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Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:21 am

Devin Thorn
Texture used in this CS: Acrohypothermy by ifollowtherabbit & sunmeadow, available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:41 am

Full Name: Devin Thorn
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 30th of Ashan, Arc 696
Age: Twenty-two

Face Claim: Ezra Miller

Profession: Thief &conman extraordinaire

Marks: Tarouz (Favored)

Factions Joined: N/A

Partner: N/A
Sexuality: Devin likes everybody!

Fluent: Common
Broken: Common Sign
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:13 am

Devin is relatively tall, standing at 6'0", and he has a light and slim build. His skin is a warm ivory hue. It burns easily and hardly ever tans. Since an adventure in Ashan 718, his once black eyes are violet, with hints of almost blue, almost like two galaxies. He has full lips and slightly wavy, jet-black hair that he either wears tucked back behind his ears or tied back into a short ponytail. He is usually clean-shaven, mostly because he can’t seem to grow a sufficiently impressive beard, and he is not at all unpleasant to look at – if he wants to. He tends to move with confidence as well as a certain nonchalance, and there is often an amused and slightly mocking smile on his face, as if there is a secret that only he is privy to.

He has slender hands with long fingers that are just as good at wielding a weapon as they are at picking the pockets of the people around him or strumming the strings of a lute. In fact, when he’s off work, he can often be found in a tavern, playing his instrument and singing songs. His voice is in the baritone range, and it’s quite a bit deeper than people expect it to be, considering his slightly feminine appearance.

His style of clothing tends to vary wildly, depending on where he is, who he is with, what he does and who he pretends to be. He often wears a hat though as it's his favourite piece of clothing. He doesn't have any scars, and he hasn't broken any bones yet which is a rather fortunate coincidence considering his high risk lifestyle. Neither does he have any tattoos nor any other kinds of body modifications.
Devin doesn’t discriminate. He steals from everybody, from the rich, from the poor, from dark-skinned people, from light-skinned people, from blue-skinned people, from young people, from old people, from mages, from those that burn them, from Immortal-haters and from Immortal-lovers. He supports equal opportunities for everybody, and he wants to give everybody a chance to find out what being deprived of their possessions feels like.

He is daring, assertive and stubborn, he has a flair for the dramatic, and he’s extremely vain and sure of himself. These character traits often lead to him making decisions that have negative consequences for those that are unfortunate enough to be caught in the line of fire. He’s sarcastic and morbid and has a very strange sense of humour that is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, but he is rarely truly malicious.

He doesn’t particularly care about most people and won't shed any tears if somebody dies, but he’s loyal to his friends. He also cares about his parents, even though he doesn't agree with everything they've taught him, and he regularly sends them gifts - things that he has stolen or bought with stolen money. Of course they don't know that. Sometimes it's better to keep people in the dark, for their own peace of mind.
1. Birth of a Thief

Not all criminals are orphans or come from a broken home. Devin was never abused, his parents were never drunk, and they didn’t use drugs either. They fed him, they treated him well, and they sent him to school so that he would learn something and be able to stand on his own two feet one trial. Nobody ever tried to murder them, and they didn’t die from a horrible disease either. On the contrary, they are still alive and well twenty-two arcs after Devin’s birth.

He is their only child. His parents wanted more children, but his mother was already almost forty when he was born, and it was just not meant to be. They weren’t rich, but they had their own little house in Andaris. His father, Daniel, was a labourer, and his mother, Emma, worked as a maid in the house of a judge. They were in love and happy.

Devin was an active child. He loved to sing and dance, and he had a gift for languages as well. Had his parents been richer, they would have hired tutors to foster his talents, but they didn’t have that kind of money. They occasionally allowed him visit their neighbour though. He owned an old, beat-up lute, and he would sometimes let Devin play on it if he helped him with the work around the house. Since an accident he had trouble walking.

One trial, when his parents and he were going for a walk together, Devin saw another lute in a shop window. It didn’t look anything like his neighbour’s. It was made of fine wood, and it was painted with beautiful ornaments He asked his parents if he could have it, but they said no. They couldn’t afford it. Instead they gave him a couple of coppers so that he would be able to buy sweets. He didn’t want sweets. He wanted the lute. It was all that he could think of.

