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Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:15 am

"Eill" Linika Amarinthine
Name: Linika Amarinthine (pronounced li-NEE-kah)
Age: 27 arcs
Race: Naerikk
Date of Birth: 52nd Trial of Vhalar, arc 690

Marks: - Xypha
Factions Joined: -
Languages Spoken: Common (fluent) / Grovokian (fluent) [XY]
Naer sign language (broken)
Novice Linguistics Bonuses - Leni (broken) and Rakahi/Biqaj (broken)
Partners: -

As a Naerikk, Linika's attention to her aesthetic adornments is a high priority. In both her application of make-ups, and in the accessorizing of her attire, her aim for a grand statement of style and color, without broaching the realm of garishness, is absolute. And while different cultures draw the line on what is decorative overkill in different places, none could accuse her of a mismatch in any way. Her self display is consistently applied and harmonious, in both stylings, and in range and intensity of color.

Also, as a Naerikk, her readiness for combat is a constant. Linika's outward apparel of colorful silk scarves and flowing shawls conceal the underpinnings of leather protection. Her rings are primarily brightly cosmetic stones of little value, save for the element of surprising impact when she swings a fist. More than one of them may conceal a dose of poison or narcotic aid. Visually, she prefers layers of colors, swirling in motion as she strides about town. The loose flowing sleeves of her arms and leggings are unlikely to betray the daggers frequently hidden there. The sandals are adorned with colorful affectations, the shiny, decorative metal fittings on the toe covers giving the same martial benefit as the rings on her fingers.

She is quite fit, due to her regimen of exercise and diet, though the slight bulk of leather might make it seem otherwise. Linika is not on the tall side for her race, standing 7 inches beyond 5 feet. There is always just a trace of slouch in her walk. This is not from any sort of lax posture or defeatist attitude, but rather from the knowledge that a stiffly erect posture does not lend itself well to swift and agile reaction to danger. Her eyes, lined with color and glitter like all Naerikk, are always moving. Her long hair is dark as the Cylus sky, and is coiffed with long, colorfully beaded pins that will serve as weapons in a pinch.
Cold as Ice - Ashan 42, 718
Cold as Ice: Although she was treated after her unwise dip in the icy waters of Synnefa Bay, Linika will find that a cough lingers in her lungs. It’s annoying more than anything, flaring up with seeming randomness although it’s particularly noticeable when she exerts herself.

Linika displays the characteristically subtle disdain for non-Naerikk people, though she is capable of concealing it when necessary. She knows she will occasionally have to endure such company in her bid to unravel what may allow her matron goddess, Audrae, to usurp this city, region and world, and take it for her own.

Progress toward this goal is the most likely thing to bring genuine joy to her face. While there are certain to be times where the suffering of an enemy will bring a smile, it will be a cold smile, edged with malice. But as an agent of Audrae, under the guise of having been exiled by her people, Linika's true joy will truly soar untainted with each step she accomplishes toward this end. This is not only because of her genuine belief that Audrae and her race are meant to rule Idalos, but it also brings her closer to the time when she can cast off this shameful title of "Eill" and be welcomed back into Augiery's fold.

She is manipulative and untrusting, though an assessment of strength and reliability will cause her to develop respect for a non-Naerikk. And any person she truly respects she will treat honestly, save for revealing her purpose.

Born to a "Reapon" guardswoman, it was expected that Linika would follow in that martial tradition. But she found instead a calling to chemistry. Early on, she was finding ways to glean effective substances from seemingly harmless sources. Nothing world-shaking; but this or that garnish, dipped in this or that sap, and placed on this particular dish, caused the one who ate the dish to become comically dizzy, or have their words slurred. Her talent was noted silently.

This first brought reprimand upon her for her horseplay. But as her attempts to follow her expected path resulted only in disappointment for both herself and her Reapon mother, it was soon decided that perhaps she should indulge her affinity for creative chemistry after all. There was soon an operation against the rising power in Athart, on the great peninsula across the Southern Main. Athart had refused to honor a slave trading arrangement, and Linika was ordered to accompany the reprisal team, to provide toxins for the weapons.

The operation went wrong and the team found themselves in retreat from a much greater force, with the likelihood of becoming slaves themselves. But Linika had discovered a plant with a unique characteristic that not only greatly increased the potency of her toxin, but allowed it to be spread as a clinging airborne malaise that gave all the appearances of a disease. She also calculated what derivatives would give her team a resistance to this toxin sufficient to operate with few debilitating effects.

