimilated item
Unleash - 1 Unleash per trial before overstepping
-6} Chrysalis
An expert technique whereby by taking another shape also renews the body transforming. This can be incredibly taxing depending on the damage received, but a Becomer could transform into a shape free of injury, even it is refreshing the shape they currently hold. This is often an ability one uses sparingly if possible, as the repair may be taxing enough to throw the Becomer into Overstepping. It is recommended this ability not be used in combat, but instead when one can relax safely and heal their wounds without expending additional ether. This does not affect their stamina or need to eat and sleep. Although they can refresh any major damage done to a totemic form, basic necessities and the need to rest are universal to all forms.

Borrow is the technique that evolves from Blending. Using one totem as a 'base' an expert Becomer can 'borrow' traits from other totems in their possession in order to Become a gestalt of the forms. The Base determines the form taken and the supplements determine what traits are woven into the new shape. Ones ability to borrow is determined by their skill but through this technique, a Becomer could transform into a beast unlike which Idalos has ever seen before. A Mage can add two new 'borrowed' traits when this ability is acquired. They gain two additional at Mastery. It is possible to push past this limit, but at the risk of Overstepping. This process can be exhausting and always increases the time of transformation depending on the complexity of the borrowed traits.

An extension of this ability allows a Becomer to fuse two totems into one. This process requires the Becomer to meditate with both totems, while pouring ether into them both, and then passing the ether from one to the other and vice versa, while focusing on the mental image of the Gestalt form they wish to make. This is a slow, long process, and is very straining on a Becomer's ether. Upon completion, the two totems are magically bound into a single item. This totem now allows them to naturally transform into their Gestalt form, however, this causes the two forms used to create the totem to be inaccessible individually. However, since it isn't a full loss of the original totems, the psychological damage from losing a totem does not occur through this method. This Gestalt form is its own totem, and as such, all Becomer abilities apply to it as though it were a normal totem. It will always be the same form they had in their mind when they created the form, so long as it was within the bounds of the totems used.

This same process can be used to divide the fused totem back into the base totems, however, this comes at a higher cost. Because of the loss of the Gestalt form, there will be psychological damage due to the loss of a form, especially if the Becomer has used it a lot and furthered the relationship. Additionally, it puts the two base totems at a higher risk and often times they get broken or mutated in the process.
Family: Self form + 2 more families
Animal Communication: Becomers are typically accepted by native species. There might still be some aspects that are considered quirky or foreign to the natives, but this is often just overlooked by how much is right in the Becomer.
Form Size - 5-6 times the self size
Initiation - 3 Initiates total
Blending - No limits listed.
Echo - 3 total Echoes, 1 Permanent Echo
Devour - Form lasts 3 Trials
Assimilation - 2 Assimilated Items
Unleash - 2 Unleashes per trial before overstepping
Chrysalis - 1 per trial before overstepping
Borrowing - 2 Borrowed traits per gestalt
-8} Adapt
Adaption can only be gained in mastery. Adapt breaks the rule of the 'all or nothing' aspect of Becoming. Adaption works like Borrowing but can be induced after a form has been taken. It's a far less strenuous technique as it does not require a full body transformation and was developed for combat and utility. These transformations are always just as fast as unleashing transformations and only affect the totem shape for as long as the Becomer is in it. These transformations disappear when the mage takes the shape again. Adapted traits are the same as borrowed traits, save for the fact they can be added after a transformation rather than requiring an entirely new one. One can only have as many adapted traits as they have Borrowed traits.

-9} Totem Guardian
Totems are more than just shapes, they’re repositories for the soul of the Becomer to fill. In a way, each totem is alive. They take a shard of the Becomer’s own personality and become something different than they were. Totem Guardian is the next step of that ability, allowing the Becomer to invest ether into a totem and have it resume the shape of the creature it was made from. This Totem Guardian is an extension of the Becomer, but not a thrall like Necromancy. Instead, these totems given form are variants of the Becomer, although filtered through that creature’s perception. They are fiercely loyal and generally obey any command a Becomer imparts. They avoid self destruction and many Becomers begin to associate them as their own friends and family. At mastery, one Totem Guardian can be manifested and at Revealed up to two. More can be pushed, but it will always invite overstepping.

