Rupturing Q&A

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Rupturing Q&A

Rupturing Q&A

Welcome to the Rupturing Q&A. Any and all questions surrounding Rupturing can be asked here. This page has completed Lore Analysis during a major update, and we welcome all of your questions, comments, and other such feedback on this particular magic. We will use this page as well to indicate any lore changes.

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Sept 20, 2018 - Rupturing Major Update ~Plague
Sept 20, 2018 - Q&A Begins ~Aegis
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Re: Rupturing Q&A

The way I read the overstepping penalties is that when you get the lurking penalty, if you overstep and travel via portal two more times in a cycle you die. Since the penalties are rather large I'm trying to figure out the specifics on how these drawbacks work to see if I can accept the consequences.

1) Will lurking progress to hunting or hunting to capture if you make portals but don't go through them? For example take a ruptured who is hunted. That mage oversteps and creates a huge portal but does not go through it. Can something come out and capture the mage?

2) if not, will others that go through these overstepped portals be at risk for being captured? It'd be quite the formidable weapon if you knew anything that went in was as good as dead :)

3) can a legendary rupturer be captured from their body's portal

4) the write-up says a legendary mage can grab someone and throw them through themselves. Does this mean that the legendary mage is no longer incorporeal in portal mode?

5) can a mage be captured via blink or beacon portals?

6) how much does rupturing cut down on travel times at master/legendary? They can concievably open portals a hundred miles away at a time which must do something towards cutting back on travel time, right? Hell even if you opened a couple of those portals per day you're already travelling more than four times as fast as mounted travel (or more if you're having someone drive you around while you rest). I'd think that at this level creating a couple max distance portals wouldn't trigger overstepping, but even if it did I'd think that there's some middle ground that could be settled on. This was the only thing I felt like wasissing from the rewrite and working this in would make the magic a lot more attractive in my eyes.
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