But it needed a live body to properly "percolate". Without getting permission, she maimed one of her own team and left her to be captured, to spread this "disease" to their enemy. All the Athartians sickened then, and were easily killed, except for a few taken back to Augiery as slaves. And as an added bonus, Athart mistakenly blamed the servants of Lisirra for the ambush.

But her Naerikk "sister" died as well. And though it allowed the rest of the team to escape, it was still a violation of basic Naerikk policy. Linika knew she had committed a grave transgression, and stoically awaited punishment. But either the Invini or the Immortal Mother herself had been impressed by the girl's quick-thinking ruthlessness. And her effective, spontaneous application of such a newly discovered reagent gave the powers in Augiery an idea of just what a natural talent she was. And it was decided then how Linika could be both punished and employed to the benefit of Audrae's agenda.

It was known that the Immortal Yvithia hated Audrae with a passion. It was also suspected that there was some connection between the humans of Yvithia's city, Viden, and the relatively recent appearance of the race, the Eidisi. It was decided that Linika would suffer a very public shaming and exile, accompanied by the branding of the title "Eill", for her crime against her Naerikk "sister". But the real purpose, as she was told in private, was to go eventually to Viden and spend what time it took to get accepted as an exile and reject from Audrae's fold.

She would probably encounter other Naer women upon her travel north, and would have to bear the sneers of "Eill" as part of the "punishment" aspect of this decision. But she was to infiltrate and spy out this enemy stronghold, find its secret, and use her skills with toxins to undermine whatever program Audrae's hated enemy had underway there. Only then could she return to Augiery, to heroic renown.

Knowing of the sub-zero climate in Viden, she was assigned to first spend some time in the mountains of her own southern continent, developing the knowledge to survive such an environment. As well, she studied a map of the layout of Viden. She was then warned that she should also expect little or no welcome from Viden's NON-Naerikk inhabitants, and that this would also serve as suitable punishment, in addition to the long term away from the sisterhood of Augiery.

She was instructed to take nothing provocative with her, seeing as she would most likely be under great scrutiny when she arrived. Any talents and equipment she needed to obtain would have to be by her own conniving. As a result, the bulk of her provisions centered on preparation for the cold weather. Lastly, she was reminded that any other Naerikk she encountered would know only that she was "Eill", so she should speak nothing of her mission to them, nor expect any help from them. Wits, patience and opportunism would be her only trusted allies.

Linika does not fool herself. This mission is risky in the extreme, with painful repercussions potentially coming from a variety of directions. She knows she was selected because of her crime. If she dies in the attempt, it will be justice for her guilt. If she succeeds, it will also be justice, as it is the only thing that could offset that guilt. It has now been five arcs since that Athart incident, and Linika has settled into Viden.
  • City Dweller's Package.
    • Housing: all housing will be 400 sq ft. Houses include one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest (which holds most of starting clothing), and a fireplace.
      Starting clothing: (cloak, shirt, pants, undergarments, and boots. All clothing is standard quality.
      Two sets of eating utensils and a tinderbox.
    • Purchased: A fireplace rod and hook for cooking, 2 boiling pots, a washbasin, a large wicker-type basket w/ towels and rags and starting toiletries (Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste), a potpourri sachet to scent the room, a broom and dustpan
    • All other items are as likely to be carried on Linika's person as to be left at home.
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"Shelf Life'...What an ironically contradictory concept."
- Linika Amarinthine -
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Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:31 pm

Fame & Skills
At Start of Fame System..................................-30
Trivia Event Reward, Ymiden 716-10-40
Unwelcomed Guest-3-43
Bounties of the Forest pt.1+1-32
Back to Square One.2-5-37
Where Credit is Due-2-39
Saoire Soiree-5-44

New Renown System
SOURCEAmount (+ or -).....BALANCE (currently +66)
Hunters Lost+3+69
Seeking Solutions+5+74
Little Lost Orphans+20+94

Skills List
Acting1014m3, v1,2,1510/10010/251Novice
Alchemy2512m5 v2,7,12,13,17,2025/10025/251Novice
Blade (Dagger)201(RB) m1,3,v8,1820/10020/251Novice
Cosmetology206(SP), v9,13,1720/10020/251Novice
Deception3315(AL) m1,5 v1,2,3,6,8,10,1529/10033/251Competent
Detection1612(AL) m2,3, v1,2016/10016/251Novice
Discipline82v7,135/1005/251Novice (add'l v-20 reward)
Endurance259m4,5 v2,3,14,17,1825/10025/251Novice
Etiquette31 0/1000/251Novice (add'l v-20 reward)
Fieldcraft1510(SP/AL) (DM) v1415/10015/251Novice
Intimidation (FT)102m1,4, v610/100NANovice
Linguistics150m2, v6,8 [XY]15/10015/251Novice (Xypha allows it to break 100)
Lock Picking100(SP/AL) v310/10010/251Novice
Logistics02 0/1000/251Novice
Medicine209(SP/AL) v2,4,2020/10020/251Novice
Persuasion19(AL) v11/1001/251Novice
Poison396(SP) v2,6,9,1332/10039/251Competent
Running01 0/1000/251Novice
Seduction105m5 v1,310/10010/251Novice
Unarmed (RB)357m1,3,430/10035/251Competent