If the totem guardian is killed, the totem will also be destroyed. If a totem guardian is badly injured, it may take some time before the Becomer is able to resume their shape as the ether repairs itself in the totem. A Totem guardian can be manifested for at least three breaks a trial without issue…but to push it or combine with other techniques would be dangerous. No other techniques can be used on a totem guardian.

An extension of this ability only occurs when a Becomer is killed, and while this ability unlocks at Mastery, this phenomenon can occur for Expert Becomers as well. When they die, all totems that are still intact will form Totem Guardians using the last of the Becomer's ether and will drain the totems dry, destroying those as well. These Guardians become pseudo spirits. This is a physical form, but is essentially immune to the aspects of living, such as the need to eat, sleep, drink water, reproduce, etc. But unlike spirits, the have no ability to feed on anything so they are extremely rare entities. They are unable to access Emea and the Beneath, so they are unable to become intangible. They are immune to aging, but can be killed by any mundane or magical means.

The Becomer's personality and relationship with their totems determine what these Guardians do. The Becomers that sought balance with the spark, that took care of their totems, that looked to live with nature will often find the Guardians performing a funeral of sorts for the Becomer, before going their own way to "live" in the wild just as their living counterparts would. If the Becomer was controlling, was always battling their spark, or was Atavistic, their Guardians might go on a rampage, attacking any living creature until they were destroyed.
Family: All families except Insects
Animal Communication: Fully accepted by native species in all but the most obscure species or while a totem is fairly new.
Form Size - 10-12 times the self form size
Initiation: 6 Initiates in total
Blending - No limit listed
Echo - 4 total Echoes, 2 Permanent Echoes
Devour - Form lasts 4 Trials
Assimilation - 3 Assimilated Items
Unleash - 3 Unleashes per trial before overstepping
Chrysalis - 2 Chrysalis uses per trial before overstepping
Borrowing - 4 Borrowed traits per Gestalt
Adapt - 4 Adapted Traits
Totem Guardian - 1 Totem Guardian
Revealed {N/A}

Knowledges: 46

Becoming: Initiation
Becoming: A painful process {GH}
Becoming: The Three Sovereign Substances{Blood, Bone, Hair} {AL}
Becoming: Totems can take any form {AL}
Becoming: Pouring ether into the totem to make it work {AL}
Becoming: Totem help in becoming the creature {AL}
Becoming: Echo allows you to mimic the animal {WP}
Becoming{Echo}: Echoing the Sangue Selvagem's sticking wings {AG}
Becoming{Echo}: Echoing becomes easy with practice {AG}
Becoming{Echo}: Echoing requires little ether to perform {AG}
Becoming{Echo}: Echoing certain traits for different applications {AG}

Becoming{Echo}: Echoing the Sangue Selvagem's Saliva {KA}
Becoming{Echo}: The ability melds with your own body {KA}
Becoming{Echo}: Is as easy to use as if breathing {KA}
Becoming{Echo}: Can be used in tandem with Combat {KA}
Becoming{Echo}: Is an easy advantage over an opponent {KA}
Becoming{Echo}: Is easy to use on the fly {KA}
Becoming: My First Transformation {PM}
Becoming: The process is not a pleasant one {PM}
Becoming: Taking on the mental capacity of the animal {PM}
Becoming: First transformations are the hardest {PM}
Becoming: Takes time to go from human to animal {PM}

Becoming{Echo}: Using the blood bat's hemovision {PB}
Becoming{Echo}: Hemovision helps in counting guards {PB}
Becoming: Chrysalis {KA}
Becoming{Chrysilis}: Wipes all injuries from the form {KA}
Becoming{Chrysilis}: Requires time to meditate of the form before the injury occurred in order to heal the entire form {KA}
Becoming: Unleash {AG}
Becoming{Unleash}: Requires far more ether than a normal shift in form {AG}
Becoming{Unleash}: Is useful in emergencies {AG}
Becoming{Unleash}: Cuts the time of transformation down significantly {AG}
Becoming{Echo}: Can echo more than one trait at once now {ST}
Becoming{Echo}: Boa constrictor strength comes in handy {ST}

