Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Communication, Language, Intelligence
Holy Names The Magistrix, The Ice Queen
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Northern Region, Viden
Faction Supports Immortals
Mark Xypha
Notable Creations The Eidisi
Creator Ati'el
Immediate Family None
Allies Aeva, Treid, Valtharn, Ziell
Enemies Audrae, Delroth, Edasha
Scribe Whisper


As with all of her siblings, Yvithia's contact with Ati'el was limited. The two shared little in common, and their personalities were no exception to this rule. The Original Immortal was abrasive and selfish. Her daughter, however, had interests beyond her own personal goals - a thirst for knowledge. This desire left her to be a relatively mild-tempered individual, and her knowledge made her more understanding and reasonable.

Yet she was proud, a contradiction to her very nature. For all the knowledge that she garnered, she was unwilling to share it with her siblings, or with other Immortals, save those who were willing to trade her learnings with their own. It was with ease that a friendship blossomed between Yvithia and Aeva, each with ambition driving them, and each with knowledge to share and learn together. Another was Treid, who was the Immortal presiding over the domain of Knowledge. It was no surprise that, in the few years they had together before the Great Shattering, they would be a formidable force. Among her siblings, the Great Shattering proved her brother, Ziell, to be of strong character, able to continue, despite the pain of the loss. In a similar mindset, this warmed him to Yvithia, and she supported him, going as far as to remain near him in the Northern Region.

As with all, the Great Shattering affected Yvithia, yet she was able to channel all of that energy into why seven of the Original Immortals had been lost. With the appearance of mortals upon the lands of Idalos, Yvithia initially despised them, as she watched the ignorant, uncultivated first generations of humans walk the earth, destroying the land that belonged to her and her kin. It was these observations that initially led her to side with the Immortals, keen to see her world returned to the closest to normal that they could achieve since the Great Shattering.

It was not long, however, before Yvitiha realised that the existence of these humans coincided with the loss of the Originals, and thus could indicate the cause of the destruction of the seven, and her tact changed. Though she remained on the side of the Immortals, she no longer worked to rid Idalos of the humans. Instead, she began to collect them, trafficking them to a city of her own creation. There, she kept them contained, and used them in experiments to discover the reasons for their existence.

When news reached the arctic Northern region of the demise of Treid, the citizens of Viden suffered immensely. Yvithia, normally a cold, rational individual, lost control for the first - and only - time in her life. Whether the love was platonic or romantic was inconsequential... Treid was the love of Yvithia's life and her world was devastated. Only a sliver of common sense stopped the Immortal from seeking revenge on Treid's destroyer, Audrae. As time passed, her wrath cooled, and a delegation of Ellune were invited to Viden in with the sole aim of returning the Immortal of Ice to life.


Dark of hair and light of eye, Yvithia has been described as a natural beauty, with flawless, olive skin. Her pale, seafoam shaded eyes are clear and piercing, as if prepared and willing to absorb all information that she is exposed to. Given her chosen home, the Immortal of Intelligence and Language is often garbed in woollen clothing, often that which is designed for practicality, rather than for the purposes of aesthetics.

Memories of the Past

The search for knowledge ruled Yvithia's existence and, as such, she had little time for the crude nature of many Immortals, notably her creator and some siblings. Others she found weak and lacklustre, on whom she would also not waste her time. There were a few who could contribute to her passion, and those were the ones she surrounded herself with. Notably, when together Treid and Yvithia were a formidable pair. Their love for each other was one born out of their mutual lust for learning; they challenged each other, not settling for anything less than perfection from themelves and each other. Legend has it that, between them, the two Immortals knew everything there was to know.


Yvithia is found within the walls of her own fortress city, Viden. There, she is obsessive in her research and experiments on all races, sourced from all over Idalos with the help of the twisted Valtharn. She relies on a number of trusted eídisi (and a few humans) to discover the reasons for the Great Shattering, and the existence of humans. More common knowledge is her tireless efforts to research the prison that her beloved Treid finds himself locked in. Together with the Ellune, she is determined to discover how to free the Immortal of Ice and reunite him with his heart.