Points Spent per Thread
A Worm Welcome (v3)11xp+2 Deception/+3 Endurance/+3 Lock Picking/+3 Seduction
Skin Deep (v4)10xp+6 Medicine/+4 Stealth
The Foretelling (v6)15xp+7 Poison/+2 Intimidation/+4 Linguistics/+2 Deception
Unwelcomed Guest (m4)15xp+6 Unarmed/+6 Intimidation/+3 Endurance
Eyes to See (m5)15xp+5 Deception/+5 Seduction/+2 Endurance/+3 Alchemy
Conviction (v9)15xp+8 Poison/+7 Cosmetology
Bounties of the Forest, pt. 1 (v8)15xp+7 Linguistics/+5 Deception/+3 Blade (Dagger)
What Does This Button Do? (v10)15xp+5 Stealth/+6 Deception/+4 Strength
Back to Square One.2 (v12)10xp+3 Stealth/+3 Interrogation/+4 Alchemy
Where Credit is Due (v13)15xp+3 Acrobatics/+2 Discipline/+2 Alchemy/+4 Cosmetology/+4 Poison
Saoire Soiree (v7)15xp+2 Acrobatics/+5 Alchemy/+5 Chemistry/+3 Discipline
A Glass of Holiday Cheer (v15)10xp+1 Acting/+5 Chemistry/+2 Deception/+2 Stealth
Flight of the Fallen (v17)15xp+5 Acrobatics/+5 Alchemy/+1 Cosmetology/+4 Endurance
Maris & Janis: Hunters Lost (V14)15xp+5 Endurance/+4 Field Craft/+2 Gardening/ +4 Interrogation
Seeking Solutions (V18)15xp+5 Acrobatics/+5 Blade (Dagger)/+5 Endurance
Little Lost Orphans (V20)20xp+5 Alchemy/+5 Caregiving/+5 Detection/+5 Medicine
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- Poison -

"Shelf Life'...What an ironically contradictory concept."
- Linika Amarinthine -
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Posts: 299
Joined: Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:32 am
Race: Naerikk
Profession: Apothecary
Renown: +94
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Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:50 pm