Becoming: Using animal echos during physical intimacy {ST}
Becoming{Echo}: Adhesive limbs help keep you in place as you ride {ST}
Becoming{Echo}: Internal Gripping like a boa constrictor {ST}
Becoming: Creating a totem guardian {MS}
Becoming: Feeling who your totems are {MS}
Becoming: Transforming into your only totem {NS}
Becoming: Long lasting transformations {NS}
Becoming: Emulating the traits of your totem {NS}
Becoming: Echoing your self totem voice {NS}
Becoming: Transformations on the Fly {AZ}
Becoming: Using multiple echoes at once {AZ}


- {Expert Profciency} Echo - 3 total Echoes, 1 Permanent Echo Levels up to: Echo - 4 total Echoes, 2 Permanent Echo
- {Master Profciency} Echo - 4 total Echoes, 2 Permanent Echo Levels up to: Echo - 5 total Echoes, 3 Permanent Echo


- Self Form Totem {Made from one of his fingers into an ankle bracelet - Right Leg}
- One Mortal Totem {Made from a finger turned into an ankle bracelet - Left leg}
Sangue Selvagem{Blood Savage} - Fangs {Made into a necklace}
Anti-coagulant Saliva: When bitten, these creatures release an anticoagulation toxin that will prevent one's blood from clotting. This venom lasts within the body for at least 10bits before disappearing within the bloodstream. If attacked by a swarm of this bats, a person could, in fact, bleed to death from the constant bites and venom being placed into their system.

Sticky Wings: This Bat has sticky pads on the end of their wings that allow them to adhere to surfaces. It is a secretion of mucus that allows for its ability to stick to wet, smooth leaves, rough, dry trees, and other surfaces.

Dizzy Fluff: The fluffy fur on its body emits a subtle ultrasonic wave that causes its prey to become dizzy and disoriented if exposed to it for more than 5 bits. It shakes its body in order to create the vibration needed for the ultrasonic waves to be emitted.

Nightvision: They have excellent night vision, enabling them to see in low light conditions or even total darkness. They are nocturnal mammals and have sensitive eyes to sunlight, and prefer to hunt at night. Over the arcs this ability has evolved into peerless eyesight at night or in darkness, allowing them perfect sight in these conditions. They have been attributed to the Attuners of mammals.

Hemovision: Selvagem has the ability to see all major and minor veins of any living being, allowing them to hone in on the delicious red nectar of living beings. They can even see them through inanimate objects like trees, concrete, clothes, and so on making them precise hunters.
Boa Constrictor - Squeeze {Made into Gauges/Earrings}
- Constriction: A method used by various snake species to kill or subdue their prey. Although some species of venomous and mildly venomous snakes do use constriction to subdue their prey, most snakes which use constriction lack venom. The snake initially strikes at its prey and holds on, pulling the prey into its coils or, in the case of very large prey, pulling itself onto the prey. The snake will then wrap one or two loops around the prey, forming a constriction coil. The snake will monitor the prey's heartbeat to ascertain when it is dead.
Storm Strike - Talon(Bracelet)
These enormous bright blue birds are masters of manipulating air currents to cause storms. They typically operate in the seas north of Yithiral. Their aim is to use the storms to round up schools of fish who are influenced by weather patterns and feed on them. This bird is a bane to those who travel by sea. Roosting primarily on the island, they do show up all too frequently along the coast of the western continent.
Drexion - Skully{Bracelet}
The Drexion are a heavy creature, around 1,400 lbs for your average adult male, and 1,100 lbs for your average adult female. Their bite is exceptionally powerful - they are known to be capable of snapping other animals and humanoid species in half with a single bite. In fact, out of all of the animals and monsters in Western Idalos, their bite is the strongest compared to their ratio of weight, and their headbutts are known to be lethal due to their extremely thick skulls. Their abilities lie greatly in their durability and mobility, which are exceptional.

Permanent Echoes

- Sticky Wings{limbs}: This Bat has sticky pads on the end of their wings that allow them to adhere to surfaces. It is a secretion of mucus that allows for its ability to stick to wet, smooth leaves, rough, dry trees, and other surfaces. For Dosan, his hands and feet now retain that adhering quality and can be used to scale walls and climb better.

