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Cad Revel
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Re: Cad Revel

Calypso Cairnes (Mage Mentor)
Name: Calypso Cairnes
City Location: Scalvoris
DoB: 6th of Zi'da, 660
Race: Human
Organization: None
  • Necromancy - 70
  • Graft - 49
  • Rupturing - 26
  • Field Craft - 50
  • Acting - 30
  • Animal Training - 25
Bio: It is not at all uncommon to find mages who study magic in pursuit of the fabled goal of eternal life. What is more uncommon is to find mages who aim to do so in such a way as Calypso.

Originally heralding from Uthaldria, Calypso is a surprisingly devoted believer in the Immortal Thetros and his teachings. She was raised among the Lotharro, and after witnessing their natural reincarnation abilities for herself became somewhat obsessed with the process. It was her belief that if the reincarnation process could be perfected so that the one who underwent it would neither forget their past nor begin again as something small and weak, then eventually the one who underwent it would become a perfect being: possessing endless knowledge, power and wisdom, but shedding the stagnancy and character flaws that come with remaining as the same person.

To that end Calypso left her homeland to travel the world; acquiring the sparks of graft, necromancy and rupturing along the way and using them to experiment on creatures of all races with the goal of perfecting an improved copy of the Lotharro reincarnation process. She took on the guise of a doctor to hide her experiments and acquire funds, and travelles often enough to avoid gaining any amount of notoriety. She first met Cad after being hired to treat his illness back when he was human, and was delighted to discover the unique ways his mortalborn abilities interacted with her magic.

Relationship: On the surface, the relationship between Cad and Calypso might look like a simple bond between master and student. Calypso plays the role of the wise, mysterious master very well, and like the fool that he is Cad believes wholeheartedly in this deception. In truth the value Calypso sees in Cad is not as a student, but as an experiment. As someone who avidly studies the process of death upon the body and soul, Calypso is fascinated to observe the way that the spark of magic react not only to the soul of a mortalborn, but one who is technically undead and whose domains align rather closely to certain aspects of the graft and necromancy sparks. She teaches Cad not for the purposes of seeing him dreams become reality, but to study the changes that occur within him as his sparks grow.
Mutiny (Personal)
Name: "Mutiny" Mark Leeson
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 3rd of Saun, 690.
  • Strength - 60
  • Axes & Bludgeons (1 Handed) - 50
  • Endurance - 50
  • Seafaring - 50
  • Discipline - 50
  • Logistics - 50
  • Siege Weaponry - 50
  • Intimidation - 50
  • Art - 40
Bio: Once the quartermaster on a Blackbrine pirate ship, Mark led an unsuccessful mutiny against his captain and was punished by being thrown overboard. By a stroke of luck he found a piece of driftwood and was washed towards Scalvoris, but was attacked by a shark just off the coast. Mark fought the creatures into submission but was badly injured in the process, and was found by Cad bleeding to death on a beach. Using graft magic, Cad repaired the damage done to Mark's body with the flesh of the very shark he'd fought, keeping him alive but giving him a freakish appearance. Though horrified by his ugly new body, Mark couldn't help but appreciate the heightened strength and toughness the shark's skin and muslces has given him, and this thoughts turned to using this strength to get revenge on the crew that had cast his adrift. And so he struck a deal with Cad: he would serve as Cad's right-hand man and bodyguard, and in return Cad would continue to enhance Mark's body through graft magic and help him get his revenge. From that day on Mark took on the nickname of Mutiny.

Mutiny is crass, grumpy and quick to anger. He is prone to using intimidation to get what he wants, and often makes use of his freakish size and appearance to scare people. Mutiny is neither educated nor wise in the traditional sense, but has enough streetsmarts to be able to lead The Revellers and Cad's other minions in combat operations. As a fighter he is blunt and cumbersome, more due to the natural imbalance of the body Cad repaired for him than by choice, but is well versed enough in dirty tricks to make up for it. He has a secret passion for interior design that he keeps hidden from Cad and the rest of henchmen for fear that it will damage his fearsome reputation. He also hates it when people bring up the fact that he reeks of rotten fish.

Relationship to PC: Right hand man and bodyguard.

Awarded here and approved here.
Iniquityke (Personal)
Name: Jack Hoggity (aka. Iniquityke)
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: 14th of Cylus, 710.
  • Deception - 30
  • Larceny - 20
  • Running - 20
  • Musical instrument: Flute - 20
  • Acting - 10
Bio: There isn't much to say about Jack's history. Born in Scalvoris Town to a distinctly average, middle-class family, Jack was not marked to have an unusual destiny in any way. He seemed to set to live the life of an ordinary, unremarkable citizen, until the day that he accidentally stumbled across and witnessed a robbery carried out by Cad and his gang. Even though the hero Balthazar easily dispatched of Cad and his minions, something about Cad's eccentricity and larger-than-life persona struck a chord with Jack. It stirred up a desire in him to break free from the shackles of living an ordinary life too. Since that day Jack, taking up the name of Iniquityke, has made it his misison to be accepted into Cad's gang, and learn the trade of being a super villain from the Cad.

Personality: Iniquityke is, at first impression, really quite annoying. He is clumsy, nosey, and does not seem to understand when he isn't wanted around. Give him any task, no matter how simple, and it likely that he will find someway to mess it up. However if you care to look a little closer it's hard not to notice that, no matter how often he makes mistakes, Iniquityke never gives up. He has an ambition to become something, anything, better than the clumsy little kid he is right now, and chases that dream with unshakable tenacity. Jack may be an irritating brat right now, but there is the potential in him to one day become somebody incredible: though whether that be a great hero or a great villain remains to be seen.

Relationship to PC: Fanboy/Apprentice.

Awarded here andf approved here.
The Revellers (Flavour) x 20
Name: The Revellers (x20)
  • Unarmed Combat - 25
  • Larceny - 25
  • Deception - 25
  • Strength - 25
Description: Cad's band of expendable minions, each handpicked for their low IQ and willingness to commit petty crimes. They may not be the strongest, nor the smartest, nor the most loyal, but for their own reasons they're each willing to follow Cad on his foolish quest for world domination.

Awarded here and approved here.
word count: 1213
Quick Quirks

Yellow Eye

Cad's left eye is an unnatural yellow colour.


Cad's magic cape can change appearances at will.

Cold Body

Cad's body looks normal, but when touched feels cold and leathery.


Most monsters love Cad. Most animals hate him.
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