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Deception: Pretending You Were Also a Victim of 'Magic Attack' (Thread reward - v10)
Deception: Scheming to Blackmail (Thread reward - m5)
Deception: Sneaking Frageon Stock in with the Regular Chemicals (Thread reward - v12)
Deception: Suggesting a Task That Will Cover Past Mischief. (Thread reward - v17)
Deception: Tricking a Woman Into Thinking Her Boss is a Murderer (Thread reward - m5)
Deception: Citing Storage Requirements, to View All Facilities (Thread reward - v7)
Deception: Claims of Harmful Effects on Flora, from Some Greenhouse Glass (Thread reward - v7)
Detection: Assassin's Thoughts Betray Their Intentions (Thread reward - v10)
Detection: Heel Click Reactions Can Expose a Tail (Thread reward - v12)
Detection: Hunting out clues from where they’re hidden (Thread reward - v20)
Detection: Identifying Someone by the Books They are Holding (Thread reward - v18)
Detection: Lack of Promised Boat to Leave in Betrays Plot (Thread reward - v10)
Detection: A Roundabout Route Can Expose a Tail (Thread reward - v12)
Detection: Seeing when you’ve struck a nerve (Thread reward - v20)
Detection: Skin Discoloration Shows Use of "Stain" Poison (Thread reward - v10)
Detection: Spotting things that are out of place (Thread reward - v20)
Detection: Too Hasty of a Denial Shows You Know Something (Thread reward - v18)
Detection: An Unexpected Speech Pattern Can be Suspicious (Thread reward - v14)
Detection: When Your Own Mark Doesn't Account for an Incident (Thread reward - v13)
Discipline: Holding your tongue even when you want to be snarky (Thread reward - v20)
Discipline: Learning Viden's Library System (Thread reward - v13)
Intelligence: Gather what information you can about a situation through observation (Thread reward - v20)
Intelligence: Gather what information you can through careful questioning (Thread reward - v20)
Intelligence: Gauging a Rival's Reaction to the Truth for Information. (Thread reward - v17)
Intelligence: Risking Reprimand to Learn Where You Truly Stand. (Thread reward - v17)
Intelligence: Small Talk with a Slave to Learn of Master's Standing (Thread reward - v7)
Interrogation: Bombard someone with questions (Thread reward - v20)
Interrogation: Convince your target that answering questions is to their benefit (Thread reward - v20
Interrogation: Convince your target that you can help them (Thread reward - v20)
Interrogation: Layering Threats into Questions (Thread reward - v1)
Interrogation: A Placebo Truth Serum Can Evoke Overconfidence When Questioned (Thread reward - v15)
Intimidation: Leaning in Face to Face With a Glare (Thread reward - v18)
Intimidation: Using Natural Gifts to Intimidate (Thread reward - m5)
Investigation: Act Suspicious and Note What Others Ask You (Thread reward - v14)
Investigation: Book Titles Can Tell a Lot About a Person's Goals (Thread reward - v18)
Investigation: Choosing a suitable area to search for a person (Thread reward - v20)
Investigation: Following a blood trail (Thread reward - v20)
Investigation: Opening a Tied Bundle Without Leaving a Trace (Thread reward - v7)
Investigation: Thinking like a child to try to find a child (Thread reward - v20)
Investigation: Trying to uncover a conspiracy (Thread reward - v20)
Investigation: Unlawful Sources Often Have Rare Information (Thread reward - v18)
Logistics: Deciding how a search party should be organised (Thread reward - v20)
Logistics: Preparing supplies for a rescue mission (Thread reward - v20)
Persuasion: Acknowledging Your Part to Promote Trust (Thread reward - v13)
Persuasion: Admitting a Lie, But Only to Others Involved in it. (Thread reward - v17)
Persuasion: Blending Threats and Bribes With Your Argument (Thread reward - v18)
Persuasion: Citing Special Herbal Care Needs, to Get inside Gated Estate (Thread reward - v7)
Persuasion: Convincing someone that you’re a friend rather than a foe (Thread reward - v20)
Persuasion: Convincing someone to lie for you (Thread reward - v20)
Persuasion: Good Cop/Bad Cop Rolled into One (Thread reward - v18)
Persuasion: Offering bribes to gain cooperation (Thread reward - v20)
Persuasion: Sometimes silence can be the best argument (Bonus Knowledge - v20)
Seduction: Enticing an Unsuspecting Victim (Thread reward - m5)
Seduction: A Lustful Glance is Draw Enough (Thread reward - m5)
Seduction: Getting My Way (Thread reward - v6)
Seduction: Misdirection (Thread reward - v6)
Seduction: Reinforcing Infatuation (Thread reward - m5)
Stealth: A Naer in a Shadowed Doorway (Thread reward - v14)
Stealth: Nighttime over Daytime (Thread reward - m3)
Stealth: Watch for any Surveillance Before Recovering Scope (Thread reward - v10)
Tactics: Considering Alternative Methods to Solve a Problem (Thread reward - m5)
Tactics: Distract With Hands for Surprise Kick Maneuver (Thread reward - v10)
Tactics: Ensure that escape routes are covered (Thread reward - v20)
Tactics: Laying low to avoid surveillance (Thread reward - v20)
Tactics: Plotting to Frame an Official (Thread reward - m5)
Tactics: Using Natural Circumstances to Solve a Problem (Thread reward - m5)

NPCs and Pets
Name: Elyne
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 25 Cylus 708
Description: Currently standing at 4' 6" and weighing roughly 70 pounds, Elyne has dirty blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. She's quite athletic and fit for her age, has a typically sunny disposition and is prone to smiles which show off the single dimple in her left cheek.
Acrobatics: 10
Cooking: 20
Endurance: 25
Running: 30
Unarmed Combat (Unspecialised): 15
Relationship to PC: Adopted daughter - rescued from the Mountainside Orphanage in Viden in this thread.
"Personal NPC" - will cost 10gn per season.
OOC:This animal is a reward from the same thread from which Elyne was obtained. Little Lost Orphans

IC: "Sparky" was purchased by Linika just ten or fifteen trials after the above mentioned thread took place.
He was born at about the same time that the thread took place.
He is a purebred Videnese Snow Setter.