- Constriction{Grappling}: Echoing the constriction ability of the boa constrictor, Dosan grapple or use his tail to squeeze/constrict target, either simply holding/immobilizing them, restricting their air or blood flow, or forcing the heart to stop, causing unconsciousness. As his strength increases in power, he can even cause death from grappling/holding a target


-蛇 Hone Theme: ??? 蛇


Has his Rune of Naming on his forehead, that glows with an ethereal black and red color to it

Spell Log {Hone}

- 1} Resistance:(Novice) Runewright Passive Ability - When initiated into Hone, all Runewrights gain a unique physical resistance that allows them to enhance their bodies without causing dangerous amounts of undue harm to themselves. A normal person might shatter a limb if they they are granted the power of a Strength Rune, but a Runewright’s body has become resistant to most damage that they might bring upon themselves. This does not mean that Runewrights are immune to the Runes of others. They are only resistant to their own abilities and Runic enhancements. Be aware that sloppy application of Runes can still cause harm to the mage’s body, but most of the time that harm is negated simply by this passive effect.

- 2} Dismissal:(Novice) It is possible for a Runewright to reclaim ether from either an unused Rune if it has been tied to a trigger that has yet to be activated or if it is a particularly long lasting Rune. Instant use Runes that are not tied to a trigger immediately begin using their ether from the moment they are created. Once the ether begins to be used,the initial amount can never be fully reclaimed. Dismissal is done by being in close proximity to the Rune and drawing in the ether that resides within. This is similar to the process of Flaying, although it comes with no ill effects since the Runewright is only reclaiming their own unused ether.

- 3} Rune of Strength:(Novice) The Rune of Strength has the ability to increase the power of a body’s muscles for a certain amount of time. This effect is limited to the body part that the Rune is interacting with. It is considered wise to ensure that your body is in balance when enhancing your strength, otherwise, an inexperienced mage who places a Strength Rune on a single leg might find themselves walking strangely or catapulting themselves forward without intending to.

- 4} Rune of Touch:(Novice) While it is often a forgotten sense, the ability to feel your way through the world with the barest touch and sensation is not to be taken lightly. A hand bearing the Rune of Touch can pick up the most delicate undulations in sand to detect the faintest of tracks. Adversely, there have been cases of some Runewrights placing this Rune on individuals before torturing them in order to increase the pain that is experienced.
- 5} Diffuse:(Competent) When a Runewright suddenly finds themselves trapped within the heat of battle they may not have the time to place a plethora of Runes upon their bodies in order to plan for every eventuality. Diffuse allows a Runewright to choose an already written and dormant/un-triggered Rune on a body part and spread its effects to the entire body. This is of course unable to be accomplished with a sensory Rune. These effects are always substantially weakened since they are now impacting the body as a whole, but it does allow for some flexibility if a situation does not go as planned. In order to use Diffuse the mage must be in physical contact with the Rune. Lucis and Umbral Runes can be used with this technique.

- 6} Rune of Endurance:(Competent) Sometimes it is not a lack of strength that decides victory in combat, but rather which combatant can outlast the other. The Rune of Endurance allows a Runewright to decrease fatigue within their body in order to keep functioning at optimal levels. This effect is normally temporary as it can only provide a burst of relief to muscles and organs. This rune can be used to alleviate the presence of fatigue in a limb after physical exertion or it can be used preemptively to prevent it for a certain amount of time.

- 7} Rune of Savoring:(Competent) This Rune is named for its ability to enhance both taste and smell. Many Runewrights will use this Rune to enjoy a delectable meal or to detect poison in a beverage. Keep in mind that this will not let you identify the exact poison or ingredient without the appropriate experience, however, this Rune will aid in detecting if something suspicious is present in the food or beverage. While some Runewrights shun this Rune for it’s perceived weakness, it has a plethora of uses.
- 1} Runic Traps(Competent - Passive): While the Umbral Runewright is able to inscribe their unique Umbral Runes upon the bodies of others they are unable to cast the far more beneficial Core Runes on others as a Lucis Runewright can. Instead, they more commonly employ Runic Traps to more easily and stealthy inflict the effects their Umbral Runes upon others.