A few trials later he was sitting at the side of the road, daydreaming, as he often did, when two of his classmates, Harry and Lily, walked his way. They asked him what was wrong, and when he complained about not having enough money, they asked him if he wanted to help him with a trick. They walked to a busy street. Harry told Devin to keep watch, and then he pointed at a woman that looked reasonably well off. Lily grinned, nodded and strolled in her direction. A few metres in front of her she pretended to have a fit. She was even vomiting and foaming at the mouth. Devin was quite impressed.

While the woman desperately called for a doctor to help the poor little girl, Harry quickly reached into her purse and removed a bag full of nels. Soon after that Lily recovered miraculously, and the three children ran as quickly as they could. Devin was upset at first of course because he wasn’t used to this way of life yet and his parents had always told him that stealing was wrong, but then Lily give him twenty golden nels, his share of the booty, and his eyes lit up. That was the money for the lute! He couldn’t believe it!

He immediately ran to the shop where he had seen it and bought it, and then he hid it under his bed. He only played it when his parents weren’t at home because he knew that they were going to ask him where he had gotten it from, suspect that he had done something illegal and take it away from him again. He didn't want them to take it away from him again.

2. All Good Things come to an End

Devin grew quite ambitious. He constantly developed new techniques and tried to perfect his tricks. He discovered that a mixture of mashed bananas, applesauce and different grains made a perfect vomit-substitute. Sometimes he hid a pouch filled with pig’s blood under his shirt and smashed it in front of his victims (usually riders or carriages) so that they would believe that they had hurt him and give him free stuff, and sometimes he just down somewhere, cried and claimed that he was looking for his mummy. The latter usually earned him a meal or a bunch of sweets.

He realized that hiding all the things that he had stolen or bought with stolen money under his bed would be a bad idea. Soon he hid things in the backyard or behind the things that stood on the shelf in the living room as well. His mother discovered that hiding place when she decided to clean the house and get rid of all the dust one trial. When his parents asked him where the money had come from, he claimed that he made music in a tavern after school and that he had hid the money because he wanted to buy them a gift.

He was already fourteen and sitting somewhere and crying for his mummy had stopped working some time ago, but his parents thought that he was too young to work in a tavern nevertheless. They were quite touched by his desire to buy them a gift though. After he had given the matter some thought, his father decided to see if he could find a job for him, and thus Devin started to work at a tailor’s every other trial after school, with the offer of an apprenticeship once he had graduated. It wasn’t too bad, everything considered, and he acquired the skills necessary to sew his own costumes, but the pay sucked.

On his way home he would sometimes visit The Crown and watch all the noble lords and ladies, and he began to study them, the way the talked, the way they acted, the way they dressed and the way they walked. He wanted more from life than to work the same job for decades and yet never be able to afford more than a little house in Andaris. He had no qualms about stealing anymore. In his opinion he was only transferring money, from them to him because he had more use for it than they did.

By the time that he was seventeen, he had made enough money to rent a small apartment above a scribe’s shop. His parents thought that he was a hard-working young man (which wasn’t exactly a lie, stealing was occasionally very hard work) and an upstanding member of society, and he persuaded them that he was old enough and responsible enough to live on his own. He still visited them regularly though. Despite the fact that they had very different outlooks on life, he loved them, and he thought that they deserved better as well.

All good things eventually come to an end though. Even as a boy Devin had had a penchant for dramatics, and his crimes didn’t go unnoticed. One evening two men visited him. They informed him that he had been intruding on their master’s turf, beat him within an inch of his life and took all his hard-earned money – and then they gave him the choice between working for their master and giving a share of his earnings to him or stopping to steal. Devin had absolutely no interest in working for the people that had beat him up. Instead he vowed to exact revenge on the master when he was old enough and strong enough to do so.

3. Branching Out

Devin did not stop stealing despite the fact that doing so had become much more dangerous for him. He had lost everything, and he had no interest in being poor again. He just became a lot more careful. Soon his purse was full of coins again. He had made more than three hundred golden nels, and he had even managed to steal a sword off a drunken warrior. It was about then that he realized that he needed to branch out if he really wanted to make it and become a master thief. Besides, he had grown bored of Rynmere. He already knew every tavern and every street. He wanted to travel and see the world and experience everything it had to offer!