Learning that this breed was especially hardy, having been developed for use in the frigid climes of Viden, and that they are more focused on the protection of family members to whom they have bonded, rather than property, Linika felt such a pet would be ideal to grow with her adoptive daughter, Elyne.

Pups are only 15 gold, but Linika will not hesitate to have training provided; ideally, conducted with the presence and involvement of Elyne herself. This should help further establish the bond, as well as the focus of training priorities for both parties.
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Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:02 pm

Blessing Knowledges/Xypha


Telepathic Communication (minor)

Xypha: Telepathic Comm. (Minor): Can Receive From Many Sources (v-12)
Xypha: Telepathic Comm: Eye Contact is Key (v-12)
Xypha: Telepathic Comm: Hearing Assassins' Thoughts (v-10)
Xypha: Telepathic Comm.: Ideas and Concepts Can Also be Sent (v-17)

Intuitive Linguist

Xypha: Intuitive Linguist: Grovokian Comes Naturally Now (v-10)

The Intellectual's Skills I

nothing yet


Xypha: Identify: Accent Recognition Can Start a Chain of Memories (v-18)
Xypha: Identify: Sensing the Geographic Origin of an Unfamiliar Word (v-18)
Xypha: Identify: Sensed that Faith had Come From Scalvoris (v13)

The Telesthetic Boon

Xypha: Will be able to pull "Incoming" thoughts as well soon (v13)

Xypha, The will of Yvithia
Ability NameAbility Description
Telepathic Communication (Minor)As the Immortal of Communication, Yvithia is synonymous with spoken and written language. But those who truly wish to follow the Immortal find themselves with the ability to communicate with others with nothing more than their minds. With this ability, the Favored Xypha can send communications willingly with those within their range of vision, so long as the person's eyes can be seen. This ability can be used indefinitely as long as the two parties remain within visual range of each other. However, at this level, the Xypha cannot receive the thoughts back, only send his or her own.
Intuitive LinguistWith this ability, the Xypha can choose any one EASY language and rank up to Fluent for free. This language may be denoted with an [XY] in the list, and may exceed the language cap imposed by the character's Linguistics skill.
The Intellectual's Skills IAdd an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Linguistics, Mathematics, Meditation, Research, Teaching. These points may allow the skill to exceed the 100 cap.
IdentifyBy observing or hearing a gestured or verbal language, the Favored Xypha instinctively knows the name of the language and the region where it is most commonly used. Additionally, this allows the Xypha to know the place from which the speaker hails as well. Often used for determining intent, this ability does not allow the Xypha to understand the language, if they do not already know it.
Perfect CopyCommunication and Language are important domains to Yvithia, and with this ability the Favored Xypha can accurately copy any document he or she has ever read, whether they remember the exact details or not. This also transcends language barriers, so that they may write what the document said, even if they have no real knowledge of the language. They cannot understand what they've written, but instead regurgitate the information verbatim.
Emotional PaletteBy using this ability, the Xypha takes on metaphorical coloured lenses. As they look over others in their immediate vicinity, the person takes on a shade of colour depending on their strongest emotion. For happiness, this is a yellow nimbus around them, anger is red vein-like streaks on their skin. Sadness is blue swirling clouds over their skin, envy is green ivy-like vines twirling the person's extremities. Those with this ability and Empathy are able to more easily identify the emotion, and often leads to easier manipulation of the emotions through Empathy.
The Telesthetic BoonOnce per trial, for two breaks, the Xypha can hear streams of conscious thought around him or her. The greater the number of individuals around him or her, the harder it is to make sense of the jumble of thoughts. Without training, this is overwhelming and can cause the Xypha to black out, should they be around too many people. But with training and understanding of the ability, the Xypha gains the powerful tools necessary to hear and anticipate the coming actions of those around them.
The Mental LibraryWith this ability, all Xypha are linked mentally and are able to share any information they've ever read from a book or scroll. This ability allows them to transmit the information over the link, and effectively share research and information with any and all Xypha tuned in. Though this ability does not give the Xypha the skills required to utilize the knowledge, it does impart to them the ability to understand a subject thoroughly. This ability is limited to a link between those Xypha who have met each other, with no transitory exchange allowed. The Xypha who initially added an item to the Mental Library has to have met the Xypha trying to use his or her information.

Worn or Stored Items

Cold Weather Gear

Fur-lined, Leather Knee boots w/wool lining
Leather Jacket w/wool lining
Woolen Shirt, Pants, Gloves, Stockings and Scarf
Belt w/Buckle
Women's Cotton Underwear
Woman's Hat w/cotton lining
Cavini Cloak - v20
This cloak shimmers a soft color in complete darkness that echoes that of the wearer’s aura. While this item does little to protect against weapons, its strange ability of heating an individual up or cooling them down (depending on the season) makes it an interesting keepsake. [Purchased by player from PB, officially awarded here.]