These unique Traps are the bread and butter of the Umbral Runewright. Runic Traps are cast upon inanimate objects or surfaces that can bear the Umbral Rune or Chained Rune. Runic Traps can only be used in concert with Umbral Runes. Umbral Runes can also be directly applied to a target if the Runewright has the time and stealth to apply it but Runic Traps allow for an easier application. These traps are roughly three feet in width, allowing them to impact on average one to four individuals. The strength of the Umbral Runes woven into a Runic Trap is slightly dulled in strength since the Rune itself is not being written onto living flesh and the effect is only being transferred.

Runic Traps are capable of carrying one Umbral Rune or a Chained Rune with multiple Umbral effects. These Traps cannot be physically stacked on top of each other as this would muddle the image of the Runes and render them inert. Each Trap must occupy its own space and cannot touch the edge of another Trap. NOTE: All Runic Traps must be tied to some sort of trigger.

- 2} Rune of Weakness (Competent): The Rune of Weakness will drain strength from an individual, rendering parts of their body feeble and incapable of functioning properly. Applying this Rune to the legs, for instance, can instantly force the target to the ground and render them unable to stand for a time.

- 3} Rune of Numbing (Competent): Many might not attribute the lack of physical feeling to be dangerous, however, this Umbral Rune has the ability to stop a combatant squarely in their tracks. A lack of physical sensation will instantly begin to impact an individual's sense of balance along with their physical awareness. Those afflicted with this Rune might find themselves stumbling, or fully collapsing to the ground as they find it difficult to control their own body. Limbs become difficult to control ensuring the possibility of the victim injuring themselves due to a loss of coordination. The Rune of Numbing has also been used by assassins in the past to numb a target before stabbing them and leaving them to unknowingly bleed out. There are a variety of applications for this Rune, making it a valuable tool in the master’s arsenal.
Expert {N/A}
Master {N/A}
Revealed {N/A}

Knowledges: 13

Hone: Domain Magic {PB}
Hone: Magic of Runes {PB}
Hone: Initiation {PB}
Hone: Rune of Naming goes on the chest or forehead {PB}
Hone: Umbral & Lucis, the paths of a Runewright {PB}
Hone: Hone has two dialects {PB}
Hone: A person can only handle six runs, or else they risk scorching their soul {PB}
Hone: Rune of Strength {MS}
Hone: Rune of Strength affects a singular limb {MS}
Hone: Applying runes for combat {PR}
Hone: Rune of Touch {NS}

Hone: Rune of Touch can enhance the sense of touch {NS}
Hone: Can be written with your hand or instruments {NS}
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Housing & Possessions

"Lately , I have spent most of my time on the hellish domain of battle. So much so that my claws are still wet with blood."
My Stuff
Basic Possessions
Owns a 400 sq ft. home. It includes one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace. Depending on the city, this may be a tiny apartment, house, cubicle, or similar structure. Housing formats may be found in the cities in question, but will be listed for quick reference below:

One set of clothing (adaptable as per race, though for humanoid races, this will include a coat or cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.
One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
One waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils


Blood Fang{Lost}
Good Quality Steel Dagger{Lost}
A Good Quality Steel Dagger, adorned with the crest of House Detlev. Given as a reward for services rendered.
Shadow Talon
Good+ Quality Embersteel Longsword{Nodachi}
Dragon's breath
㊝ This longsword aptly named "Dragon's Breath" has an enchantment that allows the user to ignite the lacerations and stab wounds it leaves on victims who are damaged by the blade. In or to activate the enchantment, the wielder must recite two words in Vahanic.
- To initiate the enchantment, the user whispers the word "Ignite" In Vahanic as they remove the blade from the sheath. Once done the cutting edge of the blade will glow as if it was superheated, though the victim will not feel the heat when slashed or stabbed.
- The user, depending on their level of discipline, has a certain amount of time to inflict as many wounds as possible on their intended target.
- After the required time has passed, the user must immediately sheath the blade again, just before the hilt connects with the sheath, and whisper the word "Engulf" in Vahanic.
- Once the word has been spoken and the hilt makes contact with the scabbard, flames will erupt from the wounds inflicted. ㊝
Time to inflict wounds
Time to inflict wounds: Discipline
Novice - 1 Bit
Competent - 3 Bits
Expert - 6 Bits
Master - 9 Bits
Grandmaster -12 Bits
Duration of flames
Duration of Flames: Discipline
Novice: 2 bits
Competent: 4 bits
Expert: 8 bits
Mastery: 16 bits
Grandmaster: 32 bits