He decided not to become a tailor’s apprentice – he’d never wanted to be one anyway - but travel north. His parents were quite sad to see him go, even when he told them that they had a famous university in Viden and that he might just enroll. It was around that time that the first of his false identities was born. As he boarded the ship to Viden, he became Devin Thorn, the merchant’s son. He had found out that there was a wealthy family that had the same name as his family in the Eastern Settlement. A member of a wealthy merchant family was much more likely to get what they wanted than a labourer’s son.

The next chapter of his life began in Ashan 718. Having grown tired of Viden, he booked passage to Scalvoris, an island full of strange plants and animals and nearly endless opportunities.
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:27 am

Animal Husbandry5/250Novice6
Blades (Shortsword)25/250Novice1
Deception100/100 (FT) Master43
Musical Instrument (Lute)49/250Competent22
Unarmed Combat (Brawling)20/250Novice0
Skill Points Ledger
...[/td][td]... [/td][td]...[/td][td]...[/td][/tr]
Item or ThreadPoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Racial Bonus (Shortsword)25 ......
Starting Package50 ...50
Musical Instrument (Lute)...1015
Stealth (DJ)500
Pickpocketing (DJ)500
Musical Instrument (Lute) (DJ)500
The False Fortune Teller155 Deception, 5 Animal Husbandry, 5 Lute0
The Test Subject105 Lute, 5 Deception0
Fod-sack!1010 Deception0
[Tom's Group] Bad News Bunnys Travel Fast236 Deception, 10 Swimming, 7 Lute0
The False Fortune Teller Returns153 Lute, 12 Disguise0
Suspicious Behaviour158 Disguise, 7 Stealth0
Among the Rubble1513 Stealth, 2 Acting0
Perfection In A Bottle1010 Acting0
Plucking the Strings1510 Acting, 2 Cooking0
Scalvoris Harbour Clinic - Patient Encounters1515 Deception0
Something Fishy108 Deception, 2 Acting0
The Misfortune of Aelius and Vanessa Calder (Part One)101 Deception, 9 Lute0
[Seasonal Event] Something in the (sweet) wine water?205 Lute, 15 Deception0
Practice makes perfect (or not)1010 Deception0
Big Trouble in Little Korlasir108 Brawling, 2 Disguise0
For Safety's Sake1512 Brawling, 3 Strength0
How to Cheat at Exams1010 Strength0
Follow the Glow1014 Strength 1
[Seasonal Event] Dark Hearts B: Sharp Tongues200 21
The Bard In The Tree100 31
[Seasonal Event] Dark Hearts B: Sharp Tongues5 Persuasion0 31
Restoring the Shrine, Part One: Repairs100 41
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:33 am