Also Worn

Waterproofed Heavy-Duty canvas bag w/strap
"Good" Quality Dagger
Starting water skin
Silver pendant with an enamel paint design of Yvithia’s symbol, a periwinkle owl on a white branch, as a result of her being made Yorrick’s second. - v20
Multi-colored silk scarf - v20
Hackmanite Bracelet - v20
A simple bronze bracelet, a slim twist of metal that bears a half carat hackmanite gem. The gem has a violet colour but once exposed to the light, it shifts to a grey-white. When it’s placed in the dark again the violet hue will return.
Good Quality Tamo Daggers - v20
Tamo daggers come in pairs, and are designed to have the blades slide into each others' hilts. The hilts will then match and align to appear as a single bar or rod and can be used as a club. This set is covered in leather, which has been worked to appear as a single scroll case when the hilts are joined.

Writing Gear

Reservoir Pen
Set of 5 extra pen nibs
10 8 sheets, Vellum
1 vial of Black Ink
1 vial of Ink Thinner
Forgery Quill - v20
a beautiful quill among their rewards, which has a white feather that remains pristine. When they write with this quill, their penmanship is not at all like their own as if another was guiding their hand, meaning that they can write anything without fear of their handwriting being recognised. It does not need to be sharpened and does not suffer wear and tear but it is highly flammable.

Frequently Carried

Hotlands Glass Scope (Stolen from Yanahalqah - v10)
2 vials, Lantern oil
12 wrapped, Oil-Soaked Torches
Sewing Needles and Spool of Thread
Jar of Antiseptic Alcohol
Dried Herbal Poultice Mix
15 Small Cloth Strip Bandages
Sweetleaf Jelly - v20
Jar of dark green gel with a label tied to the lid with string. The label names the substance as ‘Sweetleaf Jelly’ and it is described as a healing salve for cuts and bruises, which should be applied generously. The content is thick and has a pungent aroma, something like a cross between strong mint and grass. The jar contains enough for five treatments of minor cuts and bruises or two treatments of deeper, stitched wounds.
Dowsing Rod - v20
Y-shaped stick about two foot in length and made of a pale white wood. When moved, silvery blue veins seem to shimmer within its surface, the colouring similar to that of a Xypha mark. Most importantly, if one uses it like a dowsing rod, it can lead the bearer to a source of knowledge they need whether that be a book, a person, or another source. Unfortunately, its range is limited to a 10 yard radius and it will swing wildly outside of that range.
Flipping Coin - v20
An odd looking coin, about the size of a gold nel. Each face is gold in colour but the rim is silver. One face bears an image of two of Idalos’ suns while the other bears storm clouds split with a lightning bolt. While it makes you want to flip it, you sense that to do so will bear consequences. [Special one-use item: if you choose to use it then PM me when you’ve written up to the coin flip and I will modbomb the effects! Be warned, they could be good or bad so use it wisely!]
Aurora Guide - v20
A roll of parchment tied with a dark blue ribbon that once unrolled reveals a stunning painting of an Aurora Glider. Underneath the image is a rough map of the bird’s typical flight patterns. Someone has scrawled the message: They make good mounts if you can catch one.
Eidisi Ragdoll - v20
A pretty ragdoll made of soft materials and styled like an Eídisi woman. Something that might be of use for any children you might encounter… or maybe you’d like to keep it for yourself!
Glowing Plant Bottle - v20
A stoppered and wax-sealed glass vial contains a thin, spindly plant. It has a dark brown stem and a few offshoots with silvery leaves. The unusual thing about it is that it gives off a soft green glow while in the dark, its own bioluminescence and it seems able to sustain itself. If the stopper is removed or the glass is broken then the plant will shrivel instantly and become rigid and black.
Casino Cards - v20
A deck of cards of good quality and on careful examination, it’s clear that they’re subtly marked on the back to give those in the know an indication of what’s on the front. These are the kind of cards that you can use to cheat in games… provided that you don’t get caught.
Viden Compass - v20
A sleek compass with an etching of an owl on a branch, the symbol of Yvithia, on the back. However, it doesn’t seem to point north. If used within Viden, the needle will spin wildly but once beyond its icy infrastructure, the needle will always point towards the city itself. An odd trinket indeed.