Scarlet Beast Attire

Treasures/Unique Items

Ring of Dopplegangers

㊝ This ring grants its wearer the ability to create Shadow-clones. The wielder can use these clones to distract, shield, hide, or attack the enemy for a certain amount of time. The Clones/Shadows retain their solid and functionality. They are able to fight at a basic level, exert force, etc. But as a trade-off (since this is powerful), every time damage is done to one of the clones, the damage is transferred back towards the user. The damage is transferred to the user as intense pain, where the amount of pain is based on the amount of damage sustained by the clones. If one of the clones is 'killed' then the ring wearer sustains lacerations originating from the ring, down the arm. This ability can be used once every three trials, any over usage will cause mental strain on the wearer. ㊝
Clones & Durations
The amount of clones and the duration in which they can last depends on the wielders meditation skill as it takes focus and concentration to will them into existence and keep them here. At a low level of meditation, the clones look like very poor copies, attempts of looking like the user, but once higher levels are achieved, they become more seamless in appearance, almost becoming perfect copies of the user. All closes created with have a glowing amethyst glyph on their forehead.

Novice = Up to 2 clones for 5 bits
Competent = Up to 4 clones for 10 bits
Expert = Up to 6 clones for 15 bits
Mastery = Up to 8 clones for 20 bits
Grandmaster = Up to 10 clones for 25 bits


Casual Clothing
Crimson Devil

masterwork quality
Unholy Monk

masterwork quality


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Re: ㊮Dosan Saito㊮

"Raining destruction upon my enemies provides me with fleeting pleasure."
My Fame & Glory


Reason Renown Total
Proving your worth as an exterminator +5 5
Getting Jumped by some heaps +5 10
Being seen and sharing a drink with the Advisor to King Arkenstone +10 20
For joining a public service, paying homage to the wounded god with flesh carving. +10 30
Let the Games Begin +10 40
Be Very Very Quiet, Im Hunting Heretics +10 50
Religious Worship +5 55
Making Yourself Known to Foreign Mercenary Bands +10 65
For leading a public shaming +10 75
For participating in the Blood Sports +10 85
For helping the fresh faced newcomer in the lair +5 90
For taking part in a seasonal event +20 110
For fucking a rowdy patron up in public and protecting a prostitute +10 120
For leaving someone alive to tell the tale of a dealer's execution +10 130
For showing up to a new place naked +5 135
Bar Brawl +5 140
CITW: The Waiting Place +20 160
Killing Slavers +10 170
For dealing the finishing blow to a Lyrosaur +15 185
CITW: The Prison{2} +5 190
For being apart of the cleanup crew to an attack +10 200
For turning into a Storm Strike in the middle of town square and escaping the Aesir +10 210

Wealth Points

Item Purchases Total
Grandfathered In Tier 2, 12 WPs 12 WPs
2 Masterwork outfits - 1 WP 11 WPs
Job thread +5 WP 16 WPs
Old Wealth Ledger
Coin Purse
Debit/Gain Credit/Spent Total
Starting Package +100 gn 100 gn
Claw Grieves{GQ} -60gn 40 gn
Throwing Daggers {60x} - 24gn 16 gn
Proving your worth as an exterminator +100gn 116 gn
Bottle of Liquor -5gn 111 gn
Be Very Very Quiet, Im Hunting Heretics +100gn 211 gn
Vhalar Wage Request +492gn 703 gn
{Used the pricing of the Sai weapon as reference as Claws arent on any weapon category here on site}
Thread List