Acting: Collect samples to appear to do your job
Acting: Seeming to be an academic
Acting: A scientist
Acting: Staying in character is important
Acting: Pretending that you are in pain
Acting: Pretending that you are about to pass out
Acting: Walking like a noble
Acting: Faking a posh accent
Acting: Coming up with a background story for your character
Acting: It's important to also dress like your character
Acting: Practice, practice, practice!
Acting: Making your voice sound deeper
Acting: Playing a fortune teller
Acting: A fake sigh
Acting: Pretending to be a student
Acting: Confidence is everything!
Acting: A benevolent smile helps!
Acting: Bring props with you, just in case
Acting: Research your role!
Acting: Putting yourself into the mindset of your character
Acting: Paying attention to your audience is important
Acting: Playing a businessman
Alchemy: Alchemy is a science, not magic
Alchemy: Definition of an accelerator
Alchemy: Reagent: Naf-rush: A potent accelerator
Animal Husbandry: Luring an escaped bird with food
Animal Husbandry: Catching an escaped bird by throwing a piece of clothing over it
Animal Husbandry: Praise can be helpful
Animal Husbandry: Animals need to be fed regularly so that they don't starve
Animal Husbandry: Outfitting a birdcage
Animal Husbandry: Magic bunnies like wearing hats.
Blades (Shortsword): Short blade makes for tight spaces
Cooking: How to remove fish scales
Cooking: Frying Fish
Cooking: Peeling Potatoes
Cooking: If you leave the guts and entrails inside the fish, it will spoil the taste
Cosmetology: Dressing the part
Cosmetology: Accessories make the outfit
Deception: False identity: Devin Thorn: a merchant's son and naturalist from Rynmere
Deception: Hiding the source of your income from your parents
Deception: How to fake an epileptic fit
Deception: If you act confidently, people are more likely to believe you
Deception: A lie is more believable if it contains a grain of truth
Deception: Pretending to be a fortune teller
Deception: Making a famous teacher up in order to appear more competent
Deception: Claiming that your competitor is a fraud
Deception: Lying about the contents of a book
Deception: Lying about the meaning of a tarot card
Deception: Claiming that your services are in high demand
Deception: Shaving your hair in order to pretend that you are going bald
Deception: Feigning despair
Deception: Claiming that you can read palms
Deception: Feigning curiosity
Deception: Claiming that you can see something in the crystal ball
Deception: Thinking about how much you'll be able to get away with
Deception: Confidently talking about something you know nothing about
Deception: Liars don't look somebody in the eyes
Deception: False Identity: Officer Alexander Hawthorne of the Order of the Wolf
Deception: Lying about the reason for your visit
Deception: Acting as if you have absolutely nothing to hide
Deception: Taking care of your sick mother is the same as nursing, right?
Deception: Pretending that you are going to leave
Deception: Lying about the extent of your injury
Deception: Lying about the cause of your injury
Deception: Signing with a fake Name
Deception: Pretending that nothing's bothering you
Deception: Pretending that you are lost
Deception: Hiding your displeasure
Deception: Stifling laughter when it is inappropriate for your current guise
Deception: Exaggerating your skill with the lute
Deception: It wasn't a mistake, it was intentional!
Deception: Lying about your name
Deception: Telling people what they want to hear
Deception: Lying about the future will bring
Deception: Sometimes you need to think on your feet
Deception: How to cheat at exams
Deception: Lying about why you don't have any certificates
Deception: Playing a part to suit your audience
Deception: Not showing fear
Deception: Confidence is everything
Deception: Keep in your role
Detection: Check and re-check an area
Detection: Noticing when somebody's eye color changes
Detection: The sound of people having sex
Detection: Spotting things which seem invisible to others
Detection: Being aware of your surroundings.
Discipline: Trying not to smile
Discipline: Trying not to look too greedy
Discipline: Being friendly is hard!
Discipline: Trying not to freak out
Discipline: Trying not to show your disappointment
Discipline: Trudging along in misery
Discipline: Refusing to be a footnote in the annals of history
Discipline: Gross sights require you to keep a cool head.
Disguise: Hiding your face under a hood
Disguise: A hair growth serum is not a good substitute for a wig
Disguise: Changing your voice is an important part of a disguise
Disguise: Putting a fake moustache on
Disguise: Picking the most beneficial disguise
Disguise: Disguising yourself as a Naturalist
Disguise: Using a potion to change your voice helps
Disguise: Putting a wig on
Disguise: Attention to detail
Disguise: Disguising yourself as a teacher
Endurance: Enduring excruciating pain
Endurance: Standing against a massive gust of wind
Endurance: Extreme pain assaults all senses
Endurance: The heat inside a forge