Kept at Home

Broom and Dustpan
Wash Basin
Waterproofing Oil
Fireplace Rod-and-Hook Frame
2 Boiling Pots
Room-scenting Potpourri Sachet
Lg. 10'' deep Laquered, Woven Bloat Grass Basket
2 Large, and 2 Small Towels
Bundle of Rags
Selma's Amulet - M-3
Echo Scroll - V-18
small vial of frozen Brightfern spores - v7
16oz Bottle of Aranaz Apple Pear Brandy in a Fancy Bottle (from Dec. Holiday Event)
Basic Chemist's Kit - v15
A fine, off-white comb that seems to hum with soft music when it’s used. A useful item but also a curiosity. - v20
Dire Boar Horn - v20
Someone decided to include a horn cup in your bag and whoever it was had a dark sense of humour. Painted on the surface in dark red paint are scenes of a Dire Boar hunt and includes a segment where the boar’s tusks are removed. A macabre gift but oddly mesmerising, especially as the paint on the surface almost looks like blood…
Golden Slippers - v20
Someone has added a pair of golden slipper shoes with ribbon trim to your bag. They’re light, very ostentatious and quite comfortable. Oddly enough, whoever put them there seems to know your exact size…
Owl Rattle - v20
A wooden statuette of Yvithia’s owl without the branch. While it’s quite pretty, when moved, there’s a distinct feeling of something rattling in there. The only way to find out what is to break it open though… [PM me if you decide to go the smashing route!]
Nutty Nightcap - v20
A small flask filled with a clear fluid, a potent alcohol. It isn’t clear what it is exactly but it has a faint taste of nuts and a few sips is enough to lower your inhibitions remarkably quickly although you only feel slightly tipsy. If you drink more than a few sips in one sitting, you’ll find yourself remarkably drunk and have to sleep it off.
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Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:09 pm

Point Bank & Ledger
Point Bank
10/2/16 37 0 37
10/31/16 8 0 45
11/28/16 10 0 55
12/31/16 11 0 66
6/10/17 (Malt)270122
8/3/17 (Malt)1580286
9/9/17 (Malt)1170405
10/15/17 (Malt)80416
11/8/17 (Malt)800501
2/13/18 (Malt)540564
3/4/18 (Malt)600629
4/2/18 (Malt)430683
Cavini's Cloak v-20020673

Transaction DebitCredit100gn
Fur-lined, Leather Knee boots w/wool lining12.2gn-87.8gn
Leather Jacket w/wool lining19.4gn-68.4gn
Woolen Pants6.6gn-61.8gn
Woolen Gloves4.4gn-57.4gn
Woolen Stockings2.2gn-55.2gn
Woolen Scarf2.2gn-53gn
Belt w/Buckle2gn-51gn
Woolen Shirt2.7gn-48.3gn
Women's Cotton Underwear0.9gn-47.4gn
Woman's Hat w/cotton lining2.8gn-44.6gn
Waterproofing Oil6gn-38.6gn
Waterproofed Heavy-Duty canvas bag w/strap1.9gn-36.7gn
2 vials, Lantern oil1gn-33.7gn
12 wrapped, Oil-Soaked Torches0.6gn-33.1gn
Reservoir Pen0.5gn-32.6gn
Set of 5 extra pen nibs1gn-31.6gn
10 sheets, Vellum1gn-30.6gn
1 vial of Black Ink0.5gn-30.1gn
1 vial of Ink Thinner1gn-29.1gn
Broom and Dustpan1gn-28.1gn
Sewing Needles and Spool of Thread3.1gn-25gn
Jar of Antiseptic Alcohol2gn-23gn
Dried Herbal Poultice Mix3gn-20gn
15 Small Cloth Strip Bandages0.5gn-19.5gn
Wash Basin4gn-15.5gn
Fireplace Rod-and-Hook Frame6gn-9.5gn
2 Boiling Pots1gn-8.5gn
Room-scenting Potpourri Sachet0.2gn-8.3gn
Lg. 10'' deep Laquered, Woven Bloat Grass Basket1.3gn-7gn
2 Large, and 2 Small Towels0.8gn-6.2gn
Bundle of Rags0.2gn-6gn
"Good" Quality Dagger6gn-00.0gn
Site-Wide trivia Event - Ymiden, 716 (Special)-75gn75.0gn
Wages - Ashan 716 (Skin Deep) - V4-479gn, 3sn, 5cn554gn, 3sn, 5cn
Chemist's Kit (& other non-permanent stuff) - V15149gn-405gn, 3sn, 5cn
Wages - Ymiden 717 (Back to Square One.2) - V12-630gn, 8sn1036gn, 1sn, 5cn
Wages - Zi'da 717 (Flight of the Fallen) - V17-883gn, 5sn1919gn, 6sn, 5cn
Ashan SQ reward (Little Lost Orphans) - V20-175gn2094gn, 6sn, 5cn
Total Currency: 2094gn, 6sn, 5cn
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Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:12 pm