Hot Cycle Threads{718}

Title Date Type Status
The Walls Have Eyes Solo Ymiden 2nd Graded

Cold Cycle Threads

Title Date Type Status
The Murder of Ravens Solo Vhalar 5th Graded
Sins of the Father Solo Vhalar 14th Graded
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Mercenary Mission Modded Vhalar 17th Graded
Come All Ye Faithful Solo Vhalar 19th Graded
Murder Mystery Collab Vhalar 20th Graded
Let the Games Begin Collab Vhalar 23rd Graded
Along Came A Viper Solo Vhalar 24th Graded
Be Very Very Quiet, I'm Hunting Heretics! Solo Vhalar 26th Graded
The Scarlet Ball Solo Zi'da 49th Graded
This Is Quacia!!!! Collab Vhalar 79th Graded
The End Of Reason Collab Vhalar 92nd Graded
Wonderland Collab/Dream Vhalar 59th Abandoned
Blood-sops and Theocrats Collab Zi'da 10th Graded
Strike on Viper Action Collab/AF Vhalar 92nd Graded
From Overgrowth to Ash Collab/Event Zi'da 80th Graded
The Widow and the Viper Collab/Dream Zi'da 83rd Abandoned

Rebirth Cycle Threads{718/719}

Title Date Type Status
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Not Quite Treason Cylus 14th Collab Graded
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Wake up call Cylus 5th Solo Graded
A Serpent Strikes an Ursine Ashan 26th Collab/Open Graded
The Waiting Place{CITW} Ashan 120th Collab/Global Event Graded
Smuggle Buddies Ashan 5th Collab Graded
Taking a new form Ashan 32nd Collab Graded
With empty thoughts, a blackened heart Ashan 35th Collab Graded
Shadow & Flame Ashan 33rd Collab/Open Ongoing
Heretics, Sinners, & Slavers Oh My! Cylus 9th Collab/Wealth Graded
What Lurks in the Shadows Ashan 34th Solo/Wealth Graded
Just a dude kidnapping another Dude Ashan 36th Collab Graded
Put Some Pants On! Ashan 43rd Collab Complete
Arms For the Poor Ashan 36th Collab Graded
Disciples of Frid Ashan 48th Collab Ongoing
Clean Up Crew Ashan 38th Collab Ongoing
The Start Ashan 57th Collab Ongoing
The Prison{2}{CITW} Ashan 120th Global/Event Complete
G.U.Y Ashan 43rd Collab/AF Graded
A Viper in Paradise Ashan 39th Solo Graded
Hi Surrender or Die! Ashan 61st Collab Ongoing
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 1} Ashan 63rd Solo Graded
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 2} Ashan 64th Solo Graded
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 3} Ashan 65th Solo Graded
The Most Dangerous Prey {Part 4} Ashan 65th Solo Graded
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Re: ㊮Dosan Saito㊮

"How glorious and beautiful. Let the blood flow thicker still!"
My Crew


㊪ Gabriela Traz ㊪
㊪ Age: 35
㊪ Race: Sev'ryn
㊪ Organization (if any): Formerly of the Seekers, Royal Advisory on the Arcane
㊪ Skills: Becoming (76), Dual Weapons{ Serpent Blades} (51), Persuasion{51}, Poisons(30), Acrobatics (25)

㊪ Bio: Gabriela is a woman with a checkered past. Turbulent and not without its ups and downs, the mage spent most of her early life in Etzos. Shrewed, yet charming and charismatic, Gabriela can talk many in and out of trouble at the drop of a coin with her silver tongue. Gabriela was born in a small village to two loving parents, who happen to dabble in the art of poison and assassinations. She grew up in Etzos under the strict yet fair code of her father & mother. She was trained in the ways of the blades, learning to eventually dual wield them, and the family business of poison craft at a very young age. She suffered from the years of training and the verbal, mental, and physical abuse of the natives of the city. In time she was introduced to the art of Becoming and excelled proficiently in it, favoring the venomous reptiles of the land. Mixing her knowledge in poisons and her skill in becoming, Gabriela became a force to fear in the criminal underground of Etzos. Over time her thirst for blood resided, and the need to kill left her. As such, she traveled the lands of Idolas for several arcs finally settling in Quacia and finding comradery among a group of mages known as the Seekers. She was content with the life she was living there and would use her remaining years to educate those willing to learn in the art of becoming and other arcane fundamentals.

Gabriela took interest in Dosan for 3 reasons;
1} Dosan showed a keen interest in snakes and she could sympathize with the boy and his need to want to shed his skin and be someone else. Gabriela often wished she could do such a thing and shed the years of murder and destruction she brought during her time in Etzos.

2} Dosan was a blank canvass, and Gabriela, even though she no longer lived that life, could see the potential in the young man. She wanted to make the ultimate protege' one that would surpass her and take the mantle she had worked so hard to let fade into obscurity.

3} Gabriela saw herself in the boy and wanted to mentor him, stir him in the right direction. She didn't want Dosan to end up at the end of the road she used to walk, sadly though Quacia is too perfect of a playground for that kind of bloody lifestyle. ㊪


Name: Fantasma {Riana Ortega}
Race: Biqaj?
Date of Birth: ??? {She won't say, but Dosan as guessed her to be around 17}
Skills: Blades{Machette}: 30, Poisons: 30, Stealth: 30, Investigation: 30, Acrobatics: 30
- height: 5" 5
- weight: 120lbs
- scars: Stitch like scar across her left shoulder blade
- hair: Jet Black/ Long
- eye color: Shifts between Red, Gold, & Purple
- other relevant features: She gives off an eerie and unsettling aura. Dosan is not sure why, but every time she appears he feels almost as if he is slowly going insane. Dosan has speculated that she is not truly human but is some freaky otherworldly being created from the Cataclysm that crippled Quacia.

Personality: Fantasma is nearly as ruthless and sadistic to those she finds amusing as she is to those who are unfortunate enough to be her prey. She has no qualms with claiming the lives of her victims. She derives a demented form of amusement from others' suffering, apparently due to her upbringing as an assassin, and is lethally addicted to murdering others. She suffers from some form of bipolarity due to her interchangeable and unstable personas. Fantasma develops two disparate personalities due to being exposed to murder from an early age, both representing the opposite spectrums of her erratic emotions. These alternate personalities manifest themselves in her interactions & fighting style, as two stances: Animada{Excited/red eyes} Side and Triste{Sad/Purple eyes} Side. It seems that both of these personalities co-exist in a friendship-like manner — this can be seen in her dialogue and with Dosan. Additionally, they will engage in occasional banter or praise each other's moves during battle. Triste is much more avarice and cynical than Animada but shows signs of protectiveness toward the Sad side and Fantasma as a whole while being rather sour and reclusive toward other people. Animada, on the other hand, is much more childish but has the possibility to form bonds with other entities. In contrast, Fantasma is shown to be affectionate toward animals, especially birds, easily valuing their freedom over the lives of other beings.

Relationship to PC: Friend, Informant
Anything: She is a NPC with no cost upkeep for the life of the NPC from the PB and has 150 renown {200pb}

Argo Ragnorvelk

Name: Argo Ragnorvelk
Race: Lotharro
Date of Birth: Ymiden 65th, 693
- Hunting: 30
- Poisons: 30
- Blades{Greatsword}: 30
- Endurance: 30
- Strength: 30

- Height: 6ft 9
- Weight: 255lbs
- Hair: Jet Black
- Eye Color: Jade Green
- Markings: Has battle scars adorning most of his upper body

Personality: Argo is a loud and brash man who thrives in battle. Stubborn and prideful, he never wants to turn his back on the enemy and is easily motivated into anger. He displays a wider range of emotions than most other Lothar as he's known to be cheerful one moment and deeply saddened the next. Though his judgment may be questionable, his heart is in the right place and he usually knows when to be practical. He likes being in the spotlight if his comrades & friends allow it. His loyalty to those he forms a bond with sometimes blinds him from trusting others as he is quick to criticize newcomers into the fold.

Relationship to PC: Comrade, partner
Anything: He is a NPC with no cost upkeep for the life of the NPC from the PB and has 150 renown {200pb}
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㊮ "I'm nothing more than a snake. With cold skin and no emotions, as I slither around searching for prey with my tongue, swallowing down whoever & whatever looks tasty." ㊮
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