Endurance: Carrying a lot of stuff for an extended amount of time
Endurance: Running as fast as you can!
Endurance: Being an adventurer is very tiring!
Endurance: Taking a beating
Etiquette: Having one's feet on the table is bad manners
Etiquette: Greeting a visitor
Etiquette: Making a good impression is important
Etiquette: Introducing yourself
Etiquette: Use a napkin instead of your sleeve
Etiquette: Sitting up straight helps you make a good impression
Etiquette: Greet your Group
Etiquette: A polite bow
Etiquette: Don't eat with your mouth full!
Interrogation: Interrogating suspects
Intimidation: Showing people that you are armed
Intimidation: Assuring people that you know how to use your weapon
Intimidation: I have something even bigger!
Intimidation: If they don't comply, threaten to call the guards
Intimidation: Screaming can help
Investigation: Investigating something you've heard
Investigation: Identifying what is likely to lead to treasure
Investigation: Question on key issues
Investigation: Ask for clarification
Investigation: Looking for clues
Investigation: Identifying someone by their Immortal mark
Investigation:Don't just look at the obvious, consider the surroundings
Leadership: Taking charge in a difficult situation
Leadership: Telling others what to do - even though you are not in charge
Leadership: Give orders and shout!
Leadership: Taking a ragtag group and trying to turn them around - briefly.
Medicine: The correct dosage is important
Medicine: Being a test subject can be hazardous to your health
Medicine: What to do when you come across a casualty
Medicine: Bleeding out kills, broken bones don't
Medicine: Different types of blood vessels
Medicine: You can close an artery with stiches or a raft
Medicine: Cleaning wounds in order to prevent infection
Medicine: Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Medicine: Chest compressions
Medicine: Crush injuries often lead to amputation
Medicine: A peg leg keeps you mobile after amputation ... to a Degree
Medicine: Alcohol is used to disinfect Things
Medicine: How to stop a nosebleed
Mount: Winged: Sigh high in the sky!
Musical Instrument (Lute): A stringed Instrument
Musical Instrument (Lute): Finger placement
Musical Instrument (Lute): Parts of a lute
Musical Instrument (Lute): Major and minor scales
Musical Instrument (Lute): Written Notation
Musical Instrument (Lute): Triads
Musical Instrument (Lute): Shaping and completing phrases
Musical Instrument (Lute): Inversions
Musical Instrument (Lute): Tuning a lute
Musical Instrument (Lute): Playing a dance melody
Musical Instrument (Lute): Playing background music
Musical Instrument (Lute): Translating the images you see in your mind into music
Musical Instrument (Lute): Not all lutes have the same number of strings
Musical Instrument (Lute): Old lutes need to be handled with care
Musical Instrument (Lute): Playing a few chords in order to warm up
Musical Instrument (Lute): Playing slowly leads to fewer mistakes
Musical Instrument (Lute): Practicing is important!
Musical Instrument (Lute): Using sheet music
Musical Instrument (Lute): Playing a song that suits the season
Musical Instrumen (Lute): Giving your audience attention while playing
Musical Instrument (Lute): If you don't concentrate, you might make mistakes
Musical Instrument (Lute): Moving on to a new song
Negotiation: I'm not giving up my love life
Negotiation: Sometimes, things aren't quite as they seem.
Persuasion: You are not a good leader because...
Persuasion: I am a good leader because
Persuasion: Giving people money helps you get what you want faster
Persuasion: I'm in a lot of pain, give me painkillers!
Persuasion: I have to eat, I need the money!
Persuasion: Trying to persuade someone to do something is easier when the context is relaxed
Persuasion: Pointing out someone's good features to make someone else like them
Persuasion: Point out that someone is stupid to help them understand that they are wrong
Persuasion: Giving people food and drinks helps
Persuasion: How to make people work for free
Persuasion: I have money, don't kill me!
Research: Taking samples
Running: Running as quickly as you can to get away from a dangerous situation
Running: Across harsh and uneven terrain
Running: Speed is tricky
Running: Twice in one day is tiring!
Seducing your professor in order to get better grades
Seduction: Eye contact
Stealth: Taking things without people seeing
Stealth: Remaining inconspicuous
Stealth: Wearing clothes that make you blend in with your surroundings
Stealth: Hiding in a doorway
Strength: Carrying a heavy load
Strength: Lifting heavy stones
Strength: Dragging an unconscious person
Strength: Applying pressure to a wound
Strength: Dragging a sack of flour
Strength: Trying to shake somebody off
Strength: Lifting a polearm
Strength: Lifting a big hammer
Strength: The proper diet is important
Strength: If you want to grow stronger, you need to train regularly
Strength: Upending a treasure chest
Tactics: Be extra cautious in unknown situations
Tactics: Always be cautious


Fod-sack: Parrot
Fod-sack: Loud, rude and unruly
Fod-sack: His owner was a ... sailor
Fod-sack: Escaped during the catastrophe at the docks
Fod-sack: I miss him
Millie Beanata: Receptionist of the Scalvoris Harbour Clinic
Peytr Lovan: Alchemist
Selene: Fod-sack's owner
Selene: Lost everything during the catastrophe at the Docks


Arlo Creede: Not Mister Arlo
Arlo Creede: Vega's accomplice
Arlo Creede: Not a drug dealer
Arlo Creede: Probably a cannibal
Arlo Creede: The Prince of Eternal Darkness
Faith: Faith Augustin
Faith: Doctor and restaurant owner
Faith: Part-time construction worker?
Faith: Seamstress?
Faith: Was born in Venora
Faith: Lived in Andaris for a while
Faith: Blessed by Famula, Vri and Moseke
Faith: Can ressurrect people
Genuvah: Gullible
Genuvah: I told him that he's going to become King Cassander's new court jester
Hookor Crook: Doctor
Hookor Crook: Works at the Scalvoris Harbour Clinic
Hookor Crook: Wanted to amputate my leg
Hookor Crook: Bloodthirsty
Rynata: Wanted me to tell her her fortune
Rynata: I told her that the love of her life is blonde and has blue eyes
Rynata: I told her that it will rain blood in Vhalar
Vega: An excellent actress
Vega: Not a drug dealer
Vega: Probably a cannibal
Vega: Eva Lei'nox
Vega: Speaks in tongues




Scalvoris: Town Square
Scalvoris: Peytr's Pots & Potions
Scalvoris: The Docks
Scalvoris: Harbour Clinic


Alchemical Potion: Perfection in a Bottle
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:38 am


Tarouz (Favored)


  • Feathered Friend: Immediately granted when blessed by Delroth, Feathered Friend takes the form of a bird companion that is tied mentally and emotionally to the Tarouz. At this level, the bird may be of any species of a Medium size, which is roughly 9-16 inches tall. The bird need not eat or sleep, but will often to mimic other birds to avoid suspicion.
    At this level, the Tarouz can communicate with the bird familiar through flashes of mental and emotional signals, which each interprets flawlessly. The bird can be used to scout, to offer a distraction in combat, or at this level, is mostly used for companionship.
  • Wings of Steel: By using this ability, the Tarouz can grow organic steel feathers all along his or her arms, allowing them both a weapon and armor at a moment's notice. The feathers are as durable as steel, and offer resistance to piercing and bludgeoning damage. They are also razor sharp, though at this level, they must be wielded as melee weapons, as they can't be thrown from the Tarouz. The biggest drawback is that the feathers each weigh a moderate amount, slowing the Tarouz considerably unless well practiced with the ability.
  • The Charismatics Toolbox: The Tarouz may add 3 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen.
  • Clothed in Finery: The Tarouz gains the ability to enhance the look and feel of any of his or her clothing, making them appear to be of a much higher quality than they actually are. The illusion is far less effective under close scrutiny, and once discovered, the ability ceases to work until the Tarouz changes clothing, or they don't interact with the same people for 1 trial.


Wings of Steel: Makes you look quite intimidating
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:41 am

Item or ThreadRenown AwardedTotal Renown
The False Fortune Teller+5 for becoming a successful fortune teller on the fly! 5
The Test SubjectSmall (+10) You will be known as "the guy who turned his hair blue once by trying out crazy alchemical baubles" 15
Fod-sack!5 (That man found and took care of my old grandfather's parrot. We didn't have anything to give him but he helped us anyway.) 20
[Tom's Group] Bad News Bunnys Travel Fast10 30
The False Fortune Teller Returns5 35
Suspicious Behaviour5, Devin’s at it again! 40
Among the Rubble15 - for altruistically saving a woman's life, without even being part of the official relief effort! 55
Plucking the Strings5 - people are chatting about Cally's new bard, though no one can remember his name... yet. 60
Scalvoris Harbour Clinic - Patient Encounters5 (Minor) 65
Practice makes perfect (or not)+5 Expanding Cally's musical scene 70
Big Trouble in Little Korlasir+5 for annoying a known shopkeeper 75
For Safety's Sake+5 for playing up to the local fortune teller 80
How to Cheat at Exams+5 fame for "teaching" the unteachable 85
Follow the Glow15 100
[Seasonal Event] Dark Hearts B: Sharp Tongues20 120
The Bard In The Tree+5 for a public performance at Cally's. 125
Restoring the Shrine, Part One: Repairs10 renown. People are talking about the priest, the shrine and all the goings on. 135
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:48 am

For the duration of his stay on Scalvoris Devin has rented a house of good quality with three rooms in Scalvoris Town. He expects to be able to afford something that is more appropriate for a future master thief and bard the following arc at the very latest. The house comes fully furnished. The rent amounts to 3 sn per trial.


  • Black coat with hood (SP, standard quality)
  • Dark red shirt (SP, standard quality)
  • Black pants (SP, standard quality)
  • Undergarments (SP, standard quality)
  • One pair of black leather boots (SP, standard quality)
  • Black wool cloak (standard quality)
  • Brown leather jacket (standard quality)
  • Brown leather gloves (standard quality)
  • Brown men's hat
  • Belt
  • Black leather jacket
  • Black wool cloak with embroidered wolf's head
  • Black men's hat with red feather
  • Gold circlet
  • Gold livery collars
  • Black cotton robe
  • White silk shirt
  • Black skullcap
  • Red cotton pants
  • 3x black wool undergarments (men)
  • Brown thigh boots
  • Blue silk dress
  • Black silk corset
  • Black shoes with heels
  • Blue wool jacket
  • Blue wool pants
  • Blue wool scarf

Weapons & Armor

  • Good shortsword (prized possession)
  • Masterwork shortsword
  • Leather armor (standard quality)
  • Leather gauntlets (standard quality)
  • Leather greaves (standard quality)
  • Leather fauld (standard quality)
  • Masterwork pistol crossbow
  • 20 crossbow bolts


  • Small table
  • Large cast iron pan



  • One set of toiletries (soap, comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste) (SP)
  • Waterskin (SP)
  • Two sets of eating Utensils (SP)
  • Tinderbox (SP)
  • Lute
  • Tent (Two Person)
  • Industry sized glass vial with rubber stopper
  • Large heavy duty canvas bag with shoulder straps
  • 5 small glass vials with rubber Stoppers
  • Non-fiction book (human anatomy)
  • Hemp rope (50 ft)
  • Grappling hook
  • Small blanket
  • 15 cloth bandage strips
  • Lantern
  • 3 blonde wigs
  • Lipstick
  • Kohl
  • Blush
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:50 am

Starting package... 100 gn 100 gn
Forfeited housing ... 250 gn 350 gn
Lute 20 gn ... 330 gn
Rent (Ashan 718) 36 gn 9 sn ... 293 gn 1 sn
Tent (Two Person) 30 gn ... 263 gn 1 sn
Black wool coak 13 gn 5 sn ... 249 gn 6 sn
Small table 25 gn ... 244 gn 6 sn
Industry sized glass vial with rubber stopper 1 gn ... 243 gn 6 sn
Large heavy duty canvas bag with shoulder straps 1 gn 2 sn ... 242 gn 4 sn
Brown leather jacket 14 gn 4 sn ... 228 gn 0 sn
Brown leather gloves 9 gn 6 sn ... 218 gn 4 sn
Brown men's hat 1 gn ... 217 gn 4 sn
Belt 1 gn ... 216 gn 4 sn
5 small glass vials with rubber stoppers 1 gn 5 sn ... 214 gn 9 sn
Non-fiction book (human anatomy) 10 gn ... 204 gn 9 sn
10 nights in the White Fox Inn in Viden 7 gn ... 197 gn 9 sn
Black leather jacket 13 gn 5 sn ... 184 gn 4 sn
Black wool cloak with embroidered wolf's head 14 gn 5 sn ... 169 gn 9 sn
Hemp rope (50ft) 1 gn ... 168 gn 9 sn
Grappling hook 2 gn ... 166 gn 9 sn
Blanket (small) 10 gn ... 156 gn 9 sn
15 cloth bandage strips 1 gn ... 155 gn 9 sn
Ashan 718 Wage (Con man) ... 738 gn 893 gn 9 sn
Ashan 718 Expenses (Con man) 36 gn 9 sn ... 857 gn 0 sn
The False Fortune Teller ... 2 gn 5 sn 859 gn 5 sn
The Test Subject ... 10 gn 869 gn 5 sn
Grain for small animals (1 cycle) 1 gn ... 868 gn 5 sn
Bottle of Stone Creek 4 gn ... 864 gn 5 sn
Lantern 10 gn ... 854 gn 5 sn
Black man's hat with red feather 1 gn ... 853 gn 5 sn
Bird cage 3 gn ... 850 gn 5 sn
Black cotton robe 30 gn 6 sn ... 822 gn 9 sn
White silk shirt 12 gn ... 810 gn 9 sn
Ashan 718 Wage (Musician) ... 984 gn 1.877 gn 9 sn
Ashan 718 Expenses (Musician) 49 gn 2 sn ... 1.828 gn 7 sn
Something Fishy 27 gn 1 sn ... 1.821 gn 6 sn
Leather armor 10 gn ... 1.811 gn 7 sn
Leather gauntlets 5 gn ... 1.806 gn 7 sn
Leather greaves 5 gn ... 1.801 gn 7 sn
Leather fauld 5 gn ... 1.796 gn 7 sn
Black skullcap 8 sn ... 1.795 gn 9 sn
[Seasonal Event] Something in the (sweet) wine water?]... 300 gn 2.095 gn 9 sn
Ymiden 718 Wage (Musician) ... 830 gn 2.925 gn 9 sn
Ymiden 718 Expenses (Musician, Quest reward) 0 ... 2.925 gn 9 sn
Ymiden 718 Wage (Con man) ... 913 gn 3.838 gn 9 sn
Ymiden 718 Expenses (Con man, Chalice reward) 0 ... 3.838 gn 9 sn
Red cotton pants 21 gn 6 sn ... 3.812 gn 3 sn
3x black wool undergarments (men) 1 gn 1 sn 1 cn ... 3.811 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Brown thigh boots 1 gn ... 3.810 gn 1 sn 9 cn
20 crossbow bolts 2 gn ... 3.808 gn 1 sn 9cn
Blue silk dress 57 gn 5 sn ... 3.750 gn 6 sn 9 cn
Black silk corset 10 gn 5 sn ... 3.740 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Black shoes with heels 1 gn 2 sn ... 3.738 gn 9 sn 9 cn
3 blonde wigs 20 gn ... 3.718 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Lipstick 1 gn ... 3.717 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Blush 1 gn ... 3.716 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Kohl 1 gn ... 3.715 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Rent (Ymiden 718) 24 gn 9 sn ... 3.629 gn 0 sn 9 cn
Rent (Saun 718) 12 gn ... 3.615 gn 0 sn 9 cn
For Safety's Sake ... 1 gn 3.616 gn 0 sn 9 cn
Blue wool jacket 11 gn 1 sn ... 3.604 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Blue wool pants 11 gn 1 sn ... 3.593 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Blue wool scarf 3 gn 7 sn ... 3.590 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Saun 718 Wage (Con man) ... 520 gn 4.110 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Saun 718 Expenses (Con man) 52 gn ... 4.058 gn 1 sn 9 cn
How to Cheat at Exams ... 150 gn 4.208 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Saun 718 Wage (Musician) ... 480 gn 4.688 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Saun 718 Expenses (Musician) 48 gn ... 4.640 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Restoring the Shrine, Part One: Repairs50 gn ... 4.590 gn 1 sn 9 cn
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:53 am


60th of Ashan, Arc 716: The Misfortune of Aelius and Vanessa Calder (Part One)

Ashan 718

1st of Ashan: Among the Rubble

2nd of Ashan: Fod-sack!

6th of Ashan: The False Fortune Teller

7th of Ashan: The False Fortune Teller Returns

7th of Ashan: Something Fishy

25th of Ashan: Plucking the Strings

35th of Ashan: Suspicious Behaviour

42nd of Ashan: [Seasonal Quest] Little Lost Orphans

45th of Ashan: Scalvoris Harbour Clinic - Patient Encounters

77th of Ashan: A Fresh Face

85th of Ashan: [Seasonal Event] Something in the (sweet) wine water?

85th of Ashan: [Tom's Group] Bad News Bunnys Travel Fast

120th of Ashan: The Test Subject

123rd of Ashan: Perfection In A Bottle

Ymiden 718

5th of Ymiden: Follow the Glow

5th of Ymiden: The Ball

10th of Ymiden: Practice makes perfect (or not)

10th of Ymiden: I'll Give You A Thunderstorm

11th of Ymiden: Big Trouble in Little Korlasir

23rd of Ymiden: Bottoms Up!

35th of Ymiden: Welcome to Scalvoris

48th of Ymiden: The Strangest Party In Idalos

71st of Ymiden: For Safety's Sake

85th of Ymiden: [Seasonal Event] Dark Hearts B: Sharp Tongues

Saun 718

5th of Saun: How to Cheat at Exams

6th of Saun: The Bard In The Tree

12th of Saun: What's the Worst That Could Happen? (Open)

27th of Saun: A Fox in the Hen House
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