Thread List


Current w/Virikai - 8 Ymiden, arc 715 - Disconnected Connection - Graded by Mythic - Skill chart des: V1 (old system)
Current w/Virikai - 10 Ymiden, arc 715 - So it Begins - Graded by Vakhanor - Skill chart designation: V2 (old grading system)
Current w/ Aespa - 20 Vhalar, arc 715 - A Worm Welcome - Graded by Whisper, Aespa retired - Skill chart des: V3 (11xp)
Solo (Job thread) - 38 Ashan, arc 716 - Skin Deep - Paid/Graded by Whisper - Skill chart designation: V4 (10xp)
Abandoned w/Kal - 35 Ymiden, arc 716 - Brute and the Beast - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V5
Current w/Whisper - 8 Saun, arc 716 - The Foretelling - Graded by Whisper - Skill chart designation: V6 (15xp)
Memory w/Inali - 24 Saun, arc 712 - Unwelcomed Guest - Graded by Whisper - Skill chart designation: M4 (15xp)
Current w/Tasar - 20 Zi'da, arc 716 - Saoire Soiree - Graded by Pash - Skill chart designation: V7 (15xp)
Memory w/Doran - 63 Ymiden, arc 712 - Eyes to See - Graded by Djinn - Skill chart designation: M5 (15xp)
Current w/Teryani - 89 Zi'Da, arc 716 - Bounties of the Forest, part 1 - Graded by Incubus - Skill chart designation: V8 (15xp)
Current w/Whisper - 26 Cylus, arc 717 - Conviction - Graded by Whisper - Skill chart designation: V9 (15xp)
Current w/Yanahalqah - 20 Ashan, arc 717 - What Does This Button Do? - Graded by Alistair - Skill chart des: V10 (15xp)
Solo (Job thread) - 1 Ymiden, arc 717 - Back to Square One.2 - Graded by Pegasus - Skill chart designation: v12 (10xp)
Abandoned/Seasonal Quest - 66 Ymiden, arc 717 - Foreign Affairs - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V11
Current w/ Faith - 38 Saun, arc 717 - Where Credit is Due - Graded by Pash - Skill chart designation: V13 (15xp)
Current w/Yolande - 20 Vhalar, arc 717 - Hunters Lost - Graded by Muse - Skill chart designation: V14 (15xp)
Solo (Holiday thread) - 20 Zi'da, arc 717 - A Glass of Holiday Cheer - Graded by Harpy - Skill chart designation: V15 (10xp)
Ungraded holiday post - Saoire visit - Holiday Event 717 - Not Gradable thread - Skill chart designation: V16 (K's only, 0xp)
Current w/Virikai (Job Thread) - 47 Zi'da, arc 717 - Flight of the Fallen - Graded by Pegasus - Skill chart des: V17 (15xp)
Current w/Faith - 9 Zi'da, arc 717 - Seeking Solutions - Graded by Muse - Skill chart designation: V18 (15xp)
Abandoned w/Virikai, Maebella and Julian - 16 Cylus, arc 718 - Coming of Age - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V19
Current Ashan 718 SQ - 42 Ashan 718 - Little Lost Orphans - Graded by Banshee - Skill chart designation: V20 (20xp)
Current w/Maebella - 50 Ashan 718 - Registering a Wager - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V21
Current w/ Aur'ren and Whisper - 71 Ashan 718 - Steel in Harmony - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V22
Current w/Whisper - (?) Ashan 718 - Illumine - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V23
Abandoned w/Caius - 22 Ymiden718 - Merciless Concoctions - In Progress - Skill chart designation: V24


(Memory) with Sel'ma - 7 Ymiden, arc 704 - Sense of Cosmetics - Graded by Jade - Skill chart designation: M1 (old grading system)
(Memory) with Sel'ma - 7 Ymiden, arc 704 - Outrigger Overture - Graded by Nymph - Skill chart designation: M2 (old grading system)
(Memory) with Sel'ma - 7 Ymiden, arc 704 - A Race to Desnind - Graded by Nymph - Skill chart designation: M3 (old grading system)
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"Shelf Life'...What an ironically contradictory concept."
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