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Hookor Crook
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Hookor Crook

Hookor Crook
Name: Hookor Crook


Race: Mixed (Eidisi and Human)

Date of Birth:15th Trial of Cylus, Arc 693


Factions Joined:

Languages Spoken: Common (fluent), Perwashian (Broken)


Physically Hookor takes after his human father, more than his Eidisi mother. Though his fingers and toes are slender, his arms and legs longer than a man's, his overall structure is average enough to allow him to fit into regular human clothing. Fitting in, otherwise however, is much more difficult as a result of his skin color, which is powder blue. As of Ashan 718, he also possesses a small, often wildly unpredictable tail.

Height = 6'4"
Weight = 180 lb

His upbringing as the often bullied outcast in a town of humans, has forged the hardened shell that surrounds Hookor's soul. He tends to bury himself in reading and writing, a stereotypical example of what the children referred to as a "book worm". For those that are a part of his inner circle of friends, a small circle to say the least, an image of the warm, tender scholar forms.

Funny thing, race relations. It seemed easy for the two of them to get together on that fateful night, and yet, so difficult to get together to raise the product of that union. Sophora was her first name. That was all my father, Horace Crook, would tell me. And in the years he raised me, before he died eight seasons ago, that was all he ever called her. Sophora. They could not marry. Her parents forbid it. She would not raise me, her parents would not tolerate the embarrassment. So Horace did his best.

And now I am alone. Alone in this world without anyone else to call family. So I have buried myself in research, and medicine...my passion.

Hookor's ancestry has its roots in the houses of two families. His father, Horace Crook, was a common man, of uncommon mind. Those who knew him well, and they were few, considered him among the finest minds in the realm. Yet despite his wisdom and intelligence, he remained academically absent. He had no time for it, he would tell anyone asking. So he worked metal. At this he was well above average as well. Hookor remembered one night asking his father why he had chosen to smith metal, instead of studies. Horace had told his son that metalworking allowed him to calm his mind.

The other half of Crook's parentage was Sophora Velasanza. She was the daughter of a Eidisi noble and his scholarly wife, Rouvanin and Layala Velasanza. Though their house was of only modest renown, their contempt for those of lesser status was monumental. As such, when it became known that Sophora was with child out of wedlock, Hookor's future was set. The Velasanza family would have no part in the upbringing of such a bastard abomination.

And so it was that Hookor was raised by his father, in the iron stenched furnaces and forges of Rynmere, the story of his mother and her family to remain hidden by his father until the day he died.

Dormitory Accommodations in Scalvoris
Knowledge & Skills

Skills Table. A full list of skills can be found here
SkillSkill Points AcquiredSkill Points TotalTotal Points SpentProficiency
Research (RB)25+530/100 (35/250)Competent
Medicine (FT)10+2+5+5+3+5+2050/100 (50/250)Competent
Surgery10+5+520/100 (20/250)Novice
Alchemy1010/100 (10/250)Novice
Intelligence10+2+10+224/100 (24/250)Novice
Poisons1010/100 (10/250)Novice


Knowledges - Start Package
Research: ancient tomes

Knowledges - Mod Awarded
Research: Using others experiences to learn from[PG]

Intelligence: Just a name can be enough for a clue[PG]

Intelligence: Learning about a society[PG]

Knowledges from here
Research: Assisting the Research of others
Intelligence: Fine Dining Locally
Medicine: Blood Products - Constituents
Medicine: Blood Products - Racial Differences
Medicine: Disease Demographics
Intelligence: Medical School Curiculum
Intelligence: Order of the Adunih
Research: Employment Opportunities - Scalvoris
Intelligence: Your Teacher is more than a Teacher (Faith)

Knowledges from: Solo Memory Thread
Socialization: Dealing with a bully
Socialization: Interacting with a Moseke Knight
Socialization: Best Friends Forever
Running: Always Running, Casey and I
Smithing: I can get by, but not my thing
Wisdom: Librarians like it to be quiet
Research: Accommodations in Scalvoris

Knowledges from: Solo Relief Effort Thread
Medicine: Phantoms Pain
Medicine: Stemming the Flow of Blood
Medicine: Triaging
Surgery: Suturing
Surgery: Amputation
Surgery: Internal Injury and Repair

Knowledges from: Helping Hands Volunteering Thread
Medicine: Triaging Burns
Medicine: Treating Burns
Medicine: Treating Wounds - The Raft
Medicine: Treating Wounds - The Poultice
Medicine: Assessing the ABCs
Medicine: Smoke Inhalation
Medicine: Thinking on your feet (finding equipment for intubation on fly)
Medicine: Anesthesia (milk of poppy)
Medicine: Creams and Ointments
Leadership: Running a Code (saving the young girl)
Surgery: Intubation (actual procedure of intubating)
Intelligence: Faith is a member of the Order
Intelligence: Redirection is the key to anxiety (no counting when in charge)

Knowledges from: Ashan Arc 718 Seasonal Thread
Detection: Things which are out of place
Detection: Strangeness in an already strange situation
Detection: Minute details are important
Detection: Search facial expressions.
Endurance: Fighting against a gust of wind
Endurance: Trying to be heard over a great noise
Endurance: Exquisite pain
Etiquette: Greet people cheerily
Etiquette: Make polite conversation
Etiquette: Introduce yourself to the group.
Research: In the field and in the classroom
Research: Query the logic of supposition
Research: Note minute details
Research: Because it's science, doesn't mean it's true
Research: Trying to make sense of an unnatural phenomena
Strength: Holding on for dear life
Tactics: It is important to work as a team
Writing: Notes are important, especially in the field.
Skill Point Ledger

Record all of your Skill Point Expenditure here.
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Racial Bonus (research) 25[RB] 00149
Starting Package 5000149
Moderator awarded [PG] 400149
Thread Awarded 1500149
Thread Awarded 1000149
Thread Awarded 1000149
Thread Awarded 1500149
Thread Awarded 2000149
Research (RB) 25[RB]35114
Medicine (FT) ..5064
Surgery ..2044
Alchemy ..10 34
Poisons..10 0
Marks Section


None so far


  • none (Minor)
    • nil.
  • none (Minor)
    • nil.


  • Scribe's Kit. First Aid Kit. Sewing Kit. Dagger. Small Letter Opener (from father)
  • Prized Posession: Forged/Engraved Bookmark (made of light but durable alloy)
  • Beautiful (almost) Unbreakable Bowl (obtained here)
  • Cavani's Cloak (obtained here)
Starting Package ... 100
Sale of home ... 250
gn for armory use via Ashan Seasonal ... 200
gn for job of Ashan Seasonal ... 300
Scribe's Kit 18 ...
First Aid Kit 22 ...
Sewing Kit 6 ...
Dagger 3 ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 801 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Renown Ledger
Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
Character Sheet Bonus (PG) +30 +30
Memory Thread +5 +35
Solo Relief Thread +5 +40
Helping Hands Thread +10 +50
Ashan 718 Seasonal Thread +15 +65
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
word count: